Night on the Town

Night on the Town

A Night On The Town.

Hi, my name is Chas, and my wife just can't get enough. She just really get's off being naked in public and having her body used for the pleasure of men, fucked in all her holes, whipped, spanked, you name it she love,s it. If anybody had told me eight months ago, that I had a cum bucket slut of a wife and would soon be letting any man, in fact groups of men, strip her naked and abuse her body how they wanted, to humiliate her, use her as their slut, I would have told them they were off their head. Anyway, to my story.


This story is about some of the men at a pub we visit some Fridays wanting to take me into the next town and to take photos of her being fucked in various positions and locations around the town, this is about that night.

It started with me arranging to meet early on one Sunday evening at the pub. We had decided on a Sunday so as there not to be so many people about. I had got there first to help plan the trip and decide what they were going to do with her. We had arranged the outing by the time Christine had got there and in about all ten men were going. I had agreed to this a couple of weeks previous, as we do not go every week now so as to make it more interesting when we do. Christine had dressed sexy, had tarty makeup on, and freshly shaved all hair from around her cunt and ass hole so she was bold and smooth.

We all climbed aboard one of the guy's van and made our way to town. They had her thong off and her tits out as soon as we were in the van, and all the way there they where touching her up with fingers probing her shaven cunt and ass, and her tits and nipples were pinched and mauled. Christine had cum half a dozen times by the time we arrived. We parked in a multi story car park on the fourth floor in the centre of town, and they decided to make this the first location.

We told her to strip to just her high heels. As she did this, she then said ok who's first, and how did they want it. One of the men came over and took Christine to the edge of the level and told her to bend over the waist high wall, then spread her ass cheeks as he was going to fuck her ass. He spit on Christines asshole to lubricate it then eased his cock into her tight hole, then with all his cock in began to fuck her hard until he came up her asshole. All the time Christine was moaning and crying out for him to fuck her ass real good. Anybody below who looked up would of seen her tits and her being fucked. Dave the landlord was taking photos during all of this.

We decided to move on and the guys gave Christine a short jacket to put on saying not to bother with any other clothes. It was held together with only two buttons at the front and just about covered the cheeks of her ass. I felt as horny as hell watching her walking around naked underneath it. She got quite a lot of looks and comments from other men we passed in the street and we all watched her having fun bending over in front of men showing all her ass and sometimes unbuttoning the two buttons and flashing her tits and shaven cunt at passer byes.

The next location was a monument in the centre of town. Christine stripped off the jacket and was stood against the cold stonework. The men gathered around as she wrapped one of her legs around one of the men’s waist and was given a good hard cock up her cunt for the first but not last time that night. She tried not to make to much noise, but I'm sure several people must have heard her moans of lust, more photographs were taken. This carried on in several more places, by the town hall, bus station, railway station, the town hall, in a gents public toilet, and a couple of shop doorways with my wife getting a good shagging or giving a blow job. We were seen a few times but they were happy to watch the performance, and a couple of young guys joined in as well.

The evening was still reasonably young so we decided to go and look for a club. On the way two men stopped us and asked if she was for hire. Dave the landlord said how much had they got. The stranger said they only had ten pounds each. Dave said they could have ten minuets each with her. He took their money and her jacket and we watched as she was lead naked down an alleyway nearby. She looked a real whore, her ass swaying and her tits wobbling as she walked down this dirty alley way to be fucked. The first man said 'get down on your knees bitch and suck my cock’.

Christine knelt down and got his cock out then took it in her mouth. You could see she was tasting the precum on the tip by the way she licked the bell end. She was well into deep throating him when we saw a pair of hands pulling her hips up. Christine was put into the doggy position and a cock was rammed up her cunt. His hands were holding onto her tits, mauling them. I started to think what a right slut she looked naked on all fours in a dirty back alley with two men fucking her at both ends, and a group of men and her husband looking on. There were even a couple of down and outs who were living rough in the alley watching my naked wife getting well and truly fucked. They had their ten minuets, both cumming deep in her mouth and cunt. They told Dave it was the best fuck and blow job they had ever had from a tart, and that we had a real filthy whore for use there.

We carried on and found a club in one of the more sleazy sides of town, which suited us. Once in Christine went to the ladies to clean up a bit. As she walked in, Dave and me saw a couple of women nod to each other and follow her in. We both walked over and looked through the partially closed door. We heard them comment to Christine on how much cum there was on her. Christine said she had been receiving a good shagging earlier.

They went over to her and said they would help clean her up and removed her jacket. They washed her body playing with her tits and pinching her nipples in the process. We saw them lead her to a makeup table and sit Christine down on it. They said they were going to lick her cunt clean. It must of been heaven having their soft tongues lapping around and inside her cunt by the way she was moaning.

When they had finished they each got out a large vibrator from their bags and inserted them into her cunt and ass. I'm sure they must of heard her in the club crying out when they switched them on to full power and fucked her hard with them, bringing her to several orgasms. They also used their fingers to wank her off, inserting all their fingers, then their fist into Christines cummy, large cunt. Afterwards, they gave her some makeup and perfume and she got dressed, and they left the ladies. On the way out they said looking like that she would probably get a lot more cock that night. We heard her say that she hoped so, they laughed, kissed her and said she was such a slut.

All the guys were watching and participating in her having a good time dancing with them and lots of men, and also getting touched up a lot when they discovered she was nude under the jacket. Fingers and hands were squeezing and probing her ass and cunt with the cheeks of Christines ass being on view most of the time.

The look on her face when there was an announcement over the disco that Christine, one of the guests tonight was going to put on a performance on stage, was a real picture. Dave had gone and had a word with the manager. I could see the doors of the club being locked as she got on the stage to a roar of cheers and whistles. The music started and she began to dance, swaying her body around, gyrating her hips, and flashing her ass to the music. The audience was shouting to get them off so she removed her jacket and carried on dancing in just her high heels. Most of the audience were men but there where some women including the two from the ladies toilet that she had meet.

There were a lot of cheers when a couple of men climbed onto the stage and danced with her. They were rubbing their hands all over Christines body, and wanking her off on stage in front of all these people. The two women shouted out to give the slut what she wanted a good fucking so she was lead to a table that had been put on the stage and pushed back onto it. We all cheered as her legs were parted and one of the men went down on her, licking her clit and pushing his tongue right inside, the other man was squeezing and pinching her tits making the nipples stand up hard and red.
They then got their cocks out and fucked her cunt and face, the one telling her to suck his cock hard as he was going to fill her mouth with his cum.

During this more men had got on stage and formed a cue to take their turn with Christine. As soon as one cock had finished there was another to take it's place in either of her holes, fucking her hard until they came. I lost count of the amount of cocks that went up her and the loads of cum that she swallowed. Several men liked to push their ass into her face and tell her to lick their ass holes. I saw her pull their cheeks apart and lick all around the rim then push her tongue in as far as she could. They loved her giving them a good rimming while they watched other men fucking her cunt hard.

The women that were there were urging the men on telling them to fill the slut with cum, cover her in it. Christine was shouting out 'who was next in line to fuck this slag, and who wanted to shove their cock up her ass' there were always plenty of volunteers to use her how she wanted. The men were calling her a filthy cunt, a meathole, and a cum drinking whore, among other things, as they lined up to gangfuck her ass.

After quite a while some of the women said they thought I ought to be punished for being such a cum loving, cock sucking slag, and with that she was lead to some pillars and tied standing between them arms and legs apart. The manager produced a whip with lots of strips of leather, (he said it was left over from a cabaret night) and the women all took it in turns to whip Chrisine with it. I heard one of the women tell Christine that she was a cock sucking cumslut, and she was going to love whipping her tits and her well used cunt. Then she spat in Christines face and laughed. You could see the throngs of leather must of stung her as they brought it down across her back, ass, tits, and the insides of her thighs and smooth shaven cunt by the way she strained against the rope and her cries of pain.

Everybody was enjoying the spectacle watching Christine writhe about and hearing her moans of pain and ecstasy as she came whilst being whipped. I lost count of how many times I saw her cum during this. The women also used the whip handle and some vibrators to wank her to a climax with, and some more of the men decided to have second helpings while she was tied up and fucked her ass and cunt again hanging on to her tits as they did so.

After, Christine was untied, and was then lay back across the table, and the men were encouraged by the women to piss over her. Several of them did and we all joined in. The warm liquid running all over her body, face, and hair. One man told her to open her mouth so she could taste it. His piss splashed onto her lips and in her mouth filling it, other men wanked over her adding their cum to her piss covered body, then wiping their cocks on her face and tits.

By the end of the night she looked exhausted. As she sat still naked at the bar having a drink, she said her cunt and ass ached from the amount of cocks and objects that had been shoved in them, and from the whipping. Everybody laughed at this comment. One guy said, he bet her jaw ached as well with all the cocks that had been shoved in her mouth as well. Christine laughed and said it did. After she had finished her drink and cleaned up some of the mess her body was in, we decided to leave, the manager telling us to come back whenever we wanted to. Dave said we would. Her jacket had disappeared so Dave told her she would just have to walk back to the van naked.

We left the club and made our way back to the car park keeping to the backstreets so as not to fall foul of the law, with Christine wearing just her heels and dried cum. To add to her humiliation, we let anybody have her who wanted to, telling them that she loved walking about nude in public asking to be shagged, (which is true of the slut anyway) and they could use her as they wanted to, and most of them did in doorways, against lamp posts and parked cars.
One of them taking her to a piece of waste ground nearby and laying her face down on a dirty old smelly mattress. He was yanking her head back by the hair and fucking her ass hard. Hell, he made her cry out as he pounded the shit out of her. Then after he had cum, he told her to suck his cock and balls clean. Dave made sure he got photographs of it all.

Several of the men asked if she was for hire for private parties, Dave the landlord said she could be if the price was right, and only with him and me present, (they now know that I am her husband and is with me on our Friday nights). We took plenty of orders for her, one guy asked if she was into bdsm as he wanted her tied spread-eagled between two posts after she had fucked all the guests at his party so they could spank and whip her ass, tits, and cunt. He was told that would be a fair bit extra. He agreed. so it looks as if she's in for some more fun now in her new role as our whore.

We finally got back to the van and made our way home. Back at the pub, several more of the locals who were drinking there took a turn with her, especially when Christine had gone inside still naked and smelling of cum. They had all added theirs to it before long. It was agreed Dave and the locals could still fuck her for free. By the end she had made a bit of cash that night, and Christine and I had enjoyed our sexual activities that evening. Dave had a lot more photos for his and our albums and behind the bar.

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