My Niece Mary Jane -Part 3 Sunday afternoon

My Niece Mary Jane -Part 3 Sunday afternoon

When we reached the car, Mary Jane was told to unbutton her blouse once more, and take her place in the back seat. My wife suggested that since our bellies were full, and the afternoon so pleasant we should go for a long walk somewhere to allow our body’s system to digest the noontime activities. I trusted my wife was not going to ask me to drive to far, with Mary Jane sitting there in the back seat, her blouse wide open. All I could see in the rear view mirror was pure unadulterated flesh, two beautiful tits, two elongated pink nipples, staring back at me. Mind you it did not help that I had re-adjusted the mirror once I heard my wife tell Mary Jane to undo her blouse, a totally unthinkable thing for a good uncle to do.

My wife was kind however, telling me that the place we had played at so long ago was not too far off, and that we could most likely make it there in twenty to thirty minutes if the traffic allowed. Yes I thought , I remembered that place, very well actually. It had been a very long time since we had been there, we had found the spot when we had first started dating. It was there that my wife lost her virginity as I plowed my young viral cock into her as she lay spread out on a picnic table. It had been a good thing we had found the place in the late afternoon, and even better that by the time we got around to do the thing, not many if any picnickers were around. I had never heard a girl scream so loud; it had scared the living day lights out of me. So much so that I pulled my cock out her, allowing it coated with blood to pop upwards and shoot my stuff all over her belly, right up to her neck, covering most of her lovely heaving breasts.

I had never had a virgin before, and I do not think she had expected things to happen that way, so we were both more than astonished as a result of our antics. Once the hurt dissipated, my wife stopped crying, telling me that she was so sorry for acting that way. She wanted to make sure that she had not turned me off, that I would continue to have feelings for her and not dump her for her short comings. It was that particular afternoon that I decided she had been my girlfriend long enough, and it would be much better if she were my wife and that is exactly what I told her. With her sorrowful babbling she continued on that day offering to do my bidding, to do anything I desired anything I wanted no matter what. She did not want to loose me, she loved me to no end and I would be hers to command if I would stay with her.

Well that day was perhaps the beginning of many good things that came to be. I cleaned up my cock and her cunt , holding her close to me for a long time while we sat there bare naked on that picnic bench. Before we left , we made love three times , well I fucked her three times, each and every time, being better than the time before. Unfortunately we had to remain girlfriend and boyfriend for several years longer as we both attended different colleges. Every opportunity that arose, had us fucking as hard as we could, and several times we had been able to return to that picnic bench, but the years had taken their toll and we found ourselves occupied with other things. With my wife suggesting that we stop at this particular spot, my cock surged in its confines, so much so that I had to rearrange my sitting position and in doing so caught my wife’s eye. I was sure she knew I had rekindled those memories of so long ago.

When we turned off the main road, to run the few miles up the secondary road leading us to the spot, my wife began fidgeting with her own blouse. I watched her in my peripheral vision as she unbuttoned and opened the blouse, undoing her brassiere, she pulled it from her body and set it on the consol of the car in plain site, of both Mary Jane and myself. There was no mistaking it , she was or had been planning some wicked little thing, I could hardly wait to park the car. I started to ease the car into a spot near the pathway, when my wife poked my arm and pointed to a open slot much further away.

Again fond memories flooded my thoughts, back to that night I had reminded my wife of her statement about complying to my desires. It had been after a good evening of love making my wife had reached orgasm several times , she was in a mellow mood. That particular day we had arrived a bit late and found the only parking spot was almost at the entrance of the parking lot, far from the beginning of the winding pathway. I asked, well sort of informed perhaps insisted that my wife walk back to the car with out her clothes to cover her exquisite gleaming body. At first she tried to beg off but in the end, she did me proud and marched back perhaps a bit quicker than I would have liked, but she took things in stride crossing directly over the parking lot and complied with my request. There were only three cars left in the parking lot, so the prospect of getting caught was not that great, but it did provide us with a charge, and we made out once again in the car before leaving that evening.

Once parked, my wife told Mary Jane get out , go to the front of the car, take her Bermuda shorts off and place them on the hood of the car and face the windshield. I watched as Mary Jane complied without hesitation. She was just beautiful standing there her sleeveless blouse hanging open, her little pink panties covering very little , the sun shining down upon her body. My wife got out telling me to sit still then retrieved a small bag from the back seat and moved in behind Mary Jane. I had to catch my breath as I watched my wife go to work. She first placed a blindfold over Mary Jane’s eyes, then she placed some sort of collar around Mary Jane’s neck . Looking around I guess to see if there were any voyeurs or obstinate other people, my wife then stripped the blouse from Mary Jane, exposing her in her naked form. The tale tell signs that all this was having a positive effect, was in evidence as Mary Jane’s nipples were popped right out from her areolas.

My wife seemed in no particular rush, she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, I know I was certainly enjoying the show, I had to adjust my swollen rod down the leg of my pants to lessen the pain of the pressure it had been making against the material of my pants. I continued to watch as my wife pulled Mary Jane’s arms behind her back and tied them as I found out later with some silk rope she had taken for m the little bag of items she had brought. Once fixed firmly, my wife, reached for Mary Jane’s nipples and one at a time fixed a tassel to this elongated body part. Signaling me to follow, I got out of the car and was told to put the shorts and the blouse on the inside front dash board so that they would be very visible to any one passing by. My wife then attached a leash to Mary Jane’s collar and jerked it sharply telling Mary Jane to walk carefully.

While we walked very close to several couples, there was enough foliage to obstruct a direct view of my wife parading her almost naked charge on the winding path to where ever she was leading us. As we were able to hear their conversations, well a mumble jumble of words, nothing clear and sharp , it was certain that they were able to tell that others were walking up the path near by. If any of them had decided to be friendly , move towards the sounds and pop out somewhere they would have been treated to a bizarre scene for sure . Mary Jane knowing her body was exposed, but being unable to see that the others could not really see her was very very uncomfortable as we found out when we arrived at the location my wife had chosen. It was the place at which she had lost her virginity so many years ago.

My wife guided Mary Jane to the end of the picnic table that had been set out for the park visitors and told to stay. She then walked around the little area into which she had directed us, inspecting what mother nature had chosen to let surround the area. I did not know if she was interested in how we were covered or how we , well, Mary Jane was exposed . I did not ask as I was busy wondering just what was planned for Mary Jane. After all this was perhaps the most excluded area of them all, there was a good covering of thicker bushes on the sides and at the back except for the little winding entrance. At what could be called the front there were bushes of a lower height providing a good view out over the side of the mountain, you could even recognize figures seated or standing in some of the other picnic areas, mind you , you could not really tell much about them, but if they were naked I believe it would be discernable. As to them looking back up at us , well if one was standing upright on the picnic table perhaps they might be noticeable, I doubted if any one would be able to tell if you were dressed or not.

My wife having finished her round came back to I thought help Mary Jane get her body up onto the table top, when suddenly my wife cried out calling Mary Jane a wanton bitch, telling her she couldn’t believe what ever she had done my wife called it disgusting , then I heard her telling Mary Jane she was going to pay dearly for her lack of control. With all that said I watched in amazement as Mary Jane was turned around and pushed face forward on to the picnic table top. She was calling out telling my wife that she was sorry, so sorry but could not help it, she did not want to be punished, she would be a good girl, she would do what ever it took to amend the situation, but she did not what to be punished.

My wife grabbed hold of her still bound arms with one hand , pushed her down hard on to the table, crushing those beautiful soft tits of her. Then with her other hand she ripped Mary Jane’s pink panties from her body, baring her perky little bottom . Throwing the material off to the side, my wife began berating Mary Jane telling her that she was going to be spanked and spanked hard for peeing in her panties. Hell I thought all this was because Mary Jane’s excitement had gotten to her and she had cum while she was being led up the winding path not knowing if she had been seen. It never occurred to me that fear had gotten the better of her and she had wet herself. Just that thought caused my cock to harden to push against my slacks creating a huge uncomfortable bulge . I kicked myself for having missed seeing her piss herself, that would have been awesome.

My mind was busy trying to watch my wife , while trying to visualize Mary Jane letting a stream of hot yellow piss flow from her innards, through her panties and down her legs, was causing me difficulties. Finally I decided to concentrate on my wife and what she was putting Mary Jane through at that moment. She was bringing the flat of her hand down hard on Mary Jane’s prime round ass, the sound at the contact of the two body parts was sharp and loud, it was as though it echoed in the little secluded area we were in. Mary Jane cried out each and every time my wife’s hand made contact causing even me to flinch. My curiosity however got the better of me , so I moved closer to the action, where it became evident that my wife was not being gently with her spanks. Mary Jane’s little bottom jiggled each time her hand made contact, you could see the red marks of her hand, her fingers as they were spread over the two bare cheeks.

While I was not really counting the number of slaps that Mary Jane had taken, I lost count at twenty five and my wife was still going at it . I did notice, thinking it was very strange that the sounds Mary Jane was emitting were no longer screams of pain, but rather moans and groans more familiar to me as sounds of sexual intrigue. I could not believe it Mary Jane was now getting off from being spanked out here in the open picnic area she was actually mewing, or grunting. It looked to me like she was moving her own lower body, almost as though she was humping the picnic table. My wife also noticed this change in her behaviour, so she stopped her spanking , pulled Mary Jane off the table to a straight standing position and told her that she had better not cum or she would be sorry.

Leaving Mary Jane, my wife came over to me looking at my problem and commenting to the fact that perhaps something should be done about my seemingly uncomfortable situation. Now I had several ideas of how this could be done and who would be best suited to resolve the problem, but I said nothing , not wanting to upset my wife, if my choice was not quite what she had in mind. I really did not mind who or how my problem was going to be fixed, as long as some one was going to take care of it. After all I had been stimulated to such a point since we had arrived at the restaurant, and had no chance to do any thing about it since then, any solution was welcome as far as I was concerned.

To my delight my wife returned to Mary Jane and untied her arms, I figured that my wife had read my mind especially when she instructed her to go and undress her uncle. As Mary Jane walked I watched the tassels attached to her lovely nipples swing from side to side, it was certainly very erotic, I had not really seen anything like that before, not even my wife had worn tassels to excite me. Mary Jane unbuttoned my shirt, letting her hands travel over my chest, over my now hard erect nipples as she pushed at my shirt. She moved in closer, pressed her tasseled nipples against my chest as she eased the shirt up and off my shoulders. The afternoon still fairly warm, I could feel her cool breath as she blew it across my now naked skin. Once she had placed my shirt on the bench of the picnic table, she squatted down in front of me and attacked the task of undoing and slipping my shoes and socks from my body. It was quite evident she knew she was supposed to put on a show, as she arranged her body so that I could look down, down, past her firm breasts, past the tasseled nipples, down past her cute little belly button, down between her legs providing me with just the slightest glimpse of the beginning of her lovely crack.

Everything appeared to be building to a crescendo, I know I was having a difficult time controlling my own hormones, my cock was about to burst, not only on the scene out in the open, but burst it’s seed as well. Mary Jane perhaps knowing this all too well, moved herself around behind me , then reached around front and began undoing my belt and unzipping my slacks. Carefully, slowly, sexually she slipped the material of my slacks over my hips, past my rump and down my legs. Prodding me to lift one leg at a time Mary Jane left me standing there in my under-shorts ,my cock tenting the material straight out from my body as though it was going to punch through at any moment . The pressure on the head of my cock to say the least was irritating.

Just as Mary Jane was going to complete my wish, and pull my under-shorts down , releasing my tool, my wife stopped her. She was, to my great disappointment , told to come and undress her mistress. Need I relate how much pain I felt, standing there ready to explode at the slightest touch, watching Mary Jane sensuously . carefully, lovingly and slowly strip my wife as bare as she was. There were two lovely naked girls standing not five feet from me, making out none the less, kissing passionately, hugging, feeling grasping at one another. Their love making sounds finally got me to cry out asking about my relief. My wife called a halt to things , brought Mary Jane over to me , immediately she began to relate to me how after Mary Jane had watched us out on the porch, she had asked to be taught how to suck a man’s cock properly. My wife went on to tell me that while Mary Jane had participated in a bit of oral sex with several of her boyfriends, she had not felt she had gotten a good sense of how it should be done.

My wife said that now was the time she was going to show Mary Jane just how it should be done. With that said, she told Mary Jane to get down on her knees in front of me while she took a position behind me. My wife whispered in my ear telling me I was to be passive in my actions, to let my arms drop to my sides and she would take care of the rest, indicating that I would best do as she said if I wanted to reap all the benefits. Hey what was I going to do, I wanted to get off, sucked off, fucked off, or masturbated, I did not care at that point , I wanted to shoot my stuff anywhere, my ball sac was as tight as it had every been, my cock pulsating like never before.

My wife then instructed Mary Jane to slip her fingers in the elastic of my shorts , and ease them, not tug them downward . As a precaution so that the head of my cock would not get caught up in the material, Mary Jane was to bring her hands around and flatten them against the side of my cock with her thumbs held upwards, then she was to move the elastic with her thumbs, allowing the palms of her hand to rub along the shaft of my cock, until it allowed the head of my cock to become uncovered. Once Mary Jane placed the palms of her hands on my cock I thought I was going to loose it, but at that exact moment my wife reached around and pinched both my nipples , creating such a sharp pain that I forgot all about my cock for a moment.

When Mary Jane had the material of the shorts over my cock it became very loose and was easily let down my legs and off my feet. Now there we were, three bare naked people standing out in this public area, the heat of the sun’s rays still engulfing us in a solid warmth. I wanted to poke forward and set my cock into Mary Jane’s mouth, but any movement I attempted was halted immediately by my wife , telling me to be patient.

Then the lesson began, my wife instructing , not quite showing, Mary Jane on how to proceed . It was perhaps a big more exciting this way , because I could hear exactly what was going to be done , then I was able to feel it being done. Mary Jane had a beautiful long slender tongue. She was first told too hold my cock firmly , but delicately, and extend her tongue to the little piss hole in front. To ease the tip of her tongue in that opening and flick it . Then she was told to lick the bulging pick head, like a popsicle, to lick all around, concentrating on the underside. Following this she took the head into her mouth clamping her lips around it and rubbing them back and forth over the soft stretched skin.

Man did I want to push forward when the head passed her lips, I wanted to push right in through to the back of her head . I was more than ready to blow, but each time I forgot my place and started to move on my own , my nipples were pinched by my wife. Mary Jane proceeded to lick my whole cock, to reach out and take my ball sac, inserting one ball and a time in her mouth and wiggling it around . She played special attention to the underside of my cock, to the manly hairs of my pubic area , stroking her little fingers gently through them . My wife then had her take my cock into her mouth, a bit at a time, each time easing her mouth further along it’s length. Now I am not equipped like some of you readers, but I am equipped with a nice clean cut rod, perhaps six or six and a half inches long,. A working piece that can be engulfed without too much difficulty, but the first time requires a bit of practice. This of course was what Mary Jane was getting, practice, and she was doing very well I must say, she had me very close to cutting loose several times, and I most likely would have, had my wife not circumvented the feeling with her pinching my nipples.

How long did this practice run on , I cannot remember, but it was certainly an enjoyable time that was spent. As Mary Jane appeared to get the hang of things, I watched my wife reach around and place her hands on Mary Jane’s head I had seen her do this before , she was using me again as a phallus. She bumped and ground her cunt into my back side as she pulled Mary Jane’s head along my cock with an increased tempo, just like any man would do had he been given the opportunity, My wife was busy fucking Mary Jane’s mouth with my cock oblivious to my needs or pleasure. It was her and Mary Jane completely enveloped in their own little program, both of them grunting and groaning, rocking to their own rhythm. Suddenly I heard my wife call out telling Mary Jane to stick a finger up my ass and push it in as far as she could. Well that did it . gobs and gobs of my seed shot out of my rod and down into Mary Jane’s throat, filling her mouth full . A release that I had being waiting for quite a while, a release that I had needed now for some time, a release like no other I had had in a long time. It was my turn to shake, rattle and roll, and I did, my wife allowing me all the freedom to hang on to Mary Jane’s beautiful head of locks and pump the seed from my body.

Once I stopped shaking Mary Jane was told to keep my cock in her mouth , to continue sucking, and massaging it with her tongue, until it shrunk to a size where it would simply slip from her mouth. That accomplished she was told to bathe it with her tongue making certain that no residue what so every remained . I do not know to this day if my wife realized the situation she was placing Mary Jane in when she instructed her to complete this task. Having Mary Jane continue to work my cock, her delicate fingers moving it up, down all around, licking at it with her wonderful tongue, caused an enormous pressure to build with in my bladder. I began to speak, I wanted to say something, to warn of a potential problem, but my wife told me to be quiet, to allow Mary Jane the privilege of learning the lessons she need to know. I began to wonder if indeed my wife knew what I was talking about , so I began once again to protest, I even tried to move Mary Jane out of the way. When my wife saw that, she punched my arm telling me to behave myself and let the natural flow of things work themselves out. Mary Jane was surprised when my cock swelled in her hands, growing to the length that she had first taken in her mouth . As she began to back off a bit my wife told her to sit on the ground in front of me, spread her legs wide and lean back supporting her body with her arms.

No sooner than Mary Jane had placed her two hands on the ground to support her upper body, and looked back up at me, I let loose with a stream of hot golden piss. Mary Jane certainly did not know what had hit her, she opened her mouth to scream I would imagine and got it filled with my piss. I covered her body soaking her tassels, hitting her breasts, her belly, her cunt which was spread wide. Mary Jane froze like a deer caught in the head light of a car coming head on not able to move out of the way of the deluge.

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