( 2 ) beach fun for all

( 2 ) beach fun for all

I loved taking my wife to the nudist beach, espically mid week, when it was mainly just guys there, we had found a nice spot just in the dunes where we could still see the water, but had some privacy, it didnt take long for the guys to know a good looking woman was on the beach, as often they would walk along with us, to see where we sat,

I always took a large blanket, spreading it out we both lay naked, Joy with her legs open for every one to see, guys took their time as they walked past, most happy to stand and watch her, most sat down and some started to play with their cocks, so when I played with her tits or pussy thier cocks grew bigger still, then Joy sucked my cock, that really got thier attention.

Some now sat closer to get a good view of us, my cock slipped into her wet cunt, setting her of one a run of orgasms, then her face was hit with a ream of hot cum, one horny guy blew his load over us, she licked it up, then asked for more.The guys got closer, some touching her boobs, as I continued to fuck her, now it was time, I pulled out, looking around to find the biggest cock,then offered him her cunt, he went right in, his balls hitting her ass cheecks with every thrust into her wet snatch.

Joy was enjoying her new fucker, her orgasm letting the other guys know she was getting fucked hard, then his balls let loose, his body jerking cum deep into her snatch, as others filled her mouth. As he moved of, other jostalled to fuck her, I told them not to hurry, they would all get a fuck, and more if they made sure she was kept horny, and if they wanted my ass was open for cock too.

That was all it took, one guy used me while they all took turns licking and playing with Joy while others fucked her, then she too, told one to fuck her ass, then dp her, guys lined up to fuck her, cum flying from cocks to eager to wait, I had taken several guys now and more wanted my ass, as quite a few guys who went to the beach had bi tendencies, but mainly just sucked cocks or got sucked.

So when they could get to fuck a woman or a guys ass, they loved it, and we were to become well know on the beach over the next few years too, on several occasions we would go there on our own for what every reason, and Joy was always looked after, the guys all took turns to fuck her, would look after her and keep her safe, she some times came home naked, covered in cum and her holes still gapping and wet with thier juices, mind you so did I some times too.

I know one day while walking along to our spot, we saw a new face, or to put it better a new cock, a young guy with a nice looking large cock stood close to where we went, so Joy and I changed direction and headed for him, his hand moved to his cock as he saw her boobs jiggling, we chatted to him and invited him to join us, within 2 minutes he was fucking her pussy, while I took her ass, then we changed, his cock and mine went up her ass, causing him to cum wildly inside her, other guys had joined us, and took over from him, Joy sucked his cock clean bringing it back to life, by now as normal around 20 guys were waiting to use us both.

I left her to have fun, while several guys used my ass for fun, by now some fisted us too, so more kink and fun, even water sports now, as guys pissed over us when we asked them too, or in our holes, filling us and flushing out thier sperm, at one time I got Joy to take 3 cocks, after talking to the guys, the told them all to fill her with piss, her holes and mouth flooded in a huge stream of fluild.

The guy with the big cock was watching Joy when I walked up and sat on his cock, I didn't ask if he was bi, but his cock felt great and he soon grabbed my hips swinging me around to pound his 10 inchs of meat into me harder, no wonder Joy had great orgasm when he was fucking her, he knew how to use it all too, my orgasm got stronger and longer with each thrust, until he let loose in me flooding my ass with his second load for the day, as his cock went soft, I took the cum to Joy to eat, she was helped by a few other guys who wanted his cum too.

By now we had swapped numbers with some of the guys, meeting them at their place with others or our house,often at our orgies, most had fucked us many times over, and been with us when we did kink too, we had shown them extreme fucking and sexual kink, and not one wanted to miss out when asked. When the weather cooled off, of course we would ring the bigger cocks or kinkier guys, and arrange a meet some where, often our house, but some of them also had venues we met at, on a few occasions we took a kinky lady friend with us, she had fun, and so did they, a new pussy and arse to fuck, and a lesbian show as well.

With the next summer looming, the beach got a work out again, word got around and soon it was impossible for us to even make it any where near our spot before hands carrased our bodies, at one point Joy was lifted onto a cock and carried to the spot with his dick planted firmly up her ass, seeing two guys hold her up and dp her as they stood, both cocks firmly in her ass, her orgasm keeping then hard for ages, before both shot her full of cum and collapsed with Joy still on their cocks.

Things got a bit kinky when one of the guys brought his German Shepard to the beach, his way of getting out for a walk, Joy and I took the dogs cock in our butts, as guys looked on and face fucked us, the dog needed a swim to clean of his cum before the guy could take him home, I dropped his load into a guys mouth as did Joy, this was to become a fairly regular event when we met.

Once the guys knew we would do most any thing, more often there was a selection of dogs to fuck us both, as mid week was our normal day there, the guys told their friends and co workers about us, and it got out of control, one day almost 50 guys were hanging around, and 4 dogs, to many people to stay out of sight of people going by, so we changed to a differnt day, that way the numbers were around 10 to 20, and would not bring to much attention to what we got up too.

Well it was later that year we met a guy who's house was open for us to use any time, and he loved the idea of big groups with us as the main show, so sadly the beach slowly gave way to a nice warm house with more scoup for kink, and oh boy, did we enjoy that. Now it wasn't just guys and dogs that got to fuck us both, our holes got bigger with every new experience, but still guys cock loved to fuck us.

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