Subject: flight 247 lost boys chapter 2


A new days dawns
{By boys in the hood}


This is a story about a group of boys
Lost on an island after their flight
Crashes into the ocean.
It contains sexual activity and bad
language and you need to 18 and over
to be here. also it will depend on where
you live and what laws they have there.

Copyright: 2010; boys in the hood,
do not copy, change or repost with
out the owner's consent.


Daylight broke as the boys woke up to a new day at
their new home an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Jackson and Desmond woke up and found that they were spooned
together, arms and legs touching one another.

"Hi stinky breath, how are you today." Jackson asked Desmond.
"Oh god my tummy is so hungry and I have a hard on that won't
go down." Desmond giggled as both boys went out of the life raft
and headed to the piss area in the bushes for a quick relief.

"You sure are hard down there, are you sure you can pee like that."
Jackson asked. ""Don't know but if you want you can fix it for me
so that I can pee." Desmond replied.

Jackson took hold
of his friends cut boner and began to jerk him off, His own cock
was thumping as the blood pulsed in and out of his own penis as Desmond?
took hold of his and both boys jerked until they felt their dry cums
arrive. "Oh wow, Jackson that felt better having someone jerk
you off instead of doing it by yourself." Desmond hooted.

The boys now able to pee went and unloaded their bladders and held
their pink cut peckers and aimed their stream of pee onto the ant hole
, drowning the ants in the yellow fluid.

"Take that you piss ants." Desmond laughed as he dumped a few more
drops of pee before shaking his pecker and getting the last of his pee
out of his cock. "You enjoyed that didn't you, peeing on those defenceless
ants." Jackson asked. "Hey you did it too and man you have such a
real cutie looking cock there, man we sure look alike." Desmond said
as he hugged his friend and gave him a kiss on the lips.

The other boys were now getting up and boners were poking out of their
white briefs as they too were in need of unloading their bladders. Wesley
and Simon walked hand in hand to the fallen tree trunk and aimed their
cocks into the wet area as they unloaded their bladders to a great
relief. ""Wow, Wesley, I sure like the way you pee, I have never seen
a boy pee like you before and that funny skin on the end of your dinky
looks great as you pulled it back." Simon panted as he stroked his
own cut pecker as he looked on watching the 8 year old boy
finish his morning piss.

"It's a foreskin; my daddy didn't want me to have a dinky like yours
as he has one like me and he likes to wash me there when I have peed."
Wesley giggled. "You mean he washes your dinky when you peed,
how does he do it?" Simon asked.

""Like this, he pulls it back and then spits on my dinky and then he
pulls it back and forth for a while until it tickles." Wesley grinned.
Simon was thinking that Wesley's dad was having some kind
of sex with his son, he thought that Wesley was old enough to wash his
own cock and would be asking more questions about the way his dad
did things with him.

Ron the oldest boy there was trying to get things organised,
he wanted the boys to sort out the area and find wood and some
thing to eat. "We will go and look for some food and bring some
coconuts and banana's for us to eat." Jackson said. "Can I and Simon Come?
with you and help out." Wesley asked.

"Sure Wesley, more the merrier." Jackson smiled as Simon and Wesley
walked hand in hand as they looked for fallen coconuts and anything
else that looked like they could eat. "It looks like Wesley has found a friend
and Simon is loving the way Wesley is hanging onto him." Desmond said.

"I bet they will be doing more than holding hands. you know like what we did
this morning." Jackson giggled. The boys took off and walked into the jungle
and looked around for some ripe bananas. It was five minutes later that they
ran into something and it stopped them in their tracks.

"It that what I think it is." Desmond asked. "I don't know dude, I saw something
like this on one of those old war movies." Jackson explained.
The boys walked forward and found a cement building covered in vines and
fallen tree trunks, it had half a wall missing and looked scary to Wesley.

"I'm going to look and see what's there and see if it has anything we can use."
Jackson said. "Ok, we will wait here for you." Wesley groaned as he took hold
of Simon's hand and he was holding on him with a vice grip.

Jackson walked to the door that was half hanging from the bunker and
entered it with gusto. No soon as he entered the bunker a cry ran out
as he shouted for the boys to come in and see what he found.
"Come in guys look at all the stuff in here." Jackson remarked.

The bunker was littered with broken items that were left there
after the U.s army had left the island. Some old radios that had holes in them
a large trunk that was filled with odd looking items and a case of empty coke
bottles. "it was like a treasure hunt, the boys found some army food but
it was old as hell and rats had eaten into it.

"What's this book all about?"
Wesley asked as he held up a playboy magazine with nude women standing
there nude as the day they were born. "Wow oh wow, look at this."
Simon yelled out as he took the magazine off Wesley and whistled as he
turned the pages of the dirty book.

"You found a porn mag, Wesley, it has naked women it." Desmond
giggled as he watched Simon turn the pages showing off all the naked
photos of girl's pussys. "So why are they in there and why are they naked."
Wesley asked. "So that men can jerk off and shoot their cum."
Simon said as he was starting to bone up looking at all the hairy pussies
in the magazine.

"What's jerking off then?" Wes wanted to know. "You're too young to
know Wesley, it's when men and boys play with their dinkies and get
a happy feeling when they shoot their cum." Simon hooted as he was
feeling his boner through his shorts.

"You look like you need to take care of that boner of yours Simon or
you will be boned up all day." Jackson whooped.

The boys continued to look around the bunker and found a hammer
and hit a green wooden box that was locked next to a wall.
It didn't take long to break the lock off and gasps rang out as the boys
found a load of tools inside and some fishing gear that looked good
enough to use.

"This is what we need to help us make a shelter as this place is so
small for us and out of the way." Desmond said. "I bet that Ron will be
pleased when we come back with some of this stuff and the dirty
books as well." Simon laughed.

The boys gathered what they could carry and placed a pot and pan
that was found early on, smiles were on the boys faces as they
picked up the fruit that they dropped by the bunker and quickly
returned to the camp site.

Ron, Ron look what we found, we found some tools and some fishing
gear and pot and pans and dirty women." Wesley yelled out as the boys
got close to the rest of the gang.

"What did you say, where are the dirty women; I don't see them next to you."
Ron asked. Simon could not hold back any more and held up the tattered
magazine under Ron's nose and said this is what Wesley was on about.

"Holy fuck, look at the size of her jugs and man that is a hairy pussy."
Ron gasped as he just realised that he spoke in a dirty way in front
of the younger boys. "Ok guys bring that stuff over here and let
see what you have there." Ron continued. It was looking
good for the boys as the tools were well wrapped up in waxed paper
that kept the rust from making contact with the metal.

"We are going for a swim Ron, so we will be back in a little while."
Jackson explained as the boys were covered in dust and dirt from
the messy bunker. "Come on Wesley, drop your shorts and have a swim
in the buff." Desmond shouted as Simon and Jackson undressed and ran
into the warm water and cleaned the cobwebs and dust out of their
hair and body.

"I need to jerk off guys; I can't deal with this hard on any more,
those pussies I saw have made me bone up and I need to cum."
Simon gasped as he took hold of his throbbing member and began
to jerk off his cut pink cock. Wesley was watching him moving his
fingers up and down his hardened shaft and wondered why he was
doing that to his dinky.

"Is that fun to do then?" Wesley asked Simon as he soon saw Desmond
And Jackson joining in on the fun, jacking off together. "Look Wesley
we are all boys and we have a penis between our legs and we need
to have fun with it so don't just stand there, pull your foreskin down and
up and enjoy yourself." Simon said as he took hold of Wesley's
foreskin and pulled it down exposing his purple cock head.

"Oh boy, my dad did this to me but when you did it I felt a funny
feeling there." Wesley giggled as he too began to masturbate like
the older boys until he heard the boys moaning as their eyes were
closed until their orgasms arrived.

"I'm Cumming boys; you wanna watch me shoot my load."
Simon groaned as he shot out a rope of clear cum out of his
boy slit. Wesley was rocking back and forth as he watched his
friend soot out his boy juice into his palm of his hand.

Jackson and Desmond felt their dry cums arrive as they watched
Simon dribble out his seed and Wesley moved his finger and rubbed
some of the sticky goo off Simon's cock head. "Taste it Wesley,
if you want to be my friend you need to stick my cum in your
mouth." Simon demanded.

Wesley opened his mouth and placed his finger with the wet goo
on it and licked it off and said it was sweet to taste. Jackson
and Desmond also dipped their fingers in some of Simon's goo
and smiled as they tasted Simon's load.

"So how was it then, did you like it." Simon asked the boys. They all nodded
their heads as they sat in the water and washed their orgasms away.
As the boys finished taking care of their needs the rest of the boys were
using the tools and fishing lines they found early on.

"You guys did well finding that stuff, you need to show me were you found
it and see if there is any other stuff we can use." Ron asked.
"Sur e will Ron, we need to have something to eat now as we are
hungry now." Desmond said as he patted his tummy.

"Go over to the fire and you will find some fish that the twins have caught."
Ron said to the boys. It was a sight to see a pair of white brief clad
twins cooking all the fish they caught only 10 minutes ago.
Jackson was looking at the twins and watching them as they
cooked in their undies. He was boning up as he saw the blonde
headed twins bend up and down turning the fish in the fry pan.

"Do you want some of this then?" Peter asked the boys.
"Sure would a like bite of your cock?" Jackson thought to himself
as he picked up a slice of the cooked fish and placed it into his mouth.
"This is good, you guys can sure cook." Wesley grinned as he took
another bit of the cooked fish and placed it in his mouth.

"We used the fishing lines you found and went to the rocks in the ocean
and found some shell fish and used that for bait." Mike the other
twin replied. There was fruit sliced up in the bowls they found in the
bunker and coconut milk in the coke bottles.

"This is like a picnic by the beach." Wesley said as he sat next to Simon
and ate some of the fruit. "So Wesley does your dad always touch
your dinky and does he get you to touch his." Simon asked him.
"We just wash our dinkies together as we need to keep it clean
there as my dad told me it's bad to have a smelly foreskin so we always
wash them and he helps me and I help him." Wesley explained to

"Did you see him make the stuff like I showed you come out?
of my dinky." Simon asked. "Sure did he said it was the cleaning
juice that he needs to wash his dinky and he said I would be making
the white stuff in a few years time." Wesley said.

Simon was not new to sexual adventures with other boys
like his best friend at school and his older cousin that has shown him
all about what his penis can do, but he knew that Wesley's dad was
doing more than just washing his son's cock, he was having fun with him
and he didn't like incest and what happens to boys that have sex with men.

"Well you need to say to your dad that he can't do that to you as you
are old enough to wash your own dinky now." Simon said.
"But it feels nice when he does it, will you do it to me instead of my dad."
Wesley asked. "We will see as you need to listen to me as I try
and explain what your dad is doing to you." Simon told Wesley.
The day went on with no major problems as the shelters were now
half way finished with poles placed into the ground and wire wrapped
around the top poles to hold the roof together.

Palm leaves were used to cover the top of the shelter and it looked great
well in boy's eyes it was. soft plants were used to make bedding and
Ron returned with a pile of blankets that were found in a locked
box, they were a little tattered but were still useable to keep the boys warm
at night or to keep them comfortable on the sand.

The life raft was also used to help keep the rain off them and was placed
next to the shelter. "A home away from home."Ron hooted as he
finished placing the last palm leaves on the roof of the shelter.
He went into the shelter and picked up the playboy magazine and
adjusted his boxers as he laid onto the blanket and looked at the
nude women getting fucked by hunky males.

He was a 14 year old gay boy and he was really looking at the men
and dreamed of having a man or boy do things like he saw in the magazine.
The 12 year old twins had finished cooking and now entered the shelter and stood
next to Ron as he looked at the dirty photos. "What are you doing Ron?
you look real excited as you are tenting up there." Peter asked.

"You are too young to see this kind of stuff." Ron told the twins.
"Hey we have seen stuff like this before as we found our uncles
stash in his garage one time and we both blew our loads while
we looked through them." Mike quoted.

"Ok then, sit your white briefed butts next to me and enjoy the show."
Ron hooded as he slowly rubbed his cut cock over his boxers and
felt his boner stick straight out in front of him.

"Hey Mike lets have some fun while the rest of the boys are playing
in the water." Peter asked his brother. Ron was now looking at the boys
pulling their briefs down and began to feel each other as they looked
at the playboy. Ron could not take it anymore and asked if the
twins were gay or not as he needed to shoot his load as he has not
jerked off since they left the states.

"We like girls but we also enjoy each other's
cocks as we have been doing this for years now. "Mike giggled as
he found Ron's boner sticking out of his fly and began to masturbate Ron's
cut tool. Peter stood up and asked Ron if he would suck him
off as his brother took care of his boner.

Ron's eyes lit up as he saw the twins were different down there,
Mike was circumcised and Peter was uncut, he asked why one was
done and the other was not. "Oh, my mum could not remember
who was who and had Mike circumcised and left me with my foreskin
and I was about to have it cut off when we were told we were going
to Australia." He explained.

"I love his foreskin as he can do things with it that we cut boys
Can't do and I told him he should leave it on but he gets a lot of flack
at school as all the boys there are cut and he is the only one to
have a foreskin." brother Mike said.

"So do you boys do things with each other, like sexual things?"
Ron gasped as Mike continued to jerk him off. "Hell yeah, we sure do, when we
were old enough to understand what your peckers can do we did things
like sucking cocks and jerking each other off and the best is when we
put our dicks together and Peter covers my cock with his foreskin
so that is why I said for him not to get it cut off." Mike grunted as he
moved his fingers around the stiffing pole between Ron's legs.

Peter moved in front of Ron's face and pulled his foreskin back and
moved his hips so that his uncut pecker was touching Ron's lips.
"That's it Ron, you are going to love this and so will I." Peter
moaned as he pushed his pecker into Ron's awaiting mouth.
Mike was now being jerked off by Ron's big hand and felt the movement
of his cut cock being slowy masturbated..

It didn't take long for the boys to shoot their loads and Ron was surprised when
Peter unloaded his cum deep into his throat; Peter pulled back and let his boy juice
flow onto Ron's tongue, letting him taste his seed
"Holy fuck, you sure can squirt a mouthful of cum there." Ron
gasped as he swallowed the boy's juice.

"Hope you liked that as
Mike will do you now." Peter said as he pulled his foreskin back down
to squeeze any remaining cum out of his pecker as his twin brother
took hold of Ron's leaking cock and began to suck his life away trying to
suck the cum straight out of his balls...

"Fuck if you suck any harder you will pop my bell end off."
Ron panted as he started to thrust his cut tool down Mike's throat
until he could do it no more and shot out 4 thick ropes of his hot cum into
Mike's awaiting mouth.

"Man that was so fucking awesome, I have not shot my load for days now and you
have sucked me dry." Ron laughed as he saw some of his cum on Mike's lips
and licked it off before giving both boys a long wet kiss.

"How did you learn to suck cocks like that then."Ron asked.
"Oh, let's say we had a good teacher, our 14 year old cousin taught us when we were
11 and he showed what we could do when we started to cum."
both boys said together.

Out of the corner of the shelter Wesley was watching the show
and would ask Simon later on what he just saw and he wanted to know
if his pal would do that to him, suck his uncut dinky and make him
feel the nice tingle that he always got when his dad did that to him.

End of chapter 2

So does Wesley get his fun with Simon and does Ron get to have his way
with the twins. well you will have to check when the next
chapter comes out.

Thanks for now

Boys in the hood.

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