The Badendorf Family History -- Part Three

The Badendorf Family History -- Part Three

The Badendorf Family History
By Emerald Green
Warning: The following history contains adult material. If you are not an adult or if adult themes offed you, you should read no further.
•Papa’s Solution

Otto wanted to know how Catherine was but he knew that when his father said it was bedtime he had to go to his room. He determined that he would wait a reasonable amount of time for his parents to go to sleep and then go to Cat’s room. While waiting he began to develop a plan that he hoped to propose to his sister. He sat at his desk where he had already started to prepare some fake identity papers for himself and Cat that would look like papers issued by the government for travel. This plan had started in his mind after she had asked him to take her with him to Penn’s Forest. He had two reasons for forging papers. First was that he needed to be older and second he was sure that their father would swear out a warrant on them so they needed new names. He was sure his skills as a journeyman printer would produce acceptable papers and he already had the government forms.

About the time he determined he had waited long enough his door opened and Lisbeth slipped in. “Oh good, you are up. Quiet, I just heard papa and momma talking,” she whispered at his ear.
“How is Cat?” he whispered.
“She is hurting. She asked me to bring you to her room but I am afraid papa will catch us.”
“Let us go,” he whispered as he began to stand.
“No, wait,” she whispered as she pulled him back to his seat.

The chair made a scraping sound on the floor and they froze listening for sounds in the hall. All was quiet. Lisbeth kissed him on his neck just below his ear and said, “Let us give papa a few more minutes to fall asleep.” She continued to kiss his neck and run her fingers through his hear.
“I am going to say to you what papa would say, stop acting like my lover,” he whispered in a slow measured way.
“But brother, I do love you and Cat appears to love you also,” she whispered as she continued to kiss him. His concern for Cat prevented him from stopping Lisbeth.
She noticed the papers on his desk and asked about them. He decided to tell her what his plans were and after doing so she said, “Make some papers for me so I can go with you.”

“I don’t know, Cat and I can pass as adults but you cannot,” he explained.
Looking at the papers she read, “Johan Heinrich Badendorf and Mary Hilda Shultz Badendorf. Where did you get those names?”

“I made them up,” he whispered. “Nobody here is named Badendorf but it sounds like a good name.”
“Yeah and you have made you and Cat husband and wife, make me her sister. I will be Beatrice Elena Shultz or something like that. You will no longer be my brother, you will be my brother-in-law.” She attempted to kiss him on the lips and he turned away from her.

“Let’s go talk to Cat,” he whispered, as he forcefully stood and pushed her away from him. He turned down the lantern to a mere flicker and stepped to the door. He reached back and grasped her hand and led her into the darkened hall. Feeling along the opposite wall, he came to Cat’s door. He opened it and led Lisbeth into the dimly lit room. In moments Lisbeth had turned up the lamp and Otto held it up and moved over to the side of the bed.

He saw Cat lying covered to her chin with her head on a white pillow that framed her golden hair. She had a white cloth over his forehead. Her eyes were closed and she appeared asleep. Her left cheek was bruised and swollen and her upper lip was discolored.

Lisbeth gently shook Cat while whispering her name.
Cat’s eyes opened and she smiled when she saw her two siblings standing over her. Otto whisper, “Cat, how are you?”
“Not as bad as I had expected,” she said softly.
“Quietly, I am not sure papa is asleep,” Lisbeth whispered. She continued, “Otto has a plan for us to run away to America.”
Otto wanted to introduce the idea a little more gently but Lisbeth was far too excited to contain herself.
“Us?” Cat questioned.
“Yah, he and you will be husband and wife and I will be traveling with you as your sister,”
Cat looked enquiringly at Otto who responded, “I have already started to prepare travel papers for us. I think I will have them ready in a week or two.”
“Lisbeth, we cannot say anything or do anything to make papa suspicious,” Cat whispered firmly.
“Then you want me to go ahead with my plan,” he whispered.

“Oh yes, Otto. I want very much to go to English America with you,” Cat said as she reached for Otto’s hand. He squeezed her hand and bent down to kiss her on her un-bruised cheek. “Now go, both of you. Do nothing to make either momma or papa suspicious,” Cat said.

“Be strong dear Cat,” Otto said as he turned down the oil lamp, and led Lisbeth out into the darkened hall. He felt his way back to his room and the moment he entered his room he discovered Lisbeth right behind him. After closing his door he whispered, “Go to your room.”
“I wanted to be sure you include me in your plan,” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing herself to him.
“It was up to Cat and she said you could come along,” he whispered while trying to avoid her attempts to kiss him. “And as Cat said, we should do nothing to make papa suspicious. You should go now to your room.”
“I am envious of Cat. She is going to be your wife, I will only be your sister-in-law,” she whispered as she tried to get him to bend down to her level by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling down.
“I am sure no man had a more beautiful sister-in-law,” he whispered to her while resisting her affection.
“Aren’t you a nice brother-in-law,” she whispered as she released him. “If there is anything I can do to help,” she added before leaving the room.

Otto turned up the lantern and sat at his desk. He knew he could not sleep now so he started to work on his sister-in-laws papers.

He slept in the next morning and was awakened by Lisbeth shaking him. She explained that papa was angry and had sent her to wake him. “Papa wants you downstairs immediately.”
Otto jumped out of bed and assuming Lisbeth had left when he heard the door close he began to dress in his winter clothes. Lisbeth startled him by saying, “My, you are a manly man are you not?”
He quickly covered himself and said, “Lisbeth get out!”
“Yes, brother dear,” she said with a smile before turning and leaving.

Papa was sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea when Otto entered. He looked up at Otto and said, “I go today to see your Uncle Hans. I expect that you will work on the jobs listed on the schedule in the shop. Keep to the schedule and get the jobs done on time. I will be gone four days.”
“Yes papa,” Otto said, then asked, “May I go to the outhouse?”
“Go!” his papa said dismissively.

When Otto returned to the house he overheard his father tell his mother, “She is not to leave her room. I have told her that and I am telling you.” He scowled at Otto when he saw he had returned and went up the stairs. Otto sat at the table and momma served him a hot roll and a cup of tea. She made no conversation or eye contact with him. He decided that he would also keep his silence. His mind was racing. With papa gone he could work of the documents he had been forging and maybe get them ready before he returned. Maybe they could get on their way before his return.

When Otto entered the shop and realized he was all alone there he had an empowering feeling. He began looking through drawers in the main desk. He had always wondered about what his father might have in there. In the large bottom drawer he found an ornate hardwood box. Lifting the lid of the box he found numerous gold and silver coins. He had expected to find some money and he had counted on it to make their coming trip possible but now he had found a fortune. He closed the box and the drawer. He went to the kitchen where he saw his mother but not Lisbeth or Cat. “Why did papa go to Uncle Hans’?”

“You should have asked him,” she said without looking at him.
“I did not because I fear him,” Otto confessed.
“I suppose the girls will tell you,” she said with a brief glance at him. He started up the stairs and she said, “You should be at work.”
“I’ll get more done than papa thinks I can,” he said as he paused before continuing up the stairs. He went to his room to get the documents he had started and then went to Cat’s room. He opened the door before he realized he should have knocked. He saw that Lisbeth was giving Cat a sponge bath. He said, “I’m sorry,” and backed out quickly.

Lisbeth stopped him in the hall and said, “I will come to the shop and tell you what has happened.” He nodded and went down the stairs and into the shop. He marveled at how free he felt. He thought about talking freely with his sister here in the shop that he had always thought of as his father’s place. He placed the documents on a work shelf and went to the work schedule. There was one small job to be finished this morning. He quickly set the type and ran a proof sheet…no mistakes. He ran off the 64 copies that the order called for. He packaged the order for pick-up and checked the next order; it involved many pages of type that was to be set from a manuscript. It was a job that was to be started now and completed in a week. This could be put off. The next job was one he could start later today so he went back to his forgeries. The back door to the shop opened and he looked up to be sure it was not his mother.

It was Lisbeth. She came to his side, standing there silently reading, then she said, “We will call Cat Mary and me Bea.”
“That is right,” he said.
“And what will we call you, Hans or Heine?”
“They speak English in Penn’s Forest. I think I will be John Henry.”
“English, I did not think of that. Do you know English?”
“No Lisbeth but I will learn I am sure. Now tell me what you know about papa going to see Uncle Hans’.”
Feeling very important in knowing something her brother wanted to know she stepped back to announce, “Well, he has gone to talk Uncle Hans into taking Cat in until the baby is born then bring her back here to pass her off to the butcher as a virgin.”
“What about the baby?” Otto asked.
“He hopes it will die but if not he will leave it at a foundling home but we will be in Penn’s Forest by then, won’t we?”
“Hopefully. Thank you for telling me what is going on. Now I have to get these papers finished.”
“How long will it take before we are ready to go?” she asked as she moved close to him.
“Tell Cat we should be ready to go before daybreak day after tomorrow. Bring only what you can carry,” he said.
“So quickly?” she asked.
“Yes, we must get out of here before papa gets back,” he explained.
She now had a duty so she left without saying a word because she had to report to Cat.

At midday he went to the kitchen for his sausage and beer. LIsbeth was there alone to serve him and he asked how Cat was. “Well and excited about our trip,” she said.
Otto was able to get the jobs done that his father had on the schedule and nearly had the documents finished by night fall. He locked the front door and turned out the lamps that he had only lit a few minutes earlier. Carrying the documents he went into the house. Passing through the kitchen he told his mother he would have dinner. “Just want to take these proofs to my room to go over before going to sleep tonight,” he said to explain why he was carrying papers to his room.

After several hours work in his room that night he felt impressed with his own work. The marriage document for Johan Heinrich Badendorf and Mary Hilda Schultz looked as good as his parent’s marriage document which he had used as a model. The new birth certificates were identical to his true one. As far as custody papers on Beatrice Elena Schultz, he had an official form which he filled out and placed an official looking seal on to make it look official. He was sure he had everything that they would need, he would find out tomorrow. His door opened. It was Lisbeth. She was in her nightshirt.

“I was just going to bed,” he announced.
“That’s alright. I was going to climb in bed with you so we could talk,” she said.
He looked at her as she stood in the light in her white nightshirt. Her nightshirt had a yellow ribbon draw string just below her ample breasts that she had drawn tight and tied in a bow. Otto was amazed that such a simple thing could make her look so attractive. He told himself that he should send her away but instead he turned away from her and began undressing. “Turn down the light,” he said. She did but he still felt embarrassed enough to keep his back turned to her and hurriedly pulled on his night shirt.

He slipped into bed under the quilt and she followed immediately behind him. “I am cold…warm me up,” she said as she cuddled up to him. He turned to face her and she kissed him on the lips. He turned away from her and she said, “I know you are the father of the baby.”

“Did Cat tell you?”
“She did not have to,” Lisbeth said as she kissed his neck below his ear.
“I thought you wanted to talk,” he said.
“No, the truth is I want to fuck,” she said before nibbling on his earlobe.
“Where did you learn that word,” he asked.
“I’m not so young that I do not know about fucking.” She kissed down to his collarbone.
“You are too young.”
“You have Bea as 16 on her birth certificate.”
“So I have and John Henry is about to turn 20.”
“Fuck Bea, John Henry, fuck Bea,” she pleaded as she attempted to kiss him on the lips. He kissed her back with an open mouth. Their tongues swelled about each other in a dance of love. He decided to get this over and hopefully she could not get pregnant the first time. He rose up over her and pulled her legs up to position her for easy entry. She was saying, “Oh yes Otto…Oh yes Otto…” as he entered her.

A short way in, he met the resistance of her hymen. She was still encouraging him but he said, “Wait, are you sure you want to give me your virginity?”
“Yes Otto, it is yours,” she said louder that she should have.
“Quiet,” he said as he thrust in through her maidenhead.
“Oomp…Yes, yes…” she said as she felt him fill her never before filled sexual tunnel.
When he had filled her with his potent semen, he fell exhausted to one side and said, “I am angry with you for getting me to do that.”
“Why, did you not enjoy it?”
“How will we explain your pregnancy?”
“You can just make up a marriage certificate and a death certificate. You see, Bea is actually a widow,” she giggled.
“God, you two are going to be the death of me,” he said before rolling to his side and drifting off to sleep.

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