Kane's Cum Bucket Bitch ch.4

Kane's Cum Bucket Bitch ch.4

I didn't sleep for long. I got up and looked at the clock. 10:03am.

Kane roused with me. He watched me put on a bra and blouse, but when I grabbed a pair of panties from my top dresser drawer and stepped into them, he barked! Surprise toppled me onto the bed. He shifted over and took my ear in his teeth.

"Kane!" I froze but couldn't stifle blurting his name.

Standing up on the comforter, keeping me pinned by my ear, the alpha shook it gently but uttered a low growl. He had decided that I would no longer wear panties. I dropped them to the floor and gulped, hoping my guess was right.

Kane released my ear and then licked it. I was forgiven for being a bitch stupid enough to impede the alpha's access to her cunt.

That is, until I picked up a pair of pants. Hopping to the floor, he started barking. I instantly let go of the dark slacks and backed into my open closet. Kane bent and bit into the lump of pants, shook his head like he was killing a rodent, then flung it away. He strutted out of the room, without further notice of me.

The irritating sound of claws scratching stainless steel sang from the kitchen. I went to the dishwasher where the alpha was signaling, "There's work to be done."

I unlatched the door and plucked out his bowl. He immediately leaped high and far, landing on the table. Turning around, he waited for brunch.

After serving him a piping hot dish of expensive dog food, I ate a grapefruit on the floor. He didn't seem to mind that I used a spoon. Small relief. He next wanted to pee. Returning from the backyard, he took a hearty shit on the papered zone. I conveyed it to the outside trash, where he cornered me with his ball.

We played for an hour before he relented to my plea to work. I'm not sure if he knew what I did paid the rent and purchased his meals, but somehow, he had related what I did in the office to hunting. Just like a company supervisor, he relaxed while I 'hunted.'

I entered a productive flow state, unlike the day before, and conducted more business than usual. It felt like I had tapped into a wellspring of fresh energy. One client went so far as to give me a recommendation on Clinked-In.

At one point, I used the toilet. After flushing, I visited my room and brought the ravaged pile of pants into the office. Kane gave me a warning glare, but all I did was spread it over my chair to sit on. I wasn't sure which was dirtier, the seat or my naked bum.

Kane rose up on his paws and strode to me, taking my hand in his jaws and tugging. I lowered myself to hands and knees before the live screen of my computer. Fortunately, I had software installed to prevent unwanted use of the monitor's camera and microphone.

My heart sank as Kane took control of me. I wanted to complain and beg him to give me more time. My knees and puss were still sore from being forced to suffer his desires just hours ago. All I managed to do was whine. "But I need to get more work done."

The fucking he gave me was as wild as the one this morning. Finishing, he turned his ass to mine. Once more his spurting cock popped out of my pussy. I grabbed the ruined pants and covered the carpet to catch his prodigious cum. The smell of it irked me. It wasn't human, I told myself.

While Kane recovered from his orgasm, his eyes studied me severely. As if I should have done more to please him. I had also cum, stronger than before. Therefore it took me a minute to notice my potential failure. I bit my lip and cringed slightly under the alpha's glare. Half finished work called to me, but I had to catch my breath before standing back up.

I could no longer use the cum soaked pants as a chair cover. I simply grabbed a handful of old print-outs to protect the seat before starting my next effort at the computer.

Kane watched me perform my beguiling tasks, for several disappointed minutes, before settling down and licking his retreating dick.

An hour or two later, he issued a polite bark and trotted off. I followed and let him out back. While he peed, I made his lunch and set it on the table. He nosed the glass door and scratched it once, just as I was warming lentil soup from a can.

Kane's powerful nose sniffed upon entering. There was no doubt that he knew that his lunch was waiting for him on the table, but he sauntered instead to the office. As I waited for the loud microwave oven to finish, a couple dull thuds came to my ears. I guessed the big dog had plopped himself down on the carpet. I followed him after taking out the bowl of soup and setting it on the counter.

A foul odor hit me upon reaching the doorway. Kane barked when I looked in. He was standing beside my chair. My computer's keyboard and mouse were on the carpet. The integrated computer and screen was laying on its back. The horrid smell was steaming out of the blobs of shit that Kane had left on my chair.

He must have jumped upon the desk and hung his butt over the expensive chair. His targeting had been excellent. Only the papers protecting the chair had caught his foul pieces. Having pooped earlier that day, there were only two small lumps, but in the small room they stank worse than his usual dumps in our large kitchen and dining area.

My jaw dropped. Had he mistaken the papers for another place for his excretions? I felt somewhat stupid, but I almost laughed. Kane's piercing eyes quelled the scene's potential humor. He had sent me a message. "Get with the program."

If only I could have read his sharp but limited mind, I might have avoided his rebuke. All I could do at the time was to get more paper and take the mess out to the trash. When I returned, Kane was standing on the counter lapping up my soup and making a mess of it.

Anonymous guilt cowed me when I attempted to get an apple from the refrigerator. When I reached for the door handle, Kane growled. "Don't try it."

He then leaped off the counter, bounded up from the floor, and landed awkwardly on the table's smooth surface. Ignoring his momentary lack of grace, he ate vigorously from his dish.

I went to my office and called Connie.

"Tell me everything, Bitch." She was instantly disappointed, far more than Kane.

I gave a full run-down of the day's mishaps. Kane plopped himself down in the doorway, his keen hearing no doubt recognizing the alpha female's voice. At first she gave me credit for realizing that Kane was taking my areas of power for himself.

"But if he keeps pooping in my office, I won't be able to work!" I was equally afraid that he might not let me eat - for who knows how long!

"Your alpha definitely took advantage of the printouts on the chair." Connie's voice harshened. "But is it true that you let his dick pop out of your miserable cunt?"

Her words stabbed my heart. She had told me to keep his knot inside while Kane turned, AND to hold his cum until his knot deflated. I mumbled a weak excuse, "It happened so quickly. I-"

"You stay right where you are, Ms. Silvia Kane!" She barked. "I'm coming over, and it's going to cost you plenty. Have your checkbook ready. I don't care if you piss on your office carpet, don't you move until I get there. You're not my only problem client, Bitch. It may take a while."

Connie had effectively 'caged' me.

I tried to get some work done, but I was a mess. My uncertain but likely abusive future kept me looking over my shoulder and jumping at stray sounds. Kane, when he wasn't napping, gave calm glances. He wasn't worried about anything. Perhaps he was looking forward to watching the alpha female continue my training.

Late in the afternoon, I did have to pee. I nearly raced to the bathroom, but even Kane's calm demeanor cowed me. I ended up peeing into the cum stained pair of torn slacks. I put down dozens of sheets of printouts - to protect the carpet.

Connie didn't ring the doorbell. She called out, "Bring your bitch, Kane." The sun had begun to set.

He walked alongside as I shuffled my guilty, naked ass to the front door. "Hello, Connie." I couldn't meet her glare.

"On your knees, Bitch." She spoke casually. I obeyed, and she greeted Kane by crouching and hugging his head to her chest. He didn't even lick her, just rolled his eyes up behind their lids while she scratched his ears and neck.

The alpha female led me into my office and observed the mess. "Good. If you hadn't peed, this evening was about to be much worse for you. Now, clear out your mess, while I spend some quality time with this handsome boy."

I carried the damp printouts and soaking slacks to the trash. Connie gave Kane a series of commands: fetch, roll over, etc. He seemed to adore performing for her. She then told me to make supper for them, steaks. When I admitted I didn't have any, because I don't eat much meat, she allowed me to wear a skirt, after tasking me to buy several.

Upon returning, Connie instructed me about making human food for dogs. "Don't make a lot, but give them a variety not just meat. I seared steaks in a pan and roasted green beans in the oven. I even sliced yams and fried them.

I had to wait on the floor, looking up at Kane while they ate. "This is good." Connie complimented my cooking. She had told me, until I had atoned for my failures, I would not be allowed to eat. I didn't dare ask how long that would take.

She had me wash their dishes by hand. She and Kane played with his ball in the backyard, under the bright flood lights mounted on the eves. At one point, Kane began barking and jumping at the fence. I cringed, my hands unable to dry another utensil. Heat from the bitch next door had aroused him again.

The glass door slid open, and Connie called within, "Heel, Bitch."

I scrambled over and dropped to my hands and knees. She turned around and walked me to the fence. Kane spotted and stopped jumping. He looked up at Connie. "Is that for me?"

"Turn around!" She spun me until my rear pointed at the alpha. Then she raised my skirt. "I'm sorry, Friend, this useless human is all I can offer."

I whimpered in utter shame. I was outside on my hands and knees in brown grass, with my naked ass outthrust willing to cater to a dog's lust.

Kane licked Connie's hand once and then leaped on my back. His soft, bone steadied cock began stabbing like Jack the Ripper.

"Don't keep him waiting." Connie accused.

I steadied myself on the soft grass, as best I could with one hand, and reached between my naked open thighs. My skill at grasping Kane's flailing prick should have improved, but Connie's presence made my hand shake. I grabbed randomly until chance caught up with me.

"Pathetic." The alpha female sneered.

I was quicker to place the pointed, red tip to my vulva whereupon Kane's powerful stabs pierced my flesh and began fucking me fast with thick dog prick. I quailed once more at my submission. I knew I might never escape Kane's hold over me, but if Connie never returned, I would at least wallow in my shame in private. My cunt was learning how good a fast, forceful cock could make me feel. I couldn't blush a deeper red.

"You like it, Bitch. Don't you?" Connie stood over me like an angry drill sergeant. "Kane's prick is becoming your reason to live."

Trying my best to avoid a bottomless pit of guilt, I admitted. "He makes me come so hard!" Still, I resisted. "But I hate being his bitch! I want a life beyond fucking."

Gods, Kane was inspired. He pounded me from the rear as if demonstrating how virile he was, to the alpha female. His rapid fire thrusts drew unhappy grunts from my throat, but I was already feeling pleasure from them. I wanted the pleasure without having to pay the price.

Connie snickered and patted Kane's fervently pumping haunches, "Fucking is just the beginning of your new life."

"Ohh!" I gasped. Bone hardened cock drilled heat into me and remorse out of me. The air tasted like dog breath, as Kane panted close to my face. He licked the back of my neck and ears. "Good bitch."

Our bodies rocked like steamboats in a storm. Connie kept chuckling, and my grunts and groans grew louder and louder.

Suddenly, tinny, sharp barks erupted from the other side of my privacy fence. Flufflepuss had discovered a dangerous threat to her evolutionary need for species compatible sperm. Her barks ratched up to a maddened fury.

"Scranton- hhhhH!!" I hissed. Kane's incessant strokes were eroding my mental capacity. Oh how I longed for another hard cum! But the neighboring barks distracted and shamed me. "H-he'll in-ves- Ack! He'll CHECK IT OUT!"

"That's what you get for stealing another bitch's stud, Silvee." Connie wasn't concerned. "You think Kane is fucking you because you're better than the proper fuck on the other side of the fence?" She laid abuse on thick while the alpha male was pile driving my juicing cunt. "You can bet that bitch will stay knotted with Kane, unlike your pathetic prejudices."

"I-I'll do it!" My mind was evaporating from the growing heat in my loins.

"Do what, you lazy, dog slut?"

"I'll knot with him! I'll take his big knot in my cunt and catch all his cum." I'd promise anything to get her and that stupid sheltie out of my life, so Kane and I could reach the next level of orgasm in private.

"If I see a single drop spill out of your sub-par twat, I'll make sure you don't eat anything but Kane's cum for a week!"

"That's not fair!" I wailed. Surely some tiny amount was bound to escape my surrendering body.

"I'll decide what's fair. You already proved you can't handle the responsibilities required to be Kane's bitch.

"I'm SORRY!" I wailed. I was getting close. The soft tissue wrapping Kane's bone was growing as it ravaged my dripping cunt! "Aaaa!!" I shouted from a first wave of pleasure.


"OWW!" I cried out.

"Stay focused, Bitch!" Connie had struck my face. "The alpha's going to step around your fat ass as soon as his jizz starts pressure washing your lousy cunt. Don't make it any more difficult for him. Learn to move with him, keeping his bloating dick inside, without spilling a drop of his masterful seed."

"Yes!" I promised, "I will." The cresting peak of my primary orgasm waned, as I tried to prepare myself for Kane's difficult feat.

When the hot blast of dog cum seared my hard used vagina, I focused on Kane's body motion. His rapid thrusting stalled as his dick swelled up deep in my cunt. Cum gushed into me. Kane relaxed his forelegs and twisted off of me. His left hindquarter tried to swing over my lower back, but I was too slow!

Connie grabbed my ass cheeks and tipped me to my left, allowing Kane's leg to slide over, and then she twisted my back the other way to let the leg slide off. She reached under, between my legs and felt for where the great husky and I were connected. He hadn't popped out.

I felt relieved to have succeeded in keeping Kane's knot but frustrated at the loss of the intense orgasm I had expected. My relief was short-lived.

"Stupid Bitch, I warned you." Connie growled!

"What?" I was clenching my vagina and my thighs to secure Kane's knot. The size of it sent good sensations into my clit as I clenched and clenched, but she again deprived me of a full orgasm.

She plastered a hand of warm goo to my confused mouth. "Eat this, Bitch. Suck and lick every drop of your failure from my hand."

The musk of dog cum wrinkled my nose, but I didn't hesitate to lap and suck it off of Connie's gooey fingers.

When she was satisfied by my response, Connie stood up and aimed her now clean palm over my eyes. "Stay." She walked into the house.

Flufflepuss wound down her hissy fit, throwing out fewer indignant, hateful barks. Kane didn't say anything to defend me. I thought he believed I was barely worth his while as a substitute bitch.

"Jesus in Heaven!" Scranton Jones must have brought out a step-stool. His acne ravaged face and black eyes were stretched tall and wide, peeking over the tall fence.

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