….It all started when I was younger and I was playing with my dad. We were in the kitchen and I hugged him from the front one morning. He like usual, hugged me back. I felt a lump begin in his robe. It wasn’t there a minute ago until I continued to hug him. He must have something in his robe pocket I figured. He was talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to me. I very casually let my hand brush against his robe pocket. I realized what I was feeling. He had the start of a hardon.

….It immediately excited me.

….I wondered if I had caused it. The thought that I might have… excited me more. I moved my hand and hugged him real tight. I felt his hardon move when I did. It kind of flicked out towards me, and now got bigger. My dad started breathing hard and he stammered on the cell phone. I was sure now I had made him get a hardon.

…I got a feeling that day, that still stay’s with me. I felt like a female, a girl, a woman and I like that feeling a lot. I had to have more. Later on that same day, I backed into my dad as he stood in the garage. I reached back and pulled him to me. He put his arms around me and I felt it. He started getting a hardon again. I pushed my butt back firmer and gently moved against it. I felt him again take a big breath. He held me tighter and kissed the side of my head and we just stayed like this. I felt his hardon get still bigger. I leaned my head back on him and gave out a big sigh. We said nothing.

He held me tighter as we both pushed my butt and his big hardon together. Now this was taking my breath away with a new sexual thrill I had not had before. He moved his hands around on my tummy. That felt wonderful. I put my hands on his hands and moved them just under my tits. I got still more and new sex feelings. He let me guide his hands all over me. I started feeling a wetness in my pussy. It tingled and excited me more. I just kept going. I guided one of his hands to my upper leg and the other I pressed hard under my tits. My heart was thumping hard with excitement. I was feeling myself up….but…. using his hands.

… He just let me play and never stopped me. I felt his hardon get so big as it rested between my butt cheeks. It felt huge. This was going higher and higher with us. I pushed his hand higher on my tits and now right on them. I squeezed his fingers on my tits. I felt chills and tingles all at once. I kept going. Now I moved his other hand just above my pussy. I spread my legs some. His hardon went between them now. I moved his hand closer to my pussy and just let it barely touch it. I now got a shot of exciting tingles in my pussy.

…I heard mom come to the outside door. We quick moved away as he stood next to the work bench humming. I started fiddling with some of his tools. She ask me to come in and do something, so I followed her in the house. I thought sure she could hear my heart thumping and might ask me why was so hot.

…That was my first day of enjoying the hot turn on of ’me’, making my daddy get a big hardon. I had a new power and I liked using it. I had seen mom slip her hand over his crouch before when she thought I wasn’t watching. They would smile at each other. I could give him a hardon with out my hand even touching his crouch. I liked that feeling.

….I loved giving my daddy hardon’s. The fact they were behind mom’s back just made it all the more thrilling. She’s so spoiled and I knew it’s ’no pussy’, if she doesn’t get her way. I have plans now to ’fix’ all that. I know daddy isn‘t getting all the sex that he deserves….

…. Daddy and I developed signals to let us know to go to the garage, when mom was home. Sneaking feels was our little secret.

… When she wasn’t home….it became hot and beautiful. When I knew she would be gone, I would not wear a bra or panties and put on a short loose skirt for easy access. Every week we progressed to further thrills. It was so hot having a secret affair with my own dad. Now when mom wasn’t home we had a spot where we could not be seen, but…we could see if mom drove up. I would stand in ’our spot’ and daddy would watch me feel myself up. I would put my hand up my shirt and squeeze my own tits. I would put my hand down my shorts and he could see my hand finger myself.

We would smile at each other as he would stand up across the room and reach down his pants and stroke his hardon. We were putting on a hot show for each other. It was a super exciting hot teasing game we played. He would slowly walk over to me as we played with ourselves. His stalking gave me chills. He would walk around me and lean over and give me little kisses on my forehead and neck. I loved this and the feeling of my pussy getting wetter on my fingers. He knew now hot to get me real hot, and he did it so well. I knew now how to give him a big hardon as I rubbed against it,…but just a little, to tease him.

….We both wondered where it will go from here, as the tension got higher with each session.

…I had a close girlfriend Mindy. I finally ‘top secretly’ told her one sleepover what was going on with my daddy and I. She became envious and begged me for details. I just knew she was forming plans in her head to maybe get my daddy to do the same to her. She got very hot as I described daddy and my sessions. She wanted me to show her how I did things to my daddy, on her. I had her quietly lay with her back on top of me. I went thru the moves I use on daddy. I took her hands and placed mine over them. I felt under her tits and then fully all over them. She got really excited as I could feel her breathing heavy. I then headed down for her pussy and slowly rubbed around it like I moved my daddy’s hands on me. We whispered: (“..has he put his hand inside your panties and felt your bare pussy?”) , she ask.

(“Not yet.”)….I told her, (“Just outside stuff so far.”). I took her hands and continued showing her how I put my hands on daddy’s and guided them onto my body. I guided her hands more to feel her own tits. She gasp and ask me to ‘keep doing that’, she said out of breath. I kept on as we were both getting hot doing it. I knew what she was up to, and knew this was coming, at least I hoped it was…. as our last sleepover she came up with a little secret game called: ‘Fingers’. It’s where we fingered each other for fun. It starts out in the dark bedroom and we act like we are boyfriend and girlfriend. We feel each other tits and pussy’s. Then it’s ’fingers’. We finger inside each others pussy’s and pretend we are having sex with a guy. We had only played this once before and we keep going until we both had great orgasms. I liked ’fingers’ and wanted to play it again.

….I said: (“Oh yes!, lets play that again.”) She spread her legs wide apart and her hand went inside my panties for my pussy as she lay on top of me. I reached over her and I put a finger inside her panties to finger her. She turned her head to mine and said: (“ I’m pretending I’m having sex with your dad.”).

…I never knew she had the hots for him. All I said was: (“…me too…”). This was new to us, as before we thought of a guy we liked, pretended we were having sex with him. Now it my daddy, we both thought about. I liked the feel of her resting on top of my tits. It was like my daddy’s chest on me, warm, breathing and he was in my pussy. I felt her tits like he might feel mine, and my fingers in her was double the pussy feelings. We both moaned very quietly but this was getting intense.

We found each others ‘G’ spots and massaged them. It was building up and up in us. I squeezed her tits as we began to peak and I squeezed my pussy on her fingers. She did the same to mine. We orgasmed the best we’d ever had. Squirming and fingering us. (“Oh daddy!”) came out of my mouth. She moaned quietly just said: (“…oh my god.”)….. Our fingers were very wet as we carefully rubbed our sensitive clits……


….That weekend, Mindy came over and mom went to play tennis. Now it was just dad, I and Mindy. Mindy didn’t know I had a talk with dad privately. I told him how Mindy really liked him and the she had no dad. I ‘hinted’ that poor Mindy need some ‘dad’ hugs and it sure would be cool if he ‘maybe’ gave her some. Dad never said a word, but just smiled. I had to guess what he was thinking……..

…Dad thoughts raced thru his mind…

…Carol has told Mindy about our ‘hands on’ activities it seems. This could be dangerous for me. I’ve noticed Mindy before, and she’s a hot girl. Her tits are bigger than Carol’s. Now she wants to get in on the feeling up. Two hot and sexy teen girls,….. how can I ’not’ pass this up. I’ve given Carol no answer to her ’hint’ that I ’dad hug’ poor Mindy. Clever, those horny little shits. Teasing is all I’ll start off with. Maybe they’ll attack me and I can claim to be the ’victim’?

….”Hi Mindy, haven’t seen you in a while.” I said. I hugged her across her shoulders. I watched her try and hide her gasp. She turned and put her head on my chest. We exchanged small talk and she slowly moved in closer to me, just touching her pussy to my semi-hard dick. Carol watched us like a smiling hawk. I held out my other arm for Carol. She quickly came over and now I had them both in hugs. I felt two pussy’s moving on me now. I said I had stuff to do in the ’garage’, and left them. The word ’garage’ sent tingles in Carol’s pussy. I could feel her buck her pussy a little when I said it.

…Carol and Mindy…

…(“…I bet he’s going for it, Mindy.”)
(“…oh god he feels so hot Carol, did you feel his hardon???”) (“Yes!...he’s ready to play with us. Let’s go out into the garage and I’ll get behind him, and you back up in front of him. With him in between us he won’t be able to resist feeling us up.”)

…I waited knowing the girls would just have to come out here in the garage and mess with me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Two teen beauty’s. If the wife only knew, she’d be shocked…

…The wife….
…They must think I’m stupid not to know something was going on between dad and Carol, and now Mindy was hanging around all the time. I can’t say a word as my tennis instructor and I do exercises at his apartment. It started with him helping me stretch my body to play better. It soon was getting me aroused sexually and he knew it. I crossed the line when I kissed him one afternoon. The foreplay began and we ended up in his bed fucking like two teenagers. So….what he does with Mindy, I don’t care, but Carol….our own daughter….I envy her, but she makes him all pumped up for our sex nights, so I don’t really mind. Between him and my tennis guy,

I’m getting what I want. I’ve always had a hidden desire to have two guys making me happy. Now some day my other desire may get fulfilled…..I would love to be alone with hot Mindy. I would love to feel her big tits and have us play with our bodies. I’ve never explored my ’bi-curious’ desires and she would be perfect. A hot young body….. licking her tits and pussy sounds hot to me. I’ve got a plan for her and I. Next sleepover it’s: ’help me in the shower please’. I’ll have her come in and I’ll get her pumped up with the shower wand as she massages poor me and my tennis soreness. I can picture feeling her wet soapy tits now. Soapy fingers are next and I’m going to love making us both orgasm in a ’special’ shower…..

…I was really horny about this and I loved the feeling. Carol and I went and put on our cheerleading outfits. No bra, no panties. She said her dad liked them and it was easy access for him to feel us. Hopefully he would feel our bare naked tits and pussy’s. We proceeded to the garage. Carol came up behind him and turned him so I could back up to his front. I pulled his arms around me and under my tits. I did like Carol and put my hand on top of his and began to guide them. He just let me do anything with them I wanted. His breathing increased with two hand-fulls of my tits. I felt a nice hardon up against my butt cheeks. I moved my butt slowly back and forth against it. I could feel it getting bigger. I could feel Carol’s hands rubbing his hardon along side my butt cheeks.

…I had no idea how hot this would make me. I could feel his heavy breathing and feel his hardon against Mindy’s butt. He was my daddy and mine to play with now. I got bold. I first joined him in feeling Mindy’s tits. They both liked that and then I really got brave and started unzipping dad’s zipper. I let my hand slip inside. I discovered….he wore no underwear. For the first time ever, I had my hand on my daddy hardon. It was big and warm. I got a shot of wetness in my pussy. I slowly stroked his hardon. I managed to pull it out. I lifted the back of her skirt and placed it between Mandy’s bare legs.

She jumped and sucked a big breath. She parted her legs some and I rubbed it on her wet pussy. She began to rock back and forth on it. My fingers felt everything. Dad’s now wet hardon and her wet pussy. Dad moved one of his hands back and started gently feeling my pussy. I pulled my short skirt up so he could feel me bare. It was the hottest thing we’d ever done and we all savored doing it. Dad’s other hand went for Mandy’s pussy. He was now feeling both our bare pussy’s. His fingers felt heavenly rubbing my clit and then up and down my slit. I was on the verge of having a great orgasm. I could hear Mindy moan a little as she joined his fingers in rubbing her pussy. I looked at his clock….oh shit! We had to stop as mom was due home any minute! I pointed to the clock and we all withdrew our playing. Mindy and I went into the bathroom to quick clean up.

….I came in the house and I could hear the girls in the bathroom giggling. I smelled pussy. I wondered what they had been up to. Dad came in…..I smelled pussy on him. Well…that answered that question. That smell gave he a hot shot in my own pussy. After dinner the girls were going to take a shower. Now was my chance to get Mindy alone. We had two showers. I got Mindy aside and ask her if she would help me with my sore arms and legs from playing tennis. She said sure. I took her in the shower in our master bedroom. I closed and locked the door.

My heart was thumping with tension. I explained we would get in the shower together and she could help me massage my arms and legs as the wand ran pulsating hot water over me. I saw her get a little excited over doing this. Oh my…. she looked young and sexy with big tits. She looked me over real good, having never seen me naked before. I leaned against the shower wall on my back. I had her take the shower wand and run it over my arms and legs. Her eyes told me she was aroused. I took her hand with the wand and guided it for her. The wand was set to a slow pulse. I directed it closer and closer to my nipples. Mindy has excited and had a little smile on her face.

I let it massage my nipples. I moaned quietly with my eyes almost…shut. I started going closer and closer to my pussy. I peeked at her as she began to breath hard. I stopped. The wand had interchangeable heads. I switched to a slim one that squirted a soft pulse around the tip. Back we went as I guided her hand to my pussy. I squirmed and moaned as I let it pulse on my clit. I spread my legs and pulsed in right on my pussy entrance. I whispered and ask her if she could get on her knees and get way underneath me. She dropped to her knees. I started to moan as I guided the slim wand slowly in and out of my pussy. She put her shaky hand on my leg to steady herself. She began to go in and out of my pussy with the wand. As the pulsing water ran out of my pussy, I had to stop us as I shook and had an orgasm. I bucked, moaned and rubbed my pussy a while. I had her stand up and said: (…“you’ve got to try this Mindy.”) We traded places a I got on my knees. I started with the wand at her nipples and then down to her pussy. She was gasping for breath….

…the newness of all this was taking me sexually higher than I had ever been. Her hand rubbed my leg as her fingers began to tease my clit. She was getting her face closer and closer to my pussy. I was getting mega thrills from it. I took her hand and put it on my wet tits. I wanted them felt so bad. I began to feel her body too. She slowly began to insert that wand into my pussy. I quickly orgasmed and shook. I closed my eyes to just enjoy it when I felt something on my clit. I gasp with the tingles. I looked and it was her finger and then followed by her warm tongue. This was a first for me and I orgasmed again. My legs went weak as I ended up on my knees too. Our fingers slowly felt our tits and nipples. They went on to feel our pussy’s. I liked this and many things ran thru my mind about the future…..

…this was the thrill I was looking for, I guided her fingers to go inside of me. We rubbed each others clits as a big orgasm hit me and shook me up. I showed her how to feel my ’G’ spot, and massage it. I found hers as she squirmed and shook…. We rested as we felt our bodies…

….We talked about secrets and never to let Carol or anyone know about our first bi-curious session. I went to bed as Mindy left.

….I thought about my poor dad not getting any sex again as my mom went to sleep early. Mandy slept over again that night. She was acting different somehow. We talked about how hot we were for my dad and our next move on him. I told her how I wanted to make him cum.

… Oh…she liked that idea and we planned how to do it. The night we were both very horny. We decided to play ‘fingers’. This time I lay on top of her on my back. We pretended we told daddy that we were going to make him cum but…. ‘in’ us. Mindy had some new things. She found my ‘G’ spot and helped me locate hers. This was a very intense sexual spot we massaged. We were going for a dual orgasm when she stopped. She said she had a new game call ‘tongues’. Tongues? ….I wondered what that was. She had me get off her quietly and she turned and had us lay side by side with our pussy’s to each others faces. We continued with our fingers, only with a close up now.

I love seeing and feeling our fingers going in and out of us as I watched in the dimly lit room. She pulled my pussy real close to her face and lifted my one leg. I could feel her excited breath in my pussy. She had the finger of one hand in my pussy, and the other rubbed my clit. I did the same to her. This was very hot as I watched her wet pussy squirm in front of my face. We were now going for a orgasm when I got a new feeling. Something warm and wet on my clit. I glanced down and she was licking my pussy so good. I had never ever had this done to me. I wanted to do her to feel good like me. I licked her clit and all around her pussy. We both gasp with the new thrill. We took our fingers out and licked our pussy’s as the orgasm built real fast. We put our arms around our butt cheeks and licked fast. I couldn’t help but orgasm big and pushed my pussy to her tongue. Her wonderful tongue made the orgasm last and was so intense I squirmed and moaned quietly.
‘Tongues were way more intense than ’fingers.’…..

….It was Thursday, another tennis day for the wife. She was staying later and later, and tonight she tells me she’s spending the night with ’a girlfriend’ she’s plays tennis with now. I immediately wondered what Carol and Mindy might have cooked up to do to me. I didn’t have to wait long as the came in from school. They went in Carol’s room whispering and giggling. I was sitting on the couch when they came out, both dressed in their cheerleader outfits. No bra, and I figured no panties. They sat, one on each side of me and spoke quietly.

Carol said: “Mom told me she would be gone all night, so….they giggled….so we want to be your wife for tonight. I just smiled as usual, not committing myself in any way. They both smiled and went in and fixed dinner. They brought it to me on a tray and played ’feed the dad’ they called it. Mindy then sat across my lap, right on my dick. Carol was on the side as they both grinned and Mindy said: “We’re your wives, and you look ill and we think you better go to bed and rest.” They stood me up and with one under each arm the escorted me to the bedroom.

They both let me watch them undress with a sexy show. Seeing the get naked was a hardon maker deluxe. It was dim lighting now as these two young sexy beauties wiggled around me and began to undress me. They laid me in the ’sick’ bed and began to fully molest me. They played this game…”We are your wives and we need some lov‘in, now you have to feel us up and make us happy.” They lay on each side of me and had me feel their tits first. I watched them squirm and giggle. “We want more than that, husband, our pussy’s want some attention too.” They took my hands and put them on their pussy’s to feel. They both took my fingers and put them where they wanted them. It was a hot double finger fuck for them. “You have a big hardon, that must mean you want to have sex with us. Ok, you have to choose which one of us goes first, husband. “ I did nothing.

“Never mind Carol is your first wife so she can go first. I will help you since this is your first time.” Mindy said. Mindy pulled Carol’s body over to me and put Carol’s pussy right on my face. They both began to play with my hardon. I licked Carol’s sweet pussy as she moaned and squirmed. What a feeling to have her on top of me with her and Mindy both licking my dick…

…now he was all mine and I was going to make him cum the cum he deserved. I put my lips over the head and started going up and down as Mindy jacked on him. We could hear him strain and feel him squirm as the cum was on the way. Mindy felt his balls and licked them. I felt the underside of his hardon get firm and then …I got what I wanted. A hot shooting stream of his cum came out and filled my mouth…I climaxed with his tongue licking my clit. We both moaned and twitched as Mindy licked the overflow of cum from his hardon. We didn’t know a man could cum that much and Mindy quick moved up and put his hardon in her pussy.

He kept shooting cum as she soon climaxed hard and moaned with him. He kept licking my pussy as I went a little crazy with the super feeling of it. Mindy kept moving her pussy up and down on him and moaning. I felt the base of his hardon and balls as he fucked Mindy. I was wonderful beyond words. We all just kept moving, and savoring the feelings. I felt so satisfied that daddy got to cum with the hot sex I wanted him to have.

…Oh my god...he wasn’t done. He turn me on my back, pulled my knees up and in went his hardon in my pussy. It was a hot feeling and tight in me.

…We began the most wonderful feeling of all…my daddy in me. Mindy came up and put her pussy by his face. He immediately started licking her as she squirmed and moaned. I locked my legs around him and we fucked so beautiful together. His tongue had Mindy squirming and moaning steady, that just added to the hot sex daddy and I were having. My daddy could fuck good. Mindy held his head and fucked his tongue real fast and then she let out a big moan and shook. Just about that time….

… I felt daddy shoot a warm full load of cum in me as I had a mind jolting climax. It felt like the room was spinning as my spasms kept making me jump and shake. Daddy and I moaned together as our bodies shook hard. My arms felt so good around him as he held me tight and continued pumped his warm cum in me. My pussy was full of his cum and new wonderful feelings….

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