Haunted by the Futa Ghost 15: Futa Ghost's Naughty Exorcism

Haunted by the Futa Ghost 15: Futa Ghost's Naughty Exorcism

Haunted by the Futa Ghost
Chapter Fifteen: Futa Ghost's Naughty Exorcism
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

“No,” I cried out in grief and regret. “No, Ōjo-sama!” Tears fell from my eyes as shame overwhelmed me. I had failed her.

I stared up at her beautiful form of Mitsuko-hime dangling from the branch of the pine tree, swaying in the breeze that groaned through the cursed woods. Her eyes bulged. Her white-painted face smeared by her tears. Her sandal had fallen off. I grasped her sock-clad foot.

Slime soaked her sock, covered my hand. I jumped back, gaining my feet. Shadows writhed around her body. The yokai still resided in her. It was weakened by my exorcism spell and fought with her soul to escape the vessel of her body. Parts of the shadow extended up the rope to grip the branch.

I could seal it in the tree. I just needed power. But I had no instruments. My gohei was destroyed in the backlash. I had no ofuda prepared. There was only one way to seal it. I took a deep breath. There was nothing left for me. My Ōjo-sama was dead.

And it was my fault.

I looked up at the half-full moon shining through gaps in the pine tree's branches. “Curse you, Hangetsu! A full turning of the moon! I had responsibilities! Why! Why didn't you warn me? Look what you caused!”

My fury boiled through me. I reached into the power of my divine blood. I was a miko, descendant of Kanshu-no-Kami, the guardian of my shrine and village. He had wrestled with Yokubō-no-Tako for a thousand years.

I could do the same. I would do the same.

I screamed out, reaching into my soul with all my fury and grief, and threw myself at Mitsuko-hime. I jumped higher than should be possible, propelled by the strength of my divine ancestor. I screamed out the nineteen names of the yokai.

And sealed his spirit into the tree with my soul.


500 years later...

Chris blinked. The blonde futanari, who had once been a boy only hours ago, groaned as she looked around. She was back in her body, escaped from Mitsuko's soul. Her dick was still buried in Miyu's asshole, sharing the space with Yoshiko's girl-cock. They had fucked Miyu's ass when she had been possessed by Mitsuko to exorcise the ghost.

And it had worked.

“We're out!” Chris gasped in relief. “We're out.”

“She's gone,” Miyu gasped. “I'm free. I'm free.”

Then the fear hit Chris. She ripped her cock out of the Japanese girl's asshole and stared at the purple portal. It still glowed against the wall at the T intersection. Her girlfriend was through the portal, taken to another reality by the tentacle monster. “We have to save Lori!”

“Sayuri-chan,” Yoshiko gasped from beneath Miyu. “Did it work? I watched you two make love.”

...It worked, Yoshiko-chan... the futa-ghost answered, delight in her voice. Chris heard it in her thoughts like it came from every direction.

“Then we can save Lori.” Chris's head whipped around to face the portal. It still lay open, glowing with the purple energy. They were about to go through and rescue Lori from the tentacle demon when ghost-possessed Miyu had attacked them. Delayed them.

“Yes,” Yoshiko nodded.

...Mitsuko-chan and I are prepared to help you...

“Chan,” Yoshiko smiled as she wiggled out from beneath Miyu. The half-Japanese futa was as busty as Chris, her round, blue eyes wide with excitement. “That's so wonderful. I'm glad you two are happy.”

...Very happy...

“Are you communicating with the ghosts?” gasped Miyu as she rose, cum flooding out of her asshole.

Yoshiko nodded.

Chris rushed to the portal. “Let's go. Lori's in there. That thing is fucking her to death.”

Miyu's eyes widened. “Isthat a portal to Yomi?”

“Yes!” Chris nodded with impatience. “Come on, Miyu, you're a shrine maiden like Sayuri. We need your help, too.”

“But...” Miyu shivered, her pale body trembling. She was petite, her breasts small, a thick, black bush hiding her pussy. She pushed up her glasses. “We will stand no chance against a yokai in its realm. We must wait for it to appear in our reality.”

“While he fucks Lori to death!” The anger burst out of Chris. She would not let her girlfriend be killed. She pictured Lori's smiling, vibrant face framed by her fiery hair. “Fuck that! Let's go.”

“Yes,” Yoshiko nodded.

“This is not wise,” Miyu said. “Hangetsu sent me here to deal with Yokubō-no-Tako, but she didn't intend me to die.”

Miyu's wand, with a single chain made of paper diamonds, rose into the air. ...I will go with you, Chris-chan. So will Mitsuko...

“Two shrine maidens and one's a ghost, Miyu,” Yoshiko said, grabbing the discarded ofuda, a folded, rectangular piece of rice paper with Japanese characters painted on with sweeping brush strokes. “We can do this.”

...I understand him... a new voice spoke—Mitsuko. ...Miyu-chan, I am so sorry for possessing you. But I spent five hundred years trapped with it. I know its weaknesses...

...And I know its nineteen names...Sayuri added.

“That is...an advantage,” Miyu admitted, taking the ofuda. “And the seal Hangetsu gave me is powerful.”

...Hangetsu sent you?... Sayuri sounded shocked.

“She made a mistake five hundred years ago. She was responsible for Kanshu-no-Kami's death and the yokai escaping his temple. She's been searching for it for five hundred years. A month ago, an oracle predicted it would escape in the lands across the sea, by the bay of fog and the mighty trees. So I came, ready to stop it when it escaped and seal it for good.”

“Then let's do it,” Chris said, impatient.

...The yokai will be strong. We have to weaken it... said Mitsuko.


The chain of paper diamonds flared white as it whipped through the air and struck Yoshiko. The busty futanari gasped, stumbling back, her naked tits bouncing before her. They rippled and slapped together, her nipples hard and dusky.

“Sayuri-chan,” she gasped.

“What did you just do to her, yūrei?” demanded Miyu, her eyes wide behind her glasses.

...I imparted my divine essence to her... Sayuri answered. ...I am a miko like you, Miyu-chan. I am a descendant of Kanshu-no-Kami, an enemy of the yokai...

The wand lashed out and struck Chris. The white light washed over her. Energy rippled through her body, ending at her nipples, pussy, and aching cock. Her toes curled as she stumbled back, a wave of desire washing through her. She struggled to hold her balance and...

Fell through the portal into darkness.

Chris gasped as she tumbled through a void of nothingness. It pressed in around her. She felt so cold. So lost. She would never find her way out. She would be stuck here forever, trapped between life and death for—

She landed on her ass on a wet rock. Steam rose around her. It was muggy, hot. Water splashed, rippled. Women gasped, moaned. A purple light glowed out of the pool, spilling through the grotto. The monster lay in the center of the water, holding three figures up in the air. Ms. Lindon gasped and moaned, her brown hair flying about her face as tentacles pumped in and out of her asshole and pussy, her juices dripping down to the open mouth of the tentacle monster.

“KAI!” it bellowed. “AMAI KAI! HAMAGURI!”

Chris shuddered. The second figure was Kat, transformed into a futanari by Yoshiko's girl-dick. A tentacle-pussy pumped up and down her cock while two more tentacles fucked her pussy and asshole. Her face twisted as she screamed out in rapture.

The third figure dangled limp, her eyes fluttering. Pussy juices dripped from her snatch as the tentacles reamed her holes, draining more and more of her life out of her. Chris gained her feet, screaming her girlfriend's name.


It echoed through the grotto. Chris clenched her fist, staring at her girlfriend in the tentacle's monsters clutches. She would save Lori. She wouldn't let her girlfriend end up like Mariah. The Black girl lay on the edge of the pool, unconscious, her legs stuck to the ground by purple gunk, her naked breasts rising and falling.

She was near death. And Lori would be joining her. The monster would drain the life from all four.


Water splashed. Tentacles surged out at Chris, the monster hungry for her pussy and cock. It feasted on sexual fluids. With a curse, Chris dove to the ground to dodge the tentacles. Her shoulder ached as she rolled on the ground, the first tentacle spilling past her and...

Slime splashed across her skin.

Pleasure surged through her body. She gained her feet, groaning, fighting the urge to throw herself at the tentacles. She wanted to same pleasure Kat experienced, a pussy-tentacle sliding on her cock, two tentacle-cocks fucking her pussy and asshole. But she would resist. She wouldn't give in.

“I'll free you, Lori,” Chris shouted, springing forward and—

Tentacles wrapped about her body. They writhed, covered in the aphrodisiac slime. Lust burned across her flesh as the monster lifted her into the air. Appendages wrapped about her tits, squeezing them, the ends rubbing on her nipples.


“Fuck,” Chris groaned as the tentacle pussy slithered down her cock, enveloping her futa-dick in pulsing, throbbing, writhing pleasure.


“Oh, no,” Yoshiko gasped as Chris fell through the portal. “We have to go through.”

...Yes!... Mitsuko shouted. ...We have to seal the yokai...

...It shall not ruin more lives... Sayuri-chan agreed.

“Let's go, Miyu,” Yoshiko shouted, racing for the portal. Her big tits bounced. “Help us.”

“This is folly,” Miyu said, but her bare feet slapped across the hallway floor.

Yoshiko threw herself into the portal, leaving behind the hallways of her private college, Redwood Academy, behind. She gasped as she entered the dark void. For an eternity that lasted only heartbeats, she feared she would be trapped and—

She landed on wet stone, stumbling. Before her, Chris moaned, lifted into the air by the tentacle monster, joining Kat, Ms. Lindon, and Lori in writhing with the monster. Yoshiko's heart clenched as she stared at it.

“FUTANARI!” it bellowed in such glee as its eyes stared at her. Tentacles lunged.

“Oh, no,” Yoshiko gasped.

And then Miyu, stepping through the portal, bumped into Yoshiko. She tripped and fell forward right into the tentacles. Lust flared through her as the writhing appendages wrapped about her body. Sucking ends latched onto her nipples, her breasts squeezed into bulging mounds. She moaned, lifted into the air, her toes curling.

She tried to fight the pleasure. Sayuri had done something to her. Wasn't it meant to protect her from the lusts? To let her fight the monster? But the pleasure surged through her flesh. Her entire body tingled as the monster lifted her up over its body, its tentacles ramming into her pussy.

“Yes,” she howled as the tentacle-cock fucked in and out of her pussy. Her girl-dick throbbed and bobbed in the air, precum dripping from the tip as the monster fucked her pussy so hard, so fast.

Shivering pleasure shot through her. Her head snapped back. She moaned and gasped, her pussy clenching and squeezing down on the thrusting cock. A second rubbed at her asshole. Burning rapture surged through her as it slammed into her bowels.

Ecstasy washed through her body. Her pussy clenched so hard. Her toes curled and her arms spasmed. Below, white lights flashed as Sayuri and Miyu battled more tentacles reaching for them at the portal. Yoshiko was dimly aware of the wand lashing its chain around, driving back tentacles while Miyu used her piece of paper as a shield.

All Yoshiko cared about was being fucked.

“Lori,” Chris moaned nearby. The gender-swapped futanari grasped Lori's shoulders. Shaking her. “Oh, Lori, it's fucking my cock and pussy.”

“Chris...?” Lori's words were slurred. “Oh, Chris, yes.”

The pair kissed as the tentacles fucked them. Yoshiko quivered in delight as she dangled overhead. The tentacle-cocks reamed in so fast and hard into her pussy. They stimulated her, shooting pleasure through to the tip of her dick.

“ĪE!” bellowed the monster as more light flashed.

Yoshiko's girl-dick ached and throbbed. She grasped it, stroking it with her hands as fast as she could. The pleasure surged through her. Her pussy and asshole clenched down on the thrusting tentacle-cocks. Her dick throbbed, dripping precum into the monster's mouth.

Each drop glowed with a opalescent sheen, bemusing Yoshiko for moments.

...It's working, Miyu-chan... Sayuri called out. ...Work around to the right...

“Yes,” Miyu called.

“Oh, Miyu,” Yoshiko moaned. “You have to experience this. It's the best. Its fucking my asshole and pussy so hard. I'm going to cum!”

“Good,” Miyu moaned. “Cum! You, too, Chris!”

Flashes of white light strobed through the grotto as Yoshiko writhed. The waving tentacles brought her closer to Kat, her bully. The punkish girl writhed and gasped, her breasts jiggling, her mouth open wide.

“No fair,” Yoshiko gasped, her free hand reaching out to grasp the tentacle fucking up and down Kat's pussy. “I have a cock, too, yokai! Why won't you fuck mine? Don't fuck hers! She's a bitch!”

“I was such a bitch,” moaned Kat, her body quivering. “Yoshiko, you're here. Oh, yes. That's awesome!”

“It is,” Yoshiko panted, her orgasm swelling. Her cock throbbed in her stroking hand while her pussy and asshole burned from the wonderful friction of the thrusting tentacle-cocks. The one in her pussy was thicker, stretching her cunt open so wide. It made her body twitch and spasm. “And you're still a bitch.”

“Sorry,” Kat moaned, squirming. “Oh, god, yes, take my cum. Drink it! It needs all our jizz.”

“Yes!” Yoshiko jerked her cock as fast as she could, her dick aimed at the yawning mouth beneath her. More drops of her opalescent precum rained down. There was a scintillating, mother-of-pearl sheen to the droplets.

“Pretty,” Yoshiko groaned, stroking her dick so hard, the pressure building and building.

Kat's hands seized Yoshiko's face and planted her lips on Yoshiko's. Her blue eyes widened as a new heat surged through her. She moaned into her bully's mouth, their tongues dancing. Her pussy clenched hard on the thrusting cock. Her asshole writhed about the other.

Brilliant cum spurted from her dick. It glowed with pearly light as it shot straight down to the open mouth of the monster. The rapture burned hot through Yoshiko. She shivered and moaned into Kat's kiss, her free hand squeezing her bully's breast. Her body thrashed as the ecstasy boiled through her mind.

Every eruption of her cock shot more and more bliss through her body. She spasmed.

“ĪE!” roared the monster. It writhed, its moans filled with pain. It closed its mouth, Yoshiko's cum splattering its purple, rubbery flesh.

And smoked.

“Fuck!” Chris moaned nearby. “I'm cumming, Lori!”

“Wonderful!” purred the redhead.

The monster's roar boomed through the grotto. It ripped its tentacle-pussy off Chris's dick. Smoke poured from the tentacles-pussy's fleshy opening, Chris's cum sizzling the monster. Yoshiko didn't care what was going on. She was cumming.. She kept kissing Kat harder and harder, their tongues dueling.

Such rapture shot through her.

“Now, Sayuri-san!” shouted Miyu.

...I am a student of the Divine Dance, I am the embodiment of the Sacred Kami. I am the champion of Kanshu-no-Kami, blessed in his name on the day of my birth. My mother before me danced the Kagura to keep you bound, as did her mother and hers. And so shall my daughter! The blood of Kanshu pumps through my veins...

...You cannot stand before me Nightwater!...

As Yoshiko thrashed, white light glowed from empty air. A figure appeared in the middle, outline by the radiance, negative space inside pure white. The figure danced, spinning, chanting in a sonorous tone while the wand whirled around her.

...By Kanshu-no-Kami's sacred strength, the power of his mighty limbs, the strength of his righteous will, I bind you, Yokubō-no-Tako. I name you Tentacles of the Depths, the Darkness of the Grotto, the Slime of Passion, Nightwater, Dark Foam, Lurker in Dark Waters, Molester of Maidens, Woman Eater, Devourer of Passions, Hunger of the Depths, Bottomfeeder, Clam Devourer, Tentacles of Dark Rapture, Octopus of Darkness! By your nineteen names, I bind you and seal you!...

The monster roared. Yoshiko came again. Her cum splattered on its flesh as she thrashed in rapture. Miyu thrust her ofuda forward, striking the beast in its rubbery face as its tentacles reeled and roiled. Energy flashed through the room. The white light about Sayuri's ghost flared brighter and brighter. The radiance swallowed Yoshiko.


Warmth engulfed her.

“Yoshiko-chan,” a soft voice whispered.

Gentle hands stroked her. Water splashed.

“Wake up, Yoshiko-chan,” a second voice whispered.

“It's over. Wake up, please, Yoshiko-chan.”

Her eyes fluttered open. Yoshiko groaned, the two hands sliding up her body, one finding her left breast, giving a squeeze. Two Japanese girls stared down at her, their eyes slanted, their face delicate, like dolls, with dusky-olive skin a few shades lighter than her own. Their breasts were small, nipples hard and dark. One had her black hair piled into looping mounds and held in place by an alabaster comb.

“Mitsuko?” Yoshiko groaned. “Sayuri-chan?”

“Yes,” Sayuri smiled, water dripping off her body. Steam rose around them.

“We're in the hot springs,” Yoshiko whispered. “Did I fall into your souls?”

Sayuri shook her head. “When the energy of the exorcism shot out, it caught you for a moment. You're still in Yomi, just a different part of it.”

“I don't understand...”

“Sayuri-chan wanted to say goodbye to you,” Mitsuko said, her hand squeezing Yoshiko's breast. “And, my, what large bosoms you have. Is that from your gaijin blood, Yoshiko-chan?”
“Yes.” Yoshiko shivered. “Goodbye?”

Tears burned in Sayuri-chan's eyes. “I'm afraid so.”

She leaned down and kissed Yoshiko on the lips. Confused, she sighed into the kiss, loving the feel of Sayuri's lips on hers. Her hand reached out, bushing through the water to find the ghost's body. She brushed a sleek thigh, stroking it.

Then Mitsuko leaned down and engulfed Yoshiko's hard nipple.

She shivered and moaned into Sayuri's kiss, her nipple throbbing in Mitsuko's mouth. Both their delicious hands stroked down her stomach and plunged beneath the waters. They grasped Yoshiko's hardening girl-cock.

Delight rippled through her body as both girls stroked her dick. Their hands were wrapped about her shaft, one above the other, and stroked her slowly. Her crown throbbed every time they reached the pinnacle.

Oh, this is wonderful.

Mitsuko swirled her tongue about Yoshiko's nipple between hard sucks. Every time the princess did, tingles raced down to Yoshiko's pussy. Her snatch clenched as her thighs rubbed together, a growing ache building and building in her.

And then the ghosts' others hands, the ones not occupied by stroking her dick, lifted her ass until she floated on the surface of the water. It didn't feel like normal floating where she could sink down at any moment, but like the water supported her. It was impossible, but this wasn't the real world.

It's a dream. Their dream.

Sayuri broke the kiss. “Mitsuko, want to suck your first cock?”

“I think I have,” the princess's ghost said, her eyes growing faint, distant. “When...”

“That doesn't count. You weren't yourself.” Sayuri's hand, which turned out to be the one at the bottom, shook Yoshiko's cock. “Come on, let's suck her cock. I can attest that Yoshiko-chan's cock is wonderful.”

“Oh, you were so naughty today,” Mitsuko grinned.

“I was. My deepest apologies for not sharing my fun with you.” Sayuri inclined her head, her long, black strands of silky hair spreading across the water. “I offer you the first taste of Yoshiko-chan's delightful cock.”

“Mmm, yum,” Mitsuko purred.

The two spirits slid down her body. Yoshiko trembled, their hands caressing her side as she floated impossibly. She closed her eyes, enjoying the steam around her, their hands on her. Their tongues licking at her cock.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, shivering as both ghosts' tongues climbed her cock.

They went slowly, dragging their tongues, savoring her cock. They rose higher and higher on Yoshiko's long shaft. And then they both reached her spongy crown at the same moment. A shiver raced through her body as their tongues swirled around her tip.

And met at its peak.

The ghosts kissed around her cock's crown. Sayuri cupped Mitsuko's cheeks with her hands, both their eyes closed as their lips worked together and against the tip of Yoshiko's cock. Pleasure spasmed down her shaft and through her body.

Tears burned in Yoshiko's eyes. It was so beautiful. For five hundred years, they had been separated, kept apart by the terrible monster. Poor Mitsuko was even driven mad. But it was over. They had each other.

“Thank you,” Yoshiko whispered.

Sayuri broke the kiss. “For what?”

“For including me in your love.”

Color darkened Sayuri's cheeks while her smile grew pleased. “Thank you for helping me save her, Yoshiko-chan. You shall have my eternal thanks and friendship.”

“Thank you,” breathed the princess, her hand still gripping Yoshiko's shaft. Then she slid it up, squeezing hard. A bubble of precum appeared at the tip. The princess licked it. “Mmm, accept our thanks.”

“Yes,” Yoshiko groaned as the princess licked again.

Sayuri's tongue joined Mitsuko, the pair lapping at the precum bubbling out of Yoshiko's futa-dick. The busty girl shuddered, her tits jiggling above the water. Her toes curled. Pleasure shot through her as the ghosts licked and nuzzled at her cock.

Then Mitsuko engulfed the crown, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked.

“That's it,” purred Sayuri. “It's like sucking a very fat nipple. Put all your effort into it. And don't forget to run your tongue around the crown.”

“She's hasn't,” gasped Yoshiko, shivering as the princess's tongue swirled around her tip. “Oh, Mitsuko-hime, that's amazing.”

The princess smiled around Yoshiko's cock, her mouth bobbing lower and lower, taking more of it. Her hand stroked the base. The busty futanari groaned, hands grasping her own tits. She squeezed her pillowy mounds as the pressure swelled in the depths of her pussy.

Sayuri's head vanished beneath the water. She moved then resurfaced, pushing Yoshiko's legs apart, exposing her pussy. The futa-ghost licked and nuzzled at Yoshiko's pussy, sliding her tongue through her hot folds, shooting pleasure through her body.

Water splashed as Yoshiko writhed. Her ass clenched and her toes curled. Mitsuko sucked so hard, and Sayuri licked so fervently. Her back arched as the two ghosts loved her pussy and cock. Mitsuko's head bobbed, moaning as she enjoyed giving her first blowjob.

And Sayuri loved devouring Yoshiko's pussy.

“Oh, that's so good,” Yoshiko purred, the pleasure building in her. “Oh, just what I needed. Mmm, yes. Oh, lick me. Devour me. Make me explode.”

“Uh-huh,” Sayuri moaned. “Oh, you taste so good, Yoshiko-chan. Cum in Mitsuko's mouth. Let her have her first taste of girl-cum.”

“It's wonderful!” groaned Yoshiko, her pussy clenching while Sayuri's tongue probed deep. “Oh, my god, yes. I'm going to cum so hard.”

The pressure built in the depths of her pussy. It surged, looking for a weakness to explode through. It found her cock, pressing up the shaft towards her tip. Sayuri licked faster, each swipe expanding the pressure while Mitsuko's sucks brought her closer and closer to erupting.

Sayuri's tongue fluttered through her folds. Yoshiko groaned, eyes squeezing shut as the pleasure built and built. Mitsuko twisted her head, moving the sensitive tip of Yoshiko's girl-cock around the inside of her mouth. The sensation shot down her cock, joining the bliss churned by Sayuri's tongue.


Yoshiko exploded.

Her cum surged up her cock and erupted into Mitsuko's mouth. The princess gasped in shock, slanted eyes widening as the first blast of girl-jizz splattered against the back of her throat and swirled through her mouth. Yoshiko's pussy clenched with each eruption, squeezing down on Sayuri's probing tongue. The pleasure surged so hard through her.

She thrashed, rapture flooding from her pussy and shooting from her cock. She groaned with each eruption. Her fingers clenched hard on her tits as she thrashed, floating on the water. Her ass clenched, hips bucking, driving her cumming cock to the back of Mitsuko's mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes, you wonderful ghosts! I love it! Oh, Sayuri-chan! Mitsuko-hime! Wonderful!”

The final heave shuddered through her body. Her cock spurted the last time. Her pussy's spasms died. She groaned, relaxing into the hot water, arms falling down at her side. Mitsuko pulled her mouth off Yoshiko's dick, seized Sayuri's face. The pair kissed, sharing cum and pussy juices, their tongues dancing as Yoshiko drifted on rapture.

“Wonderful,” Mitsuko moaned, breaking the kiss. “Oh, I can't wait to suck your cock, Sayuri.”
“Mmm, I can't wait either.”

“But we need to give her a final gift,” Mitsuko said, stroking Yoshiko's still hard dick. “A taste of royal pussy.”

“I've already had a taste,” Yoshiko groaned, remembering when she fell into Sayuri's soul and fucked the memory of Mitsuko. I even took your cherry once.

Mitsuko blinked at that. “Was that when I was mad?”

“Too long to explain,” Yoshiko groaned. “But, yes, I would love to experience your royal pussy.”
Mitsuko rose out of the water like she was on an elevator. She stood on the surface of the steaming hot spring, then lowered herself, straddling Yoshiko's waist. The futanari groaned as Sayuri raised her dick and brought it to the princess's pussy.

“Enjoy, Yoshiko-chan,” Sayuri said, guiding Yoshiko to Mitsuko's pussy.

“I will,” Yoshiko groaned as the hot, tight pussy slid down her shaft. Her eyes widened at the pleasure engulfing her dick. It was intense, surrounding her. It made her shiver and squirm. Her girl-cock throbbed as more and more of the princess's snatch swallowed her cock.

Until Mitsuko, shuddering in delight, bottomed out. She ran her hands up to her small breasts, cupping them as she groaned her delight. She shifted, sliding the futanari's cock around in her pussy. A smile grew on her lips.

“Oh, that is as wonderful as your cock, Sayuri.”

“I'm glad she is satisfying you,” Sayuri purred. She hugged Mitsuko from behind, hands reaching around, caressing the princess's stomach.

At the same moment, Sayuri's futa-cock pressed at Yoshiko's pussy. She groaned again, this time caused by her pussy being filled with hot cock. Her dick throbbed in Mitsuko's pussy as more and more of the futa-ghost's shaft slid into her depths.

“Yes,” Yoshiko groaned when Sayuri bottomed out in her pussy. “Oh, this will be wonderful!”

“Yes!” agreed Sayuri. “You are just so wonderful, Sayuri. Her pussy feels as amazing as yours, Mitsuko.”

“Good,” Mitsuko groaned. “Enjoy her, my love. I know I shall.”

Sayuri, grinning over Mitsuko's shoulders, drew back her cock and slammed it. As she did, Mitsuko rose up Yoshiko's girl-dick and then slid back down it. Pleasure raced through the busty futanari. Her cock and pussy both burning with friction as the two sexy ghosts enjoyed her body.

Her big breasts bounced and jiggled as she was rode and fucked. Her cock throbbed in Mitsuko's pussy and her cunt clenched on Sayuri's thrusting dick. The pleasure roared through her on the heels of her last orgasms.

“I am so lucky!” Yoshiko moaned. “Thank you, Sayuri, for haunting me!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mitsuko moaned in agreement, riding Yoshiko faster and faster. Her hands squeezed her small tits. A moment later, Sayuri's hands joined Mitsuko's. Both ghosts groped the princess's breasts, pinching her nipples.

Which caused her pussy to clench harder on Yoshiko's dick.

Water splashed as Yoshiko trembled. Sayuri slammed her girl-cock deep into the busty futanari's pussy. Hot friction burned in her sheath, shooting rapture up to the tip of her cock buried in wet cunt. The princess twisted her hips, undulating, stirring Yoshiko's girl-dick through rapture. Bliss shot down her cock to her pussy.

The two sensations ran back and forth between her pussy and cock. And when they passed, sparks burst in the depths of her body. Yoshiko groaned, the pleasure building and building as the two sexy ghosts enjoyed her body. They fucked her hard, fast, ramming their cocks over and over into her depths. It was amazing.


She didn't want it to stop. She didn't want them to ever finish fucking her. She wanted this delight to continue forever and ever. She always wanted rapture shooting through her. She wanted to writhe in their paradise with these two wonderful spirits.

But what about Chris and Lori? She thought about her two best friends, one changed so much. She was so close to them both. She was their lover now. And there were others. Ms. Lindon, her lesbian teacher that she had a crush on, and even Kat. The bully who had tormented Yoshiko because she was afraid of her attraction, her love. What a stupid cunt. We could have had so much fun if she was just honest.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yoshiko groaned, pushing aside thoughts of her friends. For now, she would live in the moment, enjoy the ghosts for as long as she could. “You're both so amazing.”

“And your cock!” Mitsuko groaned. “Oh, yes. It's stirring my cauldron to a boiling froth. Do you feel it? How hot I am?”

“You're burning up,” I groaned, squirming, my pussy clenching so hard on Sayuri's pounding cock.

“And so is your pussy, Yoshiko-chan,” panted Sayuri. “Oh, my girl-dick wants to erupt.”

“Yes, yes, season her cauldron with your salty seed,” panted Mitsuko, undulating her body, her head twisting back.

The two ghosts kissed over Mitsuko's shoulder. The princess slammed down Yoshiko's cock. She moaned into the kiss, her pussy spasming. Cumming. The busty futanari gasped in delight, her cock massaged by writhing cunt.

Sayuri hammered faster while Mitsuko sank down Yoshiko's shaft. The princess convulsed, her orgasm burning hot through her while her pussy milked Yoshiko's girl-dick. She was eager for her own cauldron to be basted.

And then hot cum spurted into Yoshiko's pussy. Sayuri slammed her dick into Yoshiko's depths, unloading blast after blast of yummy jizz. The heat washed through Yoshiko. Her pussy clenched so hard on the erupting cock, her dick aching in Mitsuko's spasming pussy.

“You are so wonderful!” Yoshiko came as she orgasmed.

Powerful ecstasy surged through her body. It slammed into her mind. Stars burst across her vision. Darkness fuzzed her sight to pinpricks as she thrashed in the water. Rapture burned through her—gifts from the two ghost.

Her pussy milked Sayuri's cock of all its cum. Her dick erupted into Mitsuko's pussy, flooding her cauldron with salty girl-jizz. Pleasure surged through her. She held it as the two ghosts moaned their delight. The pleasure rippled over and over through her. She drifted, darkness swallowing her up.

And then she felt two lips kiss at her face. “Goodbye, Yoshiko-chan,” whispered Sayuri.

“Thank you so much,” Mitsuko added. “You are wonderful, Yoshiko-chan.”

“We will think of you.”

“I won't forget you!” Yoshiko said, grief tinging her pleasure.

“I hope your life is long and happy, Yoshiko-chan,” Sayuri said, her voice so faint.

And then Yoshiko's eyes opened. She burned with lust. Slime covered her flesh. She lay in a tangle of bodies on the hallway floor of her college. Lori, Chris, Ms. Lindon, Kat, Miyu, and Mariah sprawled around her, all covered in the yokai's aphrodisiac slime.

Tears fell down Yoshiko's cheeks. She knew Sayuri and Mitsuko were gone, their souls happy in their own private heaven.

And then the lust consumed her and her lips found her best friend. She kissed Lori hard, red hair falling about her face.


Lori shivered, lusts surging through her. She didn't know what was going on. She didn't care. She was sandwiched between the two people she cared about most, their slippery bodies sliding against hers. Chris was behind Lori, the blonde's large breasts pressing into her back. Chris was still a girl. Still a futa.

A huge cock prodded Lori's ass.

Yoshiko kissed Lori hard, their tits pressed together, Lori's small compared to Yoshiko's big breasts. The half-Japanese futanari's cock rubbed at Lori's stomach, making her pussy clench and tingle in delight.

She hardly missed having a girl-cock. But she was glad Chris and Yoshiko had theirs.

“You're alive,” Chris groaned, nuzzling at Lori's neck. “You're alive. We saved you.”

Lori broke the kiss. “Yes, yes, yes, you came for me, Chris.”

“I came, too,” Yoshiko groaned. “And Sayuri-chan helped. She enchanted us.”

“Burned the bastard,” Chris groaned, her hands sliding around, finding Lori's breasts. “Oh, Lori, you're safe.”

“Safe,” Lori moaned, twisting her head. “Love you,” she purred before she kissed her futanari girlfriend over the shoulder.

Their tongues danced. Her body squirmed, rubbing her ass against Chris's cock, savoring the blonde's hard nipples in her back. Chris's dick slipped between her butt-cheeks. Groaning, the blonde fucked her hips, sliding her girl-cock up and down through Lori's crack.

Mmm, she's so horny. Love it.

Yoshiko nibbled on Lori's neck and ear. She purred in delight as her tongue sent ripples through Lori's body. The redhead's nipples throbbed and her pussy clenched. She squirmed, aching to be filled again. By something better than a tentacle-cock.

Her hands stroked down Yoshiko's body, reaching for her girl-dick. She grasped it, stroking it, and sliding it lower. Her butt-cheeks clenched on Chris's thrusting cock as she pressed Yoshiko's futa-dick against the folds of her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yoshiko moaned. “Oh, Lori, I love your pussy.”

Chris broke the kiss. “Fuck her,” she groaned. “Let's fuck her together. I know Lori will love it.”

“Oh, Chris,” Lori shuddered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” she answered, her blue eyes shining. She squeezed Lori's breasts. “I was so scared when it took you.”

“But you came for me. My heroine.” Lori kissed Chris again as Yoshiko's cock slammed into her pussy.

“I came, too,” moaned Yoshiko, her voice throaty with pleasure as her girl-dick buried into Lori's snatch.

Lori broke the kiss, moaning, “Yes, you did. You're such a great best friend, Yoshiko.”

Lori kissed Yoshiko, her pussy clenching down on the busty futanari's thrusting cock. Behind Lori, Chris shifted her hips, drawing them back. Her girl-dick slid through Lori's butt-crack until the tip prodded at her asshole.

She groaned into Yoshiko's lips as Chris's cock rammed into her asshole, precum and the tentacle monster's aphrodisiac slime lubing the way.

Yes! burst through Lori's thoughts. Both of them in me. This is wonderful.

Her asshole and pussy clenched on both thrusting cocks. She lay sandwiched between them. She writhed and groaned, twitching and undulating as their thick cocks fucked in and out of her pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the pleasure burned so hot through her body. She trembled, nipples aching.

Pleasure growing.

She kissed Yoshiko so hard as they pounded her. Lori writhed her hips, working her holes up and down both their cocks. The two futas fucked her hard, their dicks slamming in and out of her holes at different rhythms. Sometimes, they thrust in together. At other times one pumped her cock in as the other drew it out.

Lori didn't care. She just loved the pleasure. It burned hot through her. The friction bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm. She moaned into Yoshiko's kiss, their tongues dueling. Chris's fingers pinched and rolled her nipples, adding more and more pleasure to the rapture burning through her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Chris. “Oh, I love fucking your asshole. And I can feel Yoshiko through you. God, this is hot.”

Lori shuddered, clenching down with both her holes.

Around them, the others fucked, two. Mariah moaned; the Black girl fucked hard by Kat. Ms. Lindon was on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying as Miyu pounded the teacher hard from behind, savoring the exchange student's girl-cock.

Lori broke the kiss, moaning, “Oh, my god, this is too much! Two futanari cocks in me! I'm going to explode. This is amazing!”

“Yes,” Yoshiko gasped. “Chris, let's flood her. Let's give your girlfriend all the girl-jizz she wants.”

“And I want sooooo much,” Lori moaned, the friction bringing her closer and closer to erupting.

“Yes,” grunted Chris, her hips thrusting faster and faster. The blonde reamed deep into Lori's asshole. Her bowels burned, the heat rushing to her pussy.

Which ached from Yoshiko's hard thrusts.

Lori trembled, her face twisting with pleasure. And then she exploded. Her pussy and asshole writhed about her lover's thrusting cocks. She groaned and spasmed. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She groaned through her clenched teeth. The pleasure shot through her. It burned so wonderfully through her body.

She loved it. She never wanted it to end. She wanted to hold onto this rapture for as long as she could. It was stupendous. Amazing. Powerful.

Her body twitched and spasmed. Her holes massaged their cocks. “Yes, yes, yes,” exploded from her lips. “Keep fucking me!”

“Keep cumming,” Chris moaned. “Your ass... Damn, Lori!”

“Her pussy's amazing,” Yoshiko panted, her blue eyes wide with joy.

Their dicks pumped and thrust. The friction kept her cumming, gasping. The pleasure rushed over and over through her. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She screamed out in rapture. Stars burst before her eyes.

“Cum in me!” she howled, her orgasm carrying to higher and higher heights.

“Yes,” Chris grunted. “Lori!”

“So good!” panted Yoshiko.

The two futanari thrust their dicks into Lori's depths and exploded. Hot cum spurted into her holes. Her pussy and asshole bathed in girl-spunk. Lori thrashed and moaned. Her spasming cunt and bowels milked their cocks. She savored every drop flooding into her body, heaving between her girlfriend and best friend.

“I'm so lucky to have you!” she screamed as her pleasure peaked, tears of joys burning her eyes.


Chris came hard into her girlfriend's asshole. The cum boiled out of her futa-cock. She shivered, loving it, holding Lori tight. She felt Yoshiko's dick throbbing through the membranes of flesh separating them. They had both flooded Lori's holes.

And the redhead loved it.

“Goddamn, that was good,” Chris groaned, her dick still hard. She still had to fuck. She pulled her cock out of Lori's asshole and rolled onto her back. Her large tits bounced and heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

The other group fucking and writing broke apart. Mariah scrambled across her hands and knees, her ebony skin painted with Miyu's or Kat's girl-jizz. The African-American girl reached Chris, her eyes cloudy with lusts.

“Hi, I'm Mariah,” she moaned. “Oh, god, there's another one of you futanari.”

“Yeah, I know you,” Chris groaned. “It's me, Chris.”

Mariah blinked as she grabbed the futanari's cock. She cocked her head. “Holy shit, Chris, you're a girl! Or a futa-girl or whatever. What happened to you?”

“It's been a crazy day.”

Mariah nodded her head, a naughty grin on her lips. Then she leaned down and licked at Chris's cock, tasting Lori's asshole. Chris groaned as her art partner's tongue climbed higher and higher up her shaft until she reached the pink, throbbing tip. She swirled around it.

“Ooh, ass. That's so nasty but I love it.” Mariah's dark eyes flicked up to Chris, twinkling, then she swallowed the tip of the blonde futanari's dick.

“Oh, fuck, Mariah!” Pleasure shot down Chris's shaft as the Black girl sucked hard, cleaning Lori's ass from the tip. “That's good. Oh, damn.”

Lori knelt next to Chris. “You naughty slut. I knew it! You wanted to get Mariah's mouth on your dick! That's why she was your art project partner!”

“What?” Chris gasped, twinges of panic crashing into her lust. “No, no.”

Lori's flushed face broke into a grin. “Just fucking with you. I know you weren't. You love me.”

“I do.”

“And I have a pussy full of cum,” she purred.

Chris licked her mouth, all the invitation her redheaded girlfriend needed. Lori through her thigh over Chris's head, turned, and straddled him. A large glob of Yoshiko's girl-jizz fell out of Lori's pussy, splattering on Chris's lips. She licked them, savoring the salty flavor as her girlfriend lowered her cum-filled muff to his hungry mouth. More jizz ran down her taint from between her butt-cheeks.

I get to eat my cum mixed with Yoshiko's, thought Chris as Lori's pussy sealed on her mouth.

“Suck my girlfriend's cock, skank,” Lori moaned, squirming on Chris's lips. “Make her cum! She came to rescue me! She's awesome!”

Chris's heart thudded so hard as her tongue flailed through Lori's snatch, gathering as much of Yoshiko and her own salty cum as possible. It mixed with Lori's tart pussy juices. The three flavors mixed in her mouth, wonderfully naughty. Her pussy clenched as her dick throbbed in Mariah's mouth.

The Black girl took Lori's words to heart, bobbing, sucking, swirling her tongue, giving Chris's dick as much pleasure as she could. The blonde moaned into her girlfriend's snatch, licking harder. Her hands roamed Lori's body, sliding up her stomach to grasp her round breasts, squeezing them.

And then a new person joined the fun. Silky hair brushed Chris's thighs. A moment later, a hot tongue and nuzzling lips pressed at her pussy. Pleasure shivered through her body as a tongue lapped at her cunt. Mariah sucked harder at her cock.

Chris moaned into her girlfriend's pussy, wondering who licked her own cunt.

“Oh, Miyu, you're snacking on my girlfriend's snatch,” Lori moaned, grinding on Chris's face.

“She taste so good,” Miyu moaned in her lovely, Japanese accent.

Then her tongue dived back into Chris's pussy. The blonde futa groaned, squirming, savoring the pleasure shooting from her dick and pussy while devouring Lori's cunt. Chris shoved her tongue in deep, swirling around, gathering every drop of Yoshiko's cum she could. The pleasure built fast in her body, her ovaries boiling with jizz.

Her hips bucked. She moaned, unable to withstand the double-assault. Her eyes squeezed closed, her hands clenched on Lori's soft breasts. Her pussy spasmed. Her dick erupted. Cum flooded Mariah's hungry mouth while pussy juices gushed into Miyu's.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chris moaned into Lori's snatch.

“You made her cum!” Lori moaned, grinding and squirming on Chris's face. “That's so hot. Oh, yes! Drink her cum and pussy juices. Give my futa-girlfriend all the pleasure you can! This is so hot!”

Chris agreed, trembling as the pleasure rippled through her body. Miyu's tongue danced across her folds while Mariah gulped down every last drop of her futa-cum. Then the Black girl popped her mouth off, gasping for breath.

“So good! I've wanted to fuck Chris for so long. And now her dick is huge.”

“I knew it,” squealed Lori. “Fuck my girlfriend's cock. It's your chance, Mariah. I'm so horny right now, I don't care.”

“Yes,” Chris groaned as the Black girl moved.

Her dick throbbed as it was brought to Mariah's pussy. Chris groaned into Lori's snatch as Black cunt engulfed her White girl-dick. Mariah was tight and hot. Her pussy sank down Chris's cock, friction burning so hot.

“I need to get a piece,” moaned Miyu, lifting her face. “I have to fuck your pussy again, Chris.”

“Do it,” moaned Lori. “It was so hot watching the video of you fucking Chris.”

“Video?” Miyu groaned. “What?”

“I'll show you later,” panted Lori. “Fuck my girlfriend. Pound her!”

Chris only groaned, her girl-dick massaged by Mariah's pussy sliding up and down her girth. And then Miyu's thick futa-cock pressed on her folds. Chris gasped, her back arching as a hard shaft thrust into her cunt, spreading her open.

Still tingling from her last orgasm, Chris thrashed, pleasure racing through her body. She licked and tongued Lori's pussy hard and fast. Her hands massaged her girlfriend's tits as she tongue through her folds. She drank down tart pussy juices and her own cum leaking out of Lori's asshole.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lori moaned. “Fuck my girlfriend. Oh, this is so hot, Chris. Watching other girls pleasuring you. Giving them a taste of what I'll get all the time. Mmm, will you let me choose them? The sluts you get to fuck?”

“Yes,” Chris panted, willing to say anything right now. She felt so good, pleasure coursing through her body. Mariah's pussy slid faster and faster up and down her cock while Miyu's dick rammed so hard into her cunt, pounding the blonde futanari.

Lori's hands grabbed Chris's tits, squeezing them as she squirmed and bucked. Her moans grew louder and louder as Chris sucked on her clit. Then she let out a loud shout. Her body spasmed. Tart pussy flooded Chris's mouth.

Chris made Lori cum. She loved doing that.

The pleasure surged through her body. Her cock erupted into Mariah's cunt, flooding her with blast after blast of her futa-seed. Her pussy massaged Miyu's wonderful girth, spasming about it, milking the cock, eager for so much cum to dump into her body.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mariah gasp. “Cum in me, Chris! Oh, yes, flood me. So hot!”

“It is,” panted Miyu. “Her pussy is spasming on my dick. Chris-chan! Yes!”

Chris shivered as Miyu's cum flooded her spasming pussy. She loved this. She had Lori back. The monster was gone, and no homicidal ghost was out to kill her. Yes, she was stuck in a girl's body. But at least she had a huge cock.


“Ms. Lindon,” Yoshiko moaned as Lori pulled away. Yoshiko's dick was still hard, dripping with her friend's pussy. She spotted Ms. Lindon sliding off Miyu's cock. Yoshiko had such a crush on her sultry and graceful teacher. Ms. Lindon was so mature and refined. “Ever since I got my cock this afternoon, I've want to fuck your pussy. And I've wanted to eat it for even longer.”

“Oh, I've seen you looking at me,” the teacher purred. “I was waiting for the right time to seduce you.”

“It's right now,” Yoshiko pured.

“No, I get to fuck her pussy,” Kat shouted, her dick wet with Mariah's cunt. “She's fucked me so many times. It's my turn to screw her.”

“Oh, no,” Ms. Lindon purred. “Two sexy girls with cocks fighting over me. Mmm, I'm such a wicked teacher. Which one should I choose?”

“Mine,” Yoshiko gasped, rolling on to her knees and glaring at Kat. “Why do you ruin everything?”

“You can have your poke after mine,” the bully said, grabbing Ms. Lindon. Kat was naked save for the spiked collar about her neck, keeping her looking tough and punkish despite how feminine her body was.

Yoshiko gasped as Kat kissed Ms. Lindon hard and pushed her down on the ground, mounting the teacher. Ms. Lindon didn't fight it, her thighs locking around Kat's waist. The bully brought her girl-cock to the teacher's pussy.

“No!” Yoshiko shouted.

She dashed across the space and knocked into the pair. Kat and Ms. Lindon rolled over. The teacher groaned as she came to rest on top of the bully, her pussy impaled onto Kat's hard dick. Yoshiko groaned, staring at the teacher's pussy, adorned by a trimmed bush, wrapped about Kat's girl-cock.

“That was my pussy!” Yoshiko groaned.

“Mine now,” Kat gasped. “Thanks. I'm going to love having Ms. Lindon ride me.”

“Oh, yes,” groaned the teacher, her ass clenching. “Oh, Kat's dick feels amazing in me.”

Yoshiko let out a screech of frustration. She would enjoy that pussy, too. She threw herself at the pair, draping her large breasts over Ms. Lindon's back. She pressed her cock against Kat's, nudging at the teacher's folds.

The teacher let out a long, low moan as Yoshiko's dick invaded the cock-stuffed cunt. Ms. Lindon shivered, clenching down, forcing Yoshiko's girl-dick against Kat's. Both futanari let out wanton moans as Yoshiko drove her dick deeper and deeper into her beautiful teacher's pussy.

Hugging Ms. Lindon from behind, Yoshiko gazed over her shoulder down at Kat. “Now I get to enjoy her pussy, too.”

“Yes,” Kat groaned, a huge smile on her lips. “Oh, yes, your cock is pressed so tight against mine. I love it, Yoshiko. We're sharing her pussy! Let's fuck her together.”

Yoshiko frowned. She's not supposed to be happy. She's supposed to be angry. Yoshiko's blue eyes widened as Kat pumped her hips, sliding her cock in and out of Ms. Lindon's pussy and along Yoshiko's dick. Pleasure shivered through the half-Japanese futanari.

She moaned, “Yes, let's fuck her together.”

Yoshiko's hips joined Kat's, the pair pumping their cocks into Ms. Lindon's double-stuffed pussy. The teacher moaned and gasped, squirming, writhing between them. She sounded like she was in heaven, so much rapture filling her she couldn't speak coherently.

“Two cocks... Yes... So... Oh, wow... Both... Yes... Gonna... Oh, wow... Yes... Both dicks... So good... So... Oh, fuck...”

Yoshiko stared into Kat's eyes as they double-teamed the teacher, their dicks pumping faster and faster, sliding through the teacher's juicy cunt, full of Miyu's girl-spunk. Yoshiko's nipples throbbed as they rubbed on her teacher's back, the pleasure building and building as she pumped faster and faster.

Her pussy clenched with every stroke. The pressure was intense. The friction building and building as she thrust harder and harder into the teacher's pussy. And rubbed against Kat's cock. It was so intimate to share the same pussy, to be in the same woman at the same time. Even more intimate than fucking Lori's pussy while Chris fucked the redhead's bowels.

This was intense. Their cocks throbbed together, ached. They slid past each other, lubed by their precum, Miyu's jizz, and Ms. Lindon's cream. Kat's face twisted with pleasure as she stared up at Yoshiko with such burning intensity.

You were such a bitch to me because you didn't know how else to act. You were scared of being a lesbian and took it out on me because you were attracted to me. “God, you are so immature, Kat.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned. “Oh, Yoshiko, this is so hot. Oh, yes. I...I love it. I love sharing this pussy with you.”

Yoshiko trembled. She bit her lip, thrusting harder and harder. Her pussy clenched, the pressure building in her depths. “I want to cum in her. With you. Let's flood her at the same time.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Kat grinned, thrusting harder. “Mmm, your cock feels as good as her pussy.”

“So good...” gasped Ms. Lindon. “I...”

The teacher's pussy exploded with heat, writhing hard against both the futas' thrusting cocks. She massaged them together. Yoshiko groaned, trembling, holding onto the teacher as Ms. Lindon's pussy spasmed about her dick, pressing her tight against Kat's.

Both futas both groaned, fucking their cumming teacher harder and harder. Yoshiko's nipples throbbed on Ms. Lindon's back as she stared into Kat's eyes. Yoshiko shivered. She was so close to erupting. Kat nodded at Yoshiko, on the verge of erupting, too.

“Kat!” Yoshiko moaned, driving her dick into Ms. Lindon's cunt.

“Yoshiko!” Kat panted. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Their dicks throbbed together. Their cum boiled into the same pussy. The pleasure shot through Yoshiko, a powerful rush slamming into her mind, assaulting her with bliss. She groaned, swaying, so dizzy from the lusts attacking her. It was the best. It was rapture. She didn't want it to end. She wanted to hold onto this moment.

Their jizz filled their teacher. It sloshed so hot around their two girl-cocks. Yoshiko groaned with each blast. Exhilaration shot through her. We won! We saved Lori, and the two ghosts are together, happy in their afterlife. I won't ever get to see Sayuri again, but I know she's at peace.

And I am grateful for what Sayuri did to me. I love being a futanari. “Thank you for haunting me!”

“Fuck,” Kat groaned. “We have to do that to her all the time.”

“Yes,” mewled Ms. Lindon.

Kat grabbed Yoshiko's hand, her fingers delicate as they stroked the half-Japanese Futanari. “Yes, all the time,” Yoshiko nodded. A surge of warmth shooting through her. Am I really thinking about doing this? “ And maybe...me and you...?”

Kat nodded her head quickly.

Yoshiko smiled.


“Lick my pussy clean,” moaned Ms. Lindon as Lori lapped two futas' worth of cum out of the teacher's pussy. “Oh, my god, they stretched me apart.”

“I'll say,” Lori said. Yoshiko and Kat were sucking on each other's cocks now, humping each other. It was so strange to see Yoshiko and her bully acting friendly to each other. They were even having fun. This is a fucked up day.

Lori shivered as Chris's dick slid into her pussy from behind. The redhead wiggled her hips, savoring her futanari girlfriend's huge cock spreading open her pussy. She clenched down on the thick girth, tonguing through Ms. Lindon's pussy and...

“What the fuck!” Lori asked, her head shooting up. “Why aren't I a futa? Yoshiko and Chris both fuck me.”

“Huh?” Chris groaned. “Oh, shit. And neither is Mariah or Ms. Lindon, they've both been fucked, too.”

“Why would a futa fucking someone make them also into a futanari?” asked Miyu, her hips pumping away as she rammed her girl-dick into Mariah's sloppy, Black pussy. Chris's cum ran white down the African American's ebony thighs as she knelt on her hands and knees.

“Well, that's how I became a futa,” Lori moaned, her pussy clenching on Chris's dick. “And then I fucked Chris, and she became a futa.”

“But when Miyu fucked me, I didn't become one,” Chris groaned. She glanced at Lori. “Only yours made me one.”

“And Yoshiko made Kat one,” Lori added. “What the fuck, Miyu? I mean, I don't need to be one. I like being just a girl, but, still.”

“It must have been Sayuri,” groaned Miyu, her small ass clenching as she thrust into Mariah's pussy. “She was a yūrei, and they can have weird effects. She was making anyone fucked by her, or a futanari made by her, into one. I imagine if she didn't move on, it would have spread and spread.”

“Like a virus of futas?” groaned Ms. Lindon. “Fascinating. This has been a wild day.”

“Oh, yes,” Mariah panted. “When we're done, someone needs to explain all this shit to me.”

“Gladly,” Miyu groaned, thrusting harder and harder. “Oh, a Black girl. Always wanted to fuck a Black girl.”

Lori giggled then lowered her face back to Ms. Lindon's pussy. She lapped through the cum-filled pussy. Things were going to be so different now. Chris would be a girl with a huge cock, which would be a shock to everyone, and Yoshiko and Kat were both futanari.

She had no idea what the fallout would be. And right not, she didn't care. She had her girlfriend's big, throbbing dick buried in her pussy and another cunt full of futa-cum to devour. Yoshiko and Kat's combined spunk flooded out of Ms. Lindon's pussy.

And Lori lapped it up.

She was just glad to be alive. To be free from the tentacle monster. Her futanari girlfriend loved her enough to risk her life to rescue her. Lori thought she loved Chris even more now. No, I know I love her more.

She bucked back into Chris's thrusts, sealing her lips over Ms. Lindon's pussy and sucking hard. The teacher and Chris both moaned. Chris thrust faster while Lori drank the thick, salty cum out of her teacher's pussy.

It was a new life they all had and she was so glad to share it with Chris.

Lori came hard on her girlfriend's big dick, her pussy massaging the huge shaft plunging over and over into her depths. She moaned into the teacher's sloppy cunt, licking faster and faster, gathering all the yummy jizz she could. The pleasure surged through Lori, Chris groaning, savoring her spasming pussy.

“Lori!” she moaned and erupted.


One week later...

“Let's go,” Yoshiko said, yanking Kat to her feet from where she sat at the cafeteria. Then, because she could, she kissed her former bully on the lips.

Kat kissed her back, melting against Yoshiko which made her clit ache and throb to turn back into a futa-cock.

Everyone at Redwood Academy had been shocked the first time, a week ago, Yoshiko had kissed Kat in public. It was no secret that the rich Kat bullied Yoshiko and got away with it thanks to her daddy's donations and endowments to the school. But things had changed, and now Kat was more than happy to do what Yoshiko said.

And Yoshiko was happy to kiss the once homophobic girl at every chance she could in public. She hoped Kat made her so giddy and happy a year from now. Two years. Even ten.

“Well, off to have your 'tutoring' with Ms. Lindon?” Lori asked, sitting on Chris's lap across the table.

“Oh, yes, we have so much to learn,” Yoshiko nodded.

“Yep,” Kat agreed, beaming.

“We don't want to be late.”
“Nope,” Chris giggled.

People were surprisingly supportive of Chris coming out as a “girl.” Everyone assumed that she wore a padded bra and a wig. Chris made sure not to wear anything low-cut. Over the summer, she planned on having a “boob job.” Everyone called Chris “brave” and “heroic.” The school administers were so proud to have a transgender girl attending their school. No one had made the connection between Chris and the girl being fucked by Miyu in the video Phil Parish uploaded to PornHub.

The school still talked about the disappearance of Phil Parish and the unknown girl who was found dead in the bathroom, Mitsuko's only victim from when she was insane. Yoshiko felt so bad for Phil's family, but how could she explain that the girl was actually Phil, gender-swapped by Mitsuko before she murdered him. Yoshiko and the others had cleaned up the orgy when they came down from the monster's lusts. And then “found” Phil's body. The police had questioned everyone, but they all lied about what happened, saying there were a study group.

No one suspected them in the tragedy that befell poor Phil.

Yoshiko passed Mariah chatting into her phone as she sat with her friends. Yoshiko thought Mariah had a crush on Miyu, or maybe just an infatuation with her girl-dick. Miyu's face was visible on the Black girl's phone as they skyped. Miyu was back in Japan, onto another task for her futanari goddess Hangetsu.

Kat and Yoshiko left the cafeteria behind, entering the quieter halls of Redwood Academy. Almost no one was around as we hurried to Ms. Lindon's classroom, Kat squeezing Yoshiko's hand. A naughty thrill shot through her. The pair really loved their lunch time being “tutored.” Yoshiko's life had changed. She had found a girlfriend in her bully, and she still had naughty threesomes with Chris and Lori. And, best of all, she was still futanari. She loved it. She and Kat were having so much fun. She didn't know what her future held, didn't know if she and Kat would go the distance the way she was positive Chris and Lori would, but her present was joyful.

Kat rapped smartly on

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Biker Lust... The Beginning

It was a warm fall day. I was riding aimlessly around in the country on my Sportster. All summer long I'd ridden around on these same roads and I was feeling quite bored. I had been riding along, lost in thought when I came upon the little wooded glen with the roadside cemetary. This was as good a time as any to stop and have a sip of water. Pulling over on the side of the road I parked my bike and stretched breathing in deeply the woodsy scent I've always loved. Unbuckling the straps to the saddlebag. I pulled out...


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A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 4_(1)

The cafeteria died, figuratively of course, but it did feel like I was staring at bunch of ghosts after that. Everywhere I looked I was met with pale, awestruck faces that I tried my best to ignore as I weaved through the crowd. Keeping my head down, I managed to break free from the mass and escape the cafeteria, leaning up against the wall to try and gather myself momentarily before heading towards my class. When I was about halfway there, I heard stampeding footsteps behind me. I turned to check who it was when Shawn suddenly tackled me to the...


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Making Amy wet again! By Blueheatt __Amy was good at her job and I did my job, but the tricks never stopped. She would page, “James call extend. 102” I would call her and she would bark orders at me. (she loved to play boss with me, even though she wasn‘t my boss) “JAMES, my chair has a squeak in it, get up here and fix it. CLICK.” I would go there when I got a chance, no hurry. I would grab my little tool kit and act like I was doing something. When I got there, her assistant would announce...


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Former Playboy Playmates Part 9: Tiffanie’s True Desire_(1)

Author’s note:  This is Tiffanie’s, a former fictional playboy playmate, second story.  Her first is interracial.  You don’t have to read that one if you don’t want to, but suffice to say in Part 3 of this series, Tiffanie witnessed an incestuous act at her home involving her oldest sister Diane.  Unlike Stephanie, (who also witnessed a similar act in Part 3) it messed Tiffanie up – driving her crazy even.  She tried her best to avoid her inner incestuous desires, by drowning them with the semen of black men. Tiffanie’s first and second stories drive home the fact that all the moms in my literary...


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The Clockmaster and The Inventor Part 4_(1)

“There we go…” I groaned, setting the crate down on the table. I sighed looking around the storage room; Once more I was alone in the factory, this time organizing shipments. Whimpering I arched my back. Stretching; I was more than sore from the days labor. Scrap stood in the corner, awaiting my orders. “Scrap time to head home.” In response, the automaton straightened slightly, hissed and clomped toward the door. I opened it, and followed my invention into the dimly lit streets. The streets were half empty, mostly people going home for the evening; every so often a steam car...


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Cyber-sex with a Godess

Hey guys this is my first stories so please keep the bad reviews to your self. Ok so just now I had a cyber sex conversation, and i thought it'd be fun to post it. If you guys like it i'll post another one but for now, here you go. *Connect Sucess* ????: Hi Me: M or f ????: Hi. f you? Me: hi m Her: age Me: U first real age no lies Her: ** Me: i don't care if ur young Me: ** Her: size? Me: 8 inches (Total lie by the way) Her: damn Me: yup Me: how...


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Sarah, what have you been doing with sweetcorn?

This is a first attempt so any constructive criticisms are more than welcome, any praise would be nice also. If anyone has an ideas for new stories, feel free to leave your ideas. I have some ideas that could use the same characters in his story. Enjoy. Sarah and Matthew Jones lived in a small terraced house somewhere in a small town in the south of England, they lived with their mother Elizabeth, but she was never there. She had attained a high position in her company and her job meant she was travelling a lot of the time. This was...


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