Long Time Coming_(2)

Long Time Coming_(2)

It was a Monday afternoon. I had flown into the town where my mom lived for a two week visit. It had been about 18 years since seeing each other, and this was the first time I was able to come and visit. We had chatted via E mail, and talked on the phone from time to time. But, alas, we were finally together for a much needed vacation together to catch up on our lives.
My mom and dad had split up when I was a kid about 2 years old, but my dad had sent me to stay with her once when I was 7. She lived with her boyfriend in a mobile home park.
One night after going to the bathroom, I was going back to my room when I noticed the door ajar to their room. I heard a faint laughter, and chose to peek in. My eyes were bedazzled. My mom was at the foot of the bed with her legs pulled back and apart with her boyfriend on the floor on his knees. She had her pussy spread in his face and he was licking it. I was first embarrassed, but also a bit turned on; the natural way a boy of 7 should have felt, I suppose. I returned to my room, not thinking much of what I saw.
Later that year I was sent back to live with my dad, and my step mom. As the years went by I never saw my mom; only getting the ocasional birthday card, and few phone calls.
As I grew to be a young man I noticed I had a very strong desire. It seemed that any time I was near a girl, I wanted to do nothing but lick her pussy. When I was 17 I experimented with my younger cousin. Though I never had sex with her through insertion of my then maturing cock I did lick her pussy a lot.
The years past and I had expeienced sex with many young ladies. I was wild, and had often picked women up in bars. I began to realize that I had this strange fascination to make love to women who were years older than me. In my escapades I had met, and had sex with many, from divorced wives, to older single women. At age 24 I found myself in a sexual relationship with a woman of 53. She was gentle, and soft and sensual, and she could ride a cock like no one I had experienced prior to that.
After 10 years of male whoring, I finally met a woman of my age that I fell for, and we were married. She was not the ost talented in bed, but I noticed that she liked role play, and would often pretend she was her mom, and I was doing her while her dad was away on business. I did, after all, have a private longing to bone her mom as well, and would have loved to have done them both at the same time. Then one night as I was beating her little pussy with my larger than average cok, she moaned aloud to me, and asked me, "Do you like to fuck mommies little pussy?" My cock instantly felt more aroused, and I kicked it into high gear, beating her wet pussy mercilessly.
"Oh, yes" she would say. "Fuck mommies pussy. Daddy won't know." The taboo mommie talk hit the spot every time, and I often pretended that I saw my mother's face on her as I would pull my hot rod out of her pussy and spray a hot stream of jiz all over her tits.
As time went by, things went south, and we split up. Sex was NOT the issue. I was feeling down, and returned to my hometown to pick up the pieces. I was 30 years old.
Later that year I contacted my mother to discuss my coming to pay a visit. We set all the details in motion, and that is where our tale sets in:
My mom picked me up at the airport. She is about 5'7", with your usual middle aged woman body. A little bit plump, with short red hair, and green eyes. When she met me she gave me a huge mom hug, and a small kiss on my lips.
"It's about time you come to see your old momma."
She was 58. I was 31, at 6'4", with short brown hair, and blue eyes, slender build.
She made a comment on how I looked so much like my dad.
We drove to her place, a small double wide moble home. She showed me my room, and I settled in and unpacked my bags. Later that evening after catching up, and the usual what not, she invited me to go out with her for dinner and a few drinks. I was ready for a drink by this time.
We drove to a small quiet Italian restaurant. She wore a low cut white blouse with right above the knees green skirt. I wore casual slacks and a golf shirt. We had dinner, and wine, and the feeling was warm.
As the evening progressed she lead me to a bar where we sat in the dark corner and had martinis. From time to time she commented how good it was to be with me finally, and she would plant a nice soft kiss on my lips. Well, by now, I began remembering back to the pussy licking incident, and began to become aroused. There were several older women in there making eyes at me that night, and mom would make sure I knew that I was considered a hot ticket.
Time went on and I noticed she began sitting closer to me, and often looking into my eyes. "You sure turned out to be a beautiful man."
I replied that she was a pretty hot number in my eyes. And once while she was staring at me I noticed her gently biting her bottom lip, and then she moved her lips to mine and planted a nice soft loose kiss on mine. I put my arm around her, and returned her kiss by opening my mouth, and she let her tongue run into my lips and entwine with my tongue. It was a good 15 second kiss, and when I pulled away she had this real sultry, yet loose look about her face. "I haven't ben kissed like that in years," she explained.
We both decided it was time to go back to her house. As we drove there I was driving, and I felt her hand on my left thigh. My cock was well awake. Once we arrived at her place she dissappeared into her room as she states, 'I need to change. Make yourself a drink, and turn on the set."
I did as she requested, making her a drink also. I returned to the couch, and she soon returned. What I was was mouth watering. A mature midle aged red head woman in a very red silk negligie that barely reached below her waist line. Her thighs were milky white, and sensually thick, with calves leading down to her feet with toenails painted red. Up top at the breast was a lace string which held it all together with small shoulder straps. She sat next to me on my right side, and leaned up against me. I responded by putting my arm around her. As we drank, we chit chatted, and soon silence fell. She was staring into my eyes, as her lips gentlty approached mine. The long passionate kiss she laid on me was unsurpassed. My cock was really hard, and bulging in my pants.
With a rasy voice she softly said,"You know, you could have gone home with any woman at the bar if you wanted............" then she continued her kiss.
"Well," I said, " I am perfectly happy with my current company."
"I'm glad. And I have to be honest............. It would be a waste of a perfectly wonderful evening between two adults if we just said good night and got into seperate beds."
By now, I knew that it was on. I was about to step into a relm of taboo that few men have dared to venture.
"Well," I said to her, "I cannot think of any woman I would rather be with tonight than you."
With that she landed a huge wet sloppy kiss all over my lips, as if someone had opened the gate at a horse race, and she rushed right into action. She was kissing my neck and ear with her soft hot tongue, breathing heavily as her right hand caressed my chest. My lips began mnoving to her neck as she leaned her head back to let me explore her skin. Her perfume was sensual, and arousing. My heart was racing, and my left hand was releasing the string between her large milky white breats. She began to let out smooth raspy moans. I was soon at her breats with my fingers, gently pinching her stiff nipples, my hot tongue all over her neck and down to her chest.
She rolled over to get on my lap facing me with her breasts in my face, and then she reached up to lower the straps down her shoulders, exposing her boobs to me. She straddled my lap and began pulling my shirt up and off of me, tossing it onto the floor behind her. My lips went to her awaiting breasts and I tasted her nipples. She moaned with pleasure......." Mmmmmmmmm, yes, baby, suck on those tits for momma."
My hands reached around her backside to caress the wide hipped cheeks of her ass. As I cuped them with my face between her breasts licking her cleavage moist, I rolled her over onto her back and placed hewr thighs on my shoulders. I was on my knees on the floor in front of her. I knelt upright, and loosened my pants, and then I stood up and slid them off onto the flooe. My cock was stiff, and a huge bulge was visible. Her eyes stared at my crotch. Her legs were back against her shouilders, and I could see a very large wet spot all inbetween her thighs soaking her silky red panties. I took her left foot in my hand and caressed the toes as I licked her ankle, and soon put her toes in my mouth, licking between them with my tongue,
"OH, Oh my GOD. Ooohhh, you sexy sexy man you," she moaned.
I began the journey with my tongue down the inside of her calf, and she moaned, her hips raising up from time to time. I was eyeing that 3 inch wide gash between her thighs as my tongue landed a soft spot on her inner thigh. I reached with my left hand closer to her crotch, and gently stroked my fingers across that huge wet spot. She let out a nice sigh, "Don't tease me..................."
My face got closer to her panties and she used her right hand to pull the panties aside, revealing her very wet, and rather large set of pussy lips. At long last, I was seeing eye to eye the pussy that brought me into the world, and I was about to smother my face in its wetness.
"I have waited all night for this," she says as she began pushing her panties off her hips. I slowly removed them as I licked all the way up her right thigh and led her foot and toes to my steaming tongue.
"Oh............baby. I don't think any man has ever made me feel the way I feel right now."
My face descended back down as was met with her spreading her thighs back, and with her left hand her first and middle finger spread open the large lips that were dark pink with sexy brown edges. Her pussy was really big, and I was on my way to making this one pussy licking she would never be able to forget. As my tongue licked from side to side, she moaned and hunched. My hands caressed her inner thighs as I rubbed my nose and tongue all over the wet hot flesh. I soon licked back to her thigh as I used my fingers on my right hand to slide up deep into her gaping hole and caress her cherry. I was using three fingers when she asked me to use all four. It was not long before I was practically fisting this big pussy. She was moaning louder now. I removed my hand and began licking again, finding the spot she loved most just under her swollen clit. She soon began to thrust, and with a loud "OH< GOD< YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" her pussy began spraying my face with a stream of hot pussy juice. By now, I had already surrendered to the fact that this was going to be the greatest fuck I had ever encountered.
As my fingers probed deep in her I raised up. She was loking at me with her mouth open, as she gasped for air.
"You like that , baby?" I said
"I......I..... I never have had anyone make me come like that. OH ,dear God that was great. "
"You want some more?"
"Later. Right now, I just want you to come up here and kiss me"
As I stood up, I pushed my undies off, and positioned my knee on the couch right below her thighs. As I leaned forward to kiss her lips, she reached for my cock with her right hand and spread her pussy lips with her left. As I began giving her my tongue, she led the shaft of my cock into her slick, juicy hot bed of flesh. I allowed the head to slide in, but not the whole nine inches. I looked down, and took the shaft of my cock, pulling it out of her pussy.&#039;
"Oh, baby, please don&#039;t pull it out. Don&#039;t tease mommie." I slid the head up and down between the big lips, and slapped her clit with it. Then slid it back in. Her eyes closed as she moaned loudly, and thrust her wide hips at each of my slow thrusts. Her pussy was making a sexy slurping sound ad my cock slid in and out, each time strinking the cherry deep in her pussy. Her breasts bounced with each steady pounding thrust. She soon began to moan more, and exclaim she was coming again. Wet pussy juice was squirting out all over the shaft of my cock, dripping onto the couch. I continued to hammer, harder now.
She began to get more excited. "Fuck me...............oooooooooohhhhhh, fuck your mother&#039;s big pussy. Fuck me silly you sexy little boy!"
"Oh, yeah? Is this what you want?" as I pulled out of her to slide the shaft in between her lips. Her hand reached for the shaft and stroked it and led it back in.
"You have no idea how long it has been since I have been fucked like this. I have you for 2 weeks."
"Well, it&#039;s been a long time coming. I have fantasized about fucking this pussy many times."
"Well, it&#039;s all yours tonight. Come on baby pound mommies big wet pussy. Oh yes, just like that."
The sex continued for a while, often times I pulled out to lower myself for more pussy .licking.

As the night went on, I knew that I needed to finish up my task, after having made her come many many times. I was in the final stage of pounding on her cunt when I felt my orgasm coming on.&#039; Oh, momma, oh, here it comes. I&#039;am gonna come baby. Where do you want it?"
"All over my pussy lips and breasts."
She watched as I slid my rod out of her hold, then shr grabbed it and stroked me to my climax. The largest stream of come I had ever shot came spewing out all over her breasts, with one spurt reaching her face and getting in her hair.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yyyyyyyyyeessssssssss. OH! Take it baby, take it"
She rubbed the head of my cock all over her pussy lips as the last squirt oozed out.
"Oh, my GOD...." she exclaimed........"That was one sexy load of come."
She rubbed the sperm all over her belly and tits. I was completely drained, and fell onto her. We got up and went to her bed where she laid me back, and got on top of me with her thighs in my face and she spread her lipsa all over me. It was morning before we quit fucking. And every single day of my trip ended with my cock im my mom&#039;s big wet pussy.

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