High fever Mom

High fever Mom

Mom was holding my cock and moving it side to side as she gently cleansed the area between my legs.....just as she had done for the past week or more. After surviving a serious case of scarlet fever, the fever broke and now I had these puss pockets under my arms and between my legs that had to be kept clean. The first day or so, I was hardly aware of what she was doing, but by the second day I was starting to get an erection, as any 16 yr. old would, whenever she did her nursing. Neither of us commented on it, even though I was embarrassed at first. The day before the doc said I could get out of bed, she was washing me, as usual. In stead of putting my pj bottoms on right away, she hesitated as she sat there holding my very rigid cock.

"You know, you have done very well in tolerating this".......as she gave my cock a little squeeze...."every day, but you have a lot of tension in your body because this has not been taking care of. I don't want you to suffer any more ills because of this, so I am going to relive that tension." I said: "Mom....I..." She said: "Now never mind! I have brought you through this illness and I know how to get rid of this tension, so just relax and let it flow out of your body." At that point, she started to jack me off and I laid back with my mind in a whirl and began to remember how she had changed after my brother went in the service.

First, the relatives moved to an apartment. Then my brother went in the service and suddenly, there was just my mom and dad and me. The first thing I noticed was that mom was careless in her state of undress as I would have to go through her dressing area (hallway where the heat register was). Dad left for work early, but when he was home occassionally, I never seemed to catch her dressing. Her exposure was very casual and natural, not sexy. I was, quite regularly seeing her breasts and very brief shots of her bush. What young boy wouldn't look, even if she was his mother.

One day, as I was passing the bathroom, the door was open and I heard my mom call out to me from the bathroom. Thinking she was doing her hair or something of that nature, I looked in her direction and was startled to see her rising off of the toilet seat, turning slightly towards me and vigorously rubbing her cunt with toilet paper, all the while droning on something about me coming home right after school because of whatever. I was shocked, but tried not to show it as she acted very nonchalant and went on talking as if she was fully clothed.

One morning, I came down stairs and she was in her robe, fully closed. She said her neck and shoulder muscles were tight and would I massage them. Of course, I said yes and she turned her back to me, undid her robe and flipped the collar down to the small of her back, so the only thing holding her robe on her body was her arms through the sleeves. Since I could see how the robe was just hanging on her and I could see her bare back....no bra, I really started to fantasize. She was ohing and awing as I rubbed, but I was fantasizing that if I were in front of her, what a view I would have. I wondered out loud what might have caused her muscles to be tight. She said: "Your muscles would be tight too if you had these large breasts pulling on them." As she said this, she turned to face me and said: "Just feel how heavy these breasts are!" and grabbed my hands and thrust them up under her tits. It took my breath away. One moment I was fantasizing about seeing her breasts and the next second I am holding them in my hands.

I stood for a moment, not knowing what to do, but then started to take my hands away, but she grabbed them and put them back saying: " Oh, Honey, please just hold them for a few moments please. It feels so good to get the weight off of my shoulders". So I stood there for at least a couple of minutes holding her beautiful tits. (Just as a matter of interest, my mom had been an executive in a national company that sold bras and corsets through sales ladies that would come to your home and custom fit. Mom was in on the designs and traveled the country holding meetings with these sales ladies, the idea being that as mom used herself as a model, the credit for her large, but shapely breastline was due to these bras. I can tell you that even these few years later, when she would remove her bra, her tits would barely slump. She really only wore a bra for modestys sake. She had prominent nipples and the areola around her nipples was very pink)

Various other situations crossed my mind as I tried to think of anything other than the fact that my mother was jacking me off. It felt so good that I didn't want it to end and by thinking of other things, I had prolonged the inevitable, even though she had been purring......"Doesn't that feel good......Oh Honey, it will feel so good to let that tension flow........I love to help you in this way". Finally, I suddenly realized there was a different feeling going on down there, so I opened my eyes and raised my head slightly to look. She had opened her robe and leaned forward over my cock and she was jacking the head of my cock against her nipple. She saw me looking and said: "I thought this would help you let it flow". She must have thought I was uptight and having a hard time ejaculating. I came big time all over her breast and she was ohing and awing all the time I was cumming and cited the amount of ejaculate as justification that I needed to release that tension. She straightened up and started rubbing my cum into het tit saying: " It's just like lotion with a lot of protein and it's wonderful for the skin". She even had me touch her breast to see how the one was so much softer than the other. I couldn't really tell, they were both fantastic.

The next day, I could take my first bath in a couple of weeks. Still quite weak, mom helped me down stairs. I wanted to shower and even though she thought I should take a tub bath, she relented. As I stepped into the tub, I didn't get my weight directly over my foot and it slipped a little. She had a fit and demanded that I wait as she was going to go into the shower with me so I wouldn't fall. I was to hold on to the towel rack and shower handle and she would do all of the washing....."as I have been doing for the last week anyway". You can imagine the washing and rinsing, having to reach around me to do so and all of the rubbing together of our bodies. She still approached it as just doing her job, but her tits and cunt were rubbing all over me in every concievable way and, of course, I had a monster hard on the whole time and had to think of other things when she lathered it up and kept stroking it to ......"be sure you are good and clean". When we got out, again she insisted on drying me while I held on to the towel racks. Of course, she detected more tensionand since we were both naked she suggested that it would be a good time to again get rid of that tension, so I stood in front of her as she sat on the toilet seat and jacked me off on her tits.

The following Saturday, I was sleeping in as kids do and thought I was having an erotic dream. As I slowly came awake, my cock was being fondled for real and I could hear my mother's voice calling for my to wake up. She was in bed with me and she was on her side, up on her elbow and had slipped her nightie strap and exposed her tit which was now resting on my lips. As I came awake, I realised that this was the first overt sexual approach she had made to me. All of the other happenings were made out to be natural happenings and no big deal. This was different. As I started to gently suck on her breast, she was almost in tears as she went on and on about how close and intimate we had become because of my illness and how she didn't want to lose that closeness and how she needed the same kind of intimate attention that she had given me and would I be comfortable with that. By now, fully awake, I realised what that meant. At the same time, with her upper leg bent at the knee and her foot flat on the bed, it opened her thighs and she had turned loose my cock and was guiding my hand to her cunt. She spread my fingers slightly and nestled my middle finger in her slit and the other fingers on each side of her cunt lips and started a slow movement of my hand. When she felt me make the movements, she removed her hand and grabbed my cock again

That started our close relationship that lasted over the next 8-9 months. We were very intimate. She loved it when fixing breakfast I would slip my hand in her robe and play with her cunt. We showered together and she even came up to my room when my dad was down stairs, knowing that we could hear his climb up the stairs and down the hall , with plenty of time to cover up. It seems that my dad, who was eleven years older than my mom, had lost interest in any intimacy several years before this and refused to do anything sexually. She admitted that she resolved to just exist with only masturbation since dad was the only man she had ever been intimate with and she had no desire to go looking for another man, but when she nursed me through my illness and had to wash my cock and balls area, she began to question.....Why Not!
Anyway, my grandparents moved in with my grandfather terminally ill. Of course, that put an end to our pleasures. After my grandfather passed my grandmother stayed with us and I eventually went in the Air Force for three years.

When I got out of the service my grandmother had passed, but strangly enough, mom and I didn't renew our intimacy.......then. I was busy with dating, going out with my buddies and etc., so I wasn't home very much, but within a year, I was married. A strange thing happened in the first year of my marriage that put my mom and me back together, so to speak. This time it wasn't just mutual masturbation, but much more!
(to be continued)

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