Oh Daddy all three parts!

Oh Daddy all three parts!

Oh Daddy, part 1, My Letter to Daddy

Sometime the pain from my health problems disrupts my routine; however, I do not let it rule my whole day. Like today, I’m up way too early but only because I took a nap yesterday. I'm not in any pain, just horny as hell, and sitting here naked and masturbating. You see, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and love playing with myself, while fantasizing about my new lover John. I wish he were shoving his index finger deep into my drenched cunt. I love how it makes me quiver and tingly all over, knowing what is yet to come. Will he eat me next, fist me, or shove his hard cock deep inside me. I walk over to the window curtain and open it, making sure anyone going by our house can see that I am naked. I love being this naughty too.

Hell I even stripped on the ride home with hubby yesterday at 9pm. I came so hard I nearly passed out. It was safe and kind of risky, but I did it because he asked me too. It turns him on too and by the way, he does the same thing when I’m driving. He takes his pants down to his knees, and jacks his cock for me, until I stop, strip, and give him a blowjob.

I wish I were standing naked in front of Daddy right now. My trembling fingers would be grasping my nipples, rolling, pulling, and pinching them hard, as he watches with lust in his eyes. I hear him moan and see that he’s slowly stroking his thick hard cock, I bring a nipple to my mouth, and suck on it, then roll my tongue around it. He then walks over too me and slides a digit deep into my pulsating hole, he sees how aroused I am, because he feels the effect on his finger too as my cunt clamps down on it, milking it like a cock.

I then look into his eyes and coo, "Ooooh Daddy he really know how to make me feel good. Ram her finger deeper, harder, that's it, now make me cum!"

He shoves one more finger inside me, then three and fucks me harder. He knows I love it too, because I’m rocking back and forth on them. Then he places his thumb on my clit and I climax so hard he has to hang onto me to keep me from passing out. I so aroused that my juices running all the way to his elbow.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Good girl, now lay down, I needs to lick your hot cum drenched pussy!"

I lay down spread my legs and purr, "Cum and get it! Eat my hot wet cunt Daddy!"

He lay down and began lapping me from my clit to my ass, and I quiver. Ooooh fuck, I had to stop writing, take off my nightie, and rub this throbbing clit hard. I wish he and I was actually doing this. I wish he could hear me, getting ready to climax. I am pretending my fingers are hers and oooooooooh so damn close to cumming!

He eats me; tongue-fucking me deep, wanting to taste every drop of my nectar. I then began to shake again and he knows if he keeps eating me, I will cum again.

I put my hand on her head and squeal, "Hey Daddy, I need that hard cock inside of my cunt right now. OOoooh fuck me!"

He rose up without saying a word, grabs his hard cock, and shoved it all the way inside me with one hard thrust. He love the way my tight cunt grabs and milks it. He can see my lust filled eyes urging him on as my legs wrap around his waist. We move in unison, grinding our bodies together like a well-oiled machine.

He kiss me hard, then smirked asking, "Do he like the way my cock feels Baby? Can I cum inside you?"

I quiver all over knowing he is about to cum and shriek, "I love the way your cock feels! Ooooh John, fuck me hard, cum inside my hot cunt!"

Ooooooh Daddy, when I hit send button on this letter, I will have cum, very hard too! XOXOXOXOX! Love yahs NOW cum for me..............MMMMMMMMMM!

Oh Daddy part two, Daddy remembers our first time.

I was sitting here just thinking of all the events that happened last summer. Especially, things that happened after your mom ran off with that Lesbian Sally. I felt like then I should try to be home when you get here from school. So, I began leaving work early so I could and it seemed to really make you happy.

Then one day I got a really big surprise, it was hot, I had on only my shorts and was sitting on the couch when you came in. You went into your room and put all your books away, and came back wearing only that long blue shirt that used to hang in my closet. Your looked so cute with your long hair cascading down across your shoulders.

I watched you go in the kitchen and you returned with a drink in both hands. You handed me one of them and asked, “Daddy you like this outfit?”

I looked up and exclaimed, “OMG yes honey, but I hope you don’t plan on going outside with it on, do you?”

You turned around couple times, showing me those awesome legs then slowly moved over and climbed on my lap. You straddled me and began unbuttoned it and ‘you lil shit’ you didn’t have a bra on. I swallowed hard and said, “Oh my God, they’ve gotten so big honey!”

You then asked,” Do you like em daddy??”

All this caught me completely by surprise; sure, I liked it, but really didn’t know how to handle it. I secretly lusted after you ever since we started to live here alone. I just didn’t know how to approach you.

I took a big sip of my drink then you took the glass from me and set it on the table. You then grabbed my head and pulled it to your big tits. “ Suck em daddy, I know you want too.”

I couldn’t help my self, so I started sucking your nipples, gentle at first, then hard and deep. You responded by taking off the shirt and squirming around on my lap, and my cock was getting hard. Then you pushed my head back and kissed me, like you never did before. A long, wet, kiss with your tongue and spit going into my mouth.

After that, you whispered, “Daddy, let’s go to our bedroom.”

We decided it was ours now, since that old bitch left us, and I know she is never coming back. You took my hands, pulled me off the sofa and then lead me towards the bed. On the way there you told me that you have talking about sex with some of your girl friends, they were hot, and horny like you, and they told you about some things that you could do to me in bed. You pushed me down on the bed, pulled my shorts off, then moved up and straddled my face, facing my feet.

“Eat my cunt daddy!

As I focused my attention on your hot box, you leaned over, and grabbed my cock. You spit on it making it wet then started to suck it, deep and hard, just like I taught you to do.

I started licking your hot lil cunny, damn baby it was so fuckin wet. I tongued you as deep as I could, then reached back with my fingers and caressed your lil asshole.

You stopped sucking for a moment and shrieked, “OHHHH DADDY, don’t stop I want you to do more!”

By now, my cock was so fuckin hard now that I asked you to get off of me, so I could rub it all over your cunt. You moved, got on your back, spread your legs for me, and I positioned myself over you. I began rubbing my cock all over you, the gently slid the head into your tight hole. It will be the first time we fuck, with my cock…we only used your dildo before this.

“OHHHHHHHhhhh God, babygirl, I have wanted this for so long.”

I started fucking you in long, deep strokes. Your pussy lips’ grabbed my cock hard and began milking it, as you wrapped your long legs around me, this action was driving me crazy.

I started to really humping you, as I watched you squeezing your tits and moaning. My cock began to throb and pulse and I shouted, “I can’t hold it back any longer!’

You looked into my eyes and screamed, “DO IT DADDY, cum inside me!”
I started cumming hard, shooting a big load of daddy’s seeds deep in your womb. I collapsed on the bed after that and lay down beside you,

You moved atop of me, and told me to kiss you while rubbing your big tummy. “Sweetheart, I hate skinny women, and you’re daddy’s chubby lil honey. I love you just like you are, with some meat on your pretty bones.”
We ended up fucking a few times more that afternoon.

Afterwards, we fixed a bit to eat, then locked up the house early and went to “our bed.” We made love once more before going to sleep in each others arms.

I’m happy that things turned out the way they did. We both realized what we wanted and needed was each other, sleeping in the same bed.

Oh Daddy, part 3, My words about Daddy

As I lay there in daddy’s arms, listening to the beating of his heart, I recall the way momma hurt him last year. I hate her now, no one should hurt anyone the way she did, and I hope I never see her again. I’m glad I was to help daddy feel better.

He doesn’t know it, but I have wanted to have sex with him for a long time. I don’t tell anyone else my ideas, except my closest friend, because daddy said they just wouldn’t understand. I just smirk when he says that and confess, “I don’t give a darn, it’s my life, I will do what I want, which includes fucking you daddy.”

I remember when my girl-friends and I talk about sex; they giggle and say, “You know he can teach you a lot about sex, and we wish our daddy’s would do the same thing.” I responded by telling them not to be jealous, because when daddy does thing to me, they will hear all the spicy details.

I tremble all over when I think of all the things we did tonight, oh my God, I love the way he ate my cunny and my clit starts to throb again. I want to touch it so bad, but decide not too, after all, I think I wore daddy out. I’d better go to sleep now, or he will think something is wrong.

I feel asleep in Daddy’s arms, dreaming about things to come. I awoke with daddy’s face buried in my pussy.

“Oh fuck daddy, what a way to wake up!”
“I knew you’d like it, as for me, I cannot help but ravish your pretty body. Baby, you know I cannot resist you. By the way, do you want some breakfast, or shall I continue eating you.”

I giggled, blushed and suggested, “Daddy, I want some tub steak for breakfast, but only after you eat me of course.”

You returned you attention to eating my cunt, and I began rolling, pinching, sucking and biting my swollen nipples. You know that I love doing that, and know it drives daddy crazy. Playing with my tits makes my clit throb more, and I cum so damn hard.

I saw him look up and gasp; I know he loves watching me play with myself. For an older man, he’s so damn sexy, and I admit, I cannot resist him either. I love Daddy too, bet momma never loved him this way, oh hell, I don’t care who cares he’s mine now.

“Oh daddy, keep it up, that’s it suck my clit, shove your fingers deeper, harder, just like that. Mmmmm, aaahhhh, fuck, oooooooh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

He stopped eating me for a moment as his finger continued fucking my hot hole, “That my babygirl, cum for daddy!”

He resumed eating me, I grab his head and hold it closer to me, then shutter and shake all over. “Fuuuuuck, I’m cumming!” I pause to catch my breath then ask, “Daddy?”

“Yes baby, what do you want?”

“Will you do my ass? I love it when you lick it and stick your tongue in it, makes me so fuckin hot.”

Without hesitation, I turned over and propped my ass up in the air. He got behind me, pulled my cheeks apart, and slithered his tongue around my asshole.

“Eeeeeeeeeeh hot-damn, keep it up daddy!”

I can see his cock too, OMG it’s so fuckin hard and dripping. I want to suck it, then think for a moment, ‘wonder if he will teach me how a man fucks a woman’s ass.’
Before I can say anything another earth-shattering climax overtakes me, it’s stronger than the ones I have with my clit.
Daddy then asked, “Honey, want daddy to teach you how I can fuck your hot ass, I just know you’ll love it. Pretty pllleeease can I fuck you in the ass?”
I shiver, with fear of the unknown and excitement, “Will it hurt daddy?”
Daddy moved and took me into his arms and began to explain, how he would fuck my ass……….the saga continues.

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