The Baby Sitter part 2

The Baby Sitter part 2

All events in this story are fictitious and all persons in this story are over 18.

Any similarities to any persons or events in this story is purely coincidental

and should be regarded as such, Enjoy.

The Babysitter part 2

I waited a few minutes until it seemed quiet out in the kitchen then poked my head around the corner of the kitchen, Darcy was sitting on Mums lap cuddling up to her, Mum held out an arm to me so I walked over and stood beside her as she cuddled us both, my erection had gone down so no one seemed to notice I was still naked.

The crackle of the intercom preceded an “is everything alright over there”, Darcy reached up and answered then a minute later Nancy and Bob entered the door looking worried but seeing us all cuddled it didn’t take long for Nancy to cuddle me and Bob to cuddle Darcy.

With everything seemingly all OK Darcy headed off to the shower and Bob headed back to his place to shower and get ready for work, Nancy was wearing a robe and as she cuddled me I could smell the sex and see a glimpse of her nudity so had once again gotten an erection, Mum hadn’t noticed but Nancy did so she pushed me off to the bedroom and followed behind while Mum headed for her shower.

Once in my bedroom I massaged myself complaining that I had been erect for ages and it was starting to hurt “were you really licking Mum while Bob was rooting her?” I asked with a croaky voice as I knelt in front of her and parted her robe, she moved back but her legs hit the bed and she had to sit and I swooped in to lick her, she held my head in her thighs saying that yes the three of them were now lovers then lifted me up to stand between her legs “I can see that you are very excited by this but we don’t have the time.” she implored.

I made a fist around my dick and pushed against her hole emitting a low growl “but your married” I said as I thrust my tip against her entrance.

“well no, sometimes married people do have other partners” she admitted.

“Does that mean I can put this inside you?” I breathed as I pulled my restraining hand away and ever so slowly started to push my erection inside her.

Her thighs tightened against my hips but not enough to stop my slow inexorable slide inside her which by now had the head of my penis out of view as she thought about how to answer me, she stammered a few false starts to an answer but by this time I was halfway inside her, she eased the pressure on my hips in surrender as she heard Darcy’s shower stop “just hurry” she pleaded.

I kept up the slow insertion until she reached around me and pulled me all the way inside her and I couldn’t hold back and exploded as deep as I could push inside her.

I felt her muscles squeezing me dry as she pushed me back outside of her then she stood and walked into the bathroom leaving me standing there not sure if she was mad at me or not.

I could hear her asking Darcy if she was OK and letting her know she could talk to her about it at any time then she called to me to come get my shower so I walked in as Nancy dried Darcy’s hair and jumped in the shower, I noticed they both looked down at my half hard erection with its thin string of cum between my tip and my leg, Nancy just looked non committal and Darcy just looked curious “whats that?” she said, Nancy answered for me “its what boys get when they have an erection, its to help lubricate the vagina before intercourse” she said making up an excuse for my post cum dribble. “is that from the woody you had when I woke you up this morning?”asked Darcy. “well I normally go to the toilet when I first wake up but this morning I didn’t get a chance to with all the drama” I laughed.

Darcy was nude but I hadn’t seen her naked in ages and now noticed her breasts had filled out quite a lot and she had a covering of fine dark hairs over her Vagina, I was washing my genitals at the time and didn’t really notice I was staring at her and my erection was back until I noticed her staring at it curiously.

“How come yours looks different than Bobs” she said reaching out with a finger tip to push the tip down and watching it bounce back up again in amusement.

“Hasn’t your Mum explained all that?” asked Nancy, “yeh but only about periods and getting pregnant if I let boys touch me” she replied, “oh, well I’ll ask your mum and if she says its ok I’ll bring Bob over tonight and explain things” promised Nancy.

As soon as Mum got home from work Nancy spoke to her and Mum admitted she had not gone very far with Darcy’s sex talk and readily passed the buck.

After dinner Mum sheepishly headed to the Lounge room to watch TV while Nancy came over for our lesson. Nancy had me stay as well as Darcy was comfortable with nudity around us two and meanwhile Bob went to sit with Mum.

She explained the reproductive systems of us both and had us strip naked so we could inspect each other then stripped off as well to show some differences between older and younger women, she had me insert my fingers inside her to feel her G spot which started getting me excited but when Darcy did the same my boner immediately went to full on and bobbing.

Nancy’s breathing changed as she stared at my erection while Darcy ran her fingers inside her then she had Darcy do the same to herself but Darcy said she didn’t feel anything and Nancy suggested I do it to her “eew no, he’s my brother!” she blurted out.

I knew from my eavesdropping that Darcy and her friend Amanda had a crush on Bob so I suggested that Bob do it, Darcy immediately went bright red but she didn’t object so Nancy called out to Bob to quickly come and join us.

Nancy turned to me and pointed to the leaking fluid exiting my tip and dipped her finger in it rubbing it between her fingers, “feel how slippery this is!” she said. This set off a new wave of bobbing and Darcy had to grab a hold of my bobbing boner so she could capture some of the fluid, she ran her hand up my shaft with her finger gathering some fluid but hitting my sensitive glans as she did it.

Just then Bob entered with a very obvious erection poking through the gap in his robe, Darcy oohed and gripped me even tighter in surprise and it was the last straw for me and I groaned and spurted high in the air, it took a moment to realise that a giant glob had landed on her leg before she tore her eager eyes away from Bobs Boner and back to mine, by this time the second spurt had landed on her groin and she tightened her grip to try and stop it only succeeding in making it feel better for me and I thrust into her hand as a few more spurts landed on her leg and groin as she stayed frozen in place watching my sperm splatter her naked skin.

Her grip was still tight as I think she must have thought that if she removed her hand it would start spurting again, “its OK, he has finished cumming now” said Nancy.

Bob in the meantime just groaned at the sight before him, his hardon was now bobbing up and down and precum was dripping from the tip “did Mary help with that?” asked Nancy; Without taking his eyes off Darcy he vaguely nodded, without prompting Darcy reached out and wrapped her hand around Bobs much larger erection although she was still holding mine like some sort of safety handhold.

She ran her hand up with her thumb sliding up to the glans eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Bob as her soft dainty hand slid in his slippery precum, she stroked him as she tested the slippery substance, again Bob sucked in his breath and let out a deep moan, Darcy looked up in wonder at the enraptured expression on his face.

Darcy looked at the hard member in her right hand and only then realised she still had my hard member in her left hand and shot a quick look at the lust on my face, she started to inspect the differences between Bobs uncircumcised cock and my circumcised one, pulling and prodding us both as she leaned closer to take in every detail.

“they feel different, look different and smell different” she exclaimed, “do they taste different?’ but before Nancy could answer she leaned down and licked the head of mine, smacked her lips then engulfed Bobs and ran her tongue around it, Bob moaned “oh fuck” and Darcy jerked back in surprise as Bob’s first squirt hit the back of her throat.

Darcy squeezed her hands as Bob fired a few more spurts at her mouth, face and neck before she managed to point it down to join the mess I had already made in her groin.

“Fuck, sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen” explained Bob to both Darcy and Nancy, “Mary helped me get ready to go and when Darcy sucked me inside her mouth it pushed me over the edge” he implored Nancy.

“well I was going to show them some nice positions that give me the best pleasure but you won’t be ready for another hour now” said Nancy icily.

I wasn’t sure if Nancy was annoyed because Bob had just cum in Darcy’s mouth or because she was supposed to get his sperm for their baby making efforts.

Darcy was just quietly grinning and dreamily running her fingers through the mess on her face, I think she was secretly pleased with what she had done.

Bob looked down at Darcy still gripping my hardon then looked at Nancy and looked down again not wanting to say anything, Nancy followed his gaze then coughed, sighed and cleared her throat “well maybe we can position them to show them?”

“what about the G spot” I said changing the subject, Darcy moved her hand off me and looked to Bob “Bob was going to show me” exclaimed Darcy to a startled Bob as she lay back and spread just like Nancy had earlier.

Nancy used Bob’s robe to wipe Darcy’s face and neck and guided Bob’s hand towards Darcy’s crotch.

Bob hesitated a bit then ran one finger down her slit and through some of our combined mess then slid it slowly inside her, Darcy gasped then groaned lewdly as Bob found his mark, “can you feel where it is now?” asked Nancy, Darcy ran her hand over the outside of where Bob’s finger was and jerked in pleasure as she found her clit, she stared into Bob’s eyes as he pleasured her and only moments later grabbed his hand and squealed quietly as she thrashed herself onto his finger.

As her spasms subsided she squirmed into his lap and cuddled into his broad chest, Bob looked at Nancy and gave her the “its not my fault” look as he wrapped his arms about her.

Nancy looked like she was about to say something then her features softened and she rubbed Darcy’s back and just smiled gently.

“well it looks like those two are comfortable so I guess its up to us to show the positions if you can try not to stick that thing in me” she said looking at me.

I grinned and nodded in anticipation as Nancy lay back on the bed beside her husband and my sister sitting there watching, I looked at Bob and saw a little apprehension at first then a strange lustful look came over him and he nodded to me.

Nancy had her butt at the edge of the bed and spoke with a touch of hoarseness “first I like Bob to lick and kiss my inner thighs working up to my lower lips” I complied readily and was soon running my tongue along her lips working its tip in between her lips “then he pokes it into my hole and wriggles it around and in and out as deep as he can”, the smell and taste was really getting me turned on so I was a little over enthusiastic “then he pokes two fingers in me and feels for my G spot” she said with a low moan rising to a long deep sigh as I found the spot. “next he would lick around my clit and gently suck it like a tiny little penis” she breathed huskily.

“When I was really really turned on he would run the tip of his penis up and down between my lips to spread the lubrication around, teasing my clit with it while he was doing it then position him self at my entrance” Said Nancy breathing hard.

I stood up and moved between her spread legs, it was too short to kneel but too tall to stand so had to lean down a bit making it hard to balance, I rubbed my cock in between her lips finding it very slippery already then circled around her clit, I had to keep stopping as I got too close to losing it.

I would slide up and around then dip it in between her lips and stop in her entrance to calm down a bit, my legs were shaky, my breath was rasping but the feeling was exquisite.

Darcy gave a little yelp and I thought Bob had entered her as Bob was groaning in pleasure, I reached across and gently pushed Darcy’s knees apart but I could see that Bob had a solid erection but it was pushed up along her slit and the head was positioned at her clit and was dripping copious amounts of precum, Darcy was using her fingers to push the head against her clit and rub it side to side over it, her eyes were shut and she was groaning loudly. To take my mind off my cock I explained in great detail what they were doing to Nancy who also had her eyes shut as she revelled in her own intimate feelings.

My eyes met Bobs and he grinned “feels awesome hey mate!!” then he slapped my bare bum making a loud noise, I think it was more the loud clap than the stinging slap that caused me to jerk forward off balance and I slid nearly all the way in to Nancy’s velvety embrace; “Bob you asshole, now he’s in me” groaned Nancy as she realised what happened, “don’t move, don’t move” I cried as I teetered on the very edge of coming, my cock was pulsing and straining. After Nancy’s earlier talk I realised that we were risking pregnancy in this position.

Bob stared lustily at my cock almost all the way inside his Wife and groaned “fuck, that is so damn hot!” and started to gently thrust into the slippery gap between Darcy’s legs.

Nancy spoke lustily “well since you are now inside me anyway … Bob would then use his fingers and making sure they were slippery he would rub them over my clit as he thrust in and out”

“I can’t, if I move I’ll explode” I cried. Bob then realised the position he had put me in “sorry Nancy, I never thought …” “I wish he could keep going and get you off, I’d love to watch that”

Nancy jerked her head to look at Bob in surprise and reached over to hold his hand “you don’t mind that someone else is in me and could possibly get me pregnant?”

“Well I don’t want you to get pregnant to someone else but the thought of you having sex with someone else turns me on immensely” he said then reached over and rubbed her clit.

In the meantime Darcy was in a world of her own as she thrust her clit up and down against Bobs slippery knob, she had one hand holding her weight and the other hand holding his cock against her sex and was drooling a tiny bit as she moaned and thrust further up and down in long slow movements clearly relishing the feeling.

I was concentrating so hard on not cumming that everything around me disappeared to that one point, Do Not Cum, Do Not Cum, I had been teetering on the edge for so long my muscles were quivering, I forced myself not to allow the exquisite feelings along my rock hard cock embedded in that soft warm sheath of Nancy’s Vagina to work its way into my brain, I didn’t see Bobs fingers flitting lightly across Nancy’s clit, I didn’t hear Darcy’s moans as she neared her climax, I didn’t hear Bobs moans as Darcy’s fingers and slippery slit coaxed him closer to orgasm himself, I didn’t hear Nancy say “You better not cum anywhere but inside me Bob!”

Darcy could not help herself, as the unstoppable freight train of her impending orgasm overtook her she raised her self up that little bit more and pushed Bob’s slippery organ back then impaled her virgin self an inch or so on the throbbing member of her secret crush and screamed her lust as the most powerful Orgasm of her entire life pulsed through her body causing huge shudders and shivering to engulf her.

As the velvety slipperiness of Darcy’s virgin sheath surrounded his engorged cock head Bob couldn’t help but thrust a tiny bit into her extending Darcy’s orgasm until she passed out from the exquisite pleasure and she collapsed into his arms, Bob gently lifted her off his throbbing cock before he passed the point of no return and laid her on the bed, he stood up and stood behind me, Nancy had taken over as Bobs fingers had dropped from her clit and she was now in a headlong rush towards her own Orgasm, she thrust herself on me as her Climax rippled through her insides and I could not stop the huge spurt that erupted from my cock now embedded as deep as it could go, Bob lifted me up my cock firing a second spurt as it exited that milking softness then he placed me high up on her chest as he plunged himself deep inside Nancy’s grasping Vagina.

I continued to thrust between Nancy’s beautiful breasts as another spurt erupted then Nancy grabbed my butt and pulled me to her mouth as the next spurt hit her chin and lips, then I was in as I thrust deep into her mouth, too small to gag her as the final few spurts dribbled into her sucking mouth.

She swallowed then ran her tongue all around me then out to my balls like she just couldn’t get enough of me.

Bob was avidly watching all of this and groaned out loud as he added his juices to mix with the couple of spurts he did not know I had just deposited then collapsed over me and Nancy.

The tender feelings on my cock caused it to rapidly soften but Nancy opened her mouth even wider and her tongue helped my tiny ballsack enter her mouth as well, I was completely engulfed, Nancy was still moaning in a muffled groan as her long drawn out orgasm still coursed through her, her tongue swiftly swirling around my entire genitals inside her mouth.

Finally she calmed and stopped, Bob rose up and lay between Nancy and Darcy on his back, his cock covered in the combined juices of Darcy, Nancy, Bob and Me. Darcy came to and stretched, then feeling Bob beside her cuddled up to him her head on his belly, her legs around him as she softly sighed in utter contentment.

I was shattered and couldn’t move, Nancy’s laboured breathing calmed as she relaxed, she reached for Bob and found his hand holding it in hers as her other hand stroked my bare butt on top of her face.

Nancy’s tongue started to softly caress my balls again, Darcy was running a finger softly over Bobs deflated cock as I watched from on top of Nancy, then Darcy moved down and started to lick the tip clean gently caressing around it as she moved further down.

Watching her relishing the taste of our combined fluids along with the soft caresses of Nancy’s tongue caused a rush of blood to my cock and it hardened but this time I was further in and she gagged, Bob turned to look noticing for the first time that my balls were also inside her and he groaned out in lust, his cock started to lengthen as it filled with blood.

Darcy let it lengthen inside her mouth cleaning it lovingly as it went until it got a bit much and she moved to lick and suck the entire length as well as his balls, Bob was very surprised as he had not been able to have this many erections since he was a teenager.

Nancy gagged again so I pulled back until my balls were outside and my head at her lips but Nancy stopped me with her hand and encouraged me to thrust in again, under her hands pressure I continued in until she gagged slightly then pulled me in as she pushed her head forward and I entered her throat, awesome, the tighter feeling around the head of my cock was simply awesome, Bob groaned at the sight and when Darcy took his tip into her mouth again he encouraged her to go deeper but she gagged and could not do it.

Under Nancy’s guidance I was thrusting long and slow from her lip to her throat and relishing the sensations, Nancy was playing with herself and I noticed Darcy was doing the same. A movement at the door caused me to look up and Mum was standing there with her mouth open in shock, Darcy was moaning in pleasure as she sucked on Bobs hardon, Bob was groaning in pleasure and now had his thumb inside Darcy, Nancy was thrumming her fingers across her clit and a muffled moaning sounded as my balls cleared her lips, Mum looked directly into my eyes and I just grinned in joy and pleasure, her glare softened as she could see that her kids were totally loving what was happening.

Bob noticed me and looked at Mum in apprehension but Mum smiled back then crossed to behind me, she patted my thrusting bum and knelt to lick at Nancy’s leaking pussy so Nancy felt around to find Bob still beside her and pushed me up so she could look to check if it was Darcy licking her.

Realisation struck that it must be Mum so she pulled me back into place.

Darcy opened her eyes and spotted Mum and just grinned then knelt up over Bobs face and offered his erection to her as she lowered her tight young pussy to his waiting tongue.

Mum and Bob had been fooling around earlier so she was already turned on and wasted no time straddling Bob and impaling herself while Darcy watched closely.

I was having a hard time stopping myself from speeding up as the feelings were awesome and with Mum getting Nancy worked up she was wriggling around a lot more, Darcy asked Mum cautiously “can I have a turn?” so I pulled out of Nancy’s mouth and stood between her legs so she could see and hear what was happening.

Bob looked to Nancy who stated “as long as you finish off in me I think it would be a great idea” so Mum moved off and around to above Bob’s head, we all watched with interest as Darcy turned around and aimed her pussy at Bob’s cock.

She sat down on it but winced as it stretched her and lifted off again then tried a bit slower to ease herself on it, the head popped in but after about 2 inches disappeared the fatter section slowed her decent, Darcy moved up and back down again a few time getting a bit further down each time until she had taken about half of him inside her, she was obviously frustrated that she couldn’t take the whole thing but then seemed content to thrust up and down on that half which going by the sounds Bob was making was more than enough for him too.

Mum had her knees beside Bob’s head and was rubbing her pussy as she watched.

I moved forward and slowly slid all the way in to the hilt inside Nancy’s wet clinging pussy just as Darcy cried out and a huge shudder ripped through her body as she came hard on Bob’s throbbing cock, a few moments after Darcy stopped shivering Bob exclaimed “Oh God, I’m so close” and gently eased Darcy to the side on her back and kissed her before standing up.

I slid out of Nancy a little frustrated as I was also very very close myself, but moved away as Bob took my place, I stepped between Darcy’s legs to get a good view of Bob sliding into Nancy while stroking my cock, Darcy moved my hand and grabbed my cock saying “I wish Bobs was this size as I could probably get it all in!” she said as she pushed me up against her entrance.

Before anyone could object I slid the tip in groaning in excitement as her pussy was so much tighter and firmer, I thrust again as my orgasm overtook all sense and a squirt escaped before Darcy pushed me out of her and I finished off in her hand as I collapsed on top of her.

I faintly heard Bob cumming at the same time I did but he was buried all the way inside Nancy.

Darcy went to wash her hands as Bob sprawled on his back in the middle of the bed, Nancy cuddled up to him and Mum moved around behind Nancy so Nancy reached behind her and going by the squelching had her fingers inside mum as Mum thrust against her, it only took a few moments for Mum to Cum as well.

Darcy came back out and cuddled up to Bob taking possession of Bobs flaccid member, I was feeling a little left out so I cuddled up behind Mum and within moments had fallen asleep.

A low moan woke me up to find the light still on but the sun was well and truly up just like my cock, I leaned up to look moving my cock out of its bent position to rest between the warmth of Mums thighs, Darcy was eagerly sucking Bob as she flitted her fingers across her clit.

Nancy was softly snoring but Mum was awake and watching Bob and Darcy while flicking her own clit, I was concentrating on the show in front of me and didn’t even realise I was slowly thrusting into Mums thigh gap, I don’t think Mum realised either.

Darcy straddled Bob and inserting the head of him inside her and she started thrusting up and down quickly getting to the half way mark and getting further with each stroke, her face was shining with perspiration as she seemed determined to take the whole thing, the closer she got to orgasm the faster her fingers flew across her clit and the more she loosened allowing her to go further down. “stop, I’m too close!” exclaimed Bob but Darcy dropped all her weight on his throbbing cock and gripped hard as she came in a loud shriek.

It was too much for me and I thrust forward but didn’t realise I must have been at Mums entrance so that soft smooth sheath that enveloped the tip of my pulsating cock caused a huge pent up explosion of cum to erupt from my buried cock as Mum realised what was happening and yelled at me to stop.

Nancy woke to find Mum yelling at me to stop, Darcy squealing in orgasm fully impaled and Bob moaning as he came while still trying to lift Darcy off and pleading with her to get off.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Bob as he gave up and let his orgasm wash over him.

“Oh no!” said Mum as she vainly tried to wriggle away from my spurting rod.

“what the hell!” yelled Nancy as she looked from one couple to the other not knowing who to yell at first.

As my spasms stopped and my grip relaxed Mum pushed me away her mouth opening as she tried to find the words.

Bob had finished cumming and his concentration returned and he tried again to lift Darcy off as her grip had relaxed but she yelled loudly “Owww, stop, it hurts” and started to cry, Bob stopped and Darcy cuddled up to him “it hurts, its stuck, I’m sorry” she said sheepishly “don’t cry, when I go soft it was fall right out” said Bob as he held her gently.

“Sorry Mum I didn’t even realise as I was watching Darcy” I said softly, “Its OK as I didn’t realise either when I was watching them too” said Mum just as softly as she turned and cuddled me to her.

Part 3 coming soon ………………...

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