Teachers: Mr Johns_(1)

Teachers: Mr Johns_(1)

Teachers: Mr Johns

It seems strange looking back on it now but I was never embarrassed about my body, I just hated showing it. This was most pronounced at school when I would avoid having a shower after sports lesson till everyone else had finished.

I would always volunteer to put the equipment away so that the showers were almost empty when it was my turn. Then I would quickly strip off run in get clean and with my towel tied around my waist get dressed, usually still soaking wet.

It wasn’t because I had a bad body. I was a little short for my age but I was really thin. I just never put any weight on which is why I was always the hooker in rugby and why I was fast at the 100 meters. The other boys in class called me bony and basically laughed at my total lack of any physique. It didn’t help much that I was a bit of a loner.

I had been brought up in children’s homes most of my life and making friends was always hard. As soon as I made a friend they were moved to another home so it never lasted long. So I suppose subconsciously it became pointless trying. I also had a massive inferiority complex. I wasn’t bullied, well not for long because I also had a red rage anger that would build up over weeks and then explode. If you were the one that tipped me over the edge it wouldn’t matter how big you were or how strong or even if you were an adult I just exploded and went for you. Not a pretty sight I can tell you.

I was in the top five in most subjects in my school year including sport so I did have a sense of achievement in what I did but still not much confidence in myself. A strange mixture really.

Anyway back to the story. We had a new PE teacher in the school who was rugby mad. PE was always my last lesson of the day so there was never any hurry to get to the next lesson. This caused me to sometimes take longer putting the equipment away and this particular day I entered the changing room as the last student left so I was all on my own. Or so I thought. Hearing a shower still running was not unusual so I stripped off and went into the shower room to be confronted by Mr Alban, the new PE teacher, naked, taking his shower.

To say I was embarrassed would be a gross understatement. I had never seen a naked man before. It was totally different to naked boys. Of course my eyes immediately dropped to his, what seemed to me then, huge penis.

“I….I’m sorry sir I thought everyone had gone.” I stammered.

“Is that why your always late?” He asked continuing with his shower.

I lowered my gaze to the floor. “No….no sir.” I said, “I just….”

“Took your time hoping the others had left so they wont comment on you slim body.” He interjected.

I wanted to lie but really couldn’t think of anything to say. “Yes sir.” I said, defeated.

“Well it’s just me so have your shower and then I think we need to have a chat. Ok?” Then he turned his shower off and walked out smiling at me.

For some reason that smile made me relax. I showered quickly and then, towel wrapped around my waist, went into the changing room where Mr Alban was drying himself off. His huge cock swinging around like a birdfeeder in the breeze. I turned my back to him and quickly dried myself and got dressed. For some reason I felt a strange stirring in my balls

“I understand how you feel about the other boys laughing at you.” He said quietly, ”I had the same problem when I was at school. Not because I was slim but because even now I am short. Like you I was the hooker in the team.”

(for those that don’t know what a rugby hooker is it’s usually the shortest or lightest man in the team that is in the middle man of the front line of the scrum. He hangs on the two props and uses his legs to hook the ball out. Hence hooker)

“Really.” I gasped, surprised.

“Yes, really.” He laughed. “Anyway. We need to make it a little less obvious that your doing what your doing because the other boys have noticed it. So in future I will ask you to put the stuff away instead of you just doing it. That way you will be doing it officially and if you want you can join the team when we play other schools home and away as our roady if you like. That way you will get the shower to yourself after a game or lesson. I usually lock the main doors once the others have all left so I may have to use the shower as well but that’s not a problem is it?”

“No sir, “I gasped, “Thank you sir.”

“Right I better let you out. Tuesday and Thursday are your PE lessons. I will let you know when we are playing a match and I will clear it with your home so you can join the team.”

“Thank you sir.” I said, as he opened the door and let me out, “See you tomorrow sir.” He smiled and closed the door.

All the way home I couldn’t get the picture of that huge cock out of my mind. The more I thought about it the stronger that stirring in my loins till I realised I was getting an erection. Shock was my initial reaction then confusion.

Thursday came and I was more relaxed than I had ever been. Not worrying about the showers seemed to lift a huge weight off me. I had a cracker of a game and even scored a try resulting in me taken off with a bruised shoulder. I sat and watched the rest of the game and then once finished waited, hesitantly.”

“Mike will you put the stuff away please and I think there maybe a ball at the bottom of the field.”

“Yes sir I will have a look.” I said with a smile.

By the time I had found the ball and put the stuff away the last student was just leaving and Mr Alban was locking the door. I went to the changing room and stripped off without a fear in the world. As I walked into the shower Mr Alban walked in stripped off and joined me. Again I was mesmerised by his cock.

“Yes it is real and yes you will be this big one day.” Mr Alban said, smiling.

I went bright red. “Sorry sir, it’s just, just….”

He moved over to me and said, “Look at it all you want. Lets get this embarrassment out of the way as we are going to be showering together a lot.”

“I’m, sorry sir.” I said quietly, “It’s just, it’s so, big sir.”

He laughed which lightened the situation a little.” Look lets get dried and go into the office where it’s a little warmer.”

He left the shower, grabbed a towel and headed for the office with me following behind. He was right of course the office was heated and much warmer. He dropped his towel on the floor. “Sit in the armchair.” He said. I did as instructed. “Now. Dry me.”


“Dry me.” He repeated. “Your curiosity is written all over your face. All those questions. What does it feel like? Does it hurt? So dry me. Touch it. Feel it. Get your answers. Then I will do the same for you.”

As I was sitting in the armchair his cock was right in front of my face. It was throbbing and seemed to be growing. I looked into his face, he was smiling, relaxed. Then slowly I reached out with the towel and, still a little afraid I dried his stomach but I couldn’t hold back and quickly made my way down to that huge cock. It wasn’t soft like I expected and it was growing. I was fascinated. The more I dried it the bigger it grew and the bigger it grew the more I dried it. By now it must have been 7 or 8 inches long and throbbing.

“Ok now I will dry you.” He said. I was disappointed. “Swap places.”

We switched places and he pulled me close to him and started to dry me. From my chest down to my feet and then back up again till he softly dried my small cock. Again I felt that tingle in my balls only this time it was ten times stronger and made me moan with pleasure. He kept up his manipulations for a few minutes, “Does that feel nice?” He asked.

“Oh yes sir.” I moaned.

“It made me feel good when you did it to me.” He said.

“Really?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh yes.” He said softly, “It made me feel all warm inside. Is that how you feel?”

“Oh yes sir.” I said struggling to keep upright.

“Maybe you better sit down while I dry you.”

“Yes sir.” I said and flopped into the armchair.

He pulled me forward till my bum was on the edge of the seat and then started drying me again. I don’t know when he stopped using the towel, I just know that at some point my cock was harder than it had ever been and was in his hand. He spread my legs wider and settled between them as I moaned in pleasure then, I felt warm air around my cock, then damp soft lips encompassing the swollen cock head. My eyes shot open and I let out a loud moan of exquisite pleasure as his head slowly raised and lowered over my tiny cock. As I closed my eyes again that tingle became an explosion that ran right up the length of my cock.

“Arrrrghhhhh.” I cried as my cock head exploded. My eyes shot open to see Mr Alban lapping the end of my cock with his tongue and white viscous fluid spurting into his mouth. “ooohhhh mmmyyy oh iiii’mmmm sorrrrrryyy sir I’m….”

As the fluid stopped he took my entire 3 inches into his mouth and then released me. ”Have you never had an orgasm before?” He asked.

“If that was an orgasm. Then no sir. Never.”

He smiled, “Would you like to learn how to do it.”

“Oh yes please sir.” I was eager. I wanted to feel that way a lot more believe me.

“Ok well I will ring your home and let them know you will be a bit late home. Swap places.”

He grabbed the phone off the desk and sat in the armchair with his legs spread wide. “Now you sit here and start drying my cock but without the towel.”

I did as he instructed and took his throbbing cock in my hand like I was drying it. He gave me a couple of instructions till I got it right and then he dialled a number on the phone.

“Oh yes hello.” He said smiling at me. “This is Mr Alban. I have Michael here. Yes. Yes that’s right but we have been held up I’m afraid so he will be a bit late home. Oh yes that’s fine I will give him dinner before I drop him off. Ok thank you bye.”

I don’t know why but playing with his cock while he spoke on the phone just seemed so, I don’t know. Exciting. I had a beaming smile on my face.

“Well that’s that sorted out. We have plenty of time now.” He said as he lifted his legs over the arm of the chair. “Now use you free hand to play with my balls as you rub up and down. That’s it now use your tongue and lick up and down the shaft all the way down to my bum crack and suck on one of my balls as you pass by.”

I didn’t think about anything. I just did as instructed and knew by his encouragement and the look on his face that I was doing it right. I had a strange feeling of pride in what I was doing, and an erection forming once again.

“Now when you come back up take my cock into your mouth and suck on it lightly, no teeth just gums and lips. That’s it. Now do that a couple of times then back down and up again. Oh that feels so nice. You really are good at this. Now when you get to my bum crack again push your tongue inside as far as you can.”

I have to admit that pushing my tongue into a mans shit hole did deter me a little but I did it anyway and was pleasantly surprised at both his reaction and the lack of any taste.

“Now push two fingers into my bum hole instead of your tongue. Oh yes, perfect. Your really good at this Mike.” After a few minutes of finger fucking his bum hole and wanking his cock his breathing had become a little erratic.

“Do you have a hard on Mike?” He asked.

“Yes sir I do.”

“Then why don’t you try putting it where your fingers are and see if you like it.”

He pulled his legs right up and I could see the opening waiting for me. I stood up and moved closer to that hole. He took hold of my erection and guided it in. I was amazed how comfortable it felt and how soon it disappeared. My Alban instructed me on how to fuck him and the grip of his bum hole was such that I very soon felt that hot juice running up my cock.”

“Oh sir.” I moaned loudly, “It’s happening again oh sir oh oh oooohhhhhhh.” It was so powerful that I had to stop but Mr Alban pulled me into him further and took over the actions until my legs collapsed.

“Did you enjoy that Mike?”

“Oh ye sir it was, well it was wow sir.”

“Good I am glad. Now back to sucking my cock young man.”

If I said I was eager it would be an understatement. My whole body glowed and I wanted to do anything I could to make Mr Alban feel like I did. I sucked that cock with gusto. It didn’t take very long. The first I knew of his orgasm was when a jet of something salty hit the inside of my mouth. I pulled my head back and saw that white fluid spurting from his cock. He pulled me back down and bobbed my head up and down till he had finished. I would like to say I swallowed it all but that would be a lie as some of it drizzled down my chin as I smiled with pride having given this man the same pleasurable feeling that he had given me.

“We should get showered and dressed or we will be at it all night.” He said with a laugh.

We had a shower and I have to admit to playing with him for a little while and having a quick suck before we dressed. As we drove away I asked, “Doe’s it hurt?”

“What up the bum do you mean?”


“Not me no.” He said with a smile, “It would probably hurt you if we didn’t prepare you first. Why? Would you like to try it like that?”

“I think I would sir.” I said, “As long as it doesn’t hurt.”

“Then we need to prepare you. When your alone in bed you can wank your cock. While your doing that lick you fingers and stick one up your bum. When that is comfortable use two then three and so on. I will get you some but plugs you can use to help and maybe by next week you can take a cock up your bum. Would you do like that?”

“Oh yes sir.” I said, “I will start tonight.”

“Well we will grab a takeaway and then I will drop you off.” He said. “Tell nobody what we have been doing and I will see you Saturday ok?”

“Yes sir.”

I was on a high all day Friday. I saw Mr Alban a couple of times but he was Mr Alban the teacher now. Saturday I arrived for the match which was a senior home game so I wasn’t playing. Being part of the field team I was in shorts and school shirt. All the while I did my best to act as normal. Constantly fighting off an erection. I had been wanking my cock almost none stop since Thursday and even taught myself to hold my orgasm off as long as possible, making it explode painfully from my cock but with such pleasurable pain I always wanted more.

Once the match was over I took my time as usual putting the equipment away and as I had hoped when I got to the changing room it was empty. I stripped off and went into the shower and just sat on the floor under the steaming water enjoying the relaxing spray. I heard the door open and a moment later Mr Alban entered.

He stood in front of me. His huge cock was hard and throbbing. He just looked at me, smiling. I knew what he wanted and took his throbbing cock into my hand and slid it into my mouth. All the little things I had tried on myself I did to him. He let out a loud moan and had to lean on the wall for support so I knew he was enjoying it. Again I had that sense of pride in my achievement which doubled as his knees almost gave way and he shot streams of cum into my waiting mouth.

“My god boy you have been practicing.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now get dressed. I have present for you.”

I was a little disappointed that he didn’t make me come, but I was eager to see what his present was.”

We quickly washed and then returned to the dressing room. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small box. As he opened it I saw a small conical shape with what looked like a stand. He took it out and then told me to turn round, bend over and spread my legs. Once I was in position he ran his hand under my body and started playing my rapidly rising cock. Then I felt his breath on my buttocks and then, with a bit of a shock, his tongue brushed my anus. My cock pulsed at the touch.

His grip on my cock got harder and the movements more rapid as he forced his tongue deeper into my anal cavity. I was going to come. I moaned loudly, the speed of his hand on my cock made my legs weak and I almost collapsed. Then it came. My seed shot out my cock so fats it was painful. At that precise moment I felt something hard pierce my bum. It was hard and only a couple of inches long but it felt like heaven as Mr Alban pushed and turned it. Finally my legs gave way. Luckily he caught me. And lowered me down to sit on his knees.

I leaned back and rested my head on his chest. “Oh sir. What did you do to me?”

“Your present young man.” He said, and held the strange object in front of me.

“It’s called a butt plug. And you have four of them. The smallest is lodged in your butt right now and will stay there till you take it out. Which will be as soon as it feels comfortable. Then you will put the next size in and so on till you have the biggest one in place. Once the big one is in your arse you will leave it there. In fact you will always have one in your butt so long as it is safe to do so. Understood?”

“Oh yes sir.” I gasped taking it from his hand, “It feels wonderful sir.”

“Once you have the big one in you need to practice gripping and releasing it with your muscles. See if you can make yourself come just by gripping and releasing it. It should be fun”

“Yes sir I will sir.” Standing up gingerly. I half expected it fall out but was pleasantly surprised when it stayed put. I seemed to instinctively start gripping and releasing it.

“Now get dressed and I will run you home.”

I didn’t get to see Mr Alban till PE lesson on Tuesday and he informed that he was going to be busy all afternoon as we were approaching the half term holiday. He asked me how I was managing with the toy’s and I told him I had the big one in since Sunday afternoon and it was really comfortable.

When I got up for school on Wednesday I was informed that Mr Alban was having guests at his house for tea and that there would be a young boy present and I was invited to join them so the boy had someone to play with.

I didn’t know if this was true. All I knew was I would be with Mr Alban after school and hopefully we would be able to play with each other. The day seemed to drag on forever. Finally the school was closed and Mr Alban met me at the front door.

“Come on then I have a surprise for you.” He said, “I need you to be on your very best behaviour and do everything that is asked of you. Ok?”

“Yes sir.” I said, “I will sir.”

I thought we were heading for Mr Albans car but we walked straight past it and headed for the big house at the entrance to the school grounds. It was huge place, old and historical look and it was the home of the Headmaster and his wife. This place was totally out of bounds to students. My heart was pounding. Had we been caught? Had I done something wrong? Was I going to be told off for some unknown offence.

As Mr Alban approached the door it was opened by Mrs Johns. The headmasters wife. She was quite tall, about 5’10” at a guess with long brown hair and slim body except for her boobs which seemed way too big for her chest. But she seemed nice, smiling broadly at me.

“You must be Michael.” She said holding out her hand to me.

I placed my hand in hers and she led me into the living room where Mr Johns sat comfortably in an armchair. Dressed in what looked like a full length dressing gown made of silk.

“Is this him?” Mr Johns asked, looking at Mr Alban.

“Yes sir.” Mr Alban replied. I was a little surprised at the deference that Mr Alban showed this man but then he was the Headmaster and that thought alone made me quake at the knees.

“Well young man.” Mr Johns said with a smile, “John here tells me good things about you.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Now why don’t you take your clothes off and let me have a proper look at you.”

I was surprised. I looked at Mr Alban who was now standing next to Mr Johns. He smiled and nodded at me. What else was I to do. These two men were the authority in the school and they expected to be obeyed. And Mr Alban had said I should be on my best behaviour and do as I was asked. I removed my clothes and shyly stood naked. Conscious of the plug still up my arse.

“Come here.” He said softly.

I moved towards him and he ran his hands lightly over my shoulder and down my back to my buttocks and then over my hips to my semi hard cock. “John tells me your very good at sucking cock Michael. Is that right?”

“We….we…well I do like it sir.” I said shakily.

“Come and show me how good you are. There’s a good boy.” As he said this he opened up his dressing gown to reveal his naked body. For a man in what I assumed was in his 50’s he was quite slim and the semi hard cock between his legs was bigger that Mr Alban but not as thick. I noticed all this as I dropped to me knees in front of Mr Johns. I took a deep breath and told myself to be the best I can be.

As I took hold of his cock and slowly ran my hand along it it became fully erect. Slowly I lowered my head and took it into my mouth. Mr Johns let out a sigh and I felt his body suddenly completely relax as he gave himself over to the pleasure of my young mouth. He guided me for his personal pleasure. Slowing me down, speeding me up so that his pleasure would rise and fall.

After a time I felt a soft hand on my buttocks, between my legs pulling my hips back and spreading my legs wide, never letting that cock escape my mouth. These were not Mr Albans hands. They had to belong to Mrs Johns. This was totally new to me. I had never been touched by a girl and the only time a woman had ever touched me was to wash me in the children’s homes I had attended through out my life.

These hands were sexually experienced. They played with my ever growing erection and twisted the butt plug in my arse. I moaned loudly. I moaned even louder when the plug was removed. And then, I felt something soft, rigid but soft knocking that vacant hole. Slowly it slipped in. Touching places that the plug had never reached. Brushing something inside me that sent a shockwave throughout my body and made my erect cock shudder in expectation. Whoever was in my arse started to speed up, going ever deeper till I felt it could go no further. Then they worked up a rhythm which I matched with Mr Johns cock in my mouth. I was rocking back and forth. Moaning loudly with each movement until finally, tears of total joy exploded from my eyes and I screamed aloud from my cock filled mouth as I cock erupted onto the floor and Mr Johns filled my mouth with more juice than I could hold. At the same time a loud moan of pleasure from behind me and the feeling in my rectum of juices hitting my deepest inside places.

As Mr Johns come dribbled from my mouth I moaned my apologues, “I’m sorry sir, so sorry, I couldn’t hold it all sir.”

“Shhhh.” Mr Johns said running his hand through my hair. “You should be very proud of yourself Michael. I have not come like that for a very very long time.”

“Neither have I.” The voice behind me said.

I turned my head to look into the eyes of Mrs Johns. Confused I looked down and was amazed to see that Mrs Johns had a cock, a rather large cock and a rather large pair of very firm tits. I was totally confused. I sat down as best I could and rested my head on Mr Johns lap as he kept running his hands through my hair.

I was allowed to stay there for a while and then Mrs Johns took my hand and we headed for a shower. She turned the water on and I stepped in. She gently washed me and all the time I couldn’t take my eyes off her naked body.

“Did you enjoy it?” She asked

“Oh yes Miss.” I said, “I never thought….”

“Go on.” she encouraged.

“Well your….a man?” I queried.

“I am Mrs Johns.” she smiled, “If we do this again then maybe we can discuss things a little more. But I think you have made Mr Johns very happy today. Now dry yourself off and put this on then we can go and have tea.” She handed me a small silk dressing gown, very much like the one Mr Johns wore. I put it on and went to the dining room where I found Mr and Mrs Johns waiting for at the table. No sign of Mr Alban.

“Don’t worry Michael.” Mr Johns said sitting at the table, “John will be back to drive you home a bit later.”

“Yes sir.” I said, taking the seat that Mrs Johns pointed to. They were both still dressed as before, there bodies open to my gaze. But it seemed natural to them.

I ate in silence half listening to what the two adults were talking about but obviously not being rude enough to interrupt, even though I knew some of the conversation was about me.

Once finished Mr Johns went back to his armchair and invited me to join him. I sat on his lap and it wasn’t long before I could feel his cock getting hard, so I moved now and then squirming against his rising erection.

I was hoping he would want to fuck me and I wasn’t disappointed. “Lift up for moment Michael.” He said.

I put my hands on the arms of the chair and lifted myself up. Sure enough I felt his erection knocking at my bum crack. “Good boy. Now lower yourself down.”

I sighed as, with my eyes closed, I slowly lowered myself on to his throbbing member. I felt him connect with my insides but continued till I was once again sitting on his lap. He pulled me back to lay on his chest and Mrs Johns came over and spread my legs either side of his. He didn’t try to fuck me but I did feel him making his cock throb inside me. This was where my training with the butt plugs came into effect. I used my butt muscles to wank his cock and was very satisfied to him moan with pleasure.

Of course by now I was erect as well and had grown to about 4 inches in length. Mrs Johns came over and sat between my legs smiling. She reached out for my cock and started to gently, very lightly play with balls and rub my cock. Then, to my absolute joy, she took me into her mouth.

I can picture it now. Laying on Mr Johns lap with my legs spread, his cock up my arse and my cock in his wife’s mouth, even with my cock and my arse pulsing wildly I was more relaxed than I had ever been in my life. It took only moments for me to shoot my little load into Mrs Johns mouth. Once I had finished she poked her tongue out to show me, or was it Mr Johns, my juices.

Mrs Johns then stood up and came round to the side of the chair, bringing my legs with her. Mr Johns put his arm round my back and sat me up till I could get Mrs Johns cock in my mouth, which I did with a smile.

Sucking her rather large cock and pulsing my butt muscles for Mr Johns was a bit of task but I eventually got a rhythm going. Though I couldn’t get a lot of her cock into my mouth, by playing with her balls and running my hand up and down that hard rod I eventually made her moan her juice into my mouth, as she did she took Mr Johns hand and I felt him too release his load into my eager bum hole. And, I have to say with some pride, I did not lose a drop and even poked my tongue out with some of Mrs Johns seed on it.

“Your cheeky you are.” She said brushing my face with her hand. “Come on lets get you cleaned up.

She took me to the shower and again she washed me, inside and out. I got dressed ready to go home and went back into the living room.

“Sit down Michael.” Mr Johns said pointing to the chair next to him.

“Have you enjoyed your visit today Michael?” Mrs Johns asked.

“Oh yes miss very much.” I said, eagerly.

“It’s half term holiday next week. “ Mr Johns said, “How would you like to spend it with us?”

“Really!” I gasped.

“Yes really” Mrs Johns laughed.

“Oh yes please miss.” I gasped, “Could I?”

“Of course you can.” She said, “We would love to have you.”

“But,” Mr Johns said, “You must never, ever tell anyone what we do here. Ok?”

“Oh no sir I wont I promise sir.”

“If anybody asks we play games and watch TV.”

“Yes sir games and TV sir.”

At that point there was a knock on the door and a moment later Mrs Johns showed Mr Alban into the room.

“You have done really well John.” Mr Johns said, “He is perfect.”

“Thank you sir.” Mr Alban replied. “Ok Michael lets get you home.”

It didn’t take long for me to get home and apart from confirming to Mr Alban that I had enjoyed myself the conversation was minimal. With a beaming smile I went to bed and fell instantly asleep, dreaming of the joys of the upcoming holiday week.

When Friday came I was taken directly to the headmasters house. Mrs Johns showed me my room which had a huge double bed and told me I was never to wear anything in bed. “Always sleep naked and if I or Mr Johns wish to join you we will. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes Miss.” I replied, “That would be nice.”

I showered and had dinner and again I spent the evening on Mr Johns lap. No sex this time, though I am sure he was getting hard again. Then as I started to doze off Mrs Johns said, “Ok Michael time for bed. Tomorrow we start a whole new life for you.” Once in bed I soon drifted off to sleep.

Mrs Johns woke me in the morning and told me to shower and put my dressing gown on, which I did. I joined them at the kitchen table and enjoyed a breakfast of boiled egg and soldiers. I helped Mrs Johns clear up afterwards and then she took me into the lounge where Mr Johns was once again in his armchair.

“How would you like to lay dress up today Michael?” He asked.

Not being sure what he meant I just smiled. Mr’s johns was standing behind me and then she lowered a dress in front of my face. “Do you like this?” She asked.

I reached out for it and run my hands over it, “Yes it’s very pretty and feels really nice. Can I try it on?” It was a lacy red dress with lace trim all around the hem and arms.

“Of course.” Mr Johns said, “And if you like it we will get you some more.”

I removed the dressing gown and Mrs Johns handed me a vest and then helped me get into some frilly knickers which felt really nice against my skin. Then she put the dress over my head and did the zip up at the back. She turned me to face her and used a hairbrush to part my hair, which had grown quite long.

“There.” She said with a smile, “You look really pretty. How does it feel?”

“It feels really nice.”

“Go and have a look in your bedroom mirror.”

I ran to my room and looked in the full length mirror. I was shocked how pretty I looked. I looked and felt much better in these clothes than I had ever felt in my boy clothes. I ran back to the lounge. “Thank you Mr Johns. I look really pretty. Is that, wrong of me.”

“No Michael.” He said softly and held his arms out to me. He pulled me up onto his lap and said, “This is the way you should always dress if it makes you happy and makes you feel good. It seems this is what you have always wanted but not known it.”

“Oh it does.” I said quietly, “It makes me feel really happy. Can I always dress in pretty clothes?”

“Well we would have to buy you some more now that we know you like them. But for now you can only wear them when you are here and not say anything to anyone.”

“Oh thank you sir.” I said. Turning slightly I kissed him the cheek. I felt an immediate reaction from his cock. “Would you like me to suck you cock sir?” I just felt I needed to repay him for all his kindness.

“That would be very, Michelle.” I looked at him quizzically. “Michelle is French for Michael and the name we will call you when you with us.”

I slid off his lap beaming with joy at my new name. I would show Mr Johns how happy he had made me. I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. I spent an age sucking and playing with that wonderful piece of meat until he couldn’t take any more, and then I took him deep into my mouth and finished him off. I swallowed most of his seed but deliberately let some dribble down my chin as I smiled with pride, before using my finger to wipe it into my mouth.

That week was the happiest I had ever been. I got lots of new clothes. I spent most evenings on Mr Johns lap as we talked or watched TV. I slept in my room or Mr Johns room with him and his wife or she would spend the night with me in my room. I played with her tits as well as her cock and she should me how wonderful sex could really be. Even Mr Alban spent a night in my bed so I could finally thank him for all that he had done for me. By the end of the week I didn’t want to leave.

Just before I was supposed to go home Mr Johns pulled me up onto his lap. “I have to ask you a serious question Michael, (I was back in boys clothes).” Mr Johns said.

“Ok.” I said worried.

“How would you like to live with Mr’s Johns and Myself for ever?”

“Oh really?” I asked jumping up.” Really really?”

“Yes really.” He laughed.

“Oh yes please.” I gasped, “Let me please I would be a good b….girl for you always I promise.”

“Well if you did it would mean we would become your mother and father and you would no longer see your real parents.”

“I never see my real parents anyway and when I do they don’t want me around.” I said sadly. “I have been happy this week. Happier than I can ever remember.”

“Then we will arrange it.” Mr Johns said. “It may take a few weeks but soon you will belong to us.” And with that he gave me a huge hug. I gave Mrs Johns a huge hug and a kiss and then Mr Alban drove me home.

I spent every weekend with Mr and Mrs Johns after that. Then many weeks later, on a Monday morning I was taken to a big office building instead of to school. I was sat in a small room with a settee and an armchair. I had no idea why I was there. After a while a lady walked in and sat down smiling.

“Good morning Michael.” She said, “My name is Helen and I have some questions I would like to ask you if that’s alright?”

I nodded silently. She asked about my weekends with Mr and Mrs Johns and without from saying anything about how I dressed or the other secret things I told her how everything we did, clothes shopping going on trips and playing games and generally how happy I had been and how much I loved going to see them.

“Well Mr and Mrs Johns would like you to live with them all the time. How would you feel about that?”

“Oh yes please.” I said, tears welling up in my eyes. “Can I please?”

She put her arm round me to calm me down. She explained that I would never see my mum and dad again. And I told her I didn’t care.

“Alright then.” She said standing up. “I will be back shortly.”

She came back a moment later and I became truly afraid when my mum and dad walked in behind her.

“I thought you may like to say good bye Michael.” Helen said.

“Bye.” I said tersely.

My parents sat down without a word. Helen took some papers from her bag and lay then in front of my parents. “If you would sign here and here.” She said pointing at the papers.

Two minutes later and my parents left the room without even a goodbye. I waited scared of what happened next as I had no idea. Then a different woman walked in closely followed by Mr and Mrs Johns. I flew at them. Throwing my arms around Mrs Johns as though my very life depended on it, tears flowing down my cheeks.

Mrs Johns sat down and pulled me to her. “There there.” She said, “Calm down now.” She dabbed at my face with a tissue. “It will all be over soon and you will come home with us.” That was all I needed to know.

“I don’t think he needs to be asked again. I think it is obvious that he has become very attached to you. Shall we just sign the papers and you can take him home.

And that was the start of my new life. Somehow the papers had my name as Michelle Johns and officially that was my name. IT was a little difficult to begin with being a boy by day and girl at home but after a couple of months Mr Johns took a job at a private school 400 miles away and from the first moment we arrived I was a full time girl. I never did PE due to ‘breathing problems’ but I ran around the field every morning and every evening I became triple A student in all academic subjects including maths English and information technology.

At 16 I was invited by Henry (Mr Johns) to embark on hormone therapy to enhance my female body. He explained everything that would happen and said the choice was entirely mine and I readily agreed. It was at this time that he explained to me that John (Mr Alban) and Susan (Mrs Johns) were in fact brother (s) and sister and that Mr Alban had chosen not to embark on hormone therapy as he loved sports too much. It did explain why they never had sex together though they would at times share me and my bed together.

At 18 I was given the option of breast implants which I accepted and had 34D implants which I thought suited my slim body and small stature of 5’ 8”. I was an adult. Free to make my own choices with a life before me that I would never have had with my own parents and, most importantly I loved and was loved.

Now at 28 I had just said my farewells to Henry Johns may he rest in peace and had a whole new life to look forward to. I gave Susan a last kiss and hug. Took Johns arm and walked into a bright future with a man that I knew would care for me for the rest of my life.

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