Flying High_(0)

Flying High_(0)

The speakers in the departure lounge crackled followed by the usual “Ping pong” and an automated voice announced that the flight to Sydney was now boarding. “Here we go” Rosa thought. She bent down and put the iPad into her carry-on holdall and zipped it up. She then stood up and joined the queue at the boarding gate. She found herself standing behind a tall man with broad shoulders and slim hips. She couldn’t help but look down and was rewarded by the sight of tight trousers framing shapely buttocks. She continued watching as the queue shuffled forwards and he bent down to move his bag forward a few inches. The trousers tightened even more. “Hmmmmm” Rosa thought being already slightly horny as she had been reading an erotic novel which had reached a good part.

It had been a long time since Rosa had flown internationally. She was looking forward to it. Rosa was flying to meet her friends in New Zealand with whom she had been chatting online for some months. The queue moved forward and she bent down to grab her bag and moved forward only to bump into the man in front.

“Sorry” she blurted.

He turned slowly around.

“That’s alright Miss” he said in a lovely deep voice looking her directly in the eye. Rosa was amazed as his eyes lazily moved down clearly taking in her body. She could feel a blush coming as his eyes stopped and she could see he was looking directly at her cleavage. His eyes then continued down to her hips and legs and then back up, stopping again at her breasts.

‘Oh my God’ Rosa thought as she felt her nipples getting hard and became even more embarrassed as she was not wearing a bra.

Rosa was rescued as the queue moved forward and split into two to show their boarding passes and passports.

Rosa quickly passed thorough and started to walk down the bridge and noticed the same man in front of her. She could not take her eyes of his arse which was moving tightly in front of her.

When she arrived at the plane door Rosa was slightly disappointed to see that the “arse” turned left to business class while she was directed right into economy. “Welcome Madam” the stewardess said cheerily as she looked at the pass “Straight down to the end, on the left”. Rosa checked her boarding pass “53E” and walked back and was held up by a coupe putting their bags into the overhead lockers. She looked around and tried to avoid the eyes of the men who were obviously looking at her breasts. She knew, without doubt, that her nipples were clearly outlined through her dress. ‘Move’ she thought to the people in front of her. Soon the way cleared and she walked on. Her seat was in the back cabin three rows from the back. The cabin had a few people in the forward seats and she was pleased to see that she was the only one in the back. She found her seat and sat down quickly.

‘Phew’ she thought as she arranged her bag under the seat in front and settled down. Her heart was racing and she tried to relax. The passengers continued to board but very few came into the back cabin and all of those sat in the forward seats. Maybe she was going to be lucky and get a row to herself. She took out her iPad but decided not to open it. Enough excitement for now, she thought. After some time the intercom came on “welcome ladies and gentlemen”, etc., etc. Very soon the TV’s lit up and the safety presentation started. Well it looked like she was on her own.

The flight took off and not long after dinner was served. Rosa decided to have some wine. By the time the meal was cleared she could feel herself getting tipsy and a little tired. She unwrapped a blanket and folded it around herself. She pushed the recliner button and the seat inclined backwards. She closed her eyes……and felt a wetness build up between her legs as she fantasised about the “queue guy” in the story she had been reading. She pushed a hand down under the blanket and felt her panties. ‘Hmmmm’ she moaned softly as she let her fingers play with her clitoris through the thin panty material and fantasised about what his cock looked like. She moved her other hand under her dress to one of her breasts and started to play with her nipple. Very soon a mild orgasm came. She pulled the blanket higher and snuggled down.

Rosa did not know what woke her up. The cabin was dark. Suddenly the curtains at the front opened and the silhouette of a tall man came through.

‘My god, its him’.

The curtains closed and he walked towards the back. Rosa could see that he was looking from row to row checking the occupants. She squinted her eyes, leaned her head to one side and pretended to be asleep. She could see a dark shape move quietly alongside her row. His outline was clear and his presence was overpowering. He seemed to stand there for ages looking down at her. Rosa kept as still as she could attempting to breath evenly, in and out. The shadow moved out of her sight walking towards the back. Where was he? What was he doing? She stayed motionless continuing to pretend to be asleep. It seemed like ages as she desperately squinted trying to pick up the slightest movement. Even though she was terrified she could feel the excitement growing. A picture was forming in her mind of his face as her was ogling her body in the check-in queue. His face was rough but handsome and Rosa found herself fantasising about his buttocks and wondering what the front of his trousers looked like.

Suddenly she felt a movement as someone sat in the seat next to her on the side away from where she had last seen him. She froze, even more…… it seemed for ages. Then she felt the blanket being pulled down over her breasts. A puff of cold air informed her that her cleavage was exposed. Every movement was sending signals through her brain ‘what am I doing’? She didn’t move. Then she felt her dress collars lift slightly and felt her dress buttons being unfastened. First the top one, then another, and another. ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God’ she thought desperately as she felt the wetness between her legs build up. She felt her dress being parted and knew that her breasts were now open and exposed to his view. Her buttons were being opened and she felt a finger brush her stomach. Suddenly she felt another wetness as a tongue flicked around her right nipple. She could not help but shiver and a soft moan came from deep within her throat. She moved slightly as though her sleep was being disturbed but still continued pretending. ‘He must know I am awake’ she thought. Rosa was now totally aroused and the thought of stopping him was the last thing in her mind; her sex energy had taken over.

She soon had her answer as the last button on her dress was unfastened and each side pulled aside. Now her could see her panties; at the same time she felt his mouth close over her breast and his teeth bit into the base of the nipple as his tongue flicked the tip. The sensation was excruciating, pleasure was flooding through her body and she could not stop her head from moving. His other hand was very gently, very slowly lowering down on to the flat of her stomach. Very gradually she felt the weight of his hand increase. ‘Maybe he did think I was asleep’ she thought. Then the fingers started to caress the softness of her skin. Rosa did not know what to concentrate on. The incredible feelings coming from her nipple was overpowering but the anticipation building up on the movements of his hand were drawing her attention away. Rosa was intoxicated as the hand started to move downward and soon she felt the tightness of her panty elastic leave her skin as his fingers slipped further down. His fingers reached her pubes and their stroke changed from a sideways motion into a moon dance tickling motion. The pressure on the panty elastic increased on her back telling her that his hand was now inside her panties…..anytime now… she braced herself for what was coming.

Suddenly his fingers found her clitoris. Rosa could not help it. She involuntary lifted and opened her knees and a moan came escaped from deep within her throat. His fingers continued to play but were progressing further down until she felt them playing with her labia lips. She knew she was wet and it seemed to arouse him as the next thing she felt were his fingers inside her pussy. The fingers started moving backwards and forwards, opening and closing as he finger fucked her. Her knickers were being stretched to breaking and suddenly they did. He then left her nipple and with both hands tore her panties. ‘I’m naked in a plane next to a total stranger’ she thought as the fingers started fucking her again. One finger was pressing against her anus causing her even more pleasure. Rosa could feel her orgasm mounting. His fingers continued to rhythmically move in and out and she could hear the slap as he . Rosa could not hold it in any more. Her pelvis rose from the seat and with a muffled scream her whole body shuddered as the orgasm ripped her apart. ‘Oh, oh, yes, yes, oh yes’, she thought as she fell back into the seat. But the fingers did not stop. They moved down and she felt one slip into her anus.

Her moans were almost continuous as she felt his mouth leave her nipple. Then she felt his lips on hers as he kissed her hard pushing his tongue into her mouth.

“Hello” he whispered into her ear “my name is Bram”. He opened her knees wider and put his head between her legs and started licking her juices letting his tongue roam around the tops of her thighs and back to her labia and then in, in-between and deep.

He then grabbed Rosa’s head and pulled it down towards his lap. Rosa opened her eyes and saw his cock standing up, long and thick, with a lovely clean and large head. The pressure on the back of her head increased forcing her mouth closer to his cock until her lips were touching the tip which was slimy with a dribble of precum. The pressure continued forcing her lips apart as his cock slid into her mouth. It was huge. Rosa opened her mouth wider, and wider again, and took his cock deep until she could feel it touch the back of her throat. She could not believe how big it was. But he did not stop or release the pressure. Rosa felt the gag coming and pushed against him. Bram released the pressure and Rosa pulled back, gasping for air and saw a trail of salvia from the head pof his cock to her mouth. Before Rosa could think he rammed her mouth back over his cock. The same continued over and over until Rosa’s mouth and his cock was covered with her saliva and she was gasping for breath.

Suddenly he stopped. He pushed Rosa back into the seat, grabbed the blanket and pulled it up over her body and leaned his head against hers.

“Be still” he ordered.

Rosa remained totally still wondering what was happening. Then she heard footsteps as someone walked passed their row to the back of the plane. They remained still for some time. Bram then pulled her head up and kissed her full on the lips. It was a long and passionate kiss.

When eventually his lips pulled away he inclined his head towards her ear.

“You are a very lovely lady. Time you were fucked” he said.

“But what about the person who went to the back”? Rosa said.

“Friend of mine. He is a steward on the plane. You are going to be fucked by at least two men tonight. Someone as erotic as you needs to be very, very, well fucked. Get up on the seat and give me doggie position”.

Rosa obeyed. She had no idea what was happening but she knew whatever it was she wanted it. This man had total control over her.

Bram stood up behind Rosa, pulled her loose, unbuttoned, dress up uncovering her lovely round and voluptuous buttocks. The remnants of her ripped panties dangled over one of her legs. Bram pulled her buttock cheeks apart, exposing both of Rosa’s love holes. He leant forward and licked her hard starting at the clitoris, up past and into her labia and on to her anus….over and over again. Rosa was losing control. She did not care what happened. This man could do whatever he wanted to her.

The licking stopped. Rosa waited patiently. She felt something press against her vagina. The pressure got harder and she felt her labia opening and a hard object force its way into her vagina. It was huge. It spread her vagina to its limit and it seemed to penetrate more and more. She was fuller than she had ever been and still it moved deeper. She wanted this cock. Then it started to withdraw and the feelings increased. She could feel it leaving her entrance and then it pushed back in again, harder this time and then backwards and forwards, opening and closing her love hole. The sensations flooding her body were fantastic. What a cock! Rosa’s orgasms were continuous and building in intensity. Some hands grabbed her head and a cock was forced into her mouth. Rosa struggled but a buttock slap from Bram stopped her. She looked up and there was the steward with his stiff cock protruding from his trouser flies. Bram whispered in her ear “Suck it bitch”.

Rosa obeyed. She opened her mouth and the cock in front of her was forced into her mouth as Bram continued ramming his monster cock into her pussy. It seemed to go on for ever as Rosa’s orgasms flooded her body over and over again but her cries were muffled by the cock in her mouth.

Rosa was getting weaker and weaker with every orgasm. She felt that she was suspended in space by two cocks. Then she felt Bram’s cock get bigger and suddenly her pussy was filled with his cum. It seemed to fill her completely as his cock became more slippery as it moved in and out of her. Before she knew what had happened her mouth was full with the Steward’s sperm, choking her and spilling out the sides of her mouth. Bram pulled his cock out and Rosa felt the sperm dribble out of her vagina and down the inside of her thighs.

She collapsed, gasping, onto the seat as the cocks left her body.

“Get up” Bram ordered. “Button your dress and follow us”.

Rosa struggled to obey but her legs were collapsing under her. The men helped her up. Rosa started buttoning her dress. The men were adjusting their clothing slipping their cocks back in. The Steward grabbed her head and forced Rosa to look at his face.

“Follow me” he growled.

Rosa complied.

The steward led the way and Bram followed with his hands on Rosa’s hips as she struggled to fasten her dress buttons. Rosa had no shoes, no panties and she could feel the cum dribbling down her thighs. She wiped the cum around her mouth with the back of her hand and stumbled after the steward. They passed through the three dark economy cabins. Everyone seemed to be asleep. They entered into and past the business class cabin until the steward stopped in front of a door. The steward pushed a button then turned around and kissed Rosa on the mouth. Rosa tried to pull away.

“Take it” Bram said forcefully in her ear as he pushed his fingers into her vagina.

She did as she was ordered as the steward kissed her and squeezed her breast.

There was a faint humming and then a “ping”. The steward opened the door and pushed Rosa in. The two men then squeezed into what was apparently a lift. The steward closed the door and pushed a button. The lift jerked and started moving down very slowly with a loud hum.

Bram held Rosa’s shoulders and turned her around to face him. The steward’s hands slipped under her arms and started to unbutton her dress. Bram calmly watched as her dress parted and her breasts came into view. He grabbed both of nipples, squeezed them hard and rolled them between his fingers. Rosa groaned with the pleasure pain. Her dress was now on the floor. Bram turned her around so she was facing the lift door which suddenly opened.

Rosa was horrified to see there in front of her were three naked people in the small room. Two women and one man. All were naked. The man’s cock was stiff and one of the women was stroking it. They were all watching the door.

Before Rosa had time to think Bram and the steward put their hands under her thighs and lifted her up. Rosa put her arms around their necks. Rosa’s legs were pulled apart exposing her pussy to the occupants of the small room. One of the women came towards them and knelt down right in front of Rosa’s pussy and started licking it. Rosa was dumfounded but was helpless to stop it. The woman looked directly at Rosa and said “Hmmm, I taste cum” and then continued licking. Rosa felt a finger slip into her anus. She had no idea who was doing it. Rosa was looking at the woman’s head between her legs bobbing up and down. The combination of the licking and finger slipping in and out of her anus as working their magic as Rosa’s head fell backwards as she screamed and another orgasm racked her body. The men lowered her legs to the floor and she stood up unsteadily. Bram again grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face him.

“Strip me” he said in a hard voice.

Rosa shuddered but moved her hands to the top button of his shirt. She unfastened the top button and moved on down. As she was doing so she felt hands groping between her legs and squeezing her breasts. As the buttons fell open Rosa saw his chest was covered with dark hair that continued over his firm stomach and down on until it disappeared under his trousers. She opened the shirt wide and reached up to slip it off his broad shoulders. One of the women pulled it down over his arms leaving Rosa looking at the sexiest body she had seen. It was her fantasy man.

Rosa took a deep breath and started unbuckling Bram’s belt and then the top button of his jeans. His zip fly came open showing his pubes. His cock was bent down with its head buried in the trousers but was clearly large and getting harder. Rosa knelt down and pulled his jeans down. He was not wearing any underpants. His cock sprang free and slapped against her cheek. Bram stepped out of the pile of jeans on the floor and moved to stand directly in front of Rosa. Now she could see his cock clearly Rosa was transfixed. It was even bigger than she had imagined it when it was in her mouth before and it was growing in jerks as the blood was pumped in. Its clean head was widening with every pulse. The sight was beautiful. She felt an ache between her legs. Brams’s cock was not fully stiff but Rosa remembered how it felt in her pussy and wanted it again.
“Now take Peter’s clothes off” Bram said pointing at the Steward. Rosa moved over to Peter and started unbuttoning his uniform. Soon he was also naked.

Rosa’s arms were being held by the two women who were now kneeling either side of her. The other two men were standing either side of Bram. Both were now naked and their cocks were jutting out stiffly. The women’s hands that were not holding Rosa were groping Rosa in between her legs. Bram moved his cock so it was pointing towards one of the women’s mouth. Rosa felt a pang of disappointment as she hungrily watched as the woman opened her mouth wide and Bram’s cock slid tightly between her lips. Bram held the woman’s head and started to mouth fuck her hard. The woman slurping gags were loud as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and Rosa could see her throat expand and contract with each stroke of that monster cock. Bram pulled his cock clear of the mouth trailing a thick stream of saliva which broke and dropped onto the woman’s breasts. Rosa could not take her eyes off the cock as it slowly came closer to her mouth. It came closer and closer until it’s tip was brushing her lips. Rosa leaned her head backwards, closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and waited for her mouth to be violated.

Bram leant down and kissed her on her upturned lips. “Wait for your turn” he said.

Rosa looked down again and saw that Bram’s cock had now moved to the woman on the other side and was slowly slipping and disappearing into her mouth. Again he mouth fucked her hard and similar noises were escaping at the side of her mouth along with some spittle which was covering part of his length. Rosa felt a pang of jealousy as she watched the cock of her dreams fucking another woman. She looked up and saw Bram looking directly at her.

“I told you to wait. Your turn is coming”. Rosa felt herself blush. She looked away but all she could see wherever she looked was other stiff cocks. She looked down and waited. Soon the gagging and slurping stopped and went quiet. Rosa shivered.

She felt a hand under her chin pulling her head backwards causing her to lose balance as she started to fall backwards. Another hand grasped the back of her head and lowered her. Rosa struggled to get her legs out of the way as she was lowered even further. She felt a cushion behind her shoulders that did not extend to her head which was now lowered so that the top of her head was touching the floor. Rosa’s eyes opened to see Bram kneeling with his knees either side of her head and his monster cock jutting straight above her nose. Bram held her chin with his thumb on the top and pulled her mouth open. He aimed his cock and slipped the head into Rosa’s mouth. Rosa gulped as much air as she could and heard a whistling as the air rushed through the remain gaps between his cock and her mouth. The cock continued to move in as Bram forced Rosa’s head further back to open her throat even wider and straighter. She could feel the largeness of the head as it slid against her tongue. The taste was lovely and the size was exciting her. She wrapped her arms around Bram’s legs and felt his leg muscles tighten as she felt his cock bang in and out of her mouth.
Rosa heard Bram say “What are you waiting for boys. Fuck her”!!!

She felt her legs being opened and raised and something large was pushed into her vagina. Both her nipples were suddenly wet and warm as she felt them being sucked. Her face was covered with the saliva that Bram’s cock was pulling out of her throat with every thrust.

Again Rosa felt the sex energy rise as she remembered she was being raped on a plane. Her orgasm rushed up and caused her body to leave the floor. Both men pulled out leaving her gasping. The next thing she felt was being lifted up. She opened her eyes.

One of the women was now lying where Rosa had just been.

“Now, lick her” Bram ordered pointing towards one of the women. Bram pushed Rosa’s head down in between the woman’s legs. Rosa’s started to lick and very soon she was lost in this woman’s cunt whose taste and smell was full of sex. Rosa felt a cock forcing its way into her vagina which was high and exposed. Rosa saw Bram out of the corner of her eye. He was sitting on the edge of the bed stocking his beautiful cock watching his new sex slave licking another woman’s cunt while she was being fucked by another man. Obviously this was turning Bram on as his cock was getting bigger, and longer and wider. Rosa’s sex energy was rising to match his size. Bram lay down on the floor and pushed his cock so it was vertical. It was MASSIVE.

“SIT ON ME” Bram said in a loud voice.

Rosa stood up and straddled her legs either side of Bram’s. Rosa lowered her body down until she felt the tip of Bram’s cock touch her vagina. She took a deep breath and dropped and felt Bram’s cock force its way into her vagina. She moved up and down feeling the length of his member penetrate her sex, his massive size slipping in and out stretching her labia wide. Rosa was in control of this lovely cock…..or so she thought. Before she could object Peter wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down against his chest and started moving hips forcing his cock in and out of her vagina. Rosa was trapped by his arms and his cock. She lay still accepting this lovely cock forcing its way into her body. Bram suddenly stopped. Rosa felt another cock against her anus…pushing deeper and deeper. She tried to struggle away.

“Take it my bitch” Bram said. Rosa felt the cock penetrate the resistance of her anus ring and slip deep into her rectum. Soon she was filled with two cocks raping her. Rosa looked up and saw the other man and two women watching her being raped. The other man stood up and forced his cock into Rosa’s mouth. Three cocks, every hole filled.

Bram whispered in her ear…. “Enjoy. You are my woman now”. Rosa’s orgasm came and went on and on and on.

The men stopped and each pulled out of her holes. She was picked up and laid down on her back. The three men all knelt around her masturbating their erect and stiff cocks. Bram took her hand and placed it on his cock. Her fingers could only just reach around its girth. She moved her hand backwards and forwards. Peter was the first to come and, with a loud groan, a stream of sperm flew out of the tip of his cock and curled in the air until it landed over her breasts. She felt the warmth of the sperm and the chill as it started to trickle down the curves of her body. Another stream splattered on her face and stomach. Rosa was watching Bram’s cock as her hands were stroking it and she felt it stiffen and jerk. She aimed it at her mouth. Suddenly Bram groaned and a massive string of sperm flew into her mouth and over her chin and breasts. Her mouth felt full forcing her to breathe through her mouth. Another jerk and another splash of warmth splattered on her breasts and stomach. Rosa pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked his cock tasting the sperms saltiness as another splash of warmth splattered over her body. Bram jerked and her mouth filled again. She swallowed all his sperm.

She looked up past Bram’s cock and saw the others were looking at her sperm covered body as she continued to suck Bram’s cock. She felt sticky and beautiful and totally satisfied.

Bram leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, pushing his tongue deep inside, moving it into every corner.

“Very tasty” he said “You are a Lovely fuck”. “What’s your name”


“Okay Rosa. I will call you sometime soon and give you your instructions. I expect you to obey”.
Rosa swooned.

She woke up in her seat as the plane was landing.

What happened?

Was it a dream?

She realised that she wasn’t wearing any panties and when she moved her dress was sticking to her body. Her vagina was also feeling a little sore.

‘Oh God’ she thought as she felt her pussy get wet.

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