Yvonne after Steve:"The Plumber & the Rugby Team

Yvonne after Steve:"The Plumber & the Rugby Team

We left off the first story of Steve and Yvonne after Yvonne talked with the children and told her husband, Rob, that she was going to be serving as a sex slave for a full five months. Yvonne and Steve went back into the kitchen for a cup of tea and Steve said "Five months? Are you really ready to live here with me for five months?"

Yvonne replied "If you'll have me that long." Steve smiled and said "Back to bed with you before you change your mind." Her reply was flippant, "What's wrong with the kitchen table?" She stood up then sat on the table and leaned back on her elbows allowing Steve's shirt to fall open exposing her breasts. Steve stood and grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled them off. Just as he was about to plunge his cock into her wet, waiting pussy he said

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Yvonne replied

"Ask me anything." Steve then said

"Have you ever posted pornographic stories on the internet?"

You may want to read the full story, "Yvonne" by Steve Briton to before reading the following fourth installment. Installments two and three ("Yvonne and Steve go to Mexico (Hidden Beach)" and "Yvonne and Steve in Florida (Haulover and Trapeze)" are as yet, unpublished. If reviews of the following are favorable, I'll post them.

The five months flew by. Yvonne kept her job at the office and saw her children every Saturday afternoon and every Wednesday evening, except when she and Steve were traveling. She rarely saw Rob and spoke with him as seldom as possible. When she did speak with Rob she tormented him with sharp barbs and comments over his gambling her away and into being sold as a sex slave in payment of his gambling debts. "Yes, he fucks me every day." "Yes, his cock is a bit bigger than yours, but not so big as to hurt me."

Steve treated Yvonne like a queen. They played tennis regularly and worked out together at the gym. Yvonne lost every extra ounce she had ever gained and soon had the body of a women half her age. Steve gave her money to have her hair and nails done. Steve bought lots of nice clothes for Yvonne. Tight sexy gym outfits, professional attire to wear to work, a wicked weasel for the beach and a nearly transparent monokini for their beach holidays. They made love often, and Yvonne nearly always had at least three (or more) orgasms. As the five months neared its end Yvonne wrestled with what to do. With Rob and the kids thinking she was sold into being a sex slave for five months, she didn't know how to "truthalize" her story. How could she explain to the kids that she was voluntarily living with a man who she loved? A man who had paid £200,000 for the right to have her as his sex slave for one day and then set her free with no obligation? That she had stayed with Steve because it was what she wanted to do. Yvonne worried about her children and her feelings of guilt grew by the day, by the hour. Rob begged her to forgive him, begged her to try to put their marriage back together.

Finally, the day her fake servitude was due to end Yvonne told Steve "We have to talk. Steve. I have to tell you something, to try to explain what I have to do. Oh, Steve, you know I love you. You have treated me better than anyone ever has in my entire life. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe that's because you have fucked my brains out so wonderfully well" she said with a half laugh. "Oh, Steve! If it wasn't for the children...dammit. I feel guilty for abandoning my marriage, guilty if I abandon you, guilty if I don't go back to my old life as a wife and mother. I'm miserable."

Steve listened for a long time as Yvonne went on and on. Finally he said "Yvonne, do whatever you think is best, whatever you need to do." Yvonne finally told him that she had to go back to her old life, that she had no choice, that she was obligated. Steve reassured her "Yvonne, I love you. I love you enough to stay with you forever and I love you enough to let you go. But you have to understand that I can't live like a yo yo. If you leave me, if you go back to Rob, it's final. I can't endure waiting to find out if it will work out for you and your husband or not, waiting to find out if you will come back to me. If you leave, it's over."

Yvonne cried and cried. Steve held her gently in his arms, then he kissed her on the forehead and Yvonne walked out to her car, never turning back as Steve watched her go. Steve felt more empty that he had since Nancy had died more than a year and a half before. Yvonne cried all the way home. She parked a block away from her home and dried her eyes and tried to gain her composure. Finally she slowly drove the last block, parked, and walked into her house. Rob was at the kitchen table.

"Hello" Yvonne said.

Rob replied "Hi, Yvonne. How are you" They engaged in small talk for a while, but it was as if they were barely acquaintances. There was no emotional connection. The kids were out with friends. After a while they turned on the telly and watched some old rerun in silence. The kids came home and spent a few minutes with Yvonne before going to their rooms to talk with friends and surf the net. Yvonne went through the motions feeling empty and lonely even when Rob and the kids were in the room. Day after day, week after week Yvonne moved through each day much as the day she returned home. Then one Friday evening the kitchen sink clogged up.

"Rob, the water won't go down the sink. It's clogged. "

"Yvonne, you know I'm not good at home repair, especially plumbing. Just call a plumber" replied Rob. Yvonne called six plumbers before she found one who could come the next day. When the morrow rolled around Rob was out at his gambler's anonymous meeting and the children were out with friends. The doorbell rang and Yvonne answered to find a fat, unshaven man in greasy overalls with a handsome young man wearing shorts at his side.

"You called for a plumber, 'mam?"

"Yes" Yvonne replied. "It's the kitchen sink, in here." She led them though the house to the kitchen. The younger man was carrying a tool box. The older man looked under the sink and grunted.

"Have at it boy. I'll be in the truck having a smoke." said the older man as he walked back to the front door. The younger man put his tool box down and got down on the floor. He was not much older than Yvonne's son, and cute as could be. He had a boyish grin and a dimple in his cheek. He laid on his back and wriggled back under the sink.

"Do you have a bucket or a pan handy, 'mam." The young man said. "I could go to the truck and get one."

Yvonne said "No. I mean, Yes, I have a bucket, you don't need to go to the truck." Yvonne fetched a bucket and passed it to the young man. His shorts were short and as he wriggled around they rode up and his balls spilled out. He appeared not to notice, so Yvonne said nothing. Damn. He had big balls. Yvonne and Rob had tried to make love a few times. It was perfunctory and unsatisfying for Yvonne. She didn't realize how horny she was until she saw those beautiful young balls hanging out of the leg of the shorts of the young plumber. Yvonne was speechless. She just looked,and licked her lips.

The plumber started to talk. "I'm just an apprentice. Mr. Smith, he's the master plumber. You will be paying him book rate for this job. He will inspect my work after I am done and then write you up a bill. I have another two years before I get my certification." Yvonne just stared at the young balls hanging out of the young man's shorts and tried to stop shaking. She finally excused herself and went off to her bedroom to change clothes.

In her bedroom Yvonne ran a brush through her hair and quickly applied some lipstick. She then removed her baggy jeans and sweat shirt and slipped on her sexy gym outfit. The tight fitting shorts accentuated her ass and they were short enough to show a little bit of ass cheek. She put on a thin tank top, no bra and looked into the mirror. He nipples were hard and the thin top left her pokies highly visible. She hurried back into the kitchen, somewhat breathless and flushed. "I'm back" she announced.

The young man scooted out from under the sink, looked up at her and a look of surprise flashed across his countenance. His eyes went right to her tits and his mouth dropped open. He stammered "Well, 'mam, it finished. I'm afraid that book rate is an hour and a half, and that's what Mr. Smith will bill you, even though it took me only twenty minutes to fix it."

"Twenty minutes?" Yvonne said. "Mr. Smith has probably not even finished his cigarette. Would you like some tea before you go?" The young man smiled an shook his head. Yvonne set about making tea. The young man sat at the kitchen table.

"My name is Collin, 'mam. It is very nice of you to offer me tea. As an apprentice I do all the work, Mr. Smith gets all the money. He keeps me pretty busy all day."

"You don't have to call me 'Mam, my name is Yvonne." She smiled at him, then poured the hot water into the tea kettle. She took two cups and two saucers out of the cabinet and walked behind Collin, then reached over him to place his cup in front of him, brushing her left tit across his right shoulder. The electricity ran from her nipple straight to her clit. She could scarcely believe what she was doing. She brought the tea kettle over to the table and again, as she passed behind Collin she leaned against his back and dragged her tits across his shoulder. Her tank top had fairly thin straps and very large arm holes. As Yvonne moved around the table and bent over to pour tea into her own cup she was standing somewhat sideways to Collin. He had a view of the side her left tit through the arm hole of her tank top. Collin thought she was the sexiest MILF he'd ever seen.

Yvonne sat down opposite Collin and they engaged in small talk. She asked him about his work and what he did besides work and whether or not he had a girlfriend. "No, not right now. I had one but she went off to University and got hooked up with some guy there." he explained. Collin then started talking about Rugby.

"You like to watch rugby?" Yvonne asked.

"No, 'mam, I mean Yvonne. I like to PLAY rugby.

"Oh, your are on a team?" she asked.

"No, "ma...Yvonne. Not exactly. I mean, we have a team, but it's not formal. It's just some of my mates. We call ourselves the "T" for Tradesmen and we play against another informal team called the the "P's" because they all went to public school and university. Me and my mates, we are all tradesmen and apprentices, working guys. The "T's" they are mostly professionals, barristers, architects, you know, guys who don't sweat or get dirty at work. We meet Sundays at the park unless it rains. Why don't you come cheer for us sometime? And after the game, we all go to the pub where the losing team buys a round for the winning team. Would you like that?"

Yvonne said "Yes. I think I would like that. Can you give me your number so I can call you beforehand to make sure I have the time and place right?" She got up and got a pencil and paper and and once more, leaned over his shoulder from behind pressing her tits into his back, she placed the paper in front of him on the table as she spoke softly into his ear. "Hear you go, just write it there for me. OK.?"

Collin reached back behind him and ran his hand down the outside of Yvonne's leg, then back up, slowly and gradually moving his had from the outside of her leg to the inside of her thigh. Yvonne trembled just a little, than gasped an almost inaudible gasp as Collin's hand reached her hot, wet crotch. Then she whispered into Collin's ear wetly "Your address too." as she licked his ear and then gently bit it. By this time Yvonne was almost completely out of control. She pulled Collin's chair away from the table, moved around to face him, then straddled him and sat on his lap facing him. She kissed him, open mouthed, and started grinding her pussy against his rock hard cock. She reached down and unbuttoned the one button at the top of Collin's shorts, worked his zipper down, and got his cock out. Yvonne's pussy was throbbing as she pulled her shorts aside and grabbed Collins cock and stuck in herself. She was moving up and down on Collin's cock as Collin pulled her tank top up and over her head. He tossed it across the kitchen and started sucking her left tit. They were both in a frenzy.

Collin stood up with Yvonne impaled on his cock, then sat her down on the kitchen table, laid her back, and spread her legs wide, all the time never taking his cock out of her or missing a stroke. As Collin stood rapidly fucking Yvonne, her laid back on the kitchen table, legs spread, she screamed "Oh, Steve, fuck me!" Horrified Yvonne realize what she'd said. She had called Collin Steve. Had he heard? Did he care? Collin just kept pounding away like a jack hammer. Yvonne got back into the rhythm and felt her orgasm building. Collin had his mouth on hers again and she thrust her tongue out. Collin then gave Yvonne his tongue which she sucked into her mouth. Collin's pace quickened. Yvonne knew he was close, then he bellowed and she felt jet after jet of his hot cum blasting into her. She moaned and whimpered as she came down from her first good orgasm since leaving Steve. Collin's pace slowed. They were both winded. Collin pulled out slowly, dribbling the last of his cum on the floor where it mingled with the juices spilling out of her thoroughly fucked cunt. Collin's shorts were around his ankles. He pulled them up, stuffing his cock back away. Yvonne just lay there on the kitchen table, smiling wickedly.

"Well, 'mam. I think I've taken care of your plumbing problem, at least for the time being. I better go get Mr. Smith so he can sign off on it." Collin said. "You have my number, so you can call me if you need anything again." He smiled, picked up his toolbox and walked out. Yvonne ran back into her bedroom and changed quickly back into the clothes she had worn before the plumber arrived. Smith came back in without Collin and glanced under the kitchen sink, then handed her a bill which Yvonne paid in cash. An hour or so later Rob returned home.

"Did the plumber get here?" Rob asked.

"Yes." Replied Yvonne. "He took care of everything."

Sunday after breakfast Yvonne said to Rob and the children "It's a lovely day. Let's all go do something outdoors." Rob groaned with a pained expression on his face. The kids just gave her "The look" that kids give whenever their parents suggest anything that takes them away from their friends. Yvonne then said;

"Well, it's just too nice a day to stay home and watch the telly. I'm going out." She washed the dishes and took a shower, carefully dressing in her sexiest gym outfit, then putting on her baggy sweat suit over top of her gym suit. As she left the house she said loud enough for all to hear her

"I'm off, sure you don't want to join me for a day at the park or somewhere?"

Once in the car Yvonne looked at the piece of paper on which Collin had scrawled his address and telephone numbers. She thought about calling, then decided to just show up at the park. After she parked she removed the baggy sweats and exited the car wearing her sexiest gym outfit, but with a sports bra under the tank top. She found her way to the area where the amateurs play rugby. Out on the field were two groups of young men. One group wore uniforms, well at least matching shirts, gold and blue and emblazoned with a large "P" professionally embroidered on the back. The other group of young men wore a hodgepodge of ragged jeans, shorts, work boots, beat up sneakers, sweat shirts and T shirts. Each had a large "T" on the back of his shirt, painted on on perhaps scrawled on with a magic marker. The "P's" all had expensive haircuts, and were either clean shaven or had neatly trimmed mustaches. The "T's" had scraggly beards or 3 day growths, longish hair and a rather ragamuffin appearance. Yvonne sat down and listened to the banter.

"Hey, asshole, you borrow those work boots from your mother?" yelled on of the P's.

"Fook you, rich, spoiled prick" responded a T. The banter went back and forth as they kicked the ball around. After a while it became apparent that the T's were not really bitter or hateful, just playful. The P's, on the other hand, really were nasty at times, spiteful and seemed to actually be spoiled pricks. Finally an older man wearing a stripped shirt showed up. The sides squared off, and the game began in earnest. The P's passed the ball back and forth to each other, kicking it swiftly in a coordinated and practiced manner. The T's were more like a mob, yelling and charging. The P's had finesse, the T's brute strength and determination, they charged like a mob of maniacs. Up and down the field the ball was kicked. Now and then one team or the other scored a goal. It was amazing how the brute strength of the T's and the skill and technique of the P's balanced out. They were nearly equal. Finally, at the end, the T's had won by a goal.

Collin came over to Yvonne and and said "So glad you could make it, 'ma...Yvonne. Are you coming to the pub with us?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" replied Yvonne. Collin introduced the rest of his team to Yvonne as they headed for the pub. There was John the electrician, William who ran a back hoe, Syd, the welder, Oliver, Ellis, Joey and Jackson. She missed exactly what some of them did. They were all good looking young men, scraggly but masculine and ruggedly handsome. They walked to the pub together as Yvonne got to know all the the boys a bit. She whispered to Collin "Do they all know?" Collin shook his head. Yvonne thought she should be embarrassed, but she wasn't. She just wanted to get Collin's cock back inside her, and really didn't care what it took to do it. Once at the pub the P's bought a round. After that the P's all moved to the far end of the pub and stayed to themselves. They were sullen and resentful. The T's were jolly, boisterous and having fun. More drinks were bought and everyone got a bit drunk. Yvonne was not as drunk as she was acting, but she could feel the glow.

One of the guys said "OK boys. Let's all go up to Kevin's. He has a bottle of Scotch and we've spent enough at the pub. Yvonne! You coming with us?"

"You bet!" replied Yvonne.

"John said "You guys know I can't go. See you next week."

Some of the other guys laughed at him and called him "PW'd."

Collin explained to Yvonne "John is married and his wife's expectin' a baby. He's tryin' to be a good husband."

A few blocks later they entered an older building and walked up four flights of stairs to Kevin's flat. It was a small apartment, not luxurious at all. The decor included a dart board, bow and arrows, and a large trophy bearing Kevin's name and the name of the school he had attended along with the year of the award. A little quick arithmetic in her head told Yvonne that Kevin couldn't be more than two or three years older than her own son. Collin dragged Yvonne aside and whispered in her ear.

"Yvonne, can I be very direct with you? I mean, like no beating around the bush, can I just say what I want without you getting made at me?"

"Sure, Collin." She whispered back.

Collin put his mouth right up to Yvonne's ear and whispered "I'd really like to get my cock in you again." As he whispered he gave her ear a little lick and a nibble on her earlobe. Yvonne's knees got weak and she grabbed onto Collin to steady herself as she whispered back to him;

"Do it! Do it now, right here, right now".

Collin, now speaking out loud said "What about my friends? Can they watch? Can they get in on the action too? They all think you are a sexy MILF."

Yvonne was rapidly losing all control, and Collin hadn't even touched her other than a little nibble on her ear. She looked around the room. All eyes were on her. She smiled and said "You boys won't hurt me, will you?"

Collin spoke for the group; "Just give us the color of your traffic light. If you say 'red light' we will stop whatever we are doing, I promise. You say yellow light, we will slow it down and take it easy. OK?"

Yvonne, looking around the room from face to face said rather loudly "GREEN LIGHT!" The young men gatherer around her and began undressing her, feeling her up. Syd said

"I'm going to fuck this slut in the bum!"

Collin said "Syd, you can't talk to the lady like that. She hasn't given permission for us to talk dirty to her. Yvonne?"

"Talk dirty to me. I'm a married woman, old enough to be the mother each and every one of you, and I want you all to fuck me. Fuck my brains out. That makes me a slut, so call me a slut."

Syd said "Can I fuck you in the ass, slut?"

Yvonne shook her head and said;

"DP?" The boys stripped her. Their hands were all over her as they sucked her tits, fingered her pussy and ass, kissed her, french kissed her. Someone thrust a cock in Yvonne's face. She grabbed it and started sucking for all she was worth. Joey picked her up and carried her to an arm chair and sat down with Yvonne on his lap facing him and thrust his cock into her gaping dribbling cunt as he leaned back and reclined the chair. This gave Syd a perfect opportunity to fuck her in the bum, but he couldn't get his cock into her tight bumhole.

"Got any grease?" Syd asked. Kevin walked to the fridge and grabbed a half stick of butter. Syd stuck the butter into Yvonne's ass and got about half of it to say up her anal canal. The rest of it he smeared over her bum and then wiped his hand on his shirt. Syd got his cock half way in and Yvonne mumbled something.

"Yellow. Yellow light!"

Syd was still, then he slowly eased his cock out an inch, then back in the same depth as before. Out again slowly, then in just a little bit further than he had earlier.

"OK?" He asked. Yvonne grunted in the affirmative. Gradually Syd worked his way in until he had his cock all they way up Yvonne's bum hole, balls deep. Joey started thrusting in her cunt and Syd plunged in and out of her bum. Ellis had his cock in Yvonne's face from her left. He said;

"Suck it you little cocksucker." She sucked and slurped until she realized there was a cock on her right. It was Oliver. Oliver said;

"I want to fuck your face. Is that OK, bitch?" Yvonne mumbled in the affirmative again. She held Ellis' cock in her left hand and jerked it as she sucked Ellis' cock for all she was worth. She felt Syd explode in her bum filling her anal cavity with his hot, sticky cum. When he was done he pulled out. Joey came in her cunt and Yvonne came with him. It was her first orgasm of the day and although not overwhelming, it was good enough and she looked forward to several more powerful orgasms as the young met fucked every which way. When Joey was done she felt herself being lifted off of him. Kevin and Oliver bent her over the sofa and Jackson entered her from behind, thrusting his cock into her pussy dog style. Jackson's cock was a lot bigger than any of the others. Yvonne was glad he wasn't the one who had fucked her in the bum.

Jackson's big cock was just wonderful. Soon Yvonne felt another orgasm building. She came long and hard this time. As she was coming down Jackson pulled out, spun her around and thrust his cock into her mouth and immediately let loose with a huge squirt of cum, then another while yelling;

"Swallow it bitch, Swallow every drop". Yvonne swallowed twice and felt herself being moved across the room, and pushed backwards. She half fell as she sat onto the chair on Oliver's lap. Yvonne's cunt was gaping and dribbling and Oliver shoved his cock inside her cunt quickly and easily, then he leaned back and pulled Yvonne back with him. Collin came over and started trying to get his cock in Yvonne's cunt at the same time Oliver had his cock in her. It was a tight fit, but Yvonne groaned "Green light" and Collin shoved his cock in all the way. She had two cocks up her cunt at the same time and just moaned with joy.

Yvonne lost track of time, lost track of how many times she was fucked, how many loads of cum had exploded in her bum, mouth and cunt. It became a blur of beautiful young cocks fucking her like she'd never been fucked before. Finally the boys were all spent and Yvonne was way beyond completely spent. She heard water running and felt herself lifted up. She half opened her eyes to see that she was being carried into the bathroom. Water was running in the tub and a big mount of suds and bubbles was foaming up. She smelled lilacs as she was gently lowered into the tub of warm water, surrounded by sweet smelling bath bubbles.

"Yvonne, I had a girlfriend living with me hear for awhile and when we split up she left behind her bubble bath. We thought you might enjoy a nice bubble bath before you go home." Kevin explained. Collin, Kevin and Jackson took turns sponging her off and massaging her feet and shoulders. They were gentle and attentive and had stopped calling her names. Finally they dried her off and helped her get dressed, then each one of them kissed her goodbye. Collin walked her down the stairs and back to her car.

That evening, back at home, Yvonne acted as normal as she could, although it was difficult to walk normally as sore as she was from all the excellent fucking she had received. Then the phone rang. Yvonne answered.

"Yvonne, it's Collin. I'm sorry to call you at home, but I have a serious problem. The Bobby's pinched us. I'm in the caboose. We are all in the caboose. Can you come? We need you more than you can imagine."

"I'll be right there Sarah" Yvonne said. Then she explained to Rob that her friend Sarah had an emergency and needed a friend, and ran out the door and to her car. She arrived at the police station and walked up to the reception desk.

"I'm here to bail out Collin Bradbury." she said. The Sargent on duty replied;

"No bail for that lad or his mates. Not with what they've done. Are you his mother?"

"No" Yvonne said. "I'm a friend of his, and the other lads on his rugby team. How many of them do you have here."

"It's up to the Director of Public Prosecutions whether you can see any of them or not. Her assistant is down that hall on the left. Go see her." The Sargent stated. Yvonne followed the Sargent's directions and knocked hesitantly on the door marked as the one he had mentioned.

"Come in" Yvonne heard, and entered. Behind an old metal desk sat a severe looking woman with short hair styled in a mannish manner. She wore plain, unflattering clothing and no make-up.

"What is it?" the woman asked abruptly. Yvonne explained that she'd had a call from Collin Bradbury who was apparently arrested and that she had come to find out what was going on. The prosecutor said

"Mr. Bradbury and his friends beat and gang raped a young woman this afternoon, apparently after pouring liquor into her at a local pub. She's in the hospital considerably the worse for wear. We are going after the maximum penalty for these brutal criminals. You can't see them and there will be no bail."

Yvonne was dumbstruck. How could the boys be so gentle with her and then beat and rape someone else? As a matter of fact, how could they rape another woman after they were so completely spent from fucking her? They'd all cum several times each. Yvonne then asked;

"What time did the alleged crime occur?"

"Between 2 p.m and 5 p.m. today" the woman said.

Yvonne said "But they were with me during that time. They couldn't have raped anyone. They were with me."

"Where?" asked the woman.

"At Kevin's flat. I don't know Kevin's last name, but we were there, all of us, from about two until almost five."

"And what were you doing?" asked the woman.

Yvonne hesitated, then stammered "We were fucking. And it wasn't rape. They all fucked me, and they didn't hurt me. They were gentle and considerate, and didn't do anything without my consent. None of those young men are capable of forcing themselves on any woman."

The prosecutor's mouth dropped open. She looked at Yvonne disdainfully, then almost couldn't control a snicker that tried to get out. "Are you sure you are not making this up? Are you willing to testify in court?"

"I'm a married woman, with children. If I have to testify in court....well, it would ruin me. If there is any way to avoid it I'd rather not." Yvonne stated.

The prosecutor shot back harshly "Are you willing to testify in court?"

"Yes" Yvonne responded. If that's what it takes, I'll do it. I can't let those nice boys go down for something I know they didn't do."

"What about the victim in the hospital?" said the prosecutor. "She says she watched a Rugby game, went to the pub with the team, drank with them, was lured to the apartment of one of them, and brutally raped by all of them. How can you refute her testimony?"

"Different team" Yvonne said. "Ask her about the letter on their backs. My boys that you have locked up all had a "T" on their back. Call her. I bet she will tell you they all wore a "P".

The prosecutor picked up her phone and asked to be connected to the Bobby who was apparently at the hospital standing outside the victim's room.

"Is the woman conscious and able to talk with you?" Yvonne heard. "Ask her if the perpetrators had a letter on their backs." There was a pause of three or four minutes then "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh". The prosecutor hung up her phone, looked at Yvonne and said;

"Did you ever think of becoming a police detective? You've just solved our case. I'll have your friends released within the hour. Sorry for the inconvenience." There was a knock at the door and the Sargent walked in. "Get that other team rounded up and brought in as soon as possible."

"But, m'am, they are all from respectable families, young professionals. They couldn't be implicated, could they?"

The prosecutor looked at the Sargent sternly and said "Do it. NOW!"

About forty-five minutes later Yvonne was sitting in the lobby when all the boys filed out of a side door. They ran over to Yvonne and surrounded her, hugging her and thanking her.

"Oh, Yvonne, thank you so much for getting us out, getting the charges dropped. If there is anything any of us can ever do for you."

"Well" Yvonne said. "You might invite me to your next game, if you can find a team to play against. I don't think the "P's" will be on the field for a long, long time. Or, if you can't find a team to play against, you could just invite me back up to Kevin's".

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Call me Joanna

Call me Joanna It all happened so long ago now that it seems not only to have been in a different place at a different time but so different as if it almost had never existed. But it did. It all took place in rural southern England in that wonderful time after the war had ended (for us. “the war” meant and still means World War II), in the fading golden afterglow of empire, before unpleasant realities intruded and thrust the world we had known into a new and unfamiliar shape. The revolutions of the sixties – social, sexual, political -...


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Slave for a Day part 3

Liz looks to Chris for instructions, and he smiles at her obedience. He is reveling in having his wife give up control and she could almost kick herself for giving in without even thinking. Is she actually starting to enjoy giving up control to her husband? “Go answer the door and send my friends to the living room, I’ll go put the game on.” Chris commands. Liz walks to the door and as she opens it she feels the vibrator start a low buzz inside her pussy. She turns to glare at Chris but he is already in the living room...


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Encounters with Tom - Sneak Peek and First Encounter

My neighbour is a peeper and his name is Tom. Yes I know very cliché but his name really is Tom. Now I’ve been shy about my body, its curvaceous and yes I’m a bit overweight for my 5ft6 frame, my arse is rounded, my breasts are very large and my thighs are bigger than I would like. However, its all me and so that’s that. Most sunny days I love to wander in the garden topless (at least) sometimes completely nude, smelling the flowers and settling down to soak up the rays. So, anyway, there I was one Saturday afternoon...


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The Chauffeur(#4)......Tina and Those Crazy Clients

The Chauffeur…. Tina and Those Crazy Clients Written by: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 As Tina and I left the office hand in hand, I smiled. I knew that I was in a much stronger position by taking care of Mr. & Mrs. Jaxson. They were wonderful people. At this point, I was recapping, in my head, what has happened to me since I joined the Happy, Happee Limo Company: • I’ve had sex with Sasha-my boss, Tina-her assistant, Paula-a colleague in the phone room, and Jill-the best driver in the company. • I received a $2000 tip from Mr...


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Daniel Wolf (reedited) Part 5

Daniel Wolf Chapter8 Part 5 All participants are over 18 years old Chapter 8 Part V This had been a long day, It had been all we could do not to drop everything and just fall on the floor and screw like the town dogs. But we had refrained since we didn't really want the city elders to die of embarrassment. But now as the door closed between them and us clothes began to fly. At first it seemed that the clothes that were flying belonged to Marlu. Daniel was almost frozen in time as he watched Marlu disrobe. As each...


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A Saturday Afternoon Interview In Manhattan.

A Saturday Afternoon Interview In Manhattan. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sitting in the window of Southgate near Central Park looking over the greenery and rocks of the city sanctuary; Irene seemed relaxed, sipping her coffee and perusing the excellent menu whilst talking about the most outrageous behaviour. She was primly dressed in black and fur but showing a plunging neckline and fiercely high red heels. She had agreed to meet me when I contacted her about her latest undertaking, the purchase of land in upstate New York and up towards the Hamptons on Long Island. I really wished to inquire about her business rather...


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