Screwing the Pooch or Al's Vacation

Screwing the Pooch or Al's Vacation

As I sat in the tavern drinking beer and shooting the shit with Al, the owner of this fine establishment, we were talking about his problem. It seems that Al’s sister Naomi has been living in Romania and she wants Al to visit her. The only problem is that Al is scared to travel alone and he wants someone to travel with him. That’s where I come in.

“Al, I can’t believe that a guy like you is scared to travel alone?” I laughed at him.

“I just don’t like going somewhere that people speak another language” Al whined.

“But I've heard that a lot of Romanian people speak English” I replied.

“I know. Naomi says that I will be OK, but I’m still afraid that I’d have problems” he said.

“I don’t think I have ever met Naomi?” I asked.

“No I think she had already moved before you started hanging out here” Al answered. “Her company offered her a transfer to Romania and she took it. She likes it there but she is kind of homesick and really wants me to come and visit her. She is single and younger than me. Here, look at the pictures she sent me.”

I took the pictures and looked through them. Naomi was a very attractive black woman about thirty five years old I guessed. The pictures showed her in a bikini playing with a big black Labrador along a nice beach. Her long hair and great looking body really got me excited.

“This beautiful woman is YOUR sister?” I teased.

“Yea, she got the brains and I got the looks” Al laughed.

“Bullshit, she’s gorgeous” I replied. “You said she’s single?”

“All she ever does is work” Al said “And play with her dog Max. Her and Max are pretty tight. I believe that if anyone ever tried to hurt Naomi, Max would
eat them alive. They look out for each other.”

“I would probably fight with Max for a piece of that” I teased.

“Naomi would fuck you silly you goofy white boy” Al joked. “A hot black girl would ruin you.”

“Now wait a minute, asshole” I countered “I have screwed black girls before and yes they were good, but not THAT good.”

“Yea well Naomi is my sister and I say she would fuck you silly” Al smiled. “She would use you up and then throw you away.”

“I’ll bet you that once I fucked her, she wouldn't want any old black cock again. She would follow me around and beg me to fuck her again.” I explained.

“You've had way too much to drink white boy. You’re starting to talk shit now” Al laughed.

We joked some more and I looked at Naomi in all the pictures that Al had. She was very attractive and she appeared to be about six feet tall and was in very good shape. She had very nice tits and her abs were clearly defined. Her waist was small and she had long legs and a very nice ass. You can only tell so much from pictures, but I knew that I would like to see this pretty woman in person.

Over the next couple weeks, Al and I talked about him going to see Naomi. I tried to convince him that his employees could run the bar for a couple weeks and that he would really enjoy going to see his younger sister. It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it, because Al used to play professional football and he was one of the guys who invested his money wisely. He had done alright and had some money to play with. Eventually I won and Al agreed to go to Romania to see Naomi. The only thing was that I had to go along.

I had a little extra money and I had enough vacation that I could go along. Besides this would give me a chance to meet the woman I had seen in those pictures. I was looking forward to meeting Naomi.

Al e-mailed her and gave her the good news. She promised us that she would show us a good time and was really looking forward to seeing her big brother and meeting me as well. We put all the wheels in motion and planned our European vacation. We were like school kids counting the days until we left.

Finally the day came for us to begin our latest adventure. We took a taxi to the airport and we were on our way.

The flight was long and uneventful and we both drank too much (as usual!) and we got a little sleep along the way. When we landed we were greeted by Naomi and I was sure she could hear my heart beating as she kissed me on the cheek when Al introduced us. She was twice as gorgeous as her pictures.

I was right; she was about six feet tall, long black hair that went almost to her waist. Her boobs had to be 36C’s and they didn't need a bra to hold them up. The nipples were long and hard and poking at the t-shirt Naomi was wearing. The long dangling jewelry on her navel brought your attention to her flat rippled stomach. The blue jean shorts she had on only served to cover about half of her perfect butt cheeks and they were connected to her feet by a set of legs that were long and shapely like a fashion model. Her dark skin was flawless and her lipstick was bright red. Her beautiful green eyes sparkled as she looked at me and I was getting a hard on just looking at her.

“Your brother lied to me” I explained to Naomi “He told me that you got the brains and he got the looks in your family. I don’t think he got either one!”

Naomi laughed and said “That’s not the first time he lied to you I’ll bet.”

“Come on be nice” Al complained as we gathered our luggage and headed out of the airport.

We took a cab to Naomi’s house. She had a nice little house on the edge of town and it was very nice. When she opened the door and we went inside we were met by Max the dog. Holy shit, Max was a big black Labrador that probably weighed close to eighty pounds. He was waist high and had a head that was huge. His paws were almost as big as my hands and when he jumped up on you he could put his paws on your shoulders and look you in the eye. Good thing Max was friendly!

She had set up the spare bedroom so that Al and I both had a single bed. She apologized for us having to share a room because her place was only two bedrooms. We said it didn't matter and I told her I was just happy that Al had his own bed because I didn't think I could trust him because I always slept in the nude.

Naomi laughed as Al accused me of being a sick fucker that he wouldn't screw anyway.

We got unpacked and sat around the house and Al and Naomi got caught up on all that they had missed for the last couple years. You could tell that she was really happy to see her big brother. They talked about family and then they got around to telling me stories about each other and things they had done when they were younger.

Naomi cooked us a wonderful meal and we sat around and drank and swapped lies until early in the morning hours. We all said goodnight and it was pretty cool to see Naomi and Al having so much fun. Max followed Naomi to her bedroom as I’m sure he always did and Al and I went to our room.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of freshly brewing coffee. I got up and put my sweat pants on and wandered out to the kitchen. Max greeted me and it was like we were old friends. He was a big dog but just as friendly as could be. Naomi was sitting there reading the newspaper and she looked up at me and smiled. She offered me a cup of coffee and I told her to tell me where the cups were and I could serve myself. She smiled and pointed at the cupboard where I would find a mug.

I poured myself a coffee and offered to refill hers.

“Please” she smiled at me. ”I would like that. I don’t get waited on very often.”

She held her cup out and I filled it with hot coffee. I couldn’t help but notice that she had on a little baby doll type outfit that didn't hide all of her assets. Her breasts were pretty much exposed and there was an awful lot of leg showing from her tiny pants. I know she caught me staring at her beautiful body and she just looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you for coming with Al” she said “I don’t think he would have come if you hadn't.”

“Well I needed a vacation and when he showed me your pictures I knew that I had to meet the pretty lady in those pictures” I answered her. “I’m sure glad I came along. You sure are a pretty lady. Why is it that you are still single? I bet these guys over here are lined up to date you.”

“No I don’t seem to have a lot of time for a social life” Naomi replied “I seem to always be working and I guess that I’m kind of shy anyway.”

“Shy?” I questioned “You don’t seem very shy to me.”

We sat at the table and we talked for what seemed like a long time. Naomi confided in me that she didn't date much and she kind of missed the company of a man. I didn't understand because she was very smart and heaven knows she sure is beautiful. You would think the guys would be chasing her all the time.

Al finally rolled out of bed and of course we had to give him hell about drinking too much and not being able to get up in the morning. Naomi teased him about being old and used up and he grabbed her around the neck. That was not a good thing to do as Max was at his side growling at him loudly. Al released his hold on his sister and she calmed Max down. Al accused his sister of having to have the dog save her and we all laughed about it.

Naomi took us out and showed us around town and where she worked. She worked as a travel agent type person and set up schedules for corporate travelers from the states. She said she really liked her job and she loved living in Romania. We had a good time and she told us that we were leaving in the morning for the Mamaia Beach. She said it was the best beach in Romania and she had set us up with rooms for a week. Then we would come back and stay at her place for the second week. She had the first week off work but would have to come back the second week.

We sat up drinking and bullshitting most of the night and finally headed off to bed to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure to the beach.

I was lying in bed and I was very thirsty. I got up and headed for the kitchen. As I passed the bathroom I couldn’t help but notice the light on and the door part way open. There stood Naomi with her top unbuttoned and she was looking in the mirror brushing that beautiful hair of hers. I could see her fabulous tits in the mirror and I stopped and stared at her. Then I saw her look up at me in the mirror and smile.

“Would you like to brush my hair?” she asked.

“Very much” I smiled as I went to her.

I stood behind Naomi and brushed her silky smooth hair. She leaned back against me and I was amazed at how hot her ass felt as she touched my legs. I continued brushing her hair and she started to moan. I felt her hand reach back and feel its way along my leg until she touched my rapidly stiffening prick. She rubbed my cock and it continued to grow harder and harder.

I reached around and cupped her left breast with my free hand while still brushing her hair with my right hand. I squeezed her tit and then rolled her nipple between my fingers. The nipple grew long and hard with my touch. We were watching each other in the mirror and really enjoying our contact.

Naomi looked me in the eyes and said ”I really want to suck your cock. Will that be OK?”

I turned her around so we were face to face and I kissed her full red lips. Our tongues met as we kissed and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for some time and then she started working her way down my body. She kissed my neck and then peeled my t-shirt off and she licked my nipples. She ran her hands all over my chest and then she fell to her knees. She tried to suck my dick through my sweat pants and I could feel her hot breath on my hard pecker. She took her hands and pulled my pants down until my big white cock popped out and hit her in the nose.

I heard her moan as she took my cock in her hands and stroked it as if she were examining it. It must have passed inspection as she wrapped those red lips around it and started going up and down on my stiff manhood. Every stroke she made my cock went deeper into her mouth and then into her throat. I could tell that mine was not the first cock this woman had ever sucked. She really knew how to service her man.

I was running my fingers through her silky black hair and I let my hands slip down so I had each hand on the side of her pretty face. I could hold her head and run my cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

I stopped and leaned down and kissed her lips. She smiled at me and went back to work on my cock. She sucked it a little bit and then she took my balls into her mouth. She rolled my balls around with her tongue and then sucked on each one. After sucking my balls she would let them pop from her mouth with a loud slurping noise. She was bringing me to the edge.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to cum” I promised her.

This just spurred her on and she began to suck my cock faster and harder than before. She was taking my cock into her throat on every down stroke. I was quickly getting to the point of no return.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum” I warned her.

She picked up the pace even more and she was slobbering all over my cock as I started to cum. The first couple of spurts were deep in Naomi’s throat and then she pulled my dick from her mouth. The next one hit her in the face and ran down her cheek and dripped onto her tit. The next couple spurts hit her tits and ran down that tight belly. She watched the last little spurt shoot out on her hand and the she took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean.

Naomi was breathing hard and she took my softening dick and used it to scrape all my cum off her face and into her mouth. After she had cleaned her face she licked my cock clean and kissed it on the head. She looked up at me and said “Thank you, I needed that.”

“I’ll show you what you need” I said as I lifted her up and sat her on the counter top. “Now it’s my turn.”

I pulled her shorts down and she lifted her ass up so I could get them all the way off. I kissed her lips and ran my hand over her pussy from top to bottom. It was warm and wet and I needed to eat this sweet chocolate girl.

I knelt down on the floor and came face to face with her sweet pussy. It was completely shaven and shined in the light. I ran my finger along the slit and I could see the pink inside over the dark outer lips. I leaned in and ran my tongue from the bottom to the top of this wonderful snatch. Naomi moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Then she took my head in her hands and directed me to where she wanted me.

“Lick there” she moaned “Oh yea, that’s it. Right there. Do it again.”

Naomi leaned back against the mirror and continued to moan as I attacked her cunt like it was the enemy. I worked my tongue in and out and sucked on her clit for what seemed like a long time. Pussy juice was running down the crack of her ass and my face was wet and I was licking as fast as I could. I rubbed her little pink asshole with my finger and then slipped my finger inside her ass. That was all it took and she started to cum.

Her entire body was shaking and I was holding on for dear life as she rode my tongue like a carnival ride. After several minutes she quit shaking and was just moaning and rubbing my face with her hands. She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me long and deep.

“Thank you” she smiled and kissed me again.

“I really want to fuck you silly” I begged.

“Oh, you will” Naomi smiled “I promise. But we better sleep; we have a long day tomorrow.”

I returned to bed and Al was snoring so I guess he had no idea that I was sucking his little sister’s pussy. He’ll find out soon enough.

We were all up early in the morning and ready to begin our adventure to the beach. We loaded our luggage in Naomi’s car and headed out for Mamaia Beach. She told us it would take a couple hours to get there and we all rode along looking at the beautiful scenery and telling each other stories and lies as we traveled. I kept looking at Naomi and wondered when I would get the chance to get into her pants. I could hardly wait.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. We all liked our rooms and after unpacking, we took Max and headed toward the beach. Walking along he beautiful white sand beach with Naomi was fun as we played with Max. You could throw the Frisbee as far as you could and Max was always there to catch it and bring it back. It seemed like he was tireless. We finally found a place to lie in the sun for a while. We threw out our beach towels and made ourselves at home.

Naomi and I were talking about all things in general and Al was playing with Max. We had been there a while when a couple of attractive young girls came along the beach. They came to where we were and they kind of looked around. Max was looking at them and he ran over to them and started sniffing around. Al went over to get Max and he stopped to talk to the girls.

It seemed that they always came to this part of the beach to sunbathe and they weren't sure if Max was friendly or not. Al assured them that Max was more of a bother than a danger. The worst he would do is maybe lick you to death. The girls laughed and started making small talk with Al.

Here is this big black ex-football player about forty seven years old making small talk with two very beautiful teenaged Romanian sweethearts. I wanted to listen to the conversation and I told Naomi that we needed to rescue Al. She laughed and said that we could help him out.

We walked over to the girls and Al introduced us. I couldn’t figure out how a big black man from the USA could communicate with these two pretty girls. It turns out that they both spoke English and understood Al pretty well.

“Andrea and Georgia this is my sister Naomi and my pal Mike” Al pointed at us. “These girls are regulars here during the summer and like to sunbathe here.”

We all sat around and talked as the girls got some sun and Al and I got an eye full of beautiful Romanian girls. Naomi was laughing at us and told us we were like a couple school boys with our first erections. She even reminded us that we were old enough to be their Daddy. This got a laugh from everyone.

Georgia explained that they had always liked older men because they treated them better. All the young guys just wanted to fuck them and the forget them. Older men would take better care of them and treat them better.

Max kept going around and sniffing at the girls’ crotches and Naomi would scold him and apologize for his behavior. Max looked like he knew what he was after and he looked puzzled when Naomi would yell at him. Max finally went to Naomi and started sniffing her pussy. She pushed him away and he tried to mount her. She pushed him away and he barked at her.

“Don’t you dare bark at me mister” Naomi scolded him and pointed a finger at him. He jumped and ran around her and tried to mount her again. It looked like he was playing with her and maybe he had done this before. I even caught a glimpse of his big red dog cock sticking out of its sheath.

“Naomi it looks like he has done this before” Al questioned. “What’s the deal?”

Georgia and Andrea were giggling and didn't say anything, but Naomi looked embarrassed.

“Well I work all the time and sometimes you need a little relaxation” she said “If you know what I mean?”

Andrea looked at Naomi, smiled and said “Sometimes he can be a woman’s best friend, can’t he?”

“Yes he can be” she smiled “and he doesn't ask any questions or complain.”

Al finally caught on to what they were talking about and said “You mean you been fucking your dog?”

“It started by accident a couple years ago and it feels so good that I have been doing it since” Naomi answered him. “He can fuck better than any man I have ever dated.”

Al didn't know what to say and all I know was that I had a hardon that was about to tear a hole in my shorts. I looked over at the two girls and they were both rubbing their pussies through their bikini bottoms.

I had a dream about screwing a dog once” Andrea explained. “I have always wanted to try it. Do you think Max would fuck me?”

“Baby, Max would fuck anyone if he could get his dick in them!” Naomi answered.

There were a lot of people around the beach and we didn't want to get in any trouble so we kind of calmed everyone down. We lay around a while longer and Andrea could not stand it.

She explained that she was always willing to try new sexual things and that she had dreamed of this happening. She wondered where she could ever find someone who would let her fuck their dog. Now that she had actually met someone, she did not want to let the opportunity pass her by. She practically begged Naomi to let Max have his way with her. She even went so far as to ask Naomi to help her to learn to do it properly.

I was about to cum in my fucking shorts when Naomi said that she would make Andrea’s dream come true. We all gathered our stuff and headed towards the hotel.

As we walked along the beach, I thought to myself that we had only been at the beach for a few hours and already I had found out that my buddy’s sister was fucking her Labrador. And now we were going to the hotel to witness a beautiful young Romanian girl (that I had known for only a couple hours) get fucked by this same dog. You couldn’t have planned a more perverted vacation if you were in Amsterdam!

We arrived at the hotel and went to Al and my room as it was bigger and we ordered some Champagne and some cold beer. We all sat around and got to know each other better. We told the girls about Al’s Bar and Grille back in the USA and they explained that they were both college girls and that they spent as much of their summer at the beach as they could.

Max kept going up to Andrea and trying to sniff her crotch. I believe he could tell that she wanted to fuck him.

Finally we were all starting to loosen up a little more and Naomi told Andrea to open her legs a little and let Max have a sniff. When she moved her legs Max plowed right in between them and about knocked her over. He was like a dog on a mission. He licked the inside of her thighs and Andrea wasn't sure what she should do.

“Just relax and let him do the work” Naomi told her “Pull your bikini to the side and let him lick your pussy. I promise you that it will feel wonderful, just try it.”

Andrea reached down and pulled her bikini bottom to one side revealing a lovely clean shaven young pussy that would have made any man hard. I looked over at Al and he was sitting there staring as was Georgia. She was even rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottom just watching her friend.

Max got one sniff of that sweet pussy and he was licking it from top to bottom. I thought Andrea was going to explode. She tensed up and you could see the look of amazement on her face as Max’s big rough dog tongue covered her wet snatch. He licked it again and again until you could hear Andrea moaning loudly and she was squeezing her own tits and was lost in her first orgasm.

I looked over at Al and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Al had his shorts around his ankles and the sweet young Georgia was sucking his big black cock like an ice cream cone! Al had her bikini on the floor in a pile and he was finger fucking this pretty young college girl while she was blowing him.

Naomi got up and went to Andrea. She helped her get undressed and got her on the floor on her hands and knees. Max was following them and never missed a lick at her dripping wet pussy. As soon as Naomi had her in the doggy position, Max knew exactly what to do. Naomi reached down at patted Andrea on the ass and said “Come on big boy, do it like Mama.”

Max needed no further instructions, he mounted little Andrea and started to poke his big red dog cock at her wet tight hole.

Now Andrea was a very attractive young woman, about five and a half feet tall. She had fairly long brown hair and sexy eyes. Her tan and those red lips made you want to kiss her passionately. She had nice tits (34C ?) and a thin waist. Her best feature was her curvy hips and beautiful ass. Long shapely legs made the complete package and she was truly a beautiful young woman.

Naomi reached under Max and guided his big red hard dog cock to Andrea’s pussy. As soon as Max felt the heat of her pussy, he began to fuck it as fast as you can imagine. She let out a little scream as his cock slid into her. No man could keep up a pace like this and Max was pounding this young pussy like a mad dog.

Naomi came to me and she had already lost her swim suit and she went straight for my cock. Before I knew what had happened, she had my dick out and was sucking it like a champ. I reached down and got myself a handful of firm black titty. I was watching this pretty young woman get fucked by a Lab and I was getting a fantastic blow job at the same time.

I looked over at Al and I saw Georgia sitting down on that big black monster cock of his and I remember thinking that I hope he doesn't hurt her with that fucking tool of his because I think I would like to fuck her too! I watched his big black cock slide into her and out of sight. She was moaning and she just sat on it until she was comfortable. Then she started bouncing up and down on it. I could see her pretty little asshole as she was facing Al and she had her arms wrapped around his neck and it looked like she was trying to suck his tongue from his mouth. His black rod was sliding in and out of her now and it was covered with her pussy juices.

Naomi got up and crawled over my lap and sat down on my cock. My long hard white dick looked good as it slid into this wonderful black woman’s cunt. She felt like an oven and as soon as I hit bottom she was fucking me hard. I had a hold of her by the tits and that was all I could hang on to as she fucked me like a bunny. We were both watching Andrea and it looked like Max was getting close to knotting up with her.

“Here comes his knot, Honey” Naomi told her “Just try and relax and let it happen. It will fill you up and you will think that you will explode, but it will fit and you’ll like it.”

Andrea was a pile of sweaty pussy as Max was literally fucking the shit out of her. She was moaning and I have no idea how many times she had cum, but it was running down her thighs and dripping from the crack of her ass. We watched carefully as Max’s knot started to pry its way into her sweet pussy.Suddenly it slid in all the way and Andrea cried out in pleasure. Max stopped his rapid fucking and you could see his cock pumping her full of hot dog cum. All Andrea could do was lie there and moan. She was shaking from another orgasm and Max licked her across the back of her neck as if to thank her.

I looked at Georgia and she had turned around on Al’s black snake and was watching her girlfriend have the cum of a lifetime. This was when I finally noticed how gorgeous she was. She was not as tall as Andrea but she had a fantastic body. I could see her tight rippled tummy as she bounced on Al’s cock. Her tits were almost perfect (I guess about 32C) and her nipples were long and hard. Her pussy was neatly shaved and her legs were long and tanned. She had this innocent look about her but I knew she was a dirty girl too.

Naomi was really fucking me hard and I knew that all this excitement was going to make me cum. I whispered in her ear that I was about to explode and she told me to cum all over her. She bent over and was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her from behind. I was watching my white cock slap against that big black ass and that was all I could take. The first blast of cum was inside sweet Naomi and the next several were all over her back and neck and in that long wonderful hair. I had pretty much covered that beautiful black skin with my white baby seed.

I heard Al tell Georgia that he was about to explode and she jumped off his cock and told him she wanted to swallow his cum. She fell on her knees and took that black monster in her hands and jacked him off. I heard him moan and Georgia was swallowing as fast as she could but it was just too much and she pulled his dick out of her mouth and let it spray all over her face and chest. The poor girl was covered in cum and she was laughing and loving it!

Max moved around and tried to pull his cock out of Andrea. She cried in pleasure and pain and suddenly Max’s big red dick popped out of her tight pussy. A flood of dog cum followed it and Max sniffed her pussy and licked it clean. This caused her to experience another earth shattering orgasm. Andrea collapsed onto the floor and just lay there with dog juice running out of her sloppy pussy.

Georgia had cleaned all the cum off Al’s cock and was just jacking him off as she watched the show her roommate had put on for us.

Max had come to Naomi and she petted him and told him “Good doggy”. He proceeded to lick my cum off her back and neck.

Naomi told the girls to suck on Max’s cock now and he would reward them. They both looked at her and she showed them what to do. She lay down on her back and Max just stood there and she sucked his long red dog cock. As she did this he would spurt cum all over the place. She motioned the girls to try it and they both got under Max and took turns sucking his big dick. They would giggle as he would shoot cum all over them and in a couple minutes they were covered in dog spunk.

We were all pretty well used up for one day and we sat there and talked about what had happened. Everyone agreed that it should be our little secret and we would maybe do it again. The girls wanted to know where Naomi lived and thought that maybe they could get together on weekends. I think even Max thought that was a good idea.

Al and I figured we had better start a vacation fund for the next summer. I know that we will have to come back for more of this.

We decided to shower and go out for dinner as we had all worked up a big appetite. I said that I thought even Max was hungry and Andrea said she would get him a steak as payment for a job well done.

This was only our first day at the beach and I don’t know if I will survive a whole week of this. But hell, someone has to do it.


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*there is a part one to this and once again grammer isn't perfect* The thought of nipple torchure made me excited but I dare not tell Mr.B that. He grabbed my arm and told me to unbutton my top and take that along with my bra off and place my hand on top of my head, When I took too long he sighed shaking his head and laid some more slaps on my ass. I sped up as to not upset him anymore. He took in my triple ds and large nipples smiling to himself as though he had hit the...


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Former Playboy Playmates Part 9: Tiffanie’s True Desire_(1)

Author’s note:  This is Tiffanie’s, a former fictional playboy playmate, second story.  Her first is interracial.  You don’t have to read that one if you don’t want to, but suffice to say in Part 3 of this series, Tiffanie witnessed an incestuous act at her home involving her oldest sister Diane.  Unlike Stephanie, (who also witnessed a similar act in Part 3) it messed Tiffanie up – driving her crazy even.  She tried her best to avoid her inner incestuous desires, by drowning them with the semen of black men. Tiffanie’s first and second stories drive home the fact that all the moms in my literary...


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Game over

Game over. Chris paced the carpet. Driven by the temptation to go back a watch his wife and her lover, but he didn’t, knowing that he was most definitely excluded from the action of their bedroom, hearing the squeals of delight, the sighs and sounds of sex coming from the room only a few feet and a couple of doors away from him was pure torment. The television played to its self, unobserved and disregarded as his minds eye played out the visions of what he knew was going on in there. Jacqui’s body writhing in its supple way, sweat glistening...


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My Favorite Babysitter, Part 1

Linda has babysat my brothers and me during the morning and afternoon for years. She comes over to my house on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She is about 5’5”, slightly over 100 pounds, and is hot as fuck. She has blue eyes, black hair which I dyed blond, is thin, and has one of the best combination of curves and legs I have ever seen. She is about 60 years old, which may seem too old to want to fuck. However, I have never lusted after a woman so much in my life. In my early high school years I began...


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