Taking Her - Part 2

Taking Her - Part 2

Taking her - Part 2 - Breakfast

You wake to cold water blasting on you. He is hosing you off. "God you smell like a dried up whore house slut. " He pulls the dildos out of your pussy and ass, then sticks the hose full blast in one then the other. When he is done he places manacles on your wrists and ankles cutting you loose from the cage. He chains your hands be hind your back and a collar and leash around your neck. "Time for some exercise you worthless slut. " He leads you upstairs and out the back door. His yard is huge and completely surrounded by trees. There is a path around the yard and some benches, what look like low fences and a stock in the middle. He leads you to the path and yells "JOG!" The suddenness of it startles you and you begin to jog. His crop hits your ass. "Pick up those feet and move!" He hits you again, and again till you are jogging in a close approximation of a horses canter. He keeps this up for 2 hours every time you slow down he hits you with the crop again. Your ass is on fire and your legs are wore out he finally says stop and you fall to the ground crying. "Please stop, I... I don't want to do this anymore. " you say through the tears. He looks concerned as he squats next to you. "Is this more then you were expecting? Has this gone beyond your limits? " you nod vigorously. He grabs you by the Chin and forces you to look at him. Any look of concern is gone. "Too fucking bad. You made a deal you fucking whore and you are going to live up to your end of it. Whether you want to or not. " You begin to shake. You can feel your self getting wet again.

He pulls on the leash, "Get your ass up slut. " You try to get up as he keeps pulling on your leash. Every time you take a few steps he pulls again and you fall again. He drags you this way back inside. In the kitchen he orders, "On your face to the floor. Unless told otherwise this is how want you. Do you understand? " Through the tears and horniness you mumble, "yes" The crop comes down across your back and you yell. "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. " You scream, "YES! I WILL! " The crop comes down on your back leaving another red line. "Yes what? " You sob at the top of your voice "YES SIR!" over and over. The heat in your back is intense. Then you feel a coolness spread on your welts, he is gently rubbing ointment on you. "That's a good little slut." He fingers you, it only takes a few seconds for you to have one of the best orgasms you have ever had. "Good girl." He pets your head as you come down.

He uncuffs your hands and says "You hungry slut?". "Yes Sir." He nods, "I figured you would be, you have had a big day." he puts a bowl of oatmeal and water on the floor in front of you. You start eating out of the bowl like a dog. You are getting food all over your face. "You have until I a finished to eat your fill slut." You wonder what he means but you waste no time trying to eat as much as you can. That is when you feel his hands on your ass. With one thrust he buries his dick all the way into your pussy. You start moaning instantly, your breakfast forgotten. He pounds your pussy with out mercy, all you can do is scream in ecstasy as you are racked with orgasms after orgasms. With one last trust he pushes your face in the oatmeal as he comes. He pulls out leaving you panting your mixed cum dripping from your pussy. He grabs you by the hair. "When I cum it is your job to clean me, understand slut? " You quickly turn around saying "Yes Sir" You quickly bury your face in in his crotch licking his cock. He grabs your hair again and yanks your head off of him. "Stupid slut, look at the mess your making." he points at the oatmeal on his crotch. "Now do it right. " "Yes Sir. Sorry Sir. " you say as you carefully lick the oatmeal and cum off.

He picks up your leash and start to walk to the hallway. You start to stand up, you feel the sudden crack of the crop on your back, the sudden pain drops you pack to the floor panting. “You do not stand up unless I tell you to you worthless slut. You shall walk on your hands and knees like the worthless bitch you are unless told otherwise.” You cry and shake, “ye.. yes sir..” He nods and leads you down the hallway. He leads you into a large bathroom with a separate shower and tub. The shower has hitching post next to the door which he ties your leash to. Time for my morning wash slut. He turn on the water and hands you a wash cloth and soap. You try to walk on your hands and knees into the shower but he stops you. “I said it was time for MY shower slut. You shall stand there and wash me.” You say “Yes sir.” as you hesitantly stand. He turns his back to you as you begin to soap up his shoulders and back gently washing washing every inch as you work your way down. As you begin to work towards his asshole he says “Nope. Your not getting off that easy.” He spreads his cheeks. “Make sure you get your tongue in their nice and good.” You almost throw up at the thought of licking his asshole. “No Sir, please don’t make me do that!” He turns and backhands you so hard you don’t even see him move. It is so hard it knocks you to the floor and blurs your vision. He leans down right in your face as every thing swims. He almost whispers, “You do not get to say that word. I own you, you WILL do what I say when I say it with no hesitation and no back talk. Do you understand?” You can feel the heat in your cheek and know that there will be a huge bruise. “Yes Sir.” He grabs hold of you face. “Not good enough, tell me EXACTLY what it is that you understand.” You begin to cry again, you can’t believe you are saying this or that it is making you so wet. “I am your property, I shall do what ever you say when you say it. I shall never say no to you or hesitate during any of your orders.” He stands up and crosses his arms over his chest. “I don’t know... I don’t think you truly understand your place. From now on you shall never refer to your self as I. From now on you are Worthless Slut. Do you understand?” You nod, “Yes Sir, Worthless Slut understands. Worthless Slut is Sir’s property and he shall do what ever he wants with Worthless Slut. Worthless Slut shall not hesitate when given an order.”

He smiles, “Maybe there is hope for you yet.” He stands back in the shower and turns around. “Now Finish.” You jump up and bury your tongue in his ass. You lick every spot tasting his sweat and shit. He turns around and steps out of the shower and begins to dry off. “That’s better.” He starts walking to the door and says, “Get your self cleaned up now, and make sure you clean every part.” He steps out of the bath room and calls back, “Oh, and if you cum in there you shall be punished.”

You cry feeling like you don’t do something about the feeling in your pussy soon you will explode.

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