One Great Birthday

One Great Birthday

FIRST LET ME SAY- this is a true story, and it’s about my very first sexual experience it is also my first story so PLEASE don’t be too harsh with the comments.
So it was my thirteenth birthday (I will describe myself. Reddish Brown Hair Light Blue Eyes and bigger Than Any Average 13 year old, I was about 5’5, very over developed C34 Breasts, and my ass is okay)
Myself, and some of our friends, along with Zach (my boyfriend at the time He Was 16 almost 17 short brown hair and well over 6 feet not muscular but fit) were going to swim. Zach hugged me when he approached me and we held hands on our way to the pool. We Shortly Arrived and He grabbed me and we jumped in together, when we came up we swam to the shallow end and sat on the steps while our friends laughed at our affection. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me, we started French kissing- while our friends were busy doing their own thing. He looked over to see that they weren’t looking and he gave my large handfuls of teen breasts a rough squeeze I giggled into his ear and he started kissing my neck and I warned him that we were clearly in public, then he spoke slowly into my ear
“Then Why Don’t We Find Somewhere That’s Not So Public” He Paused. I stared into the light blue, very sunny, summer sky. He Nudged Me “Huh Babe, Go Over To The Pool House?”
“Sure” I spoke weakly. He grabbed me by the arm and walked me to the pool house while our friends made kiss sounds and sex jokes.
It was a short walk and when I turned the corner he pushed me into the wall and started kissing my neck and grabbing my tits. “You Like That Don’t Ya, Dirty Girl?”.
I looked up at the cobwebs in the roof and how old this place was then he started untying my bikini top, I started trying to stop him but he said “Come On, Just Going To Give You A Little Birthday Present”, He Whispered Forcefully.
I spoke innocently “Okay but why do we have to do things sexual I mean you said you loved me and love ain’t all sex, you’re supposed to want me for me, not my body”. He cut my statement short by placing his finger to my lips and said “Shhh, Baby Just Relax”.
At that moment he roughly ripped off my bikini top and shoved it in my mouth and I started crying. Zach Then pushed me down to the cement floor and he grabbed my hands and held them above my head while he searched for something to tie them with. Unfortunately for me, he found a drop cord and tied them tightly together, as I felt it cut into my skin, I pleadingly looked up at him mauling my breasts.
He sucked and bit my right nipple while pinching and twisting my left nipple, it felt as if they were going to fall off. I made muffled sounds for him to stop but to no avail he continued.
He rubbed down my stomach to my virgin pussy and I thought “Oh God, He’s Going to Rape Me!” I screamed and yelled but they were all muffled fails. He then pushed the crotch of my bikini bottoms to the side and violated my clit, he started rubbing it and then It started to feel good (okay amazing!).
He then licked down to my stomach and to my pussy and sucked at my clit. I Thought “Shit! My body is betraying me.” I started quivering with every stroke of his tongue across my clit.
Before long, I was moaning and shaking, he inserted a finger and I started letting out muffled yelps of pain. He looked up at me and said “Aw, you’re wet well my little sluts enjoying this!”
He went back to his sucking and licking then thrust his tongue in and out of me. Which, sent me over the edge as I clenched my thighs around his head tightly i climaxed in his mouth he started sucking up my juices and swallowing them all. He then reached for a towel and wiped my pussy clean and began untying me. I rested there motionless thinking about the feelings that had just swept over me.
He smiled sweetly, then pulled me up to a sitting position and got the bikini top out of my mouth and said, “Happy Birthday, baby” and went back to the pool.
I dressed and went back out as everyone began singing ‘’happy birthday’’ and watched as Zach talked to his friend Seth. I walked over as if nothing had happened. Isabella and Jayden- my best friends approached me and Isabella spoke up “What Took Y’all So Long?” in her southern accent she didn’t sound sarcastic but I knew she knew. Zach crept up behind me and held me tightly against him and said to Isabella “I was just giving my babe her present”. Then Seth and Kyle Walked Over and Kyle looked over Jayden’s shoulder and casually said “Orgy with the birthday girl?”, Isabella (Who we sometimes called Izzy), his girlfriend, punched him playfully and said “No Way!” and fell into his muscular arms. Although Jayden and Seth didn’t date, we teased them an awful lot and they did flirt occasionally.
Kyle poked me and said “So what was your present?”, Zach held his arms around me protectively and said “That’s None Of Your Business, Dude”, I giggled because he knew I loved it when he did that.
Now ill pause and take the time to describe Kyle, Seth, Izzy, and Jayden.
Kyle had curly short chest nut hair and was very tall he played lots of sports, was very muscular, he was a bully, and could be very mean at times. He looked like he was into his twenties but was almost 18.
Seth was kind of short (5’6 which he had always reminded us when we spoke of his shortness), he had sandy brown hair and eyes that could make a girl melt. He was very shy. Seth was always teased about being gay (which, he wasn’t). He looked as if he were 14 but was really 17.
Izzy was what you call the snob that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. She had just moved here a year ago and had already taken over the school. With Long (fake) Blonde hair and stood at 5’8, she looked like a real life Barbie doll. Just a year older was 14.
Jayden, the outgoing, nice, talkative, girl who everyone loved was a couple inches shorter than me (so like 5’2?) She had light brown hair and killer green eyes, her breasts weren’t anything to gawk at but had a nice round ass. She was the same age as me.
Kyle then laughed and said “Well, yano most people get spankings for their birthdays!” I started blushing and hid my face in Zach’s chest.’’ Seth spoke up (for once it seemed) “Dude Stop- that’s Zach’s girl…”
Kyle quickly shushed him and spoke as if he were enlightening us all, “No, No man. I meant just each give her thirteen spanks each and another for one to grow on- nothing sexual!”
Isabella slapped him on the arm and said “He’s just trying to feed that fetish of his.” We all burst into laughter. Kyle rubbed the back of his neck and quickly said “It’s hot I’m jumping in the pool again” he then jogged over and jumped in.
Zach started rubbing his hands down over my hips and began kissing my neck and all over me, I quickly pulled away and said “Catch Me If You Can!?” I ran over behind the pool house then around to the pool and I felt him gaining behind me so I went for the pool and hopped in.
Zach then caught me in the water and pushed me against the side of the pool and kissed me all over my breasts and rubbed and pinched at my ass. Then as I got into it he stopped and said loudly to everyone “Megan, here made some cookies for us” and pointed to the basket next to my things.
Everyone quickly got out and ran to it and I was kind of hungry so I went over there and as I bent over Kyle grabbed me and took me over to the picnic table and put me over his knee. Before I realized what was going on he pushed my bottoms down to my knees and began spanking me- and quite hard!
I began squirming and he stopped and said “Here are the rules, you’re to count each spank aloud and if you miss one then I start over!” I said loudly “Put me Down NOW!!!”
He Reached under me and twisted my nipple as hard as he could and said “I’ll Stop When You Chose to Be Still, Am I Understood?”
“Yes, YES! Just stop owwww!” I began crying as everyone except Seth and Jayden laughed, they were too busy making out. Kyle let go then smacked me hard on my ass, I let out a shriek then an unsure “One”
“Oww! Two”
Smack, Smack
“Thr-Three and Four” I managed to squeak out. I started crying and begging for him to stop and he did-but not for long. He Said To Zach “Zach, man, your bitch is already turning red on the ass and fell how wet her pussy is!” He then shoved to fingers inside of me and I grimaced and shuddered.
He then came to a stop with his fingers and yelled “Damn Zach You Ain’t fucked her yet!”
Zach Just Stood There Watching.
Kyle then sat me up in his lap and said “Okay Megs, You Got A Choice Here- Either Were All going to finish spanking this fine red little ass of yours with the belt or were going to all fuck you!”
“Okay…I guess you can all fuck me BUT, Zach takes me first and only if it’s okay with him!”
I looked over at Zach and he nodded in approval, Kyle picked me up and carried me over to Zach as if I were going to run. Then Zach got undressed.
Zach kissed me all over and started rubbing me all over. Then he took off my swim suit, and laid me down across the picnic table. He spread my legs and started rubbing me all over and I noticed that everyone had gathered around to watch. He pushed my legs up to his shoulders and placed his dick at my entrance he then whispered to me
‘’I love you and this is going to hurt so brace yourself.”
He then kissed me and pushed in slowly and came to my hymen.
He Said “I Really don’t want to hurt you…I’m so sorry”, then he pushed in all the way and I began crying and It felt as if he were tearing me apart.
(His dick was at least 7 inches in length and maybe 2 ½ in diameter.)
He kissed me and thrust out halfway then back in- he was being as gentle as he could.
(this wasn’t his first time, so he had a sense of control on not “fucking my brains out”)
Eventually, (after like 5 minutes!!) it started to feel better and I told him loudly making sure that everyone heard “Fuck Me As Hard As You—“ And before I could get out the ‘can’ he had already flipped me over to my stomach and pushed in hard and was fucking me doggy style. Then he said “Oh Shit”, and pulled out.
I watched as cum oozed from my abused pussy.
I said “Oh My Fucking God! , Are You Stupid I Could Be Fucking Pregnant!”, Kyle slapped me across the face and said “Listen bitch, you don’t talk to him that way!”, Kyle grabbed me and pushed me over the table and whipped out his raging cock (much larger than Zach’s!)
He then thrust into me and I felt myself stretching and he reached under me and pinched at my nipples.
I began moaning as he played with my tits with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other.
He then said “Seth man I gotta good idea” and waved him over.
Seth had been jerking off and had his dick out. Kyle told him to lay over the table. Kyle grabbed me by the hair and pushed me down onto Seth’s dick. I winced in pain because I was so sensitive down there…
I then thought to myself “Oh god if he’s fucking me in the pussy then-Ahhhhhh!!” tears ran down my face as Kyle thrust into my ass, I began crying and rested on Seth’s chest he whispered into my ear.
“I’m So Sorry, am I hurting you?”
“No, No.. My ass is on fire ahh! Oh god, Kyle please, please stop!”
Kyle reached under me and grabbed my tits and pinched at my sore and tender nipples. I decided to try and see what Izzy and Jayden were doing, this was the most shocking thing in my life- they were both in the 69 position then as I tried to find Zach I looked up and he was holding his dick out for me to suck.
I rapped my hands around it and began teasingly liked the head then I felt Kyle squeeze my breasts so hard I screamed which made my mouth wide open and Zach thrust his cock down my throat I began choking and gagging on it. I cradled his balls in my hand while he throat fucked me.
Soon, Kyle shot his load up my ass, and Seth began fucking me violently, I had really never expected this from him!
All of a sudden it hit me and I began shaking and screaming I was climaxing, then Zach Thrust deep into my mouth and came.
Seth was still fucking me as hard as he could then he did something unexpected…He kissed me and told me how hot I was! I never had thought the day I’d never hear that come from his mouth.
As He thrust deep into me as he could and came for all he was worth. I lay on top of him spent and breathing heavily. He whispered to me happy birthday. As everyone finished up we decided to go home, because everyone was tired.
Well that was it, please tell me what you think whether you loved it or hated it, it was a true story!!!

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