For you incest lovers.

For you incest lovers.

For you incest lovers, Mother and son

The story happened when I was at the young age of 16, I was never really popular with the girls so I was still a virgin but knew the basics of snogging fingering and the vagina. My mother had been divorced for 2 years now and I never saw my dad cause he moved to America to start a new life.

My mum, Ruth, was 39 and was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes with a slim hourglass figure. She had 36 DD tits and a lovely bum. I was a spitting image of my father with a average body, average 5 inch dick and loved to play sports.

I fantasise about my hot mother all the time. I sit there in bed every night with my mums Facebook open wanking and fantasising about me and her. I had been fantasising about my mother for about a year. Nudity was chilled around the house, since it was only me and my mother at home, I 'accidentally' walk in on my mother getting changed and always get a glimpse or two.

It was another night of wanking and fantasising about my mother when I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning to find a note from my mum on my wall. 'Gone to shop will be back around 3 xo'. This was the perfect opportunity to snoop around my mums computer and look for anything sexual.

With only my boxers on I ran downstairs to the computer and typed in her password. I looked through her pictures, emails, and her desktop. Just when I was about to give up I decided to check her history, scrolling through her history and finding absolutely nothing until a website I was not familiar with came up. I decided it was worth a look and god damn I was glad I had a look. My hot mother was on a dating site! This was perfect!

I sat there as I looked at my mothers dating profile when a insanely risky but good plan. To create a dating profile and contact my mother... I thought about it for ages before finally having the balls to. David ball (my fake name) 40 years old, personal trainer, looking for blonde women. I activated my account then signed out and went upstairs to my iPad and logged in. I messages my mum 'hey there! You're beautiful, my names David and I'm single ' I waited and waited before finally hearing the front door open. My mother was home, she said hi then went straight for the computer. She was on there for hours before finally I got a reply. My heart was pounding as I waited for the message to load.

'Hi David! I'm Ruth! You're also good looking and I'm also single! ' me and my mother spoke for around a month, with just the basics and boring stuff before finally, it spiced up a bit. I was downstairs watching a love film with my mum and we were both on our iPads, when I received s message from her, ' so David how bigs your dick? ' I was shocked with the question but quickly replied with 5 inches and two inch thick. ' she quickly replied with ' oh my, want me to suck it for you babe? ' I was so shocked but so turned on at the same time. I replied with ' only if I get to fuck you hard after ' we sexted for hours and hours before unfortunately stopping for dinner. My mother went to go get changed as she waited for her soup to cool down.

My mother walked downstairs wearing nothing but bra and panties and as she walked into the kitchen my mouth dropped and eyes fell out of my head. She did a spin and said " what do you think?" With a cheeky grin on her face. " um um um...... Very sexy" I replied with. She pretended to drop a pen and then bent over and showed me her wonderful arse, before walking upstairs.

After tea I sat down on the sofa and started to watch a boring tv programme when my mum called me upstairs. I went up to her bedroom to see her in her en suite bathroom. She was stood in the shower naked and I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect tits when she said " I've hurt my arms, do you mind coming to wash me?"

I stood there shocked for a Moment before stripping naked and joining her in the shower, my mums nipples for rock hard like a mountain and all I wanted to do was suck on those bad boys. She told me to wash her body so I got some shower gel and rubbed it all over her tits, she gave out a little moan as I squeezed her nipples. I got some more shower gel and spreader it all over her vagina, she was trimmed and had a gorgeous pussy. I got the shower head and put it on full blast and watered down her body whilst she gave out more moans.

I couldn't take it much longer, my cock was rock hard and when she bent over I had no choice but to hold her arms and fuck her hard. I took my hard cock and slipped it into her wet and tight pussy. I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock as it entered her pussy. I started slow before picking up the pace and after a while I was full on going at her and it wasn't long before I squirted 5 long squirts of cum into her pussy. I pulled out afterwards and she thanked me and that was the best sex she had ever had.

Let me know if you like it or not, and also let me know if you want a part 2 or not.

Thank you

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