The Way I Dreamed It part 2 chapter 26

The Way I Dreamed It part 2 chapter 26

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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 26
“Naruto . . .NAruto . . . NARUTO”
Naruto quickly opened his eyes after hearing his name being called out. He made a motion to sit up but felt pain around his side and just under his chest. Naruto looked around not knowing where he was.
“It sounds like your awake” said a person. Naruto noticed that the voice belonged to a woman she was sitting on the other end of the room.
“What happened?” asked Naruto as he laid back down on the bed.
“Momo there found you during the thunderstorm out in the forest” said the person pointing to the dog lying next to the bed.
Naruto looked over the bed to see the dog sleeping.
“You were nearly dead when we found you, you had punctured lungs and they were full of blood, any longer and you would have died” said the person.
“I hope I wasn't any trouble to you” asked Naruto.
"No its ok I like to help people when they need help" said Yuri.
"How did you heal me?' asked Naruto.
“Well luckily the only reason your injury was serious was because your lungs were being filled with blood but apart from that everything else could be fixed easily” said the person.
“Was it you that healed me?” asked Naruto.
“No and elderly woman that knows some basic healing jutsus healed you, after she drained the blood from your lungs” said the person.
“Well thanks for looking out for me” said Naruto.
“No problem . . . . . you healed pretty fast . . . but I think you should rest for a little while longer” said the person.
“I . . . I can’t . . . I have to go” said Naruto as he tried to get up again only to feel the pain.
“Please . . . at least for twenty minutes” said the person.
“I have to go help some people” he said.
“How much help can you be if you’re still hurting” she replied.
“All right, but just twenty minutes” said Naruto as he looked at the person who was sitting about ten feet away from him and in the dark.
The figure stood up and walked towards him, it was a woman she looked to be in her early forties, she then stopped, “My name is Yuri nice to meet you”
Naruto just stared at her, “My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto”
After they introduced themselves Yuri expected Naruto to say more but nothing came the place was in silence for a while. All Naruto could do was look at her.
“Is something wrong?” said Yuri because he hadn’t said anything for a while.
“Uh no, no it’s just that . . . . . uh have we met before because you look very familiar” said Naruto.
“Well I can’t say I’ve seen you because well I can’t see you” said Yuri as she pointed to the cloth covering her eyes.
“Oh right sorry . . . . . . well where are we anyway?” asked Naruto.
“Well were north of the lightning country . . . . . may I ask where your from?” said Yuri.
“I’m from Konoha I’ve come all the way up here to save my daughters” said Naruto.
‘Emi, Saya . . they should be fine with Kyuubi and Hachibi . . . Hinata she should be safe at home . . . . . . . but why am I getting this bad feeling that something is wrong’ he thought.
Yuri brought a hand up to her head and then stumbled to a seat.
“Are you ok?” asked Naruto.
“I just suddenly got this bad headache but I’ll be fine” said Yuri.
“Ok . . . . .are you a native of this place or are you from another place?” he asked.
Again she put her hand to her head as she experience another headache, “Me . . . . I don’t know . . . . . for the last eighteen years I’ve been living with out knowing who I am . . . . . she’s the only thing I got” said Yuri as she pointed to momo.
“So for eighteen years you’ve been living another life and you have no idea if you have any family” said Naruto.
“That’s right . . . . . I’ve tried my best to remember but nothing . . . . . . I can't seem to remember anything” she said.
“I’m sorry I wish I could help” he replied.
“I’ve always wondered if I had a husband and children, a baby girl or boy or both” she said with a sad tone.
“Have you ever wondered how or why this happened to you” asked Naruto.
“I have but there is no use I can’t remember, all that happens is the more I try to remember the worst these headaches get, almost like my head doesn’t want me thinking about these issues, my past” she said, Yuri bent over a little to pet momo.
When Yuri bent down to pet momo Naruto saw something in the back of her neck that caught his eyes.
“What is that?” asked Naruto.
“What is what?” she asked not knowing what he was talking about.
“That thing in the back of your neck . . . . . may I see it” he said.
She put her hand to the back of her neck, “I didn’t know I had something on my neck, no one ever told me . . . . . . . . . I guess you can see it”
She kneeled in front of the bed and turned around holding her hair to the side. As soon as Naruto saw what it was he was shocked.
The girls suddenly stopped at the sound of Kyuubi’s voice then they looked at Naruto. The moment they stopped Naruto began to change into a giant lizard, the lizard opened its mouth and shot out its tongue rapping up both the girls up and it swallowed both of them.
The moment the girls were swallowed by the lizard Kyuubi and Hachibi both disappeared returning to the necklaces.
“EMI, SAYA” Yelled Neji.
“That’s for safe keeping” said Pein as he landed on top of the giant lizard.
Everyone was ready to charge at him but when they tried to move they couldn’t, they all looked down to see what was holding them down to the floor.
“Quicksand? HOW THE FUCK DID IT GET HERE?” Yelled Kiba.
“Were sinking . . . and fast” said Shikamaru.
Jiraiya made some seals for a jutsu but nothing happened.
“What kind of jutsu was that it didn’t even do anything” asked Chouji.
“I know nothing happened they must’ve done something to prevent us from using jutsus” said Jiraiya.
“Fuck I can’t get out it’s only making me sink more” said Kiba.
“You’re not the only one” said Neji.
“Shit do you guys feel that” asked Jiraiya.
“Yeah it’s not only sucking us in but it’s starting to crush us as well” said Kakashi.
Tobi landed next to Pein, “That catch was easy”
“It was easy because of your sharingan” said Pein.
‘If there still alive and here then that means they must have beaten Naruto, but they probably don’t know that he’s still alive, I doubt they would let him live if he is no use to them anymore’ thought Jiraiya.
“FUCKIN’ SHIT” yelled Kiba from the pain.
They were already down to their shoulder. Jiraiya and the other continued to sink into the sand and fell in to a small compressed area under ground with out any openings.
“What the FUCK is this?” yelled Kiba.
Lee and Gai tried punching the walls but nothing happened. The other tried to some jutsus but nothing happened either.
“How the hell are we going to get out of here?” said Shikamaru.
“At least were not being crushed by the sand anymore” said Chouji.
“Maybe not but look the space is closing in” said Neji as he point at all the wall, they were closing in little by little.
“FUCK” Yelled Kiba.
“Oh it gets worst with no opening and all the people in here were going to run out of air fast” said Shikamaru.
“So we either suffocate or get crushed” said Jiraiya.
“WE need to get out of here” said Kiba.
“Oh that’s a good idea why didn’t we think of that . . . . hey why don’t you come up with an idea to get out” said Jiraiya sarcastically to Kiba.
Kiba not understanding the sarcasm, “Coming up with ideas is Shikamaru department”
“Look at them they have no idea it’s a genjutsu, they probably thinks it’s a series of jutsus being used” said Tobi as he looked at everyone standing in front of him.
“This was a lot easier then I thought I would be” said Pein.
“Yes, looks like we won’t have any fun this time” replied Tobi.
“You think you can keep them like this even after we leave” asked Pein.
“Yes but once were far the genjutsu will wear of, you know I could just kill them right now” said Tobi.
“Alright do it” replied Pein. Tobi prepared to take action.
Before Tobi did anything the giant lizard exploded tearing it apart as red and black chakra gushed out of the lizard from many places.
“YEAH WE did it . . . . . . it was just like kyuu and hachi said” yelled Emi with enthusiasm.
“I told you” said Saya.
“No you didn’t” replied Emi turning around to look at Saya.
“Yeah I did you just didn’t hear me” said Saya as she turned around to look at Emi and then stuck her tongue out at her; Emi reacted by doing the same thing.
The two stood next to large masses of chakra, each had a different figure.
The one next to Emi looked like Jackal made of red chakra, and the one next to Saya looked like a Tiger made of black chakra. The girls turned around to see the other two standing near the others ready to kill them.
“Leave them alone you big jerks” said Emi.
Pein looked at the girls, “Or what?”
“These two little Twinkies should be no problem” said Tobi.
“Remember you can’t kill them . . . . . just subdue them” said Pein.
Naruto continued to look at her neck.
“It’s . . . it’s a seal” he said.
“A seal?”
“Yeah . . . . . and that seal . . . . it looks a lot like one I’ve seen before” he said.
“What is it for?” she asked.
“I don’t know . . . . . but if it’s anything like the one I’ve seen I might be able to remove it” said Naruto.
“Are the differences between them big” she asked.
“Well this seals is a lot like the caged bird seal, I’ve studied that seals for a long time, but I don’t think so” said Naruto.
“So can you remove it?” asked Yuri.
“The caged bird seal yes, this one I don’t know but I could try, it looks to be a different variation of the caged bird seal” said Naruto.
“If you can please try . . . . this might be the cause of my problems” said Yuri.
“Alright but stay still it might be a while” said Naruto.
Naruto put one hand on the seals as he molded some chakra in it, and then with the other hand he began to perform several one handed seals.
Fifteen minutes had passed and Naruto was still having trouble doing anything with the seal until he finally started to really focus on the seal. Little by little the seal was starting to peal off, in a quick move Naruto ripped the seal of once off the seal disintegrated in to nothing.
Yuri let out a cry from the seal removal. Naruto stood from the bed and kneeled in front of her.
“Are you ok?” asked Naruto, she lifted her head and Naruto could see tears starting to leak out from underneath the cloth.
“I . . . . . . I –I re. . .” was all she could let out.
“What is it?” asked Naruto.
“I . . I remember . . . I remember everything” she said as she cried.
She reached for the cloth covering her eyes and when she removed it, both of them were shocked at what they were looking at. She looked at him and he looked at her eyes.
“Uzumaki Naruto . . . . . . you . . . you look just like the fourth Hokage” she said.
“That’s because he is my father” said Naruto.
“That’s right . . . . I remember he had a son . . . . you look just like him . . . “
“You knew my father?” asked Naruto and all she did was nod.
“The last time I saw you . . . . . . you were only five . . . you’ve grown so much” she said.
“I’m sorry I . . . I don’t remember you” said Naruto.
“It’s ok . . . . it’s been along time” she replied.
“You . . . . your from Konoha . . . .your . . . your eyes . . You’re a Hyuga” said Naruto.
“Yes . . . . my name is Hyuga Izumi” she said.
“Well now that you remember everything it’s obvious that the seal was the reason for your troubles, but why did you have the seal” said Naruto.
“Kiroshi . . . . . . Hyuga Kiroshi” said Izumi.
“Who is that?” asked Naruto.
“A member of the Hyuga council, he placed the seal on me” said Izumi.
“Kiroshi? I don’t recall there being some one named Kiroshi in the Hyuga council, but why would he do that” said Naruto.
“Because I found out about their plans, their plans to make the Hyuga clan the rulers of Konoha, a dynasty, and once they did that they were going to get rid of the Konoha council” said Izumi.
“But you’ve had the seal for eighteen years and nothing has happen sin—“
Izumi continued with out paying attention to what Naruto said, “When the Hyuga council found out that I knew about their plans they forcefully placed the seal on my neck” she said.
“But why on your neck and why did they put a different seal on you” asked Naruto.
“This seal is a modified version of the caged bird seal which helped seal my memories and my powers, they put the seal in the back of my neck where the byakugan’s weakness is and that is the reason why I lost the use of my eyes so that I couldn’t use the Byakugan” said Izumi.
“Are you sure about their plans, because I’ve lived in Konoha for the last eighteen years and they haven’t done anything” said Naruto.
“They said that they were going to modify the seal even more so they could control those that are branded with the seal” said Izumi.
“Can they really do that?” asked Naruto.
Izumi’s eyes were wide open almost like if she had just remembered something very important. Izumi quickly stood and dashed towards the door ready to leave. When she did she heard a bark as the dog rose and followed her.
“Wait . . . where are you going?” asked Naruto.
“To my family . . . . . . I have to see them . . . . I have to know what happened to them . . . . . I’m going to Konoha” she said as she quickly ran out the door and left, she dashed through the forest as fast as she could with momo trailing her.
“Wait . . . your going in the same direction as me . . . . I’ll go with you” said Naruto was she was long gone, he tried to get up only to feel the same pain as before.
“My lungs still haven’t recovered . . . . but I don’t have time . . . I’ll just have to suck it up” said Naruto as he stood up and ran in the same direction as Izumi.
Hiashi was headed towards the gates of the Hyuga compound, he didn’t care what the council had said he was going to go help his family, when he told the others that he was going to his room he left to get ready. Hiashi was now in battle fit clothes.
Before he reached the gates he was called out, “Hiashi . . . . . where are you going”
“You again . . . . I going to help my family” said Hiashi.
“I thought –“
“I am the head of the Hyuga clan you don’t tell me what to do, I will help my family no matter what happens” said Hiashi angry.
“What if you get kill . . . . . what if all your family gets killed, who will lead the clan?” asked the Hyuga.
“I don’t care what happens to me I will help my family even if it kills me” said Hiashi, the other Hyuga just smiled.
“Well I guess getting killed then and getting killed now would make no difference”
“What?” said Hiashi, the moment he said that he felt two sharp pains go through his chest, he looked down and saw the end of two swords coming out of his chest, and he turned around and saw the other Hyuga that had told him about the kidnap.
“What the hell is the meaning of this” said Hiashi as he spat out blood.
“Hiashi we didn’t plan on things happening this way we had plan on letting you finish your reign as head of the clan, but if your so eager to die then there is no point in waiting”
“It’s you . . . . you’re the ones behind the councils decision to give the power to the Hyuga clan” said Hiashi.
“Yes and after these changes are made the Hyuga clan not only will be the greatest in Konoha history but the greatest in all the land”
“You. . . you won-wont . . .suc. . succeed” Hiashi could only cough out the words with blood.
“Hiashi . . . . I think it’s time you died . . . . . and don’t worry you’ll get to see your family soon seeing as there going to die as well” said the Hyuga in front him.
The Hyuga in back of him took out a kunai and without hesitation slid Hiashi’s throat. The Hyuga let go of the swords and with that Hiashi fell to the floor on top of the pool of blood.
“Find an idiot to pin this on . . . . . . . and clean this up” said the other as he just walked away.
“Right” said the other as he did what he was told.
Both girls stood facing Tobi and Pein.
Saya quickly pointed her arm towards them and shouted an order, “Cerebus chakra drain” without hesitation the tiger charged at Tobi and Saya followed.
‘Cerebus . . . . she named him almost like Hachi’s, Cerberus’ Thought Emi, she then turned and looked at the one standing next to her ‘What should I name mine’
Tobi gathered chakra in his hand and as Cerebus reached him he swiped his hand down the middle of it and splitting it in to two. The two halves skidded past Tobi, with Cerebus out of the way Saya we right behind ready to attack, she quickly threw a punch at Tobi but went right through him.
Saya landed close to the two halves of Cerebus, which were now reuniting. ‘What happen how did I go through him’ thought Saya as she stood up, she looked at Emi, she saw Pein charge at her and she wasn’t even paying attention.
“EMI LOOK OUT” Saya yelled to Emi.
Emi reacted to Saya’s scream and turned around she saw Pein already begin his attack, in the last moment before the attack landed Emi reacted.
“ANUBIS SHIELD” yelled Emi, Pein’s punch was stopped by a wall of red chakra.
Emi could see Pein’s face through the chakra wall she saw him smile with that she turned around only to be smashed against the chakra wall by a punch from another Pein that stood behind her.
“Ahhhh” screamed Emi.
“You should know you don’t stand a chance little girl” said Pein.
“DRAGON DESTROYER JUTSU” Pein turned around as his eyes landed on the girls he had just punched. She held her hands in a dragon seal as lightning gushed out through the seal.
“ANUBIS RESTRAIN” the Emi on the floor disappeared in to smoke.
“A clone” said Pein who was quickly retrained by chakra that extended out of the wall, and with every second that passed the lightning got closer and closer and in the process the light took the form of a dragon ready to strike.
Emi was trembling from the force, ’Come on I can do this I have to hit his heart . . . . . . . . I . . . I can’t it’s to strong’ Emi was pushed back by the force of the jutsu as the jutsu deviated from it’s target.
“AAHh” Emi was slammed against a tree.
The jutsu hit Pein but not on the place where it was aimed. The lightning went right through his side.
“EMI” Saya rushed to Emi’s side.
“Are you ok?” she asked.
“Yeah I think so” replied Emi as she stood up.
“You know you shouldn’t use that jutsu you still can’t control it” said Saya.
The got ready then they performed a jutsu together. “Shadow clone jutsu” instantly there were over a hundred clones of each.
Tobi looked around at all the clone, with his sharingan activated he knew exactly where the really ones were. With a blink of an eye every clone disappeared.
“Whe- where did they all go” said Emi.
Both Emi and Saya were standing on a tree branch.
“I don’t know” replied Saya.
“Saya move quick” said Emi as fire missiles were headed their way.
As the girls jumped out of the way they were hit hard from behind making them crash to the ground. When the girls stood both Anubis and Cerebus dissolved and returned as their chakra was now revolving around the necklaces. Then each necklace shot out a large ball of compressed chakra at Tobi and Pein.
Both Tobi and Pein were able to black the attacks but were still injured by it. One of Tobi’s arms was now useless while Pein injury on his side was now worst because of that attack.
Emi and Saya looked down at their necklaces as they saw chakra begin to pour out, the charkas began to take form, but these forms were not the same as before they weren’t Cerebus and Anubis, when the two were fully formed the girls smile with joy.
“Kyuu!” yelled Emi.
“Hachi!” yelled Saya.
“You two rest we’ll take it from here” said Hachibi to the girls.
“So which one do you want” Hachibi asked Kyuubi.
“I’ll take that one” said Kyuubi as he looked at Pein.

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