Human Toilet at the Club Pt. 1

Human Toilet at the Club Pt. 1

Chapter 1

“Finishing high school should make me want to celebrate, but I feel like shit,” I thought to myself. My girlfriend Lauren had broken up with me. She was the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. I was so madly in love with her, but she thought I was a loser. She only liked me because I was one of the first kids to get a car. I would drive her and her girlfriends around, and they would pretend to be nice to me. After dropping them off at club events, I would hear them laughing about what a loser I was as I drove away. I didn’t care—just being around these gorgeous teens was enough for me. The sweet perfumed smell of their hair, their soft and clear skin, their long lashes and luscious lips all drove me nuts. I would drive home and furiously masturbate to thoughts of them taking turns sitting on my face.

When I didn’t get into college, Lauren saw that as pathetic. Her and her friends all got into prestigious colleges, and I was condemned to working the same fast food job for the rest of my life. Lauren texted me a month after graduation, telling me we needed to talk. My stomach wrenched at those words. I knew what was to come. She was dropped off by one of the football players outside my house. She came in front door and said, “I can’t be in this relationship with you anymore. I don’t love you. You’re going nowhere with your life and I cannot have you weighing me down. I need a real man, and frankly, you don’t fit the bill.”

“But Lauren,” I pleaded, “please don’t leave me! You’re all I have, without you I’m nothing.” Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I could feel my face burning from the humiliation. Lauren scoffed, “Then it looks like you’re nothing. Goodluck, loser.” She left, and got back into the football player’s car. I saw them laughing together as they drove away. I was collapsed in my house, a hole in my chest.

I went to my room and packed a bowl, hoping the high would calm me down. I lay in my bed, letting my high take over. “Maybe tomorrow won’t be so bad,” I half-heartedly thought myself. My sister walked past my room and stuck her head in. “I heard Lauren dumped you. Serves you right, pothead.” Encouraging words from my bitch of a sister.

I spent the next day moping around the house. I constantly checked my phone to see if Lauren messaged me, but she never did. My heart nearly stopped when I heard my phone go off. I received a text from Gretchen, who was Lauren’s cheerleading friend. Gretchen despised me. She would take every opportunity to talk down to me. Her message read, “Meet me at 1903 Main Street, 7pm. Don’t be late.” “Odd,” I wondered what she could want with me. Maybe Lauren had something to do with this. Maybe, if I was the luckiest guy in the world, this is some elaborate way to take me back. I should have known better.

The next day was spent in agonizing anticipation. What did Gretchen want? The question rang in my head like a broken record. Finally it was time to go. As I drove towards the meeting spot, my heart raced. Anxiety took over, each breath felt more constricted the closer I got. I parked and went in. I hadn’t realized the address was the club where I regularly dropped the girls off. I went in, mind racing. My palms were practically swimming in sweat. The club was empty, except for Gretchen, another cheerleader named Katrina, and a woman that I recognized to be the bartender. They were all sitting on one side of a table, with an empty chair across from them. No sign of Lauren, but I didn’t give up hope.

“Sit,” Gretchen commanded dominantly. She pointed to the empty chair. I was struck off-guard by her tone. Normally she was bitchy, but this tone was authoritative. I sat, waiting to find out what the hell this was all about.

“Hello Loser, I was happy to hear that Lauren finally tossed you in the trash where you belong. She told us all about it, how you cried, and said you were nothing without her. I knew you were pathetic, but I had no idea how weak you really were.” I struggled to hold tears back, but with no such luck. Tears started streaming down my face, and the ladies started laughing, painting me red. “Look! He’s crying!” blurted Katrina. She was trying to be serious but couldn’t stopping laughing at my humiliation. Katrina calmed down and said bluntly, “Look Loser, we need a new… shall we say, employee, for the club. We know you didn’t get into college, and we know you don’t make shit working at the pizza place. We generous ladies are willing to give you a chance here. Your life can mean something.”

I was confused. All this torment and they want to offer me a job? This makes no sense. I worked up the courage to speak. “Why me?” I managed to croak out. The silent bartender found her voice and snapped at me, “look asshole, take the fucking job and maybe your little girlfriend will take you back.” That’s all I needed to hear. Reluctantly, I said, “Fine. When do I start?” The girls smiled. I knew something wasn’t right about this situation, but I was too desperate for Lauren to question it.

Chapter 2

The bartender softened her disposition. “Tonight is your first shift. You’re going to assist our female customers with their… feminine needs.” Her tone was playful. I thought to myself, “surely she isn’t serious, am I going to get these women off somehow?” I felt my dick start to tingle. My little fantasy was interrupted when the bartender told me to follow her. As she led me towards the back of the club, Katrina said, “good luck,” and both cheerleaders started laughing.

We walked passed the washrooms, and next to the women’s room was an inconspicuous locked door. The bartender unlocked the door and led me in to the dark, warm room. She shut the door behind me, and I couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly, she got close to me and whispered erotically in my ear, “strip for me baby.” She traced a hand down my chest towards my dick, teasing me slowly, until she brushed my dick with her hand. I was instantly erect, and her touch radiated throughout my body. She stepped back and I started taking off my clothes in the dark. Once I was naked, the bartender told me to lie down on the bench. She guided my body to a padded bench that seemed to be sticking out of the wall. Horny out of my mind, I didn’t think twice about this unusually placed furniture, or the situation I was in.

My ignorance was quickly punished, as I felt my wrists become cuffed by the bartender. My feet were then forcibly put into stirrups above me, locking me in a spread eagle position. In a panic, I realized there must be more people in this room, because there is no way the bartender confined me so quickly. I felt my head locked in place by metal clamps, and with that, I was completely immobilized. The bartender said, “we got him girls,” in an accomplished voice, and dread washed over me. The lights flickered on, burning my eyes.

When I recovered, I was shocked at my situation. The bartender and two girls I have seen around school were smiling over me. “Hey loser, welcome to your new job.” The bartender said. I was shook, my anxiety had taken over leaving me paralyzed. Completely incapable of reacting to my predicament, I lay silently as the bartender continued. “This is a special club—a club where powerful women can come to exercise their dominance. One way they do that is by using human toilets.” I wasn’t sure I heard that right, things were so strange that I had difficulties understanding her words.

“You have unwittingly signed up to be one of these human toilets, and so it’ll be your duty to eat or drink whatever our customers produce for you. Whether that is shit, piss, vomit, or whatever other nasty things the human body is capable of, you will consume it without so much as a peep.” The other ladies in the room smiled as the bartender explained my new job. I flinched when I felt something slick touch my asshole. One of the girls spoke up in an unfittingly sweet voice, “oh honey, I see you felt our little friend. This is an automatic fucking machine. It is a big dildo attached to a motor. If a customer is dissatisfied with your performance, she can press a button in the stall. Every time that button is pressed, the dildo slides forward an inch. It’s a big dildo, so if I were you, I’d keep customer satisfaction a priority.”

The bartender asked if I had any questions before I began my shift. All I managed to squeak out was, “why me?” She smiled, and bent over so her face was a few inches from mine. “Why you? Because you are a sniveling little piece of shit that deserves nothing more than to be a toilet for the goddesses that walk into my bar. The fact that you’ll get to gaze upon the beautiful women that enter your stall is payment enough for your services. You are a pathetic person, and so we will dehumanize you into a toilet, where you will serve us until I decide to let you out, which may be never if you ask me another god damn question. Do you understand?”

Her rant haunted me to my soul. I shut my mouth, terrified of the three beautiful women around me. The bench was pushed back, and my head entered a new room. In this room, my reality set in. I looked up at the ceiling of a bathroom stall. My head was inside a toilet. I wanted to scream, but I felt the dildo pressed firmly against my asshole. My fear of the bartender, and the thought of getting impaled, kept me quiet. I whispered to myself repeatedly, “this is just a prank.” I did not realize how wrong I was.

Chapter 3

The bartender entered my stall. “Listen loser, I’m going to give you your first taste of being a toilet. If you fuck this up, there will be hell to pay. Got it? Good. Now, when you are in the presence of a customer, keep your mouth open at all times. Swallow everything that goes in your mouth, and do it quickly. You wouldn’t be the first toilet to drown in this stall, so keep up if you want to live. When the customer is finished, they will tell you. You must clean them with your tongue before they leave.” She undid her jeans and pulled down her pants and panties. I was awestruck by her lewdness. Her pussy was slightly hairy with puffy, pink lips. It was divine. Suddenly, the bartender reached into the toilet and pinched my ear with her nails. I felt blood dribble down my earlobe. I started to tear up. “What did I tell you? Open your fucking mouth, idiot.”

Not wanting to anger my new boss any further, I opened my mouth. She leaned her head over me and stared for a few seconds. Then, she opened her mouth and slowly dripped a big wad of spit into my mouth. Despite my situation, my erection was throbbing. I watched her glob descend, felt the sliminess as it hit my tongue and creeped to the back of my throat. “Good toilet,” she cooed. I felt a small pang of pride for pleasing her. My submissive fantasies started to take over. I was enjoying this torment, and that scared me.

“You’re lucky, I only have to pee.” With that, she turned around and slowly sat on my face. I watched her perfectly round ass engulf my head. Her pussy sealed itself on my lips. I could smell her deep scent, taste it. Light body odor mixed with perfumed soap. Her pubes brushed against my face, tickling around my mouth and nose. Her ass cheeks were soft and warm on my face. I gently let my tongue glide across her inner folds. She let out a slight, “Mhh” when I did this, encouraging me. I could feel her wetness, her oozing lubricant stuck to my tongue as I lightly explored her. She tasted tangy, and slightly salty. I could tell she had been wearing her jeans in the hot club for a while, building up sweat. I looked up at the bottom of her breasts, and wondered what she looked like topless.

Suddenly, I felt her body tense. A stream of strong urine shot directly out of her and into my mouth. It was unexpectedly hot in temperature, and extremely metallic and salty tasting. The taste shocked me, and I struggled to swallow fast enough. Around the end of her stream, I started to choke on her piss, and I could feel the liquid coming out my nose. The sound of my choking caused her to turn around. She spoke with fake disappointment, “Hey, toilets do not make sound. I’m afraid I was dissatisfied with your service.” She faced the wall next to her, and I heard an electronic beeping sound. On the other side of the wall where my body laid bonded, I heard an electric engine start to wind. I felt the dildo shoot forward an inch, pressing hard against my anus. The pressure wasn’t enough to penetrate, but one more press of that button and surely the head would slide into me. I had to be more careful.

The bartender ordered me to clean her. I stuck out my tongue and licked her urethra. The taste was reminiscent of her piss, mixed with the tang of her pussy. She stood up and started pulling up her pants. My face was wet with her pussy juices, and it felt cold without her sitting on me. She leaned over the toilet, spat one more time into my mouth before saying, “Good luck, toilet.” What the fuck did I get myself into? When do I get to see Lauren?

More to come…


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