My Nephew and my Hot Tub - Part 2

My Nephew and my Hot Tub - Part 2

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Part 2 - The Next Level

After I got off of the phone with Susan, I asked Mark if he was ready to go inside and watch some TV. He said yes, so we climbed out of the hot tub, wrapped some towels around our waists and trotted inside quickly. My big breasts bounced from side to side as we ran in. Mark jumped on the couch, and I plopped down beside him and turned on the TV. He crawled up on top of me and I opened my towel and let him rest his warm naked body against mine as I covered us with a blanket on the couch. As I flipped through the channels I looked down and Mark had his head rested on one my tits, and his hand cupping my other one. I went back to channel surfing, thinking of how to take this to the next level, and when I looked back down Mark was asleep. Poor thing, I guess I had blown his little mind, literally.

After a few more minutes of changing channels I came across a skin flick on Cinemax. Since Mark was asleep, I figured I'd watch it, and see how much I could play with him without waking him up. I began gently running my fingers up and down his back, just letting my nails gently tickle him. He kind of sighed and snuggled up closer to my breasts. He was so cute. I just kept rubbing his back, letting my hands wonder over his ass and back up to his shoulders. After about thirty minutes of massaging him and watching people fuck on TV, my pussy was starting to tingle and I felt like being a little more daring.

I slid my hand down along his side. I could feel his soft dick resting against my pubs and his balls pressed against my clit. I scooted up a bit so there was some space between us and started to slowly rub his dick and caress his nuts. He was still sound asleep, but I could fill his little cock growing each time I ran my hand over it. I took my thumb and fingers and began to jack off his little dick. He moaned a little, but didn’t wake up. I was seriously getting horny and felt my pussy. It was soaking wet. I pressed the head of his dick against my clit and just held it there, feeling how warm and hard it was. My nipples started getting hard, and I began rubbing the head of cock up and down against my clit, stroking it gently with every pass. I reached around and squeezed his ass with my other hand and began humping back against his cock. I was getting sooooo turned on. I kept thinking about him blowing his load in my mouth earlier and how warm and sweet it was.

I was getting close to cumming, and really, really wanted him inside me when I did. By now I was breathing hard, and starting to moan. I was rubbing his dick fiercely against my clit as I began to shutter and shake. Right before I came, I shoved his little cock inside and it put me over the edge. I screamed “HOLY FUCK, I’M CUMMING!” I could feel my pussy clenching around his cock tightly and I was bucking my hips wildly against the couch cushions. I began to feeling his little body thrusting back against me, and I wrapped my legs tight around his body, grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him as deep inside me as I could. When I relaxed I could still fill him thrusting and I opened my eyes to see him awake and staring back at me. He said “This feels so great Aunt Becky, do I have to stop now?” I said “No honey, but when you feel that thing that happened earlier start to happen again, you need to pull out of me, Ok?” He said ok, and went back to thrusting into me.

Even though, his dick was small, the head of it was brushing against my G-spot pretty well. I guided his thrust a little and he was nailing it right on. I still couldn’t believe I was fucking my Nephew and he was going make me cum if he kept it up. As he rode me, my nipples were grazing his chest and sending tingles throughout my body and into my cunt. I was really getting into it and started wanting to talk dirty. I figured what the hell, and said “That’s it baby, Get it. Make that pussy come again…. Fuck me with that hard cock…… You like fucking your Aunts wet pussy don’t you?” He didn’t answer, but just kept pounding away and I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

Within a few minutes I felt it building up inside me. I said “Oh mark, you’re gonna make me cum” as my legs started to shake, I pulled him deep inside me and arched my back and let out a long moan. I could feel every inch of my body tighten up and tingle and knew I was about to squirt. I pulled by body back and his cock plopped out grazing my clit and adding to my orgasm. My pussy squirted a little against his nuts, and I reached down to jack off his cock. He said “Aunt Becky it’s going to happen again, please, don’t stop, please!!!” Within seconds his little cock tightened and began spurting one streaming white load after another across my belly and tits. The last few drops landed on my pubs and ran over my clit.

Mark was breathing heavy and we were both a little sweaty. I said “Good boy! That was such a big sexy load you gave me.” I took my fingers and wiped a few drops off my belly and sucked his cum off my fingers. “MMMMmmmm so sweet”, I said. Mark laid down on top of me and I was thoroughly spent. He said, “I can’t wait to do this again Aunt Becky”. I said “Me too honey, but let’s get some sleep for now. We need to rest up for some skinny dipping tomorrow.” So we feel asleep with his head on my tits and his little cock nestled against my warm, wet, and completely satisfied pussy.

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