A Sensual Adventure of the senses (Part 1)

A Sensual Adventure of the senses (Part 1)

A Sensual Adventure of the senses

She was walking down the street on her way to work when I saw her for the first time. She was the epitome of beauty and had that girl next door look. I was so mesmerized by her that i stared as she walked in to this small coffee shop on the corner of the street. I waited out side to see if she would come back out but she did not so i continued on my way. The next time i saw her she was on her way to the same coffee shop so i figured that is where she worked. It took me a wile before i went in for a coffee but i eventually did. Then i ended up to getting to know her over the next couple of weeks. She is 5’11 36c breasts and an ass that was hard enough to bounce a quarter off of it. We felt a connection right away and this is the story of our first physical exchange. We were in the entry to her apartment and i walked up behind her and placed my hands on her hips. She stiffened a little not expecting my lips to brush the back of her ear lobe but then relaxed as she let the feeling and tickles rush through her body. I start to whisper naughty thoughts into her ear as my hands start to explore her body i move my hands from her hips to her midriff and start tracing circles around her belly button her breathing starts getting corse and heavy her eyes are closed.

My lips start to nibble on her earlobe and i see goose bumps start to appear on her neck and i feel them starting on her midriff. My fingers trace up and down the sides of her midriff to her hips she shivers from the tickling touch her skin was flush and her lips are slightly open she was lost in the stimulation. I started to nibble down the side of her neck giving little kisses all the way down to her collar bone and she lets out a small almost inaudible moan and she closes her lips and bites her lower lip. My hands move up and i start to lift her shirt up and slowly letting my fingers brush up her skin i move it up higher and higher until her shirt starts to roll up over her bra i pull her shirt up more and she lifts her arms to let me pull her shirt up more. I lift the shirt up until it passes her nose and just covering her eyes. I let my fingers start to roam back down her neck and to her collar bone light touches up and down softly making her moan softly all senses heightened i kiss down her neck. I step around her and move close to her lips and take off my shirt.

She is breathing hard now lost in the wave of pleasure with her eyes covered every touch is intensified to the point that she cant focus on anything else but the touches i trace on her body. I start to kiss and nibble up her neck to her cheek and move slowly up to her slightly open lips and i move my hands up her body tracing lightly up her body and trace a line around the outside of her lips she opens her lips wider at the stimulation of my fingers my other hand is slowly tracing up her lower back up and down tickling her nerves until she shivers from from the waves of sensation flowing up and down exactly where my finger were touching.

I kiss her lips for the first time and she moans a guttural moan as she has a rush and wave of pleasure from the anticipation and feeling she was waiting for from the moment my hands rested on her hips. We kiss passionately all the time my hands are exploring her body they reach and squeeze her ass and make her lift to her ti-pie toes still locked in a passionate kiss i pull away from the kiss and she leans forward trying to stay locked in the embrace she is now planted on her feet again i start to trace my fingers down her collar bone her breathing gets heavier as she feels my fingers getting closer to her breasts and she can fell the tingle as my fingers lightly brush across her body her entire body is covered in goose bumps at the intensified pleasure as she still can not see but can feel everything. I kiss down her collar bone as i do i reach behind her tracing up to her bra clasp and i undo it letting her breasts get released from there confinement in her bra.

I started to undo the shoulder clasps so i would not have to fully remove her shirt to remove her bra. I release her breasts and step back to admire the utter perfection they are nice size and perky her nipples are hard from all the stimulation i work my kisses down from her lips again lingering in a passionate kiss. Then moving down to her upper chest making small spirals from the outside to her nipples in the centre but not touching her nipples increasing her anticipation until it happens and i take her right nipple in my mouth after tracing circles around the outside with my tongue. I start to suck and play with her nipple in my mouth with my tongue as i squeeze her breast at the same time i am still tracing circles around her left breast and i pull my mouth off her right nipple and she lets out a cute small whimper and followed by a moan as i start to give the same treatment to her left nipple. After i release my mouth from her nipple i get the most amazing sight she her nipples are hard as diamonds and there are little beads of sweat building up on her skin she is breathing hard now moaning every couple seconds as i trace my fingers up and down her skin she can feel the coldness of the air as she her body begins to flush more as i trace my fingers down her body and start to kiss and nibble down under her breasts over her tattoo and down to her belly button tracing small circles with my tongue her legs are shaking and she feels uneasy i move in behind her and move her down the hall to her room and when inside i continue my administration of pleasure that has so entirely consumed my attention. I lay her gently on her bed her shirt sill entangled in her arms still only over her nose.

I start rubbing my hands on her body and start making small traces with my fingers across her midriff and across her hem of her pants she breaths in sharply as the surprise feeling of my lips kissing just above the button to release her pants and her body from its confinement. She starts to shake and cutely moan as she is turned on and a little scared as she is cant see what is about to happen. I continue to place little kisses all aver her midriff as my hands trace up and down her body squeezing her tits and my left hand moves down and pops the button to her pants she is so caught up in the sensation of my touches she doesn't even know i am pulling her zipper down i move both my hands to her hips and push on the hem of her pants she instinctively raise her hips to allow me to remove her pants over her hips. I pull they over her ass and pull them up her thighs tell her pants are up to her knees and then pul them off her cute feet. Her pants are now off and i trace my fingers all over her toes and her feet tell she is quivering and squealing from the tickling i kiss and lick from the top of her foot down to her thigh and let the other leg rest on her bed i start to lick and kiss and nibble all over her body starting from her lips and leaving small light kisses on her nose she moans at each touch and kiss she can feel the heat of my breath as i kiss her. Slowly making my way down to her most precious of gifts and i focus on her nipples and make her have a couple of small organisms from me teasing her nipples and the rest of her body her hips are moving on there own now she is rubbing her legs together to try to elevate the itch and warmth that has been brewing in her pussy since the moment my hands started to explore her body i move down slowly and hook my thumbs on the waste band of her panties they were nice a frilly lace pink panties. She again instinctively raised her hips to allow me to remove them i took them off and brought them to my nose. Her sent was intoxicating and heightened my passion all i knew at that point is that i wanted the women so bad i could taste it.

I started to kiss and lick around her navel and slowly worked my way down tell i started to kiss her inner thighs she instinctively opened her legs to give me access she was burning inside and wanted me inside her so bad. I readjusted tell i was on my knees between her legs and her pussy was only inches away from my mouth. She could feel my breath on her pussy and made her moan in pleasure and a bit of desperation she was so horny she just wanted release and to feel me inside her. Her pussy was glistening from her juices i could tell she was ready for me and i moved in kissing down the left side of her inner thighs tell i got to her outer pussy lips and i used my tongue to lick up and down each side making her hips rise trying to get my tongue in her pussy it was a need she felt and could not stop her hips from moving i rapped my arms around her legs and spread her lips she gasped she felt the air hit her smouldering pussy and she moaned as she felt my tongue touch her pussy and i licked from the bottom to the top stopping and focusing on her clit making her body vibrate and shiver when i flicked the little pleasure button. I played with her clit until she had a body filled orgasm and then i delved deep in her pussy shoving my tongue as deep as i could in her tight pussy playing around with her clit as i lick her pussy. She was used to the pleasure building and then releasing but this time it was different she would hit her crescendo of her orgasm but the continued stimulation just kept her at her peek and she stayed there for entire time i was eating her pussy she had two squirting orgasms filling my mouth with her cum i swallowed all of it and revelled in the taste she was musky but sweat as i smelled her cum my passion increased and i knew i had to get my cock in this beautiful tight pussy and i had to soon or i was going to loose it.

I sat up on my knees and undid my belt and my pants i got off the bed admiring the naked women moaning and squirming on the bed in front of me i was already semi hard i moved my self up to the bed by her head and waved my cock over her face letting her breath in my sent she breathed in hard when i fingers touched her clit and i started playing with her pussy with my left hand. I placed my cock on her upper lip right under her nose she moaned and started to stick her tongue out and breathed in my sent. She was responding in a pure anomalistic pleasure and made her body to do as it wanted she was not thinking now just in the throws of passion. I rubbed the length of my cock across her tongue allowing my pre-cum to smear across her tongue giving her a taste of my essence. She pulled her tongue in and tasted me with an audible moan. I moved down the bed so i was between her legs i could see she was so wet and ready for our embrace. I lined my cock up and rubbed it up and down her pussy feeling the slickness of her fluids covering the tip of my cock she was squirming and moaning at the touch of my cock on her pussy. I line up and start to move inch by inch i enter her pussy so tight i feel her warmth on my cock as i move in inch by inch. Her pussy is tight and it makes my cock get even harder. It twitches in her and makes her moan.

I change my angle to make my weight push my cock deeper. I lean down and kiss her lips as my cock goes inch by inch deeper until i am fully in her deep and my cock tip hits her womb she feels me deep in her and she moans as she feels my cock hit the back of her tunnel. She moans and whimpers in my mouth as we kiss. I start moving now and slowly pull my cock out until the tip is just at the entrance. I push it back in slowly tell i hit her womb again this time it opens a little and the tip goes inside her womb she moans and convulses as she cums from the feeling of me entering her womb. I pull back and start to increase the rhythm.

I pull out to the tip and back in deep tell i enter her womb sending waves of pleasure through her body making her skin covered in goose bumps and kiss down her chin to her neck and place small little kisses up and down her neck tell i reach her ear lobe and start to nibble she moans at the sensation and the waves of pleasure as i keep my rhythm up. She can feel the weight of me on her and she loves the feeling of the heat generated by my body making her feel all warm inside. There are so many sensations she thinks she is going to loose her mind with the constant rhythm of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy keeping a constant speed.

I keep kissing and fucking her all the way to the tip and back in to her womb she came 2 more times during the half an hour that i fucked her in this position. I readjusted her position so she was on all fours she had to bend down and stick her ass up to get in the right position as her shirt was still blindfolding her and restricting her arms so she could not get fully on all fours. She wiggled her ass at me begging for my cock. I took the tip and rubbed it up her pussy from clit to her entrance. I push just the tip in she moaned and pushed back slipping half my cock inside her making her have a guttural moan as she feels me fill her up when she stops pushing back i push forward pushing the rest of me into her hitting her womb again and she cums hard from the feeling. I start moving in and out at a steady pace. I have been holding my self back as hard as i can with how good her pussy feels on my cock.

I start fucking her with anomalistic speed and force grunting and moaning as i pump my cock in and out of her pussy she is moaning and squeaking with every thrust. I am getting close now and i speed up pushing as deep as i can get in her. My cock tip is now fully entering her womb with every thrust into her. I have lost all control now and slam into her pussy balls deep until i tense up and start unloading spurt after spurt right into her womb. She cums at the feeling of my hot seed flowing into her making her pussy milk every drop of my seed out into her womb. I hold her hips tight keeping me burred in her pussy all the way in. I let my weight rest on her back and she collapses to the bed. I lie down with her keeping my cock burred in her pussy. We lie there in a sweaty mess feeling the heat radiate from each others bodies. Her body is still coming down from her orgasmic wave squeezing my cock with the direct consequence of making me stay hard and get to full stiffness with in minutes of us laying there.

I pull her shirt off of her head and off her arms as i start to slide my cock in and out of her my cock covered in a cocktail of our fluids mixing together making the movement easy and felt amazing she started moaning as i started to fuck her for the second time. She is keeping her eyes closed as i start to pump in and out of her pussy. I readjust her position so i am on top and she is on her back without taking my cock out and keeping the rhythm in and out of her pussy her pussy tightens as i start to pick up the pace as she moans i kiss her lightly on the lips and start to pound her pussy hard and deep making her moan hard and guttural as the tip of my cock enters her womb with every push kissing her passionately she cums hard i stop for a moment with my cock burred deep in her pussy her pussy stroking and milking my cock trying to get more of my seed to fill her up.

I realign my self so that i can pull her on top of me her body starts to ride me out of instinct she now has her hands and nails digging into my chest i love the feeling of her nails scratching and her body slamming down on my cock. She road me hard until until her body shivers and shakes as she has a strong full body orgasm. She collapses down on me i feel her hard nipples rubbing on my chest as she breathes hard moaning and shaking riding the wave of her orgasm she is lost in her pleasure not caring what happens next she is just revelling in her orgasmic glow. I feel a hot flood over my cock when she came with my cock fully pushed deep in her pussy her body shifts her hips milking my cock feeling the heat of my cock inside her. I rap my arms around her lower back and start to trust up into her pussy she is just on the end of her orgasmic wave so her body send surges of pleasure through her body. I move faster keeping her body pinned to me she is moaning every time i trust up into her womb we fuck like this for a little bit and i feel my self getting closer to another torrent of seed bubbling in my balls. I roll her over onto her back and continue to fuck her with anomalistic passion.

I kiss her gentle and some aggressive as i fuck her my pace quickening as i get closer to my climax she is moaning louder and louder as i slam my hips into her pushing my cock into to entrance of her womb again making her squeak with the touch of my cock head. Sweat is now dripping from both of us now as we are locked in passionate fucking. Her legs instinctively rapped around my back and pulled trying to get me deeper in her i fuck her like this for close to half an hour and then start to speed up and get erratic with my thrusts i push down hard at the same time her legs clench and pull me as deep as i can go my cock head is now touching the back of her womb as i unload spurt after spurt of my potent seed deep in her womb filling up her fertile womb to the brim with my seed she cums at the feeling of being filled up in her fertile womb. We lay there for a few minutes and then both passed out for a bit still entangled in pure embrace. I woke up a wile later still locked in our embrace my cock still burred in her pussy as i began to wake i feel her pussy rapped around my cock and it spirits my cock to life getting longer and thicker as it grows inside her slowly making its way to her depths. She is still sleeping blissfully as my cock fills her up slowly as it gets harder and harder. I revel in the look of her blissful face and i lean forward as my cock becomes rock hard tapping the entry to her womb again and pepper her neck and cheek with kisses and licks as i move back up to her ear lobes she slumbers in bliss as i start to pull my cock out and in with little short strokes and then longer and longer as my passion increases. She gets wetter as as my stokes get longer. She starts to moan and breath heavier in her blissful slumber as my strokes get longer and longer. She wakes from her slumber as the waves of pleasure surging through her body as she feels my cock filling her inside.

I now have gotten into a long stroke rhythm she fully awakes as her body is taken over by her having a squirting orgasm covering my cock balls and my lower body with her cum this spurs me to fuck her harder and i fuck her harder and harder until i push deep and enter her womb flooding her womb with the third load of cum deep in her fertile womb she cums on the feeling she doesn't want it to stop she is lost in the pleasure and passes out from the intensity of it. We lay there i enjoy the feeling of her breathing and the warmth of her body we fall to sleep locked in our embrace her pussy filled with my cum and the look of a satisfied women on her face we lay there tell the morning.

Part 2 will be posted directly after this it will have a bit more kink to it hope you enjoyed this adventure

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