House Sitting_(1)

House Sitting_(1)

Her name is Melanie. She isnt the best looking girl in the school, but she definitely isnt the worst looking either. She is about 5' 4", very big tits, long blonde hair, and fairly wide hips.
She told me in english class that she was going to be house sitting for someone that lives no more than 2 blocks away from where i do in about a month or so. That meant that she was going to be by herself in a big house for 2 days. I told her to let me know exactly when it was going to be and i would stop by and "visit" for a few hours or so. She told me that it was going to be a Friday & Saturday night.
About a month later on a friday in english Melanie told me that she was going to be at the house that night and the next. I let her know that i was going to stop by at around 9:30 that night. She told me to stop by the video place and pick up some movies to watch. I went by the video place and grabbed American Wedding, Scream, and she had me get some chick flick.
I got to the house a little early. She said that she was suprised that i even showed up. We watched all of the movies and i started to leave but she said she was scared of being there alone after watching Scream. I told her that i would stay there for another 1/2 hour. During that 1/2 hour she drank a beer and apeared to be pretty drunk. She started hanging all over me and sudenly began to take off her clothes. Before long she was down to her matching black bra & panties. I asked her what she was doing and she responded by pulling off my shirt & pants exposing my boxers that had hot rod flames on them. She started by un clasping her bra and exposing her valumptuous round tits. I instantly had a hard on peeking through my boxers. She gave a light giggle and pulled down her panties which exposed a cleanly trimmed pussy with juices dripping down between her legs. Just that alone was nearly enough to make me blow my load all over. She knelt down in front of me and pulled down my boxers past my fully erected penis. I guess she just could not resist sucking on it because thats exactly what she did as soon as it was fully exposed. She was sucking on it while flicking it with her tounge inside her mouth. I couldnt hold back any longer and i told her that it was going to happen but she didnt move her head at all. So i had no choice but to blow it in her mouth. when it happened she sucked out every last drop while there was cum leaking from her lips. After she was done she stood up with juices still dripping down her legs and told me to keep it up (as if i had control) so that she could sit on it. She sat down on my lap facing toward me. I started by kissing and sucking at her nipples. Then she lifted her pussy off my stomach and shifted back to let my dick go inside her soaking wet pussy. I continued to suck on her erect nipples and squeezing her ass while she moved up & down on my erect penis sliding on her slick pussy lips. It wasnt too long before she ended up coming on my lap. when she did it made her juices spew out all over my lap and that was the trigger for me to cum inside her dripping fuck hole.
When i looked up she was totally knocked out right there on my lap. Just seeing that some how knocked me out as well. I woke up to her yelling and telling me to get out of the house. So i did as she requested.
The next week at school i asked her why she was so pushy that morning and she informed me that she just knew that the family was going to be out of town and she wasnt supposed to be there.

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