Futa Naked In School 11 - Futa Bully's Naughty Week 3: Shelena's Futa Passions Grow

Futa Naked In School 11 - Futa Bully's Naughty Week 3: Shelena's Futa Passions Grow

Futa Naked In School – Futa Bully's Naughty Week

Chapter Three: Shelena's Futa Passions Grow

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Shelena Lowell's Week, Thursday

Guanting Chan...

I couldn't get the nerdy futa out of my mind. She was what lingered in my thoughts after my gangbang by the A/V Club. That had been a wild afternoon. Not only had they filmed it, but they streamed live on the internet on the college's Twitch account. Soon, it would be edited and uploaded to YouTube with links for people to buy the DVDs of a futa-bully's first gangbang.

And all I could think about was Guanting Chan.

There was no denying that I'd enjoyed myself. I couldn't lie to myself any longer. The nerds I had picked on for the last year, the ones who I thought were weak and pathetic and beneath me, were the ones who were popular now. They produced the hot porn that made our college popular. Everyone wanted to star in them. Girls wanted to be gangbanged. Futas wanted to show off their prowess.

Or be gangbanged, too.

The star quarterback who'd led the football team to victory last December wasn't the top futa-bitch any longer. Even if I hadn't ruined my reputation by trying to force Salome to have sex with me in front of the entire college. I had preyed on her for the entire year, blackmailing her into having sex with me to protect her futa-girlfriend. Out of all the people in the school that I had been a bitch to, she had been the one I hurt the worst.

I drowned in guilt as I slouched naked towards the college, wearing only a pair of open-toed sandals. The late spring sun shone on my large, ebony breasts. My futa-cock swung half-hard between my thighs. Accepting reality wasn't easy, like trying to swallow the largest piece of dog shit ever. It tasted bad, choked you, and made you want to retch.

But The last three days had been eye opening. I was starting to see how I'd acted all year in a whole new light. No wonder everyone at my college hated me. I had been a spoiled futa-bitch, thinking my big, Black dick and prowess of the football field let me do whatever I wanted.

Rogers College loomed ahead. I had no idea what the reception would be from the students. I'd stayed off my phone last night. I actually did my homework. I couldn't bully some nerd on the chess club to do it for me any longer.

Besides, they'd just demand that I suck their cocks.

I reached the college, some students riding the county's public buses while others drove their own cars or were being dropped off by friends or family. They flowed out, most clothed, if barely. The Perverts Society was out front as usually naked and wearing their sashes, urging everyone to put pressure on the board of trustees to let teachers fuck students if everyone was consenting.

Lola Lovell paused and lowered her megaphone as I walked by her and the other naked girls. “Loved your vid, Shelena. I had Macie's vibrator in my cunt and Jade's cock in my asshole when Guanting fucked you. That was hot. You two had some real chemistry.”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said.

“Have a great day, Shelena,” added Macie, standing at her girlfriend's side. The lesbian smiled at me.

I blinked and smiled back at her. It felt nice.

“Hey, Shelena, that was hot,” said Ji-Min as she climbed out of her parent's car. The Korean girl had cum on her lips. Had she blown her futa-mother on the ride over? “I had fun with my parents last night watching it.”

“Oh, sure,” I said. She wasn't being cruel. Yesterday, she spent every class we shared, which was too many, flashing her pussy at me and then denying me any contact with her flesh. Now the Korean cutie swept past me with a smile, her short skirt swirling about her cute ass.

“Sup, Shelena,” said Samantha Herbert as she sauntered by with her girlfriend clinging to her arm. “That was hot.”

“So hot,” moaned Rosario, her eyes dewy. “Maybe we could get together. Have a threesome I'd love to see you two futas go at it before you make a sandwich out of me.”

“Uh, sure,” I said, bemused. What was going on here? Had the video made that much of an impact?

I mean, I wasn't being swarmed by the girls like Paloma was. The younger, Hispanic futa was shuddering, two cheerleaders, three members of the volleyball team, and the student body president were all fondling her naked body and stroking her cock.

“Cum, Paloma, cum!” cheered the two cheerleaders, Genevieve Watkins and Jalila Zaman.

“I'm going to suck her tip,” moaned Priscilla Tinker, the president. She fell to her knees and latched on to the end.

So I wasn't completely off the shitlist. Girls weren't stroking me, but they also weren't flashing their tits and ass and cunt at me before giggling and running away or holding up signs how anyone but me could touch them.

It felt like a fresh start as I moved through my class.

“Hey, Shelena,” April Gore said. The kicker on the team arched a brown eyebrow at me. The White futa flipped up her skirt, her cock tenting her panties. “I'm hard. Want to take care of me?”

The other two members of our team, Hazel Reed and Caridad Vasquez, both sniggered.

My cheeks warmed a bit. They were teasing me, but I wouldn't put up with it. I shrugged and said, “Sure. Cum's not bad. You should try it.”

April's jaw dropped. The other two blinked at me. Then April released her skirt and muttered about class. She scurried off and I shook my head. I used to be like that. Thinking I could just do shit like that. I didn't think about anyone else.

The past me felt so stunted. Like I was a bush planted in a small pot. I could never grow to my full size because I was confined. Now that my pot had shattered and my roots had found real soil, maybe I could grow bigger.

Grow up. Stop being a brat. I wasn't a child any longer. I had turned twenty a few months back.

I reached my first class, my dick hard and throbbing. I sat down. Lizaveta Kuznetsov shifted and looked at me over her shoulder. The black-haired, Russian nerd winked at me. I smiled and winked back. I'd sucked her cock during the gangbang the day before. Her cum had tasted delicious. I sank down in my seat beside my teammate Mbali Arendse. She had skin even blacker than mine, an African African-American futa. She grinned at me, nodding her head.

She was cool, unlike April and the other two.

Jalila sauntered in with Alana Glass a minute later, the pair whispering and giggling. The cheerleader nodded to me and sat down in front of me, Alanna taking the seat as they continued talking about Paloma. Then our futa-teacher, Ms. Perrault entered, ready to teach us Technical English, which was more focused on writing for business than on reading literature.

“Shelena, are you going to want relief this time?” she asked, a skeptical tone. “I doubt you'll have any volunteers.”

I wasn't going to, but Mbali said, “I'll help her out. Let's see how she likes getting fucked by a big African futa-cock.”

Ms. Perrault smiled as she sank down. “Well, if Shelena wants it, you can have your ten minutes.”

“Ooh, say yes,” moaned Jalila. She popped up on her desk and turned around. Her skirt swirled as her thighs parted, flashing her pussy. The dusky, Arabic cheerleader had a tight, shaved snatch. There were faint traces of black marker from the words she'd written there yesterday. It was clear she had tried to scrub the insulting phrase off her pubic mound.

“Yes, yes, let's see you two futa-hotties fuck!” moaned Alanna Glass. She swung her legs out into the aisle so she could look behind her and watch, her hazel eyes smoky.

“Let me get my camera out,” Lizaveta gasped and fumbled at her book bag.

“Love some futa-on-futa action,” said Juniper Dannel. “And they're both Black. That makes it hotter.”

Alanna Glass nodded in agreement.

My pussy went molten as Mbali unzipped her tight jeans. I'd seen her cock before in the locker room, but now there was this hungry ache in my cunt. My futa-dick swelled hard. I stood up, the tip catching the lip of the desk. It sprung out, precum flicking from the tip and splashing across Jalila's face.

She giggled as she swiped it up. “Mmm, I'm in the splash zone.”

I winked at her and pushed my chair to the side. I bent over my desk, staring at her. My futa-cock thrust in her direction over the surface of my desk. She grinned and thrusts her hand down to her pussy. It was against the rules for the students to masturbate while I was getting my Program-mandate relief, but who would complain?

I wasn't going to.

Her fingers parted her dark outer pussy lips, exposing her pink depths. Her dusky fingers slid up and down her folds. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Mbali stepped out of her jeans and wiggled out of the scarlet panties she wore, her skin nearly midnight black compared to my rich ebony. Her multitude of beaded braids swayed about her lush and gorgeous face. She had an Amazonian hunger in her dark eyes as she moved behind me.

“I'm going to fuck you so hard,” groaned Mbali. “You look good bent over.”

I winked at her, relaxed. I enjoyed both futas and women. I'd learned that about myself. I used to think it made you a sissy-futa to like cock. That was just the childish in me, the fear that I wasn't as good as I thought. I needed to project strength because I was really such a weak and pathetic person. I was all bluster.

That was all torn away. Now I just wanted to be fucked by a hung futa.

“Mmm, pound her hard, Mbali,” moaned Jalila. She thrust three fingers into her pussy, her pink lips engulfing them. She shuddered on the table, pleasure rippling across her face. She thrust them in and out, churning up her cunt. The tart of her musk tickled my nose.

“Fuck her!” moaned Alanna, her thighs squeezing tight.

“I'm ready,” Lizaveta said, her jeans tented by her futa-cock. She held her camera as she moved around us. “Drive into her hard, Mbali.”

My teammate giggled, her girlish sounds making my pussy clench. Then she pressed her hard cock against my pussy lips. I groaned at the feel of her girth. She was bigger than any cock I'd taken in my cunt. Not my asshole.

I had Candice's massive cock back there.

I wiggled my hips, rubbing my pussy lips against her cock. Then I pressed backward, my labia parting around her thick shaft. She grabbed my hips, stroking me with her slender fingers. I shuddered as my twat swallowed her crown.

“I think we're going to have a lot of fun at team practices next year,” Mbali said and then thrust her girl-dick into my cunt's depths.

“Yes!” I howled as she filled me to the hilt. Her thick bush smacked into my ass. Her pubic hairs tickled me. I groaned, squeezing down around her futa-cock while a rush of ecstatic delight shot to the tip of my throbbing cock.

Jalila cooed. Her fingers plunged faster into her cunt, churning her pussy cream to a bubbly froth. I stared at that hot cunt and stirred my hips right and lift. My pussy undulated around that thick cock buried in me. I gripped it. Loved it.

Mbali moaned as she drew back her girl-dick. She slid out of my cunt's depths. I squeezed around her, reveling in the feel of her thick girth. She groaned and then slammed into my pussy. My futa-cock twitched. Heat rushed through my body. Bliss.

“Goddess, yes!” I moaned. “Come on, Mbali, drive that big cock to my depths. Fill me up again and again. Make me cum with that huge-clit-dick!”

“Oh, Shelena, I'll make you squeal like the futa-slut you are!”

I giggled as Mbali thrust into me again. “You know it. I'm such a futa-slut. I love taking a hard girl-dick in my cunt. Stir me up. I'm going to fire my jizz all over Jalila. She's in the splash zone.”

“Yes,” Jalila moaned. She shuddered and scooted closer to the edge of her desk. Her fingers plundered her cunt, that tart scent of pussy filling my nose. “Do it!”

Mbali's hands stroked around my body as she fucked me. She drove her girl-dick deep and hard into my cunt. She stirred me up. Her hands slid up both my tits. She grasped my breasts. She squeezed and massaged them. I shuddered as she held them tight. She dug her fingers into them.

Pleasure rippled down from my heavy breasts held her massaging grasp to my pussy. My cunt drank it in while squeezing around her girl-dick. The silky friction generated by her plunging cock warmed my ovaries. My futa-cock ached, precum dripping from the tip.

“Oh, yes, drive that cock hard into me!” I moaned. “Goddess, you can fuck me harder. We play football! I can take it!”

“Yes!” panted Mbali. She rammed into me. Our flesh smacked together, my butt-cheeks jiggling. Her fingers dug into my tits. “Oh, Goddess, that's good pussy. Yes, yes, you feel incredible about me, Shelena!”

“You should try being on the receiving end of your strokes!” I groaned.

“I know,” purred Alanna glass; her thighs squeezed tight.

“Uh-huh, Mbali drives so hard into your cunt,” panted Jalila.

“Yes,” added Juniper. “Oh, Shelena, you're going to explode on that big cock, aren't you?”

“So fucking hard!” I panted, rotating my hips.

The pressure built and built at the tip of my girl-dick. I grabbed it with my right hand, leaning my weight all the way on my left. My body rocked, matching Mbali's rhythm while my hand pumped up and down my cock. Pleasure surged down my shaft, mixing with the bliss blazing in my cunt.

My ovaries approached their boil.

I shuddered, the rapture spilling through me felt incredible. Mbali's hard thrusts had my toes curling in my sandals. I fisted my girl-dick faster and faster to match the plunging passion of her futa-cock into my cunt.

I was so close. I squeezed around her girl-dick, aching for my bliss. Lizaveta moved around us, catching the fun. I groaned, enjoying the camera on us. Mbali panted. She squeezed my tits and slammed hard into my cunt.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, my hand sliding up my cock to the pinnacle. I massaged my spongy shaft while my pussy gripped Mbali's thick dick.

I erupted.

My futa-cum spurted hard from my cock, arching over my desk, and splattering right on the back of Jalila's hand as she masturbated. She gasped and ripped her fingers out of the way. My second blast splattered her dusky vulva and pink labia, dribbling into her cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the cheerleader gasped and joined us. As my third blast arched for her cunt, her juices gushed out of her pussy and splashed across my desk.

The tart aroma of her cunt filled my nose as I basted her twat. My pussy spasmed around Mbali's cock. Waves of bliss and jolts of euphoria swept through my body. I moaned and trembled, stars bursting across my vision.

“Goddess, yes!” Mbali moaned as she pumped away at my convulsing twat. “Your pussy, Shelena! So fucking good!”

“Cum in her!” Jalila gasped, trembling through her orgasm as her pussy dripping with my cum.

“Do it!” I moaned. “Give me your futa-spunk!”

My teammate rammed her girl-dick to the hilt in my spasming pussy. Her jizz fired into me. The hot spurt of a futa's cum splashing against my cervix sent a powerful wave of rapture through my flesh. I gasped, my body trembling.

She pumped me full of spunk as I spurted my final blast of girl-jizz. It splattered across the top of my desk, mixing with the puddle of girl-cream. Jalila panted as she rubbed my jizz into her cunt. I trembled, milking Mbali dry.

“Damn,” I panted as my orgasm died. My body buzzed. I felt amazing.

“Mmm,” Mbali groaned. She pulled out of me and smacked my rump. “That's damn good pussy you got, Shelena. Any time, I'll be there.”

“Yeah,” I panted, grabbing my seat and sitting down.

Alanna swiped up my cum mixed with Jalila's cream off my desk. The naughty girl popped it into her mouth and smiled. “Not bad, Shelena.”

I winked at her.

As I leaned back, my thought drifted to Guanting and those intense eyes. Was I falling in love with one of the futa-nerds I bullied? I groaned and shook my head. That couldn't be it. She just gave me a nice fuck last night.

That was all.

The girls showed up to the locker room. I glanced at Ginny as she stripped naked. I approached her. She glanced at me, a moment of wary fear in her eyes before it vanished. Guilt swirled through me. No one should be afraid at their college.

“Hey, uh, Ginny,” I said, my stomach roiling. My tongue felt so heavy. “I, uh, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.”

“For?” she asked as she pulled on her purple gym shorts.

“At the start of the school year, I didn't care about what you felt. I just wanted to fuck you.”

“I know that,” she said.

“I made you afraid of me,” I said, rolling my shoulders. “That's not right. I shouldn't have done that. I should have backed off when you said no. I was a cunt.”

She nodded.

“So, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about that. I really am. This last week, I've kinda been seeing things differently.”

“Realizing you're no different from everyone else can do that,” she said. She pulled on her gray tank top. She paused. “Apology accepted, Shelena.”

She glanced at me and even gave me a smile before she darted off. I felt... good. My shoulders didn't feel as heavy. I smiled and headed out with the other girls to have PE, my tennis shoes laced uptight, my cock hard.

I enjoyed Candice's hard cock fucking my pussy this time for relief. She pounded me hard and when it was over, I looked her in the eye and apologized to her. The nerdy futa just blushed, nodded, and darted to hang out with Ginny. To my delight, Ginny fell to her knees and sucked my pussy cream off Candice's cock before Coach Musil yelled at them to knock it off and start running laps with the rest of us.

On my way to third period, I pulled out of the press of students Lizaveta and apologized for all the names I'd called her. After, I spotted Valarie Riches, a futa in the chess club. “Sorry for making you do my homework.”

She smiled and nodded before heading to class.

I didn't ask for relief in my third class, but I felt I would get it. Maybe even from one of the girls. I was feeling great about myself as I headed towards lunch. I spotted Patty Abbott and told her I was sorry for pressuring her into sex when she was in the Program. After, I spotted into Paloma and Salome holding hands.

“Hey,” I said to them, jogging down the hallway, my big breasts and hard cock jiggling.

“Oh, I don't need my pussy full of cum, thanks,” Salome said. She pattered her stomach through her tank top. “Letizia got me already. Paloma's going to lick me clean.”

“No, I just wanted to say, I'm so sorry, Salome.” I grabbed her hand and stared the petite, Hispanic girl in the eyes. “I treated you worse than any other person at this college. I spent most of the year trying to get your virginity.”

She blushed.

“I trained you to love my cock and tried to break up your relationship with Paloma out of arrogance. I wanted to be the one to break you in, and I didn't care who I hurt, least of all you. I even said I loved you.” Tears burned in my eyes. “I was a complete piece of shit. Everyone was right to hate me after what I did to you last week.”

“Shelena,” she said, tears in her eyes.

“I don't care if you forgive me, but I just have to let you know that I'm horrified at how much of a bitch I was. What I did to you was unforgivable. I just had to let you know. I'm sorry. I'm glad you and Paloma are still together. You two are great. You have something special.”

Something I'd never tasted. Probably never would.

Salome, to my utter shock, leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. “You're forgiven, Shelena.”

The tears spilled down my cheeks. I swallowed, emotion burning hot at the back of my throat. I struggled to control myself, my tits jiggling as my shoulders swayed. I drew in a ragged breath and wiped at my eyes.

“Thank you,” I croaked. “And Paloma, I'm sorry about it all.”

“I know.” She smiled at me. “You're forgiven. Maybe... Maybe you can fuck Salome's pussy so I can lick her clean.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, if she's cool with it,” I said, struggling to keep the emotions bottled up. They wanted to spring out again.

“Yeah, maybe,” Salome said. She swallowed as this awkward energy rippled around us. “Well, I mean, Paloma wants to eat my creampie, so...”

“Right, right, enjoy.” I smiled at them even as my heart bruised with pain. They had something special. Something I never had because I didn't care about anyone but myself. A selfish person would never have the true joys of love. They might take it from another, but they wouldn't get the delight of reciprocating it.

In the end, a selfish person would smother those emotions and destroy them.

I shuddered and pressed on. My throat continued to burn as I headed to the cafeteria. Girls smiled at me. A senior named Tina Walker actually grabbed my girl-dick and gave me a quick stroke. I groaned at her touch.

I headed into the cafeteria and looked around.

My gaze froze on Guanting Chan. The Chinese futa was talking with Lizaveta, Candice, and Ginny. I swallowed, remembering the two times Guanting had fucked me. When she took my cherry on Tuesday and the night before during the gangbang. This strange flood of emotions surged through me.

I wasn't worthy of these emotions.

Fear rippled through me. I should go before Guanting noticed me. I owed her an apology, but I couldn't handle these feelings brimming me. The futa had become special to me before I even noticed it. maybe I was just being like a dewy-eyed virgin after having her cherry popped who thought that it must be true love.

Like Guanting cared about me.

I was about to leave when Candice noticed me. I heard my name come from her lips. Guanting turned around in response and spotted me, a smile on her face. She was Chinese, glasses perched on her nose. She wore her black hair in a straight fall down her back, barrettes holding it back from her face. She wore a blouse that buttoned to her neck, blue today with a red bow tie. Her skirt fell down her thighs.

She was so beautiful. Graceful and elegant. She didn't flaunt her body but dressed in her own style. A style I had mocked as old-fashioned and prudish. My cheeks burned bright. I wasn't good enough for her.

I whirled around and pushed past a pair of futas entering the cafeteria and fled down the hallway. I walked at a brisk pace at first and then broke into a run. Humiliating guilt rippled through me. I was embarrassed at being seen staring and for fleeing like a pussy.

This week had me off-balanced. Changed. I wanted to be a better person. I was so pathetic. After all, I had done, I couldn't expect Guanting to have any feelings for me. I just saw pleasure in the nerd's eyes when she came in me the day before.

That was it.

This was just a dumb crush. It happened. I'd get over it.

I broke outside into the warm sun. My ebony breasts jiggled as I rushed around the building. I found myself at the small alcove. It was created by a quirk of the college's architecture. It created this open space that had a narrow entrance. Two classrooms almost came together before their walls spread away.

I leaned against the brick wall, panting. I banged my head into it and winced at the flare of pain. I just had to let these feeling melt out of me. The pain in my heart would fade. I deserved some suffering from the cunt I had been.

A shadow darkened the alcove. I stiffened as someone walked through the gap, skirts rustling. Guanting stepped into view. She glanced at me and her expression softened. A smile curled the corners of her lips.

“Did you run away from me?” she asked, something mocking or playful in her tone. I couldn't tell which. Her eyes flicked up and down my body. “You're scared of the old-fashioned futa-matron? Didn't you once suggest I buy a cane to complete the look.”

My cheeks warmed. “Yeah, I was a cunt,” I muttered, looking away. “Sorry.”

Guanting nodded. “You didn't run away because you were afraid to apologize to me, right?”

I winced. I wanted to lie, but I was trying this grown-up thing. “No.”

An amused smiled played on her lips. Then she undid her bow tie, the silk rasping together. The sound excited my girl-dick. It swelled hard as she pulled it through her collar and dropped it. Then her fingers attacked the buttons of her blouse, undoing them one by one.

“You think I'm sexy, don't you?” she said, her own bulge forming beneath her skirt. “You think I'm a sexy nerd. You like that I dress old-fashion. Makes you think what I'm wearing underneath here. What sort of panties or bra.”

My cheeks burned. “I guess so.”

“What if I'm not wearing panties, just the pantyhose?” she asked, arching her delicate eyebrows.

“Damn,” I groaned, my girl-dick so hard. My pussy juices dripped cream down my thighs.

“Oh, does that excite you?” she asked. “Mmm, does that make you want to fall to your knees, rip open my pantyhose, and suck on my freed girl-dick?”

“It kinda does.” I stared at her then groaned as she pulled open her blouse. She had on a black bra that cupped her round breasts. Her nipples poked at the thin material. She had a red bow between her tits. Around her waist, her pantyhose reached higher than her skirt, clinging to her lower stomach right beneath her bellybutton.

“You like my bra?” she asked.

“It's sexy,” I said. “Different from what I thought you'd wear.”

“Something white and boring right?” She licked her lips. “Nerds like to have fun, too.”

“Yeah, learned that yesterday. You all had fun with me.”

She winked at me. “Mmm, do you like the bow on my bra?”

“It's cute.”

“Touch it. Play with it.”

I thrust my right hand out and stroked it. The bow was cute. Sexy, even. My fingers dipped down and I felt something. My brow furrowed. Was that the clasp of her bra. I gripped the material and twisted.

Her bra snapped apart, her round breasts bouncing free. Her nipples quivered atop those dark-olive mounds. I groaned, my ebony hands seizing her tits. I squeezed and kneaded them. Then I ducked my head down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. My large tits swayed beneath me as I nursed on Guanting's nub. My tongue swirled around it.

“Oh, Shelena,” she groaned.

I heard the rustle of cloth. A zipper rasped for a moment. A short one. More cloth swished. Had she taken off her skirt? I wanted to look, but I was enjoying sucking on her nub. My hands kneaded her breasts.

“You're making my girl-dick so hard and my pussy so wet,” she groaned. “Mmm, yes, you are. You're just a naughty thing, aren't you?”

I sucked hard on her nub. Then I nipped her nipple with my teeth.

She sucked in a sharp breath before groaning, “Yes, you are. Ooh, I liked that. With the teeth. I've never had a girl do that to me.”

I popped my mouth off her nipple and stared up into her dark eyes behind her glasses. “Not a futa?”

“You're my first futa,” she said. “Only enjoyed girls before you. There's just something special about you, Shelena. I get why the girls all wanted to fuck you even if you were a massive cunt and asshole all at the same time.”

“I was a real futa-bitch,” I purred and then sucked on her other nipple.

“Yes!” she gasped, her hands grabbing my shoulders. She gripped me, her fingers digging into my flesh.

I loved sucking and nibbling on her nub. I enjoyed the feel of her nipple in my mouth. It was such a succulent delight. My tongue swirled around her areola between my sucks while her moans sang through the alcove.

My hands kneaded both her round, plump tits. I dug my fingers into her flesh while my curiosity got the better of me. Had she taken off her skirt? I had to find out. I slid my hands down her body as I kept nursing on her nipple. She had smooth skin, like silk. She sucked in a breath and quivered in delight.

I brushed the top of her pantyhose. The nylons hugged her hips. I went lower and lower. No skirt.


My hands slipped around to grab her ass. I pressed into her perky cheeks, feeling no panties beneath my touch. She was telling the truth. She only had on the pantyhose. It must be cupping her cock.

My futa-dick throbbed. I had to touch her. Feel her cock through the silky fabric. My right hand slid around her hip again while my left slid down the curve of her rump. I reached between her thighs and felt her bush and the warmth of her cunt. Then my right hand reached her crotch. I cupped her futa-dick through her nylons, stroking her.

“Shelena, yes!” she moaned her face twisting. “Mmm, you're so bold. I love it.”

I popped my mouth off. “You got to be bold. You don't win the game if you can't make the play.”

She smiled at me. “Good thing I was bold enough to come here, eh?”

“Good thing,” I groaned.

I went to suck on her nipple when her hands pushed down on my shoulders. I didn't resist the cute futa-nerd. I knelt down before her, my tits quivering and shaking. My breasts had a heavy sway to them. I groaned as they bounced into each other. They jiggled with my excitement. My pussy clenched, the heat burning between my thighs.

I stared at her girl-dick trapped in her dark pantyhose. The olive hue of her skin bled through the fabric along the shaft. It pulsed and twitched with her heartbeat. She wanted me to tear her nylons open and play with her cock.

“You like being in pantyhose, don't you?” I asked, stroking my finger up and down her shaft. I pressed the nylon against her shaft.

“It feels incredible on my cock,” she whimpered. “It's almost unbearable. So when you rip me free, I'm ready to explode.”

I smiled and grabbed her nylons with both my hands. I gripped her on either side of her cock and tore. The fabric stretched for a moment. Then a run appeared, a line of small holes that spread wider and wider until the loud RIIIIIIP echoed through the alcove.

Her dark-olive cock popped out and bobbed right before my face. I didn't even hesitate to swallow the tip of her girl-dick. She gasped. Her face twisted in rapture. She groaned and shuddered, her head swaying from side to side as I nursed on her girl-dick. I loved the feel of her in my mouth. That wonderful taste and the succulent flavor of her precum spilling over my tongue.

“Oh, goddess, Shelena,” she panted, her glasses shifting. Her round breast jiggled as I nursed on her cock. “Damn, that's good. You're just such a hungry futa for my cock.”

I was. I wanted to please her. For the first time in my life, I was more concerned with someone else's pleasure than my own. The throbbing in my cock was a distant itch. It wasn't immediate. Wasn't something that concerned me at this moment.

Worshiping her clit-dick was all that mattered.

I danced my tongue around her futa-cock. I swirled and caressed her. I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down her cock. My lips sealed tight as I nursed. She groaned and shuddered, the pleasure twisting across her face.

“Oh, goddess, you're amazing, Shelena!” she panted, her praise swelling a warmth through me. A joyful delight.

Her hands grabbed my short, thick hair. She gripped me and groaned. I loved the sounds she made. I gave her the pleasure that caused her to gasp and moan and shudder. I delivered that to her. It was my mouth and tongue and lips that gave her rapture.

I thrust my hand between her thighs and rubbed through her silky bush. I found the hot folds of her pussy. I slid my finger and groaned as I felt her hymen. She'd never taken a girl-dick or even a dildo in her cunt.

“Shelena, fuck!” she gasped and then she erupted.

Her futa-cum fired into my mouth. I gasped and gulped it down. I swallowed the wonderful load. Every last salty blast. Her pussy juices soaked my fingers. She drenched me. The passion gushed out of her, filling my nose with the sweet musk of her passion. A dizzying heat rushed through my body.

I swallowed every last drop of the cum. I gulped it down, the frothy jizz pouring down my throat. I savored it warming my belly. My pussy. My girl-dick throbbed. The powerful ache surged straight to the tip.

“Shelena,” Guanting groaned. “I want you to take my cherry. I want you to slide your cock in me.”

This hot thrill ran through me. My crush on this nerdy futa intensified. She wanted to give me the same gift she'd stolen from me. I quivered, my cunt clenched. I slid my mouth off her clit-dick and growled.

I pulled her down by the hips. Her softening cock smacked into my large breast before she knelt before me. I kissed her hard, letting her taste the salty flavor of her own cum on my mouth. She whimpered, her tongue dueling with mine.

This thrill rippled through me. This heat. This joy. I had fucked so many women, and now a few futas, but it was always this hot and passionate rutting. This felt different. The way we kissed felt sweet. I wanted this to be special.

I didn't thrust her down like she was another slut to fuck, but set her down with care. I lowered her as I followed her down, my large breasts rubbing into her smaller tits. Our nipples kissed, sparks jetting down to my hot cunt.

She whimpered into the kiss as I settled my weight on her.

I broke the kiss, my cock rubbing against her half-hard dick. I stared down at her, feeling her fast breaths swelling her tits against mine. I brushed my nose against hers and whispered, “Guanting?” It was almost like a prayer. “Guanting, do you really want this?”

“Goddess, yes,” she moaned, “Please, Shelena, I want you in me. You're so beautiful. Even if you were a cunt.”

Were! Not are but were.

I kissed her again, loving the taste of her mouth. My hips shifted, siding my cock backward. My hard tip slid down her shaft until I was nuzzling into her bush and the hot folds of her pussy. I grabbed my cock, guiding myself lower. I felt her hymen. She groaned, her arms wrapping around me. She kissed me with passion.

A surge of love rippled through me as I pressed my girl-dick against her pussy. Her futa-cock twitched against my belly, trapped between us. I stroked her cheek as I pressed against her hymen. I'd only taken a few cherries. I always did it hard and fast, making the virgin into my slut.

I needed to apologize to Lola for what I'd said and done to her while I took her cherry. But that was for later.

Now I had Guanting to love.

She whimpered as I pressed against her hymen. Her fingers clawed my back. Her cherry popped. She shuddered and trembled beneath me. My cock entered her pussy. Her girl-dick twitched between us, swelling thicker with her growing excitement. Her deflowered twat stretched and stretched to take every inch of my shaft.

I bottomed out in her. She'd taken every inch of me.

Her pussy squeezed around my cock.

Bliss boiled through my veins.

We kissed with passion, tongues dueling, as I drew back my cock. Her cunt clenched around me, gripping my withdrawing dick. The pleasure melted down to my pussy. My snatch savored the silky friction. It heated up my ovaries.

Then I thrust back into her. Our nipples rubbed together. Her girl-dick throbbed between our bellies. She was fully hard now, her precum leaking out. She trembled and groaned. Her thighs wrapped around my hips.

She humped into my strokes. As I pumped into her pussy with slow but powerful thrusts, she met them. Her silky bush rubbed at my shaved pussy lips. The ticklish delight added to the thrill of being in her tight, once-virginal depths.

I broke the kiss and groaned, “Guanting!”

“Yes, yes, Shelena,” she panted. “Oh, that's incredible. Your girl-dick's filling me up. Mmm, yes that's wonderful. Ooh, you're making me feel amazing. I love feeling you in me.”

“I know the feeling,” I panted as I pumped away at her pussy. Her futa-dick throbbed against me.

I stared into her eyes as I thrust faster and faster. She felt so amazing, it was hard not to pump away at her silky heaven. My pussy clenched with every stroke. Juices flowed from my hot cunt, mixing with her cream bathing my clit-dick. Her cock felt so warm and hard between us, her precum staining our bellies.

I couldn't wait for her to cum.

I stroked her sides and kissed her lips as I made love to her. I savored her fingers stroking down my back. Her touch hot and electric. Our nipples brushed, building and building the fire in my cunt. I came closer and closer to erupting with every thrust into her depths.

She squeezed her twat around me. She gripped me and moaned. Our tongues danced together. They swirled about each other, teasing. I loved the taste of her on my mouth and lips. I reveled in the feel of her beneath me.

Our bodies slammed together. Her nipples throbbed against me. They felt so wicked. Such a naughty thing to experience. Our tongues danced and entwined, just like our bodies had. We were pressed so tight, breasts to breasts, her cock between us, her cunt squeezing around my girl-dick.

I buried to the hilt in her, loving how she felt. This amazing pleasure would have me erupting into her depths. I would cum hard in her. I would explode with power into her cunt's depths. It would be incredible. An amazing passion to enjoy.

She broke the kiss and panted, “Shelena! I'm almost there!”

“Don't hold back!” I moaned, thrusting into her silky snatch. “Just let yourself go, Guanting!”

“Yes, yes, Shelena!” she gasped. “Goddess, yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my thrusting dick.

Her girl-cock exploded. Hot cum pumped between us. Her jizz spurted up to our pressed tight breasts. She soaked us. I groaned as I drove my cock into her spasming depths. Her pussy rippled around my clit-dick, sending heat slamming into my cunt.

“Shelena!” she howled in delirious pleasure.

She clawed my back as I thrust hard and fast into her climaxing cunt. The pleasure of her pussy writhing around me fed the ache at the tip of my girl-dick. I groaned with every thrust into her writhing depths. My orgasm built faster and faster. My cunt dripped with my cream. It spilled down my cock and into her pussy as I buried into her.


I spurted my cum into the amazing futa's depths. A rush of love and pleasure shot through me. My dick unloaded, spurting into her spasming pussy as her cock continued to coat our bellies and tits in her passion. I kissed her hard as stars burst across my vision.

My pussy convulsed around nothing. Pussy juices gushed out. My girl-cum erupted again and again. Rapture and ecstasy, those two amazing delights, mixed and swirled through me. I quivered atop her, breasts pressed into tits. Our tongues dueled.

The pleasure surged so hot through me. I hit the pinnacle of my climax as her pussy milked me dry. I loved the nerdy futa beneath me. I kissed her so hard as we shuddered through our orgasms together. I buzzed as I crashed down into bliss.

I kissed her as my love for her overwhelmed me. I didn't want to get off of her. I wanted to stay like this forever.

I shuddered as my orgasm dwindled further. Our bodies were wonderfully slicked with her cum, my dick softening in her pussy. I stroked her face, brushing her glasses. I rubbed my nose against hers. This heat rippled through me. This need to ask the question burning inside of me.

Fear clenched about my heart. Despite sharing our passion, I was scared of what she would say. But I had to ask. “Would you, uh, like to go out on Friday?”

“Like on a date?” Guanting asked.

“Yeah. A date.” I swallowed as I stared down into the older futa's eyes.

She smiled. “Sure. Sounds fun. Meet after classes?”

Exhilaration surged through me. I kissed her hard, loving the feel of her glasses nudging against my face. Just because she was a nerd that dressed so old-fashioned didn't mean she wasn't a passionate lover. That she didn't have heat burning inside of her.

That she wasn't someone who made me feel like a better person.



The school day was over. I was done being in the Program.

The president waited outside the main exit. She was giving Catherine Snider her miniskirt and tank top to put on. The girl grabbed them then just strolled off naked. President McTaggart watched her walk off, shifting.

“She does have a cute ass,” I said. “You hopeful the board of trustees will let you tap it?”

“Ms. Lowell,” President McTaggart purred, turning to face me. Her red hair flowed about her face. Amusement sparkled in the futa's eyes. “I hear there has been a marked improvement in your behavior. You've even been apologizing.”

“Er, yeah,” I said, rubbing at the back of my neck, my large tits swaying. “I kinda realized how much of a cunt I was.” I blushed. “I mean, jerk.”

“I've heard the word cunt before,” she said. Then winked at me. “I even have one.”

My girl-dick throbbed. Maybe if that ban got approved, she could tap my ass. That would be a delight. I was finding out I liked getting fucked. Girls were fun, but futas had dicks and pussies.

“Looks like you took your second chance and made something of it,” she continued.

“Yeah,” I said. “It's been nice. I've been having a good time. Things are different.”

“Don't waste it. It's good to grow and evolve.”

“It definitely does feel good,” I said noticing Guanting striding up in her long skirt and blouse. She had a smile on her lips, her glasses sparkling in the sun. “Excuse me, my date's here.”

President McTaggart glanced over at Guanting and then clapped her hands in delight. “That's wonderful. Have fun. Make her cum a lot.”

“I plan on it,” I said, heading out to have my first date ever. Not a booty call. Not a quickie in a bathroom, but dinner, a movie, and who knew what else we'd do. I reached Guanting, my futa-dick throbbing hard before her.

I cupped her face and kissed my futa-girlfriend. My sexy nerd. Growing up and evolving definitely had its perks. I was glad the Program came to our college. Without it, I never would have been so open with my passions. I never would have so thoroughly realized how much of a cunt I was to the entire school.

I never would have fallen on my ass. Sometimes, you needed to get knocked down so hard you are stunned by it. There was no other way to find the strength to stand back up and do it better. It applied in football and in life.

I slipped my arm around Guanting and strolled off with her, contented.

To be continued in the final Naked in School Tale...

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