Second Job

Second Job

Second Job

It was about 30 minutes to close when I was told that Ms. Ochoa wanted to see me after closing. Although I wore a pager per her orders, I never turned it on. Fuck her. First off, if the money from this job wasn’t going to help my son in college, I wouldn’t be here. Secondly, I’m a supervisor at my real job so I don’t take orders well. Thirdly, ever since the little prissy Mexican, Ms. Ochoa, became supervisor she had these little nit picky orders that were just bullshit. Finally, the truth be known, all Mexican’s were lazy freeloaders and especially her newly hired, do nothing, 17 yr old niece who unfortunately worked on my crew. All the other gals would never say anything to her about her not doing her share of work and were afraid to because she was the boss’s niece. They warned me not to cross her because she would tell her aunt. So what, I would tell them, they could kiss her ass but I damn sure wasn’t. Earlier that shift I ripped into her in front of the other gals about getting off her lazy ass and doing her share. I never knew Mexicans could get red in the face but she did and stormed out of the break room. And, if looks could kill, I’d be one dead blue eyed blond. Big deal. At 5’9” and 180 lbs, her prissy little 5’0” ass wanted none of me. So, fuck her and her Aunt.

When I got to Ms. Ochoa’s door it was closed. I knocked and was told to come in. Ms. Ochoa was almost the spitting image of her niece, although at 35 she was bigger in the bust and hips. They both had those black defiant eyes and petite features.

Ms. Ochoa was looking at some paperwork on her desk as I walked up.

You wanted to see me?

She pushed her chair back from the desk, crossed her legs, and looked at me smugly.

I noticed in your personnel file that you are a supervisor on your other job.

Yes, but why are you looking at my personnel file?

I’m thinking about firing you.


Suppose you had an employee that didn’t follow orders, had a bad attitude, and did not get along with fellow employees. What would you do to that person?

I would counsel them but certainly not fire them.

Would you discipline them?

Ah, yes. If need be.

Would you consent to being disciplined in order to keep your job? Afterall, don’t you send this money to your son in college?

Yes, I do send my son money but I don’t see where that is any of your business. Fuck her, I thought. This is bullshit.

None of my business? You’ve got a real smart mouth on you, Suppose I just slapped your face good. What would you do? And before you answer you better think real hard because the wrong answer will get you fired. And, you will never find another job in this mall after I blackball you. Now, what would you do?

The bitch had me over a barrel. If I did not let her slap me there goes my son’s money. Damn. I’m fucked.

I’m waiting for an answer.


Nothing what?

Nothing, I would do nothing.

You would just let me slap you and do nothing?


Yes what?

I don’t know what you mean.

You will call me Maam.

It was all I could do to keep from reaching over the desk and kicking her little Mexican ass. But, I just needed to suck it up and endure this humiliation for my son’s sake.

Yes, Maam.

That’s better. Now, get down on your knees.

My knees?

You will learn not to question my orders. You work for me! Get on your knees!

As soon as I did she walked around the desk, came up to me, and slapped me hard across my face almost making me lose my balance.

That was for your smart mouth.

She slapped me again.

That was for not turning on your pager.

She slapped me again.

And that was for humiliating my niece in front of others.

I rubbed my stinging face while she returned to her seat.

Now, let me tell you what is going to take place now.

Take place now? What do you mean? Isn’t the discipline over?

Oh no, not by a long shot. My niece will be coming in and when she shows up you will apologize to her and you will receive whatever discipline she wants to give you. And, if you object or do not follow her orders you will not be working here or anywhere in this mall ever again. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Damn, I thought, I have to apologize to that fucking prissy teenage bitch and do whatever she says. How fucking humiliating! By the way she looked at me when she left the breakroom, I’m going to get my ass kicked good.


You fat ass bitch! What did I tell you to call me? She came over and grabbed my hair and slapped me hard twice. You white bitches think you are better than us Mexicans. Well, by the time my niece and I are finished with you, you will show us both respect!

Just then there was at knock at the door.

Who is it?

It’s me, Aunty.

Come in Carla.

Ms. Ochoa was still holding me by my hair.

What’s going on?

I’m teaching Terri some manners. She has something she wants to tell you.

She let go of my hair and the little prissy bitch stood in front of me with her arms folded.

Ah, I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating you and I apologize.

Oh really? And you expect me to just accept your feeble apology and let it go? She slapped me hard, pulled my head forward by grabbing my hair, and kneed me in the side.

I grabbed my side and fell to the floor in the fetal position gasping for breath. The little bitch started kicking at my legs and my ass.

How do you like that bitch? You fucking white ass slut. I’m going to kick your ass good!

There was nothing I could do except endure the punishment.

Just like you embarrassed me, I’m going to embarrass you! Now, take your clothes off!

Take my clothes off, I thought. How humiliating. She wants me to be naked in front of her and her Aunt.
I’m a big woman at 5’10”, 180lbs, with wide hips, and thick thighs, and my 42D tits sagged somewhat on my belly. Naked, I thought again. But, for my son’s sake, I had no choice. They both watched me as I took off my clothes. When I got naked Carla told me to put my hands behind my head and keep them there. This made my big tits stick out.

Well, ain’t she something Aunty or she thinks she’s something. Look at her shaved pussy. Only whores shave their pussies. Are you a whore, bitch?

How humiliating, I thought. At 52, being completely naked in front of a Mexican teenager and being called a whore. I had no choice but to agree with her.


She came up close to me and looked up to me. Yes what?

Yes, I am a whore.

And a fat whore, too.

Yes, I am a fat whore, too.

She, then, pinched both sides of my belly twisting them cruelly.

Ow, that hurts, as I dropped my hands and pushed her away.

Help me Aunty. I thought you said she would let me do anything to her?

Ms Ochoa came up behind me. Put your hands behind your back.

As I did she grabbed me by my wrists and pulled my arms out straight.

Now, Carla, get her good!

Wherever the brat found fat she grabbed and pinched hard, laughing at me. In between my thighs, my sides, belly. She worked me over good. Even though it hurt bad, I could feel myself getting aroused. I gritted my teeth as she kept the pinching up. Her aunt kept encouraging her and they both were laughing.

Get on your knees, bitch.

As I did, Ms Ochoa, still holding my wrists, put her foot in my back forcing me to arch my back thrusting my big tits to stick way out. Carla pulled up a chair, sat down and went to work on my tits. She slapped them, grabbed them hard digging her fake nails into them, and pinched and twisted my nipples. The pain was almost unbearable as I moaned with tears running down my cheeks. She finally stopped and Ms Ochoa let go of my wrists. I crumpled to the floor and massaged my tortured titties.

They walked away and I noticed Ms Ochoa whispering in Carla’s ear. I could see them both smiling.

What the fuck now, I thought. I didn’t know if I could take much more pain and also didn’t know if I could hold off from cumming. What would they think if they saw me cum? Maybe I am a whore. I know I’m fat, but a whore, too?

They both stood over me as I lay naked at their feet. Well, Terri, have you learned your lesson?

Yes, oh yes, maam.

Well, Carla, are you satisfied?

Almost, Aunty, but I think she needs to do one more thing.

What’s that, sweetie?

She needs a good paddling.

Great idea! They both laughed. What do you think, Terri?

Paddling? Here I am a grown woman about to be spanked by a teenager. Yes, maam, if that’s what you want. I was a broken woman. They had broken my spirit and they both knew it.

Yes, maam.

OK, bitch. Bend over the desk and grab hold of the other side.

I did as told posturing myself so my big naked ass stuck out.

Carla and her Aunt walked around to the front of the desk carrying ping pong paddles.

On shit, I thought. This is going to hurt so bad!

Ms. Ochoa put her paddle down and grabbed my wrists while Carla walked around behind me.

Whap! I jumped

That’s just a reminder that you will always treat me with respect. Do you understand?

Yes, miss.

See you tomorrow night, Terri, and don’t forget who you work for and what I expect out of you.

Yes, maam.

As I drove home I replayed the whole bizarre incident in my mind and while doing that I became wet again. I reached down between my legs and played with my wet pussy. Being completely naked, being beaten and humiliated…if I kept that job they could do whatever they wanted to me. Oh, who was I kidding. I had to keep that job. I sat in my driveway and made myself cum again thinking about it.

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