Mike and Kate: Chapter 1 - Poker Poker Night

Mike and Kate: Chapter 1 - Poker Poker Night

Mike had grown up in the city most of his childhood. When he was 14 his family had moved to a small suburban town far away from the closest city. His father had been given a promotion at work but the downside was it was in a small town away from the main city. his mother was a teacher and she found it easy to find work at the local primary school.

He had found it difficult to make friends as he was at his new high school but eventually made a few friends, Kate and Sophie. For some reason all the male pupils were not interested in being friends with Mike.

Mike had a crush on Kate but, he never knew if she actually liked him that way, then one New Years Eve party when they were both 20 would change their lives forever when they finally got together.

Kate was Mikes first girlfriend but Kate had had a few boyfriends before and was nowhere near a virgin. She was 5ft 4 and has amazing green eyes. She has blonde hair but her breasts were absolutely amazing, she had a c cup, at least and complimented her cute face. She had a very innocent look to her and by all means she was a very innocent person, especially in the bedroom.

Their sex life was great, she would give the odd blowjob and he loved to eat her out but she was a bit insecure about it all, so more often than not she would not let him go down on her, only after they had been out for a few drinks with friends maybe. They would have plenty of sex but Kate would never let him cum on her face. He always had to cum on her tits or in her pussy. Mike still loved to cum on her nice tits anyway. He had tried a few times to get her into other things, she did not let him do it doggy style, and there was barley any sex talk or foreplay.

Kate had moved in with Mike pretty quickly after they started dating and a few years later decided to save for a house. They thought it was pointless spending all their hard earned money to give it to some scum landlord.

Now both 26 they both had good and well enough paying jobs to buy a house, Mike was a college teacher who teaches history, he worked at the local college and is well liked amongst his students and fellow teachers. Even though he is young compared to most of the other teachers in the school, he still gets on very well with them. Aaron was Mikes best friend at the school, he was 32 so a bit older than mike and they took their lunches together and Mike even hangs out with him out of school playing video games.

Kate is a nurse at the local hospital and works in A&E, occasionally she has to work night shifts when they are short staffed, this is great for Mike as he can spend more time playing computer games with Aaron.

Mike and Kate saved enough money to buy a nice 2 bedroomed house in the nice part of town, with some help from Mike's parents and Kate's mum. Because of a few issues with buying their new house they decided to move out of their rented apartment and moved in with Kates mum for a few months until their new house was ready They would also save quite a bit of money this way.

Kate is Jane's only child, she is just a stunning as Kate and still fairly young. She had Kate at the age of 17, her father was a bit older at 21. Now 41 Jane has an extremely nice typical hour glass figure and huge natural tits, which were at-least DDs. She is slightly taller than her daughter at 5ft 7 and has similar blonde hair. She almost always wears make up but when she does not you can still tell she has natural beauty.

Kates dad had left Jane about four years ago and moved out of the area, much to Kates annoyance and she has not spoken to him in years. There did not really seem to be a reason for why he left, but Kate thinks that her dad had been cheating on Jane with his secretary, Kate never brought it up with her mum. Jane had, to Kates knowledge, not been interested in dating anyone since her dad had left, Kate tried numerous times to get her on some online dating sites, or even speed dating but she always said she was happy with how things were.

Kate dad left Jane the house, it is a huge four bedroomed detached house just for Jane and there was no mortgage to pay off. Janes mum still worked as a secretary in a law firm, she would occasionally work long evenings with the other lawyers but she always got a good bonus at christmas and Jane loved buying amazing christmas presents for the whole family.

Moving in with Kates mum had not really bothered Mike, but Kate found it much harder than she originally thought, it felt to her like her mum was the same as when she was in high school, always asking her to clean up after her self and load the dishwasher, those kind of things, She could not wait until we moved into our new home. Mike did struggled with one thing, he was finding it harder and harder to hide his erection as Jane was always wearing skimpy nightwear around the house. And, on occasion was only a dressing gown, when she bent over he had on a few occasions got a glimpse of her perfect breasts. Even at her age they had not sagged at all, he thought on a few occasions she had done it on purpose but was not sure, he was surprised that he was yet to walk in on her in the shower.

When they had moved into Kate mum's house the sex had stopped immediately as she did not want her mother hearing them doing it in the house. This had left Mike fairly frustrated sexually and was having to resort to masturbating in the shower, occasionally thinking about Jane and he amazing ass and tits.

Today was the first Saturday of the month, which meant it was the monthly poker night. Kate, Aaron, Sophie and Ethan usually attended. As it was Kate's and Mike's turn to host Jane had been kind enough to let them host at her house. There was one condition, Jane was to have a seat at the table for the game, apparently she use to play poker with Kate's dad so Mike and Kate both thought it was fine to include her, although Kate was slightly reluctant.

The game was Texas Hold'em and to make it fair they made sure that everyone brought a maximum of £100, with the Ante set at £1. There were no limits after that as everyone just did it for fun.

"Mum their going to be here soon, you need to get ready," Kate said looking at Jane still in her dressing gown.

"I am ready, just need to get dressed which will not take me long," Jane snapped back as she disappeared up stairs to finish getting ready. She had been getting ready all day and you could tell Kate was slightly annoyed that she was not dressed yet.

"She is always late getting ready," Kate said to Mike who was in a trance watching Jane walk up the stairs, her ass swaying side to side with every step. "Are you listening to me Mike?"

"What sorry, whats going on?" said Mike who did not have a clue what Kate had just said, he looked at Kate, he had just notice she was ready and waiting for the guests. "Wow, you look gorgeous today by the way," Mike said as he looked her up and down.

She was wearing a short rose gold mini dress which had a V neck sequin top, it made her tits look amazing. Mike could tell It was the first time she had worn the dress as it still had the price tag on. "Here let me get the tag for you."

"Oh, I didn't realise I had left it on," said Kate trying to feel for it.

As Mike was taking off the tag he also gave her a kiss on the lips, as he did he also grabbed her ass and gave it a good squeeze.

Kate blushed. "Thanks Mike, our guest will be here soon are we all ready?"

"Yes I think so, all the alcohol is ready, the wine and the beers," Mike said trying to look over to the kitchen just to make sure. "I will make sure everyone always has a drink in their hand too, we don't want any sober people at the table so we can win all their money."

"Brilliant," Kate said laughing. "Do you think my mum will be ok with our friends, you know how Sophie and Ethan can get."

"I thought you had spoken to Sophie," Mike said.

"I did, I told her can't be as she usually gets at these parties as my mum is going to be there. I don't want another situation of what happened last time," Kate said with a concerned look.

"I didn't mind it, they were just showing their love for each other," Mike laughed as he said it, realising it was just a bit more than showing their love for one another.

"I know you would not mind, Sophie and Ethan were fucking in front of us, they just didn't seem to care," Kate said.

"Well they were drunk, and they thought they were hiding it well, Sophie was sitting on Ethans lap. And don't think I didn't notice how horny it made you, we had great sex that night," Mike said as he was remembering the great night of passion the two had that same night.

"Oh shut up," Kate said as she had started to blush again.

Ten minutes later Jane came down the stairs. Again Mike could not help but look at how fuckable she looked. She was wearing a Black Sparkly Glitter Mini Dress which pushed her massive tits up to look even bigger, as she walked they slowly jiggled. The straps holding in her tits were only skinny and they looked like they were about to snap. When she turned around he ass looked huge, Mike just wanted to reach out and grab it, but he was conscious that Kate might watching him.

"Are you seriously wearing that," Kate said to her mum in disgust. "You're over 40, you should be wearing something more your age."

"This dress is my age," Jane held her hand out and ran them over her body showcasing all her curves. "Besides no one will mind, it is my new dress and it makes me feel sexy, do you have a problem with that." Jane snapped back, making it more of a rhetorical question. "Mike what do you think?"

"Don't bring me into this," Mike said holding up his hands to stop the conversation dead.

"Fine," snorted Kate just as the door bell went "there is no time to change now anyway. Mike can you get the door please."

Mike walked over to the door and opened it. Everyone had arrived at the same time, Sophie and Ethan had picked up Aaron in the taxi on the way.

“Come in,” said Mike with welcoming opening arms.

“Thanks,” said Ethan, “It’s freezing out there."

Ethan was Sophie's boyfriend and was the only one out of the group that Jane had not met in person. Sophie had been dating Ethan for over two years now and it was no secret that they have a crazy sex life. They were definitely wild when it came to sex and like to have sex in public. They are both Masseuses, which is where they met and both were, polygamous would probably be the word.

Ethan was about 6ft tall, well toned, looked like he worked out, he had brown curly hair and dark olive skin which makes him look like he was from a Mediterranean countries. From what Sophie has told Kate he has a large penis which that he can do magical things with.

Sophie was gorgeous, Mike had always thought so since they were at school together. She was skinny and has dark brown hair. She was 5ft 7 and liked to wear high heels often so she was almost the same height as Ethan when she did wear them.

"Evening everyone," Sophie said rushing past Ethan, her hand wide open to give Kate a hug. Sophie looked at Jane. "Wow Miss Fletcher you look stunning."

Jane blushed a little. "Oh thank you Sophie, and call me Jane please, Miss Fletcher is too formal," Jane had caught a glimpse of Ethan. "And you must be Ethan, Kate has mentioned so much about you." Ethan walked over to Jane and took her hand and kissed it softly. "Oh my, and a gentleman too. I have not met one of them in a while."

“I like to be a gentleman once in a while,” Ethan said giving Jane a wink at the same time, Mike did not know if he was being innocent of just trying to be funny.

“Absolutely,” Jane said winking back to Ethan as he walked passed.

“Mum, I can’t believe you just did that,” Kate said as it was now her turn to blush. “They have not been here two minutes and you are already making comments like that." Jane smiled sarcastically back at Kate.

Mike walked over to Sophie. "Let me take your coat. It is boiling in here," he said eager to see what sexy dress she was wearing this evening. As she took it off Mike could see she was wearing a very sexy pink mini skirt and a very tight white tank top which went perfectly together, a bit more casual than everyone else, even her small tits look larger in the tight fitter tank top.

"While I’m up would anyone like a drink, there is plenty of beer, wine and maybe the odd shot of vodka later,” everyone, including Aaron who had snuck in behind everyone, said yes to a drink.

“I’ll help,” Aaron said walking over to the kitchen with Mike.

“Wow, have you seen what Jane is wearing, no wonder you keep on having hot dreams about her,” Aaron said.

“Shhhh,” said Mike. “The might hear you."

“Don’t worry they can’t hear, I would so much like to fuck Jane, her ass looks so amazing. If I lived here full time I would not be able to help myself. And did you say she was single?” Aaron said with a sly smile not taking his eyes away from Jane’s ass.

“No Aaron, that’s not happening, I can’t let you loose on Kate’s mum, she will kill me, Kate knows what kind of person you are, besides you are old enough to be her son,” Mike said.

“No I'm not Mike, you keep forgetting I am much older than you, I do like a bit of MILF,” Aaron said “but I will respect your wishes."

“I thought you were seeing that student at school,” Mike said trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, I still am, but I don’t think that will last forever, she is 18 and proper dirty in bed but I need something a bit more permanent," Aaron said, still staring at Jane’s ass.

“Stop staring, someone will notice,’’ Mike snapped, punching Aaron in the arm. “You should probably end it soon with her, if someone found out you could loose your job."

“Yeah, you are right,” Aaron said rubbing his arm where Mike had just punched him. “I would miss those 'during class' blowjobs."

“Did you say during class blowjobs? How does that even work,” Mike suspiciously said. Before Aaron could answer Mike held his hand up. “Actually I don’t want to know,” Aaron laughed.

Mike and Aaron came back with three beers for the guys and three larges glasses of wine for the girls. The girls chatted for a bit before it was time to start the game.

The dining room table was quite large so it had been set up as a poke table for the evening in the large open plan ground floor, there was a direct sight to the main lounge area and also the kitchen from the dining table. The players came in and sat down. Kate sat next to Jane with Sophie at the other side of Kate, Mike decide to sit next to Jane and then to the left of him was Aaron, and then finally Ethan was sat in-between Aaron and Sophie.

"Everyone happy with the rules," Mike said. "No limits Texas hold’em, well there are obviously limits but you know what I mean."

"We all know what you mean," retorted Sophie with a sadistic wink.

"Ok lets just start before this gets out of hand already,” Mike said.

The game started off slow, there were some winners and losers. An hour and a half into the game Sophie and Ethan were up by the most and Mike was doing ok, Kate, Aaron and Jane were doing terribly and Jane was on the verge of being out of the next round if her luck did not change. A lot of alcohol had also been drunk as Mike was making sure everyone had a drink in their hands at all times.

It was definitely the drink that was making Jane loose as Mike had heard so many stories of her being a good poker player when she was younger, she had drank at least a bottle and a half of wine on her own, while Kate and Sophie were only on their second glass.

The next round started and it was Mikes turn to deal, everyone put in their Ante. Aaron took one look at his cards and you could tell he did not have a great hand, he never really had a great poker face.

“When are you going to get better at dealing these cards,” Aaron irritably said to Mike, the table all looked at him unsure if he was trying to bluff or if he was being serious.

“My hand is not too bad this time,” said Jane. Mike thought to himself that Jane must have been bluffing as she has been terrible all evening.

Once everyone had checked then came the flop it was a 7, that’s when Aaron folder.

“For fuck sake not again,” said Aaron throwing down the cards on the table “I am going to the toilet, does anyone want anything while I am up.” Everyone shook their heads and carried on playing the game. Mike knew then that he probably was not bluffing with his terrible cards.

Kate folded very quickly after that. When the Turn came it was a Jack, that’s when Ethan folded after that, Sophie then raised and that forced Mike to fold which he was happy about because he just had a low pair. It was just Sophie and Jane left. Sophie knew Jane had no money left.

"All in," Sophie screamed with a devilish look towards Jane.

"I can't afford that," Jane said, "Kate, can you lend me some of your money please, I know my hand is really good and will easily win this round.” Maybe she was not bluffing Mike thought to himself.

"Mum, what has got into you, if you can't afford maybe you need to fold," Kate said with a sharp tone.

"But Kate, this is fool proof hand, I have been playing poker for years, I promise I will win," Jane said in a pleading voice to Kate, she just ignored her. "Mike, what about you, you're my last hope, can you lend me the money."

"Erm, i'm sorry Jane but my life worn't be worth living if I lend you the money,” Mike said, Kate gave Mike a smile and a nod of approval.

“Well what are we going to do about this then,” Sophie said.

“I don’t know, hold on let me have a think,” Jane said looking through her purse to see if there was anything that could be used as collateral.

"There is another way you can repay me if you are willing to make a separate bet," Sophie said with a smile on her face, "I will write something down on a piece of paper and you can agree to it, that piece of paper will then be accepted as equal to what I have put in."

"Please don't do it mum," Kate said knowing exactly what Sophie is like.

"Oh hush Kate, it will be fine," Jane said waving away Kates concerns.

Sophie took out a small note pad and pen from her purse, she spent a few minutes thinking and writing something down onto the piece of paper. Sophie passed Jane the note, she had a very devilish smile on her face. She took one look at it and her Jaw dropped to the floor, she was staring at Sophie. Jane took a minute to compute what was written on the note.

"Can we see what has been written," Mike said trying to peer over the table with a curious look on his face.

"No," Sophie slapped his hand away, “You folded, it has nothing to do with you," Mike looked away and rubbed his hand from Sophie's hard slap.

Just then Aaron came to sit back at the table a noticed the tense situation, “whats going on,” he said innocently.

Mike piped up, “Nothing Aaron, Jane is just deciding if she is all in,” that seemed to shut Aaron up.

“Really?, are you being serious or is this a joke,” said Jane, somehow she seemed a little less drunk now she had seen the note.

“I don’t joke when it comes to things like this,” Sophie said.

“Seriously, don’t do it,” Kate said, “I don’t want to know what it is, but you should definitely not do it."

“I have to, I know I will win this,” Jane nervously said. "Ok, it’s a deal, lets do this.”

Sophie took the piece of paper back folded it up and threw it into the pile of money.

Then the River came, it was a 9.

Jane showed her cards first. She had three of a kind, three jacks. She had a smile on her face and was about to take all the money.

Three of a kind was a good hand and was one of the best hands all night, no wonder Jane was so confident Mike thought, he was a bit worried that what ever was written on the piece of paper would not happen now, he knew Sophie and he knew it would be something sexual, Mikes thoughts started to race, maybe a lap dance or a blowjob, or getting fucked, or a blowjob. Mike realised her was thinking of blowjobs too much and had to get his head back in the game.

"Wait, I have not shown my cards yet," Sophie said as she put her cards down. The room fell silent as Jane was coming to the realisation that she had lost. Sophie has a straight. 7,8,9,10 and a Jack. A smile crept along Sophie's face.

Mike quickly grabbed the piece of paper in the middle of the table, Jane tried to catch it before he could get it but she missed, Mike read it aloud. "Jane will eat Sophie's pussy for ten minutes under the table." Mike could feel his penis harden, he thought it was so hot that his girlfriend's mum will be eating out Sophie under the table, two super hot women. Surely Sophie will not let this happen though, she must have been joking Mike thought.

Aaron who had no clue this was going on piped up. “Shit, what did I miss when I went to the toilet." Mike thought Aaron had an erection too as he slumped a bit further down in his chair.

"Mum no why did you agree to that," Kate said in a shocked tone as a tear nearly fell down her face. “I told you what Sophie was like." Kate then turned to Sophie, “Sophie please don’t do this?”

Jane had not said anything at this point, there was probably a million things going through her head at that moment.

“Come on Kate, these thing happen all the time, I bet Mike does it all the time to you,” Sophie said, “and Jane you just look so hot in that dress I just could not resist.” Sophie started shuffling under the table and when she pulled her hands from under the table she brought out a pink thong and threw it on the table "are you ready," She said as Jane nodded. "Ethan, set your timer will you."

"Will do," said Ethan, he got his phone out of his pocket and set a 10 minute timer.

Jane still had not said anything since she had lost the game but Mike watched as she got from her seat and started to crawl under the table. Mike wondered if Jane had ever done anything like this before, she must have, she did not seem to hesitate too much. A few seconds later you can tell she had began eating Sophie's pussy as Sophie began to moan. Mike looked over towards Kate and she had a shocked expression on her face, but for some reason seemed to be more wonder rather than disgust. Aaron was loving it, he had a huge smile on his face and he looked like he was going to whip his penis out right there and then.

Five minutes must have gone and there were loud moans coming from Sophie, "She must be ready to cum," Mike stated.

Ethan looked at Mike and said, "Not yet, she has a bit of a way to go."

The moans started to get louder, “Yes, yes, right there, fuck me with your tongue,” Sophie screamed. It was so fucking hot Mike thought. Sophie's head was flinging back and forth, she was clearly enjoying the sensation of Jane eating her out.

Mike caught a glimpse of Kate as she had her head in her hands. He took his moment and had a quick peek under the table and slyly put his head under the table when he thought no one was looking. Jane had hiked up her tight black dress and moved her black thong to the side, She had her fingers buried deep in her pussy. She was actually loving this Mike noted. It turned Mike on a whole lot more, he thought he might burst right there and then. Quickly Mike looked up but it was too late, Kate had noticed him looking under the table and shook her head in disapproval.

"I can't believe you just did that," said Kate over the moans of Sophie.

Ethans alarm went off indicating the 10 minutes were up, Jane reappeared 1 minute later, all the guys were staring at her in amazement. Her face was glistening with Sophie's pussy juices. She quickly realised and wiped it away as best she could and then took a drink of her wine. Jane looked a little flustered.

"Fuck," said Sophie loudly, "That was amazing but I should have stated you needed to make me cum instead of giving you 10 minutes. I need to orgasm," Sophie sat further back in her chair clearly disappointed.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT Mum!" Kate screamed.

"Don't worry about it Kate, we are both adults, things like this happen, Its not the first time I have had to eat a girls pussy," Jane exclaimed, Kate was embarrassed and even more annoyed at her mum.

"Really?, but I just don't expect you to do it in front of people," Kate started to calm down a little.

"That was amazingly hot," Aaron said, "Can we do that throughout the night. If you need any extra betting money you get to request a sexual favour from someone?.

The group just looked at each other apart from Sophie who was still coming down from her height of arousal who just said "Fuck yeah." That was closely followed by Ethan who also agreed it was a good idea, probably because he did not want to be outdone by Sophie although he said it while looking at Kate which is what slightly worried Mike.

Mike was waiting to see what the rest of the group did, especially Kate who seem kinda shocked about the idea and then Jane said "I'm in too."

"Mum can I have a word with you a minute," Kate said to her mum.

"Of course sweetie," Jane said, as she got up, you could visibly tell she was very drunk and followed Kate to the kitchen, Mike watched Jane's ass following it carefully as she reached the kitchen, her dress still was not straight from when she got back up from the table so she straightened it a little.

Mike could see them but could not tell what they were saying. He was able to make out one word which was 'horny' but not sure who it came from. A couple of minutes later they both came back, and surprisingly Kate that said "I'm in too." Mike was thinking it must be the alcohol talking, she would never in a million years have said yes. Mike looked at Jane to his right and she gave him a wink. Mike wondered what she had said to her to make her say yes.

Mikes head was racing in all directions, he could really get to fuck Jane tonight if he plays his cards right, literally, or even Sophie. Mike took one look at the table and there still in the middle of pile of winnings which Sophie had not taken yet was her soaking wet thong, in that second Mike thought fuck it, "If Kates in then I am also in."

But was there one thing he was forgetting about. Someone might have to fuck Kate? As he thought about it he realised it turned him on a little, tonight she could be fucking Aaron or Ethan, Mike did not know where this had come from all of a sudden, but he now wanted to see it happen. One thing he knew for sure was his relationship with Kate would never be the same again.

Mike ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Vodka. If this is going to happen he needs to be a bit more drunk than he currently was. He brought enough shot glasses for everyone and everyone seemed to have the same idea apart from Jane who was already wasted.

Jane borrowed some money from Kate as she was not doing too badly, and Kate was still slightly unsure what the next few rounds would hold and did not want what happened to her mum in the last round. The next few rounds went off without any problems although now Kate had a dwindling pile of money and she was clearly getting a bit nervous about what might happen with the new rules.

The next round started, and everyone was in. As the flop, this was a 3, 5 and 7 was turned over; Mike, Aaron and Jane had folded, they clearly knew what might happen. That left Kate, Sophie and Ethan in this round, Kate let out a smile, Mike knew this was her tell that she had a good hand, Everyone called but Kate had pretty much run out of money, the turn came which was a 4. Kate stayed quiet this time while Sophie folded.

“All in,” Said Ethan, he had clearly noticed Kate did not have any money left and was hoping it would go unnoticed.

“Wait, I don’t have any money left,” Kate said with disappointment “Mum can I borrow some money please."

“No, this is what you did last time to me so I am just going to do it back to you,” Jane said then turned to Mike and gave him a wink, he thought she knew what she was doing to Kate, would Jane do this to her daughter? Mike had seen a new side to Jane since she had been playing poker.

“Thats practically my money, I lent it to you,” Kate said, it looked like he heart was beating fast as she knew what might happen.

“Why don’t you get Ethan to ask for a sexual favour? I know I would, just look at his body,” Jane said. Ethan blushed a little, he knows he is hot though.

“But, I don’t know, I don’t want to,” Kate said, with fear in her face.

“Go on Kate,” Said Sophie, “Ethan can think of something nice and easy for you, don’t worry I promise it will not be bad, will it Ethan," Sophie looked at Ethan when she said the last part.

“Really,” said Kate, looking a bit more optimistic about this.

“Yeah sure, don’t worry Kate,” said Ethan. “If you have a good hand nothing will come of it anyway will it,” Ethan started to write something on a piece of paper and folded the note up and passed it to Kate to agree.

“True, you are right about that,” Kate said slowly opening the note from Ethan. “I thought you said it would not be bad."

“It’s not,” followed Ethan, “Me and Jane get up to a lot worse."

Jane was peering over Kate shoulder trying slyly see what was written on the note. Mike saw her give a nod of approval.

“Fine,” said Kate, “lets just get this over with."

The final card was revealed, it was another 3.

“Ha,” said Kate showering her hand, “Straight it’s a 3,4,5,6 and 7."

Ethan just let out a laugh and as he did Kates face just sank. “Full house,” he said. Ethan had three 7s and two 3s. “Wow, this is going to be hot."

Mike grabbed the piece of paper, this time not reading it allowed, it said. 'Ethan is to face fuck Kate until he cums in her mouth.' Mike knew he had to look disgusted on the outside but again his penis started to twitch in approval. Jane grabbed the note and smiled, Mike thought it was even hotter that Kates mum thought this was fine.

Kate took a shot of vodka that was still on the table from when Mike brought it over. Then said, “Mike, are you not going to stop this."

He pondered for a minute about what to do, “A bets a bet,” said Mike finally, he knew the words would harm him later but just for tonight he was finding this pleasurable.

Ethan got up from the table and moved over to where Kate was sat. He unbuttoned his jeans and dropped dropped them to the floor his boxes soon followed. To everyones surprise his 9 inch penis was already erect. Kate took one look at it and it felt like she was in a trance. She got off her chair and got on her knees looking straight at Mikes penis.

“You will go slow, won’t you,” Kate said with an innocent look.

“Of cause I will,” Ethan said as he slapped his penis on the side of her face. Kate let out a slight moan as she was not expecting it but it looked to turn her on.

Kate opened her mouth and Ethan entered her. Kates mouth seemed to take Ethans large penis straight down her throat, Mike wondered why she did not do that for him? Kates head started to bob up and down as she started to give him a blowjob.

“Thats not what the note said,” Jane shouted which surprised Mike a lot. Sophie also laughed as she knew it was true, Kate tried to look around to see who had said that with her innocent eyes.

Just then, Ethan grabbed hold of Kates head and slowly began to thrust in and out. There were lots of slurping noises coming from Kate as Ethans thrusts got faster and faster, you could tell Kate was trying to keep up but he was just going too fast and Kate started to gag, she pulled back, a long line of saliva came from Kates mouth to Ethans penis was very visible until it fell off and landed on Kates dress.

Mike looked over and saw Sophie had hiked up her dress and was furiously masturbating to Kate taking that huge penis.

Jane turned to Mike and whispered. “I am so turned on right now,” as she said it she put her hand on Mikes fully erect penis and gently started to rub it through his pants. Mike did not know what to do at this point. This was one of his fantasies. Jane started to unbutton his trousers, Mike was staring at Jane and in the background he could hear the slurping for Kates face being fucked. Once his penis was out Jane held it in her hands, Jane had a huge smile on her face.

"I have wanted to do this for ages," Jane whispered into Mikes ear, "You don't think I wear for skimpy outfits around the house for just anyone do you."

Mike was shocked with what he was hearing but responded with a few groans as Jane was now running her hands up and down Mikes penis.

"Wouldn't you love to be in Ethan place right now, fucking Kates gorgeous mouth," Jane said.

"Mike took his chance and turned to Jane and said, "I would rather be doing it to you right now."

Jane let out a moan of pleasure and started to squeeze Mikes penis a bit harder, that was Mikes invitation and put his hands between Janes legs who happily spread her legs for him, he soon found her thong he had seen earlier, they were soaking wet. She let go of Mikes penis and quickly took them off. She lifted them up and shoved them in Mikes mouth. Mike was loving the sweet taste of Janes pussy juices, and Jane went on rubbing his Mikes penis up and down with her hands.

Mike took the panties out of his mouth and put them in his pocked. He was going to keep them as a souvenir, Mikes easily found her clit, he was happy to note she had shaved her pussy and she was completely hairless down there, she was soon moaning quietly while kissing Mikes neck, it was amazing that no one had seen them yet, but it was obvious there was a better scene unfolding.

Just then Mike heard some gagging, it came from Kate. Ethan had cum in Kates mouth, the first spurt was all too much for her as she forced her way out of his penis, the second and third spurts caught her face, she was covered in cum as she opened her mouth and her tongue fell out of her mouth trying to catch every drop, She finally licked the tip of Ethans penis to get every last drop. Ethan grabbed hold of her face before she swallowed.

“Show me,” Ethan said, Kate knew exactly what he wanted to see. Kate opened her mouth staring a Ethan and showed the huge amount of cum he had just spurted into her mouth. “You can swallow now," Kate swallowed the huge mouthful.

Jane let go of Mikes penis and went over to help Kate, "You look gorgeous," Jane said to her daughter. She took her hand and scooped up some of the cum from her face and started to feed it down her own throat. Mike thought it made Sophie cum as she let out a loud moan.

Aaron had been sat quietly this whole time not saying a word. He was just staring at Kate as she came to sit back down at the table. Ethan pulled up his pants and did the same. When he went to sit down he gave Sophie a passionate kiss, grabbing her tits in the process.

Kate could not look at Mike. I don't think she realised how turned on he was right now and what Jane had been doing too. All Mike could think was this night is not over yet and he was hoping he would get to fuck Jane at some point.

The next round began, everyone put in their ante. The first flop came and Aaron was out and then Ethan folded too. Kate then followed. It was between Sophie, Mike and Jane. Mike knew he had some good cards. Two aces, and on the flop another ace had turned up, he decided he had a very good chance of winning so would take it all the way, Jane must have been thinking the same thing, then Sophie said, "All in."

Mike though she can't be that lucky with a good run of cards. She was already had three times more money than anyone and her pile was huge. She had never been this good a poker before. Mike or Jane did not have enough to call but Mike was adamant her was going to take it all the way, would Sophie let a sexual act replace money, if so it might be beneficial for him to lose at that point. Mike felt his penis twitch again as he thought about fucking Sophie, or Jane for that matter as she was still in too.

Sophie was already thinking the same thing as Mike, ”Now for the fun part," Said Sophie. "I think I should get to write down a sexual act and we can use that as you bet. As there are two still in the game if I win i get to decide what to do with both of you." Sophie wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Jane, who read it and passed it to Mike.

The note said, "If Sophie wins Jane is to give Mike a Blowjob." At reading this Mike erection reappeared.

“This is fine with me," said Jane with a dirty smile on her face. Mike nodded in agreement.

"Wait what if we win," said Mike wondering if he will get his chance.

"Fine," said Sophie, "You and Jane can write one down too."

Mike had to think long and hard about what he wanted. The one thing other than fucking Jane was to see Sophie eating Kates pussy, 'this should liven things up a little' he thought. He passed it to Sophie who looked at Mike and said, "Will she go for this?"

Mike nodded but that caught the attention of Kate. "Wait, whats that about," Kate said with an intrigued look.

"Never mind," Mike said and Kate went on with drinking her wine. He thought to himself he can't loose this round, can he. When Jane saw the note she just laughed, “I would love to see that Mike."

When Mike saw Janes note it said she wanted Sophie to eat her pussy like she did to hers.

The river was finally played. Mike had three of a kind and thought his luck was in. Then Sophie played her cards. She had flush. He was a little relieved as he didn't need to have that awkward conversation with Kate. Sophie thought she had won and was moving towards the pile to take the money, then Jane motioned Sophie away and placed her cards down on the table. She had a full house. No one thought that could happen with how drunk she was and both Mike and Sophie were lost for words.

"I can't believe I have finally won a round," said Jane as she took all the money including the notes, “I know exactly what I am going to do with these."

Mike knew what was coming next but he was surprised that Jane did not even pick the note she wrote. "I want to chose Sophie's and Mikes note," Jane said.

"Whats on the notes," asked Kate. Jane passed her the notes. "WHAT THE FUCK! You bet me," Kate said to Mike.

"I thought I was going to win." Mike said.

“I have already had my face fucked and eaten a gallon of Ethans cum and now I have to do this with Sophie,” Kate said with a concerned look on her face. “And you” Kate said turning to Jane, “You are my mum and you are choosing this for me."

Jane looked a bit sheepish and said “I just think you need to relax a little and open up, there is nothing more wonderful than licked out by someone,” Jane turned to Mike, "You tell her Mike, she might relax a little."

Mike got up and walked over to Kate and gave her a passionate kiss, Mike did not know if that would work or not. Kate did relaxed a little after the kiss and it looked like she was coming around to the idea of what was going to happen. "Well I will just have to go through with it," Kate said, "Its not like I have never thought about it" Kate smiled a little.

Sophie looked over and Kate and said. “So have I, ever since high school,"

Kate got up and moved to the sofa away from the table everyone could still see clearly what

was happening, on the way over Kate slid her panties down under her dress, Sophie got up and followed. From Mikes view point he saw Kate hike up her dress as Sophie dropped to her knees and crawled in-between Kates wide open legs. Moans could start being heard from over where the sofa was situated as Mike saw Sophie's ass high in the air.

“Lets go over to where Kate and Sophie are," Jane whispered to Mike as she started to rub her hand over his crotch, she started to move over to the sofa.

Mike was thinking this was too damn hot as he walked over there trying to hide his erection. Aaron and Ethan who have just been watching what was going on moved their seats over to get a better view.

“Shit,” said Aaron, “this is full on the hottest thing I have ever seen."

Mike sat down on the sofa next to Kate. She had her eyes closed, and was moaning very loudly, Kates hands were on top of Sophie's head, it looked like she was pushing her deeper into her pussy. Mikes eyes then moved forward and he sees Jane on her hands and knees ready to take Mikes fully erect penis in her mouth, she could not wait for it, she needed it now.

Mike pulls down his pants leaving just his boxes, he removed his white shirt too. Jane grabs his boxes and pulls down his pants, he is now the only one fully naked. Mikes erection pops out and almost hit Jane in the face she was that close. Mike had always been well endowed but by Janes reaction she had not had one that size before.

Kates moans could be heard from next to Mike as he looked over to see Sophie deep in Kates crotch. Just then Jane grabs hold off his hard penis and cups his balls in her hand. She moves her heard close to the tip of Mikes penis and starts to lick the tip. Mike groaned in anticipation and throw his head back just as Jane puts his fully erect penis down her throat.

Jane started bobbing up and down, slowly to start, but as she got a rhythm together picked up speed. Mike was loving what was happening, it was what he had been dreaming about ever since him and Kate had moved in with Jane.

Janes head was not going all the way to the base of Mikes penis so he grabbed her lovely blonde hair and pushed her further down, she was struggling and gagging slightly on the huge penis that was in her mouth, Mike made a few more groaning sounds. Jane then came up for air as a massive strand of saliva from Mikes penis to her mouth followed her, she then went in and started licking his balls. Kate had never licked Mikes balls before and this was a new sensation for him, Mike was groaning loudly, he was louder than Kate sat next to him.

Jane got up for a second and pushed the straps of her dress to one side and pulled down the top of her dress revealing her perfect tits, they were much more amazing than Mike had thought possible and was not sure how a woman her age had kept them in such good condition. She got back on her knees and put her massive tits between my cock and rubbing them up and down while keeping eye contact. This was Mikes first time fucking tits and he instantly felt like he was going to ejaculate in Janes face.

Mike looked over to where Aaron and Ethan were and they had taken out their cocks and were slow stroking them to what was unfolding, they looked like they were waiting for their turn. Looking over at Kate she had shifter her straps on her dress revealing her tits and was playing with her erect nipples.

With Jane’s tits still between Mikes penis he leaned in to Jane and said, “It looks like we have an audience, so let's give them something interesting to watch."

Jane giggled for a moment, Mike might have thought she was 18 again. "You can take me any way you want to."

Mike push her up, she was still partially wearing her very sexy tight sequin dress. He forced her around pulling down the rest of her dress. He was now seeing Jane fully naked for the first time from behind. She had the curves in all the right places and her and her ass looked so tasty. He could not help himself. He pushed her face down on the sofa and entered her from behind, he put her hands on her hips, Jane moaned in pleasure, he could feel she was reaching for her clit, rubbing up and down, Mikes pace started to quicken, he slapped her ass as another moan left her mouth.

As Mike was fucking Jane from behind he looked over to Kate and Sophie, Sophie had hiked up her dress and was furiously rubbing her clit. Just then Kate let out a loud moan and a massive orgasm came out of her mouth, her whole body shuddered with the releasing pleasure, when Kate had finally finished Sophie got up, her face was covered with Kates cum, she went over to talk to Aaron and Ethan who were both still masturbating, she whispered something to then, Mike could not tell what she said. Sophie started to remove her top and skirt and was soon completely naked.

Sophie came over to where Jane and Mike were, Mike pulled out of Jane who promptly turned around, Sophie got on her knees and put Mikes penis in her mouth, she felt extremely experienced Mike thought as her mouth went straight to the base of his erect penis. Jane got down off the sofa and sat behind Sophie. Her huge tits resting on Sophie's head, Mike reached over and grabbed one of them, caressing it in his hand, Jane started to moan again and Sophie released herself from Mikes penis as soon as she head Jane moan and turned around to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

Sophie got on the sofa and said to Mike, "Stick that big penis in me now."

Mike did not hesitate as entered her. Loud moans were coming from Sophie's mouth. Jane decided she was not going to be outdone.

"Now it’s my turn, you will eat my pussy and you will enjoy it," Jane said loudly to Sophie. She got up on the sofa and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto Sophie's face. Mike could just make out the muffled moans from Sophie as he was fucking her. Somehow Sophie's moans were enhancing Janes pleasure as Jane was close to orgasm.

A few minutes later Jane let out a huge scream, she had a huge orgasm, as Jane moved away from Sophie's face you could see Jane had cum all over Sophie's face, Mike was fucking Sophie now harder than ever. Jane had got down of Sophie's face and was now knelt down by Mikes crotch and was feeling Sophie’s ass, giving it a slap every now and again which made Sophie moan even louder.

Mike looked over to Kate, Ethan and Aaron had sneakily moved over to Kate who now has Ethans penis down her throat for the second time tonight and Aaron was fucking her hard. She was moaning again and must have cum a few more times by now, Mike could not help but think how hot that it was to see his girlfriend being fucked by two guys.

Mike knew Sophie was on the verge and so did Jane, so she moved over to Sophie's hard nipples and started to suck. That just pushed her over the edge and Sophie's pussy started to convulse uncontrollably.

Jane moved back towards Mikes penis, she started to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, she knew after that what was coming.

Mike pulled out of Sophie, Mike penis full of Sophie and Janes pussy juices. He moved over to be closer to Janes face she looked up and grabbed Mikes cock giving a few strokes before Mike came in her face, four massive streams of thick cum hit her face, it was too much for her and some fell down onto her tits.

Jane fell back and Sophie took over, Sophie started to lick the cum off Janes gorgeous tits and then started kissing her while her fingers fell deep in to Janes pussy. Janes second orgasm was much stronger than the first.

Mike looked over and Aaron and Ethan had swapped places. Ethans huge cock was now deep in Kates pussy why Aaron was stroking his dick in front of Kates face. Kate was struggling to keep up with Ethan rhythms who was getting faster and faster.

Just then Ethan shot his load directly into Kate and at the same time Kate let out a huge scream for her final orgasm. Ethan lingered in Kates pussy as this was the second time in the same night that Kate had taken Ethans cum. As he retracted a string of cum followed him from Kate's pussy to his penis. She began to relax a bit until Aaron shot his load directly into her face. She started to scoop it up using her fingers and putting them directly in her mouth. Both Jane and Kate looked sexy with cum on their face.

Jane and Sophie got up and went to clean up, Mike sat on the sofa next to Kate, she had just come down from her last orgasm. Mike and Kate were both still naked.

"Do you still love me," Kate said in an unsure tone towards Mike.

"Of course I do," Mike said.

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