The Boss's Daughter, Ch 1: The Beginning of the madness

The Boss's Daughter, Ch 1: The Beginning of the madness

I grew up in a small mountain town, to give you a clue my elementary school preschool -8th had only 58 kids in it. To say everyone knew each other is an understatement. I was an average boy, and everybody loved my for my kind heart and large since of humor. Growing up I was with my friend Collin a lot, the kid who has everything. We were always on dirt bikes, quads, boats, you name it, we did it. Always tagging along with us was his younger cousin Alexis. She was a cute girl, but much younger than I. Alexis had a big crush on me for the longest time. So anywhere Collin and I went, Alexis begged to go with us, and would cry and complain to her parents if we didn’t say yes or went anywhere without her. After years went by Alexis’s crush on me faded, and her attention turned to other boys. However the problem was as her crush faded, my crush on her had grown. By the time she was 15, she had grown up to be 5’4”-5’5”, 120 lbs, with nice perky B cups that were almost ready for a C, a nice round firm buttocks, and big muscular legs from all the sports she played. Her hair was a curly blonde, although it never stayed that way, it seemed like once a month she dyed it another color, and she hated her curls so she always straightened it before she ever stepped out of the house. By this time I was 19, in my freshman year of college, 5’10” 155 lbs, and still for the most part in my high school wrestling shape.

I was fresh out of job and needed money. Collin and Alexis’s parents offered me a job with the business they all owned together. I had worked there a summer when I was 14, but like most 14 years olds fresh into the work world, you can say my work ethic was less than stellar. However now they had seen me grow up, and mature. They knew now that I was a brutally hard worker, and would do whatever, whenever and work my ass off tell it was done. The great thing was winter had just begun, which meant my favorite thing snowmobiling. Whenever it was slow they usually told me I could take off the rest of the day and go ride with Collin. Since their business was so far away from my house I often just stayed with them. This meant a lot of nights with Alexis and Collin. We would stay up late playing board games, or watching movies. Collin always sat in the Lazy-Boy in the living room, but Alexis usually ended up snuggled up next to me on the couch with a blanket, like two best friends, even though she had an idea that I had a crush on her, she was never for sure, but I knew she no longer had one on me and wouldn’t try anything. Those nights were my favorite. She was always just in some sweats and big t-shirt, no make up, her hair its usual curly self, curled up next me. I always told her that’s when she looked her best, and to stop trying so hard whenever she went out, she had natural beauty, no need for all that other crap.

Winter soon passed into summer. This meant spending the days on the lake with Collin and Alexis. Me and Collin would go out and wakeboard or water-ski, Alexis would always come out and lay out on the boat and tan, and occasionally we’d convince her to get out their on the wakeboard. She was never any good but it was always nice to see her try. My favorite times of the summer was summer nights. Alexis would always beg me to take her four-wheeling, or muddin, or take a drive up to the hot springs. The most fun night we would four-wheel up onto Goatee Mountain. So far away from everything and just look at the stars and talk. Plus there was a long dirt road before we had to start four-wheeling that I would drive as fast I could on, and toss her all about my truck while laughed our asses off. There was this set of bumps as we came up to them she’d always dare me to jump, I’d hit them about 60 mph, and launch my truck 3 feet high, and we’d sail 10 feet long before we touched ground again.

One night I got off work and walked into Alexis’s house to say hi, I can see it on her face she was destroyed. That could only mean one thing, she broke up with another boyfriend. She seemed to just recycle them at this point, they were always new boyfriends coming and going. So I looked at her and gave her a little nudge and said “wanna go wheelin?” A little smile came to her sad face, along with a “hell ya” we piled into my lifted 86 Toyota and were gone. She didn’t talk much on the way up, but more and more smiles and laughs came the farther we got on the dirt road. Then after the rock crawling and climbing to the top she was her normal happy self. We layed in the back of my truck and looked up at the stars, her head resting on my outstretched arm, as she was curled up next to me. It was time to talk “What’s up darlin, talk to me, what happened?” she knew I already knew. So she got in with the story about what a jerk her boyfriend was and she was over it, so she got rid of him. Throughout the story I just listened let her talk it out, and vent, smiling, nodding and encouraging the story on. When she was done I told her how great of a person she was, and how deserved better than that shit, how she did the right thing getting rid of him and she should be happy he’s gone, not sad.

She then turned her head looked at me and said “ Thanks Trev. Your always there for me.” Then she did something I never expected from her. She leaned in and kissed me. Her full soft lips touched mine. I had waited and wanted this for so long. I was shocked, I was unsure. She was 15, just a kid, I knew it was wrong. I pulled back, looked deep into those gorgeous blue eyes that looked like the ocean on a calm day glistening back at me. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. I couldn’t deny it; I loved her. I leaned back in, this time when our lips met it wasn’t a tender, nervous kiss. It was a kiss of passion, sparks flew in my brain, I parted my lips slightly, she parted hers right along with me. Then I felt her tongue dance its way into my mouth. I pulled my arm up started running it through her hair as our tongues danced an elegant, passionate samba inside our mouths. She slowly turned rolling on top of me. Her perky boobs smooshed against my chest, her weight down upon me. I wrapped both my arms around her, holding her tight, while we continued to make-out. My hand slowly gently tracing shapes on her back, just barley with the tips of my fingers, sending ticklish shivers through her body as she got goosebumps all over. Her hands, one on the side of my face, the other going through my soft blonde hair. Suddenly I wanted to grab, to caress, that amazing round, firm ass of hers. My hands tracing down her back till they were resting upon that big, firm, tight buttocks. As I gently squeezed she let out a small moan of approval in my mouth. I caressed it a few more times, it felt as I always imagined it would, so nice, muscular, supple.

Then I felt her hands leave my face and hair and she shifted slightly. I felt her hands again, this time on my crouch. She rubbed it a few times, I could feel myself beginning to get hard, my 7” dick pushing firmly against my jeans, wanting so badly to stand up straight, but it was trapped. Or so I thought, for at that moment her hand moved up and unbutton my wranglers, then slowly pushed down the zipper. Her hands took a firm grip around the waistline of my pants. I quickly lifted my butt up in the air as she slid my pants and underwear past my ass, then I set it back down. She broke our kiss, looked down at me and smiled as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the base of my raging hard cock. She gripped it tight, and took a couple of slow hard pumps. I almost came right then, this girl had the GI Joe Kung Fu Grip. Her body started sliding down mine, as wiggling side to side as she moved her self lower and lower, all the while staring into my eyes, till her head was down at my crotch. She lowered her head and just gave the tip of my dick a nice little kiss, her head popped up a couple of inches, and she got this devious little smile on her face. Her head moved back down and she kissed the tip again, this time instead of coming up after however, she pursed her lip and my dick slowly starting sliding in her mouth as she went lower and lower. Her tongue swirled around the head, her teeth running along the shaft. Then I felt the head hit the back of her mouth, but she didn’t stop. As my head slipped into the tight orifice of her throat, a small moan slipped through my lips. We finally broke eye contact as she looked down at her task. She went down another ¾ of an inch till she reached the base. Sucking hard, and nibbling slightly on the shaft as she came back up to the top. She head bobbed back down a little faster this time, then back up, she kept sucking and nibbling, swirling her tongue, picking up more and more speed. Till I about ready to pop. But not yet, I wasn’t ready for that. So reached down, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back up on top of me. I lips met once again. I reached up her shirt and grabbed the strap on her bra, squeezed in undid the clasp. I then reached up and began pulling her shirt up, as it got closer to her head she lifted from our kiss, so I could get it off. But at that moment I grabbed her tight, held the back of her head and flipped us over, so I was on top of her. I pulled the shirt up so it was past her mouth but not past her eyes and held it there so she couldn’t see. I bent down and kissed her on the lips, Then moved down a little and took both boobs out of her bra. They were a beautiful sight. Round, perky, areoles the size of a quarter and pencil eraser nipples that could cut glass right now. I leaned down and took one into my mouth, nibbling on it sucking, for a moment. She gave a small moan, then I slid over and did the same to the other. Then went back up and finished removing the shirt from her head, and grabbed the bra straps that were on the side of her shoulder pulling that off too. Then my hands went down to her pants. Undoing the top button. Then instead of a zipper, she had three more buttons. So I just gave a quick pull, all of the buttons slipping out of the slots. Grabbing her pants and silky underwear, I started moving down the length of her body. Kissing her neck, each nipple, her chest, her stomach her belly button, all the time sliding her bottoms off as I moved down her body, till finally her pants her at her ankles in my outstretched arms and my kisses just below her waistline. She was clean-shaven except of a little landing strip of blondish brown pubic hair right in the center. I slipped her bottoms past her feet and my mouth right at the entrance to her pussy.

It was time to return the favor. My tongue started at the bottom of her lips and slid up and gently licked right on the crease of her lips, but not pushing in. then when I got to the top my hands went up and separated her lips as my tongue jetted out, right at her clit. My tongue danced across it as I basically wrote a novel on her clit with my tongue. She was starting to moan, her hands gripped my hair, pulling me in tighter to her beautiful pink vagina. I gave her clit a quick nibble and suck. She screamed in excitement and her hips jumped up, her body tensed for a second, then relaxed again. This was going to be fun. I began my assault on her clit. Doing the same as I was before, except not stopping. She was moaning loud, and screaming

“oh my god Trevor !”
“Don’t Stop”

I had no intention of doing any such thing. I started alternating between attacking her clit and slipping my tongue into her vagina. I kept going. She kept moaning and screaming. Till she arched her back tensed up and came, I lapped up every bit of of the delicious sweet juices I could. Alexis tasted amazing.. I slid back up her body as she relaxed. But I still wasn’t done I took two fingers and slipped them into her pussy. Pumping them in and out a few times. She squeaked out a quick little high-pitched “Ohhhhh”. I giggled a little then curled my fingers up inside her pussy, hooking just inside at the top and pulling back and lifting up. A louder squeak. While still pulling up I pushed my thumb right on her little button, and let her back down. As I started pumping my fingers in and out again, I was rubbing her clit with my thumb. I did this until she was moaning profusely again, then she reached down and wrapped her hand around my dick, and started pulling it in, I slipped my hand out of her vagina and let her guide my dick in. I started slowly at first. Pushing my dick past her opening, into her tight little pussy. I slowly made my way down till I was all the way in, balls deep. I retracted as slowly as I had gone in, I got a nice little rhythm going. We were making love. Slow gentle, passionate. She was moaning, her legs wrapped around me, her nails digging into my back. Her body arched up and her body tensed up tensed up again. her pussy clamped down on my dick like a pair of vice grips. I stopped, I waited for her pussy to release its hold on my cock.

A wave of pleasure washed across her face, then she relaxed, her pussy let go, and I started pumping again, I wasn’t going to go so slow or nice this time. I slammed my dick in hard, her whole body bounced as our crotches collided, her boobs gave a nice little bounce, my balls swung up slapping her ass. I pulled out kind of slow again, and then repeated my slam. She gave loud moan with every thrust. Then I started going hard in and out, as fast and hard as I could. I felt it swelling up inside me. I tried to stop it, trying to think of anything else, the most non sexual thing I could think of a chair, I kept it in my mind, going over every aspect of it in my head, the color, the wood, the padding, the location. It was working, but not for long. I couldn’t hold it anymore, my balls hurt, I was going to burst. I let it fly. My cum coated the inside of her vagina. The feeling of my cum filling her inside was all it took for her to orgasm again. I laid on top of her as we both came down off the cloud we were on. then when we could breathe again, she grabbed my face and pulled my head off her chest so I was looking into those eyes. Her looked like someone had stolen the stars and put them into her eyes, she looked deep into mine and said

“I think I love you”
“Ive loved for as long as I can remember” was my reply.

We layed there in each others arms for another hour. Before we got dressed and headed back down the mountain. i kept thinking, if her parents find out, not only will I out of a job but her dad will shoot me! Hes a crazy redneck mother fucker, who has never lost a fight, hes been to jail and he isn’t afraid to go back! What have I just done?

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