Sneaking Into The Locker Room

Sneaking Into The Locker Room

I wrote this story for my friend, who's mentioned obviously. It's fiction and as I'm not a writer myself, it's not of great quality from a writer's standpoint. I hope the story itself is enjoyable to all who read it.


Sitting in the stands, watching you play your game. I keep staring at your tight little ass in those spandex shorts and my mouth, and crotch start watering. Trying so hard not to touch myself in front of all these people, knowing what I’m going to do to you later. I keep crossing and uncrossing my legs, hoping that’ll temporarily relieve the tension between my legs. My jeans aren’t doing a good job of concealing it as I’ve conveniently forgotten to wear panties.

Seeing your butt jiggle as you jog off the court and head to the locker room makes me shiver. Quietly I walk down the bleachers and make my way to the rear entrance of the locker room, waiting until most of the girls have left before heading in. Walking in I noticed that a few of your teammates are still there, but think nothing of a young woman being in a girl’s locker room apparently. Upon seeing you I duck behind the lockers near the showers and hide so you can’t spot me.

Knowing you’re the last to leave, I wait patiently until everyone else has left, unzipping and pulling down my jeans, pulling my tank top off, leaving myself in only my bra, sneaking up behind you with you only wearing your spandex shorts. Smacking your plump behind, then wrapping my arms around you and pulling your spandex covered ass against my bare crotch, grinding myself against you, reaching my hands up and cupping your bare breasts, softly starting to knead them. Feeling you jump a little at my contact, then realizing it’s me, leaning yourself back against me, lightly moaning as I trace circles around your areola with my fingertips, slowly making my way towards your pink nipples, taking my time, drawing it out as long as possible before rubbing the tips of your nipples, making them hard, then using my thumb and forefinger to slightly pinch them, then roll them around. Moving my mouth to your neck, gently sucking and biting as I manipulate your breasts, continuing to rub my now wet slit against your covered ass, leaving a wet trail on the spandex. Feeling you start to move your hips, I take my right hand from your breast and drag a trail slowly down your tummy with my nail, stopping at your waistband, sliding my hand over the top of your shorts and cupping your crotch, feeling the fabric a little damp, squeezing a little bit, pressing two fingers against your lips, pushing the fabric between them.

Leaving that there, moving my hand up and pressing my two fingers against the top of your slit, feeling your slightly swollen clit, slowly starting to press down and move in circles. My left hand still massaging your breast and tweaking your nipple, realizing the other is being left out, I reach it across your chest and give it the same treatment, along with pulling on your nipple. Rubbing your clit faster and harder, moving my hips up and down against your sexy ass, feeling my pussy get wetter by the second, moisture starting to slide down my inner thighs. I stop rubbing your clit, moving my hand up above the waistband, sliding my fingers underneath, pressing against your mound and nipping your neck at the same time. Moving my hand down slowly, stopping at your clit for a second to pinch it, hearing you let out a little gasp as I do. Releasing your clit and sliding my hand lower, curling my index and pinky fingers back, pushing my two middle fingers between your lips and deep into your pussy in one thrust. Pressing down with the heel of my hand against your clit, starting to move my fingers in you, pumping them, steadily increasing the speed. I can hear your breathing quicken, feeling your left hand reach around and grab my ass, giggling upon feeling your hand on my ass.

Taking my left hand and grabbing the waistband of your shorts, pushing them down your legs, leaving them around just above your knees so you have to keep your legs together. Moving that hand back around, creating a little separation between your butt and my crotch, dragging my nails over your left cheek, then your right, continuing to thrust my fingers in and out of your soaking pussy. Dragging my nails around your hips over to your tummy, moving so my fingertips are barely touching it, moving them up and down over your stomach. Stopping right above your mound, taking three fingers and pressing down hard, curling the fingers of my other hand up and pumping my wrist in short, quick motions directly against your g-spot. Stepping forward again and pressing my wet and sticky slit against your right cheek, rotating my hips in circles, creating friction on my clit with your sexy cheek. Going as hard and fast as I can with my hand in your pussy, hearing you start letting out short, quiet moans, breathing faster and faster, feeling your stomach start to tighten up and your body jerking forward, I can feel you cumming, your pussy pulsating around my fingers, digging your nails into my ass cheek. I bite down a little on your neck feeling your nails dig into my ass, straightening out my fingers and pumping them in and out of you, moving my left hand down and pressing two fingers firmly against your clit, moving them up and down as fast as I can against your clit. Still grinding myself against your ass, getting closer to orgasm myself, but knowing I’m going to need more. Thrusting as fast as I can I feel your second consecutive orgasm, hearing you yelp slightly as my fingers work in and out of your pulsing pussy.

Removing my fingers from your pussy, bringing them up to your mouth and pushing them in between your lips, wiping your copious amounts of cum on your tongue, feeling you licking it off. Moving around to face you, looking into your eyes, noticing they’re glossy from your orgasms. Removing my fingers from your mouth after you’ve cleaned them off, pressing my lips to your’s, pushing my tongue into your mouth, running it over your’s, tasting your cum, moaning a little enjoying the flavor. Reaching my hands around and squeezing your plump cheeks, kneading them while kissing you, enjoying the feeling of your soft flesh in my hands. Raising my hands up and drawing my nails down, pressing them against your ass and slowly scratching them around your cheeks, hearing you exhale at the contact.

Grabbing your shorts and pushing them the rest of the way down your legs and off, wrapping my arm around your lower back and laying you down on the carpeted floor. Pulling my bra off and feeling my nipples harden instantly at the feeling of the cool air. Looking down at you, seeing you with your legs spread and your eyes close, smiling, admiring your beautiful and sexy body, loving everything I see. Getting on my knees and leaning my head down to your gorgeous pink pussy, looking at the glistening flesh close up, then pressing my lips to your clit, sucking it into my mouth and nipping it with my teeth, hearing you gasp as I do, raising your hips up just a bit. Moving my mouth down, sticking out my tongue a little, licking your inner lips, savoring the taste, feeling my pussy leaking. Then I abruptly shove my tongue into your pussy as far as I can, bringing my right hand up and playing with your clit. Pumping my tongue in and out of your soaking, sticky pussy, frigging your clit fast and hard, deciding I need some relief myself. Moving my left hand down between my legs, feeling the wetness all over my inner things, skipping my clit and thrusting two fingers into my pussy, making an audible sound as I do, grunting into your pussy. Sliding my tongue in and out, as fast as I can, loving the taste and feel of your hot pussy on my tongue. Fucking myself with my fingers for all I’m worth, wanting to cum badly, gyrating my hips back and forth as I tongue fuck you. Breathing heavier myself I feel your hips move up in a jerking motion, knowing that means your cumming, I feel your cum start to seep out around my tongue and into my mouth. Your orgasm into my mouth triggering my own as I make a loud moan into your pussy, my tongue still deep in there, cumming hard onto my hand, feeling my own cum just rolling out around my fingers and down my thighs. Pressing my legs together, feeling the incredible amount of moisture and stickiness coming together.

Pulling my fingers from my pussy, moving my head up from between your sexy thighs, crawling over you, reaching my left hand up and smearing my cum over your lips nose and breasts. Leaning down and kissing you, pushing your cum into your mouth, rolling my tongue around against your’s. Trying to fill your mouth with as much of your cum as I can. When I’ve accomplished that, I moving my lips from your’s, using my tongue to lick my cum off your face, holding it in my mouth, moving down to your breasts and licking it all up, flicking my tongue over your nipples and lightly sucking on them. Releasing the other nipple after making it hard, moving back up to your lips, holding a good amount of my own cum in my mouth, pushing it into your mouth, mixing our cum together, tasting it, loving it, pushing my crotch against your’s as it turns me on having all that cum in my mouth.

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