A dream cum true_(3)

A dream cum true_(3)

I sit in the hotel room alone, nervously waiting for your arrival. My heart is pounding my mind is racing. I have dreamed of this moment since we first messaged one another. That fire and desire for you has been burning relentlessly since I first laid eyes on you and kissed your sexy plump lips in that park. My mouth has watered for you from that very small taste I got off my fingers after making you cum in your car. All these thoughts along with a million other from our many conversations run through my head as I wait for your arrival.

A knock at the door. I jump to attention as I know it could only be you. My heart racing even more than before as I turn the knob.

There you are standing before me in nothing but an over coat just I requested(you always listen to what daddy says like a good little girl) you to wear with nothing on underneath. God you look so perfect standing there. I can tell you are nervous as well so grab your hand gently and pull you inside and close the door behind us.

I lean down and kiss those lips that I have missed so much. I can tell your still nervous so I start slow kissing you gently at first till I feel you start to relax into me. I feel her hands slowly start to work there way down my back till they are resting on my ass. I take that as a good sign and start to do the same. I love the feel of you ass in my hands. I work my hands back up to your face and run my hands through your hair and tug so gently as we start to kiss each other a little harder. Our tongues fighting each other as we pick up the pace.
I can't take it any longer so I reach up and untie the over coat your wearing and pull it back over your arms slightly pinning them behind your back as I work my lips and tongue down your neck and down to those beautiful tits and rock hard nipples. Soft moans escape you lips as my lips make contact with you nipple. I slowly suck it into my mouth gently pulling then nibbling, you moan even louder. The words oh daddy please escape your lips so I bit a little harder. You draw air into your lungs as the quick sharp pleasure and pain take over. I look up to see you bitting down on your sexy bottom lip and I know you are into it.

I remove the jacket completely freeing your arms and hands to you can finally use them but I never break contact with your right breast and nipple. After removing the jacket I take your left breast into my hands and squeeze and pull at the nipple as I continue to suck and bite the right one. God I love your breasts is all I can think. I could spend days pleasuring you just by playing with your breasts. As I continue switching back and forth between nipples your hands are in my hair and pulling me so tightly into you as you tell me how good it feels and much I am turning you on. You tell me to bite those fucking nipples and pull them hard and squeeze your tits like a man. God you know how much it turns me on when you talk so fucking nasty. You are starting to really open up to me. Your hands move from my head down to my shirt as you pull it over my head. You pull my head off your nipples as you attack mine. Biting and flicking your tongue across them just like I like. I have told you how much I like to be bitten on the phone many times and you remember this as you bite my nipples and bite your way down my chest. Biting and nibbling your way all the way to my belt line. Your getting more aggressive now and oh how I love it. You jerk my belt off and throw it on the bed and quickly unbutton my pants and pull them and my boxers down to the floor in one motion. My hard cock springs forward right in front of your face and you don't even hesitate you wrap your plump lips around the head immediately. God it feels so good to finally have those sexy lips wrapped around my cock. Slowly you work my cock futher and futher down you throat with each head bob till you nose is resting against my belly and my cock is balls deep inside your mouth. Slowly you pull back the forward again slowly taking my cock all the way with each fluid motion. You release my cock just long enough to look into my eyes and say fuck my face daddy please. I nearly cum instantly from just the words coming from your dirty little mouth. I look back into your eyes and tell you sure darling what my dirty little girl wants my dirty little girl gets. So I grab two hands full of hair and start to pound my cock down your throat relentlessly and you take it all with this look of pure joy in your eyes. I pull out and tell you to spit on my cock and get it nice and wet and let you take control for awhile. You have told me many times you love to give sloppy blowjobs so now I watch you do just that. Spit just pouring from your mouth as you line up my cock so good as you suck and stroke my cock like a pro.

You tell me to go over to the bed as I let you take control. You push me down on the bed and tell me to get my ass over the edge. You then start to suck both of my balls into your mouth and work your tongue over them while you stroke my cock with one free hand and gently stroke my asshole with the other. God this feels so fucking good. You lower your mouth to my ass and gently start to flick your tongue over my asshole, I moan loudly and this and tell you how amazing it feels. You tell me I haven't felt anything yet. You then pick up the pace with your tongue all while still stroking my cock. Then I feel your tongue stiffen as your start to work it into my ass and my god it nearly sends me over the edge. You were right I hadn't felt anything yet. This was amazing. I had told you that I had a bit of an asshole fetish cause I love tongue fucking and playing with a woman's asshole but this is the first time it's ever been done to me and it feels better than I could ever imagine. In fact it feels so good I have to pull you up off me before I blow my load to soon. I want this to last for a few hours not a few minutes and I can already tell that will be a struggle with you.

My turn to please you I say. I stand up and push you down on the bed a little rough. I straddle you and pin your hands above your head and immediately start to assault your nipples again. Bitting pulling and twisting them as your sqirm in pleasure beneath me. I sit up on you and smack first your right breast then the left you bite your lip once again to keep from screaming out in pleasure. I ask you if you like it and you say I love it daddy harder next time( even though we are not father daughter you love it when I call you my dirty little girl and I love it when you call me daddy) so this time I smack them harder and moan loudly and say again so I do it again, this turns me on so much that you love pain and plessure as much as I do. I immediately grab you by the knees and pull your legs apart and bury my face into the pussy that I have craved so long to taste. I was not let down. You taste even better than I could have ever imagined. I dive straight into it. Licking and sucking and doing my best to make you cum all over my face as fast as possiable. I reach my tongue out and flick it across your extra large clit. You jump with pleasure and say suck my clit daddy please I need to cum so bad. I instantly pull your clit between my lips to suck on it as I slid a finger into your hot wet pussy to massage your g-spot. You start to buck into my face saying finger fuck my pussy daddy, your sucking my clit so good daddy I'm about to cum for you daddy plllleeeeeaaasseee don't stop. Ooooooohhhhhhh fffffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk yyyyyyyeeeesssss you scream as your pussy rewards me with powerful squirt after squirt of that tasty pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face. I don't even give you time to come down from your orgasm as I slid two then three fingers deep inside you and flick my tongue hard over your swollen clit. You cum so hard again almost immediately as you continuously scream out please don't stop daddy. Your pussy is just sending gush after gush with every pussy spasm. I just slid another finger inside you, that makes four fingers inside as far as I can get them in my mouth still on your clit then I surprise you as I slid a finger from my free hand into your right little ass hole. I work both hands back and forth inside you and flick your clit and you continue to cry out in pleasure as your in a constant state of orgasm now for about a full min. You grab my head and pull me away saying you can't take anymore right now.

As you pull my head up pussy juice just runs down my face and drops out of my beard as I lick my lips and whip my face. God that was hot is all I could say. You tell me how amazing that was and that you have never cum that hard for that long in your life. I wink and say you haven't felt anything yet. Just wait till later I say as we start to laugh at one another.

You look at me say my turn again. You roll me over on the bed and crawl on top of me and start to kiss and lick your juice off my lips and face. God that's so hot is all I can think. Nothing hotter than a woman who loves to taste her own juice. You lean up and hover your pussy right over over my dick. You reach between us and point my dick straight at your opening. I can't wait to feel you is what you say and say I can't either. I have been dreaming of this day for so long. What it going to feel like to be balls deep inside you. You slowly lower yourself down on me and as the head dissapears inside you a moan escapes both our mouths. Slowly you work up and down taking a little each time till your finally sitting fully in my lap. You pause for a minute as I feel your pussy contracting and squeezing my cock. Damn it feels so good. Slowly you lift up and then slam your pussy down on me this time and we both moan loudly. I reach up and grab both your tits and squeeze as you pick up the pace working your pussy over my dick faster and faster. Both of us breathing and moaning and talking shit to one another as you scream your fixing to cum again. Hearing this I grab your hips and start to meet you half way as my cock slams into so hard and fast. You pull my cock and squirt all over my cock and balls. I feel it run down across my balls and down into the bed, squirt after squirt all over my cock and it feels amazing.

I quickly roll you over and pin your ankles down around your ears and slam my cock balls deep inside you in one motion. You scream out with please and say fuck me daddy fuck me so hard and deep please I need it, make me cum on your cock. I do as I'm told and slam into your pussy so hard and fast. I ask you do you like the way daddy is fucking your tight little pussy and you say yes daddy give me all that dick. Sudoku I feel your pussy clamp down on my cock and I know your cumming so pull my cock out as your pussy squirts high into the air hitting me on the chest and running down then several other small squirts land on my cock.

My turn is all you say rolling me over again on my back as you straddle me again this time you straddle my face which I love. You lower your pussy into my face and start to grind back and forth. Talking shit to me the whole time. Asking me if I liked the way my dirty little girls well fucked pussy taste, I just grab your ass and pull you down even tight we on my face. You tell me to lick that fat clit so you can cum on my face and I donas im told. It only takes a few flicks of my tongue before you at bucking uncontrollably all over my face and squiring into my mouth filling it up. I swallow all that can and the rest pours onto my face. You say that's it daddy drink my pussy juice you know you love it. You then stand up on the bed still hovering over me and say I have a surprise for daddy I hope you like it just as you reach down and spread your pussy lips and piss starts to pour out into my chest. I nearly came on the spot. We have talked about this before but I never thought my fantasy would come true. You start laughing as you see the look of shock and surprise on my face as you keep pissing on my chest and neck. You ask me does daddy like his surprise and I say hell yes daddy loves it. As you continue to piss I lean up into you to get closer to the stream. I get all the way up against your push to feel it up close. I let it hit my chin and roll down chest. Then as your stream is dying I place my mouth on your pussy and over the stream and lick your clit as you finish which sends you into anothe orgasm almost immediately. Legs shacking I slowly help you back down to the bed as we kiss so deep and passionate. I look at you and say thank you darling for that you know it's something I have always wanted to try and you made fantasy a reality, so thank you for that. You look deep and to my eyes and say your welcome daddy after all that's what I'm hear for to make any fantasy you have a reality.

As we lay there just looking at one another and running our hands over each other's bodies and catching our breath I can't help but wonder how luck I was to come across her profile. And how lucky I was that you responded to my email. From everything we have talked about I feel like I have known you for years but it had only been months. We have so much in common sexually that it is almost scary. To bad we couldn't have found each other before getting married to begin with. But right now laying her kissing her lips and tracing my fingers along her face and down her body I'm just happy we found each other and the timing was finally right for us to have some private time together. As we continue to kiss and things start to heat back up I look her in the eyes and say, my turn to make some fantasy's come true. And with a look of pure lust on her face she said what do you have in mind daddy?

Remember earlier when I said you haven't felt anything yet? I reach over into my bag and I pull a bottle of lube that the woman at the adult book store recommended. You say what's that for I tell you to just lay back relax and enjoy. I remembered in our conversations that you said you always wanted to be fisted so I figure there is no better time than the present to atleast work on it. One of the reasons I put 4 fingers inside you earlier was to see if it was even possiable and I'm pretty sure I can. I place lots of lube on your already soaking wet pussy and then a large amount on my hand and start to rub my hand against your pussy to spread the lube around nicely. Then I slid two fingers in first to help spread the lube inside. Then comes the third finger, I ask if you are ok and you said yes daddy put another finger in, once again I do as you wish and add my pinky finger for number 4. I take my time working my four fingers in and out of you slowly and getting deeper each time. Once I have gotten all 4 fingers as deep as I can go I use my free hand to add more lube the top of my hand and thumb area. All lubed up I ask if your ready and you said yes daddy. I tuck my thumb underneath my other fingers and start working in and out. I feel your pussy starting to relax as I push deeper. Now for the hardest part, getting past my knuckles. I get you all the way to the widest point and ask if your ok and the look of pure pleasure on your face and the moans coming out of your mouth tell me you are ready. I push a little harder and it slides right past the widest point and my hand slowly disappears inside your pussy as you moan deeply. I hold for a second then start to twist my wrist which sends you over the edge, you scream more as you start squirting all up my arm. Now that I have you loosened up and fired up I slowly start to work my hand in and out little by little till I can pull all the way out and push all the way back in. I apply more lube as I'm about to pick up the pace a little. As I slide my fist inside you all the way to the wrist you scream fuck yeah daddy. I pull out then right back in faster in and out deeper in and out. You are shacking and moaning uncontrollably as you hump into my fist. You scream harder daddy, faster daddy make your dirty little girl cum all over your fist. Fist fuck me daddy oooooooohhhhhhhh ggggooooodddddd yyyyyeeeeessss I am cumming so hard for you daddy don't stop daddy fist fuck my dirty little pussy daddy oooooooohhhhhhhh ggggoooooodddddd ddddddaaaadddddddyyyyyy I am cumming I again, I can't stop it daddy. Just then I look up as you go limp to see you have passed out from the pleasure.

I remove my fist from your cum soaked pussy from where you have been squirting buckets from you first fisting. I lay down beside you kissing your cheek and forehead till you start to come to. You look into my eyes and ask what happened? I told you that you passed out, you said daddy I have never passed out from cumming so hard before. You look deep into my eyes and thank me for making that fantasy come true for you. I kiss you passionately then tell you your welcome darling. Truth be told it has always been a fantasy of mine to fist a woman so we killed to birds with one stone on that one.

We have been at it for over an hour now. I get up to go get a drink of water. I ask you if you would like something to drink you said yes daddy. I head to the bathroom to take a quick piss before getting us some water. Just as I lift the lid you come up behind me and reach around for my cock. I ask what you are doing you said I told you I wanted something to drink. You see the shock and surprise on my face as you know this is something I have always wanted. You place a towel on the bathroom floor as you kneel in front of me. The shock of all of this has suddenly given me stage fright. You sense this and reach up and start to stroke my cock gently as if trying to milk it out of me. You lean your head in and gently start to suck on the head. That's all it takes, I tell you I'm fixing to piss baby as you lean back and say piss on me daddy please. You take my cock and aim it at your right nipple as the piss starts to flow. You switch back and forth between nipples a few time then you tell me to stop the flow and I do as I'm told. You lay back on the floor spread your legs and pussy wide open and say fill me up daddy. Still standing I aim the best I can and start to piss all over your hairy pussy and fat clit. You moan as I do this and say that's it drain that cock of piss on my pussy daddy. Getting harder to keep the stream going now cause my cock is so hard from seeing how much pleasure you are getting from this golden shower. As the stream starts to slow to a trickle you once again get on your knees and lean into me. I said are you sure darling, yes daddy I told you I wanted something to drink is what you said as you leaned in and took my cock in your mouth. You moan as the warm piss hits your tongue. You let it fill your mouth then lean back and let it pour out of your mouth and down your body. Once your mouth is empty you lean in to finish off the last few spurts of piss which you open your mouth to show me then swallow like the dirty little girl you are. I reach down and pull you up to your feet and into a deep passionate kiss, deeper than anything we have shared all night. The taste of my piss still on your lips and I love it.

I can't stand it any longer I need to be inside you. Enough passion it's time to fuck and fuck hard. i grab your hand and lead you to the bed and bend you over it. I ask if your ready to be fuck and you reply with yes daddy fuck me please fuck your dirty little girl. I smack your right cheek first then the left pretty hard and you squeal out and to my surprise you say harder daddy. I smack your ass much harder the next time and a deep moan escapes your lips and you say harder. I smacked your ass so hard that it actually stung my hand and you moan again and you say please fuck me now daddy. I jam my cock in balls deep without even hesitating. You squeal out in ecstasy. I pound you so fucking hard and fast. My balls are slamming against your clit with every thrust. Do you like that baby? Do you like daddy pounding that pussy from behind? Do you like daddy fucking you hard and deep? Yyyyyyyeeeeesssss dddaaaddddddyyyy is all you can say over and over. I feel your pussy tighten around my cock and know you are fixing to cum so hard for me. Pull out daddy is what you said right before exploding all over me and the floor. Gush after gush escapes you pussy as you cum so hard for daddy. As soon as you stop squirting I shove my cock right back in and it's not thirty seconds later you say pull out again as you cum all over me again. Once again I shove my cock back inside you and start right back at it. This time I can fill my own orgasm approaching. As my balls tighten and I reach the point of no return I tell you I'm fixing to cum for you baby. You immediately say cum for me daddy fill this dirty pussy full. Cum with me daddy please. That's all it took. I shoved my cock balls deep one last time as rope after rope of cum leave my balls and fill your pussy as I feel you contract around me from your own orgasm. . There is so much cum that it starts to escape out the sides and run down your pussy. You keep screaming oh my god daddy it feels so fucking good as you come down from your own orgasm.

After our orgasms settle I pull my cock out and watch as both our juices start to run out. I immediately roll you over spread your legs and dive in. I go to work on your clit as I slid 3 fingers in with ease and finger fuck your cum filled pussy. You cum quickly and that just pushes more of our juice out of you that I quickly lick up. You screaming oh my god this is so fucking hot. Lick that cum out of your little girls dirty pussy daddy, lick it clean daddy. All this talk just spurs me on so I suck your clit between my lips and pick up the speed with my fingers till you cum once again. I release your clit and slid my fingers out and offer to you which you eagerly lick and suck clean as I continue to lick your pussy as clean as I can get it.

Once I have licked your pussy clean I lay down on top of you exhausted as we kiss each other. Rolling over we lay there looking at each other for awhile as we catch our breath and settle our racing hearts. You look at me and only one word is finally spoken, WOW is what you said. We both started laughing and I said AMEN.

We are both a sticky mess. The room smells of sex and piss. I love it. Thank god this is a hotel room and I don't have to clean it up. We decide to take a quick shower before we head our seperate ways cause we are running out of time. We kissed and had our soapy hands all over one another in the shower and I did bend you over for a minute or two but that was all we had time for this time. Maybe next time we meet we will have more time for some shower fun.

We kiss before opening the room door and I pat your ass as we walk out the door. Until next my darling. Daddy can't wait to fuck his dirty little girl again. You give me wink and say I have a few more surprises for next time and then you grin. I wink back and say daddy does to darling.

To Be Continued............

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