Blondie (part 2)

Blondie (part 2)

Blondie part 2 by me

It has been a couple of years since Blondie and her son started having sex with each other.
During that time they have experimented with just about everything they could think of.
Also during this time, Dagwood had run off with one of his secretaries. Blondie got a
divorce and her and her children lived by themselves in the house. Which left a lot of
freedom for them to play.

Alexander and his cock were well used by his mother. Trudy caught them one time and from
then on Alexander was being used by both females. For a few months, Trudy used Alexander
the most. She was ready to fuck on a moment's notice. She couldn't get enough cock. Blondie
decided that if they were going to be fucking so much, she should get Trudy on the pill.

One day Blondie took Trudy to the doctor for a physical and to get her started on the
pills. After the doctor's appt. Blondie found out that it was too late. Trudy was already
pregnant and the only person who could be the father was Alexander. Nine months later, Trudy
had a little boy. Blondie was now a grandmother. She was so proud.

During the last two months of Trudy's pregnancy. Trudy could only suck Alexander. They had
yet to try fucking Trudy's ass. So Blondie was there to relive any and all of Alexander's

Blondie was feeling pretty down one day and decided to visit her doctor. After he exam, he
dropped the bomb on Blondie. She was pregnant. Blondie reflected back. "How did this happen?"
She wondered. Then she remembered. She hadn't taken her pills because she had run out of
them for a few days.
The other part of Blondie's problem was that she didn't know who the father was. Since
Dagwood had left. Blondie had also be fucking Herb, her neighbor as well as Alexander. Herb
would come over and fix things for Blondie. And then they would have a good romp in her bed.
Now Herb loved to fuck Blondie in the ass. Probably more than her pussy. Herb was into kinky
stuff. It seems that his wife wasn't into sex that much, especially anal sex. So Blondie was
getting more than her share of sex. What Blondie didn't know was that Trixie was into a
kinkier kind of sex.

Alexander and Trudy both knew their mom was fucking Herb. Trudy even joined them a couple
of times. Being pregnant wasn't exactly what Blondie wanted in this time of her life but she
wasn't going to have an abortion. If anything happen to her Trudy would raise the baby as
her own, since the two babies would be so close in age.

After Blondie delivered her baby girl, she had her tubes tied so that she would not have
any more kids and would not need the pill.

Alexander was now eighteen and Trudy was seventeen. They all continued to get all the
fucking they could.

One day while Blondie was cleaning house, watching babies while Trudy was at work. Mrs.
Dithers came by for a visit. They chatted for a while then retired to the bedroom for some
fun and games.

Blondie was going down on Mrs. Dithers, when Alexander happens to walk by the room. Seeing
his mother eating the older woman's pussy gave him a huge hard on.

"May I join you?" He asked.
Mrs. Dithers jumped up trying to cover herself.

"Don't worry. Mrs. Dithers. Alexander knows that we have been getting together." Blondie
calmed the older lady. "He has known for years"

"I am so embarrassed." Mrs. Dithers replied.

"It ok. Mrs. D., Trudy and I both know of mom's love of pussy. Mom and Trudy do it just
about every night." Alexander added.

"OH." Mrs. Dithers smiled. "One day I would like to eat little Trudy myself."

"I think we can arrange that. Trudy does love to have her pussy eaten, just as I do. Must
run in the family"

While the woman talked, Alexander removed his pants and revealed his huge hunk of meat.

"My god, He is hung!" Mrs. Dithers stated when she saw the size of Alexander's cock.

"Oh, Yes he certainly is. And he knows how to use it very well." Blondie added.

"It has been so long since I have had a cock in me. I also have forgotten how it feels. It
is hard to find a man that wants to fuck me. Being as old as I am." Mrs. dithers said.

"Would you fuck me, Alexander?" She asked.

"Of course, I love older women." Alexander replied.

"Why don't you and mom continue and when I think you are ready I will fuck you." Smiled

"By The way. What kind of fucking do you like?" He asked.

Mrs. dithers thought for a second than said, "I like all kinds of sex. I love it deep and
hard in both of my holes. And I love to suck cock also."

"Good." Alexander replied.

The two women went back to their eating of each other. Blondie buried her face back into
Mrs. Dithers pussy and was licking away all of the juices that had flowed out from Mrs.
Dithers excitement of seeing Alexander's cock.

Alexander lay on the bed next to the women and stroked his dick while he sucked on one of
the older woman's tits.

Mrs. Dithers started moaning, "Oh, yes it has been so long since a man has sucked my tits."
Blondie continued to lap the older woman's pussy. She noticed that there was more juices
flowing from her than ever before. She knew that the woman was getting more excited with
Alexander sucking her breasts.

Blondie removed her mouth from the clit of Mrs. Dithers. "I think she is ready for you, my
son", Blondie chimed.

Alexander needed not more prodding. He let the tit fall from his mouth and climbed between
Mrs. Dither's legs. He looked down at the older pussy. It was wrinkled some want. And had
gray hair on it and she had the biggest clit he'd ever seen. She was also very nice and wet
from his mother's licking. He aimed his huge cock at her waiting hole.

"Ohhhhhhh! The head feels so big. I hope I can handle all of you", Mrs. Dithers moaned.

Needing no more encouragement, Alexander pushed his cock into the older woman. She wasn't
as tight as his sister or mom, but she was wet.

"OH MY GOD!" Mrs. Dithers wailed as the boy's penis slid into her. "It is huge! But it feels
so good. I feel just like a virgin."

Alexander continued until he had his whole cock in her. With all his cock in her, he could
nearly feel her womb. Her pussy had a long tunnel, not a short one like his sister and

When Alexander pubic mound hit the woman's huge clit, she went wild. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEP
AND HARD! It has been so long. Make me cum!" Mrs. Dithers screamed.

Alexander pulled out till just the head was in the thrashing woman beneath him. Then he
rammed with all his might. In slammed the cock. He began to fuck Mrs. Dithers like there
would be no tomorrow. With each thrust the woman rammed her hips up trying to engulf more of
the young boy dick.

"YESSSSSS! That's it. Fuck me hard! Ram it to me! FUCK ME! Cum in me! Let me feel every
inch of that monster dick of yours. I want to cum on it." She yelled.

While Alexander fucked the older woman, Blondie was fingering her own cunt. She loved to
watch her son fucking other females. Up to this time it had only been Trudy. But as she
watch him pounding Mrs. Dithers, Blondie found that she was more excited than ever before.
She rammed two more fingers deep into her hungry crotch.

Alexander continued to pound Mrs. Dithers as hard as he could. The harder he fucked the
wilder she got. He could feel his balls contracting, getting ready to release their load.

Blondie leaned close to her son's ear. "Why don't you finish in her ass. Show her how good
you feel in there."

Alexander's cock swell at the thought of fucking this older woman's ass. He continued for a
few more minutes fucking the withering woman's pussy. Alexander moved the woman's legs up to
his shoulder so that he could deeper into the older woman's hot juicy cunt.

"Oh, I love this deep. The deeper the better. Pound my cunt. Ram your cock deeper. FUCK ME
DEEPER, HARDER! Fuck my womb." screamed overly excited woman.

Alexander his cock deeper and harder into the frailing woman. The harder he pushed, the
more she returned his thrusts. He was pounding so hard he finally could feel her womb on the
head of his cock.

"He's hitting my womb. It has been so long since a man banged my womb. I am going to cum.!"
Mrs. Dithers wailed.

Alexander sensed that the woman was ready to cum. So he pulled his cock from her sucking

"PLEASE, don't take it out. Let me cum." She cried.

"I don't want you to cum yet. I have another surprise for you." Alexander smiled.

Blondie was now up at Mrs. Dither's head kissing and sucking on the woman's tits. She
smiled when she heard her son's remarks. She knows what he was about to do to the woman. She
recalled her feelings when his dick invaded her ass. She knew Mrs. Dithers was going to
really enjoy what was to follow.

Alexander aimed his cock at the wrinkled asshole of the older woman. He then nudged the
head up to the wet opening. Mrs. Dither's pussy juices had flowed down her crack to the bed.
She was very wet so Alexander needed no type of lube for what he was about to do.

"Oh, Yes." Mrs. Dithers moaned when she felt the head of Alexander's dick at her anal
opening. "I want you to fuck my ass. Ram that cock to my ass. Fuck my ass. It has been so

Alexander figured that since the woman had been fucked in the ass before and was wanting it
so badly now. He would slam his cock into her ass in one stroke. Not stopping until he was
buried to the hilt.

Alexander rubbed the head around the anal opening to get it nice and wet. Holding onto the
woman's legs real tight, he rammed his dick into her.

"OH, MY, GOD!" Screamed Mrs. Dithers as the boy shoved every inch of his swollen cock deep
into her ass in one stroke. She felt every bump and ridge as the monster dick stretched her
used bowels open to accept all of his meat.

This was the biggest dick that ever had gone into her ass. "It's so big. It is ripping me
open. It hurts but don't stop. Give me all of that monster cock. Fuck my ass raw. Fill my
bowels. I am cumming! She wailed as she raised her ass to meet the huge cock.

Alexander stopped his thrusting only when his pubic mound hit her asscheeks; He had buried
every inch in her. He held still for a few minutes to allow her ass to get use to the huge
cock. And for the woman to finish cumming.

He than began to pull out. He stopped with just the head in her. Then He rammed back into
her. In and out he rammed. Harder and harder with each stroke. Deeper and deeper each time.
He wanted to really fuck the older woman's ass. For not being fucked in the ass for such a
long time, Mrs. Dither's ass wasn't as tight as his mom's or sister's. He figured it was
because of her age. It didn't really matter. He liked fucking her anyhow. He continued his
fucking and ramming.

"Damn, he is so big. I have never had a cock this big in my ass before. But it feels
soooo good. I am stuffed. He has stretched my bowels. My asshole is stretched to its limit."
Mrs. Dithers moaned.

"I knew you would love it. I know I do when he fucks my ass. Just wait till he cums. You
will really love that." Blondie cooed in her ear.

Alexander then slowed his fucking. He pulled his cock out slowly and the pushed it in
slowly. This let the older woman feel every inch slide into her. She could feel every ridge,
every bump. This drove her crazier.

"I am going to cum again." Wailed the ass-fucked woman. "It is going to be a big one."

Alexander continued his slow onslaught of the upturned ass. His mother had taught him this
trick. She had showed him how it drives a woman on the edge. It had the desired effect on
Mrs. Dithers.

Mrs. Dithers felt her ass tingling. She felt the orgasm building in her body. The cock was
giving her feels she had never experienced before. She knew the orgasm she was going to have
was going to be a big one. A really big one. Then it hit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssss! Oh, my God! I am cumming." She screamed as the orgasm started
to rack her body. "Oh, Fuck! Oh, Shit! I am cumming so hard!"

This was the hardest orgasm she had ever had. It was so hard her asshole clamped down on
Alexander's cock like a vise. She even peed. No orgasm or cock had ever made her pee before.

"FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! I AM CUMMING AGAIN!" She screamed as the orgasm continued to take
over her soul.

With that Alexander increased his onslaught of the woman. He began to pound at her ass
harder. The he went faster.

BOWELS WITH YOUR SPERM! FUCK! FUCK! OH, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" She screamed as she thrashed on the
bed. She thrusted her hips up harder and harder wanting to suck the young boy and his cock
into her ass.

Alexander's balls swelled and spit forth his hot load of spunk. He rammed his cock deep
into the older women and held it there while his balls emptied their load into her waiting

The feel of the young boy's sperm splashing into her bowels sent Mrs. Dithers into another
orgasm even harder than the first one. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can feel your hot cum. I can feel
it shooting into me. It is so hot! It is filling me up! There is so much! I don't know if I
can hold it all. Your sperm is stretching my bowels!" Mrs. Dither wailed.

The young boy's cock kept spurting its load. He felt the bowel getting tight as more of his
spunk slashed into the clamping ass. It had been awhile since he had cum this much. He
wondered if it would ever stop.

Mrs. Dithers felt the pain of her bowels swelling. It was so much sperm. More than she had
ever received before. She didn't know a man or for that matter a boy could pump out that
much spunk. All she knew was it was still pumping into her and she was going to have another
strong orgasm.

"I am cumming again. I have never cum this much before. I am so full. I don't think I can
take another drop. Ughhhhhhhhhh! Here I go again. I am going to pee again. I can't help
myself. " She moaned.

Mrs. Dither came a third time. This one was even harder. She peed again. A long hot stream
of pee that hit Alexander's pubic area and cock. It wasn't just a squirt. She peed the whole
time the orgasm racked her body.

Alexander's balls were finally emptied. His cock started to shrink so he pulled it from the
withering woman's ass. Out popped the head of his cock and it was followed by his spunk. Not
only had Mrs. Dithers peed on him and the bed but also now she was losing all of his sperm
out of her ass and onto the bedspread.

"I am so sorry, Blondie, for the mess I have made." Mrs. Dithers cried. "But I have never
been ass fucked like that before. I could control myself. I am truly sorry."
"Its ok. Mrs. Dithers. He has done that to me a few times. It will all cum out in the wash
later." Blondie chucked.

"Where did he learn to fuck like that?" Mrs. Dithers asked.

"I taught him." Blondie smiled.

"You are a good teacher. Could I have him again sometime?" Mrs. Dithers asked.

"It is up to him." Blondie said. "But I am sure he will fuck you again and again."

Then both women turned to Alexander who was lying on his back and they proceed to clean his
cock for him. He still had a semi hard on. The women smiled and began to lick both sides of
the shaft till it was clean.

Blondie moved behind Mrs. Dithers who had her ass in the air. Blondie buried her face into
the older woman's gapping hole and commenced to suck out Alexander's sperm. Blondie loved
eating Alexander young boy spunk. She kept the last mouthful in her mouth and turned and
kissed Mrs. Dither on her mouth. Using her tongue, Blondie pushed the spunk in her mouth
into the older woman's mouth. Mrs. Dither eagerly sucks Alexander's sperm into her mouth and
swallowed it.

"That is the sweetest sperm I have ever tasted. I will have to suck him off one day and get
the whole load. If you don't mind, Blondie." Mrs. Dithers chuckled.

"I don't mind at all. There is enough to go around." Blondie laughed.

"Come over tomorrow and you can taste the sweetest tasting pussy you will have ever tasted.
Trudy will be home all day and we can eat her for hours." Blondie smiled.

"I will do that. Say about 9:00 am." Mrs. Dithers replied.

"Prefect." Said Blondie.

With that they all got up, went to the bathroom, showered, dressed and Mrs. Dithers left.
Leaving Blondie and her son clean but naked in the room.

"She was fun to fuck but her ass wasn't as tight as yours, mom." Alexander stated. "I would
like to fuck her again. But right now I want you."

"Sounds good to me, son. Which hole do you want?" Blondie beamed.

"Your ass, of course." He replied.

"i kind of figured that was what you wanted." Blondie smiled.

Blondie got on her hands and knees. Alexander got behind her and buried his cock deep in
his mother's ass. Blondie knew this was going to be a long ride. She just smiled and rammed
her ass back towards her son's dick.

The next morning when Blondie woke up. She could still feel the tingle in her ass from the
day before. Alexander had fucked her ass for over two hours before finally cumming. He even
made her pee. She would need a couple of day's rest. She always did when he rode her butt
for that long. But she sure did love what he did to her.

Blondie got two phone calls that morning. Mrs. Dither couldn't make it. Something happen
at the office and she had to go down there. The other was from Herb; he was looking for a
certain tool he thought might be in their garage. Dagwood had borrowed it and never returned
it. He also wanted to show Blondie something. Blondie guessed it was probably his cock. He
always said that. It was their code so Herb's wife wouldn't know they were fucking.

Blondie didn't bother to get dressed. If Herb was coming over to fuck her, she didn't need
clothes. She likes fucking Herb. She loved fucking Alexander but Herb, being older could
last longer than her son could. Herb knew that Blondie was fucking her son and that Trudy
and Alexander were also fucking. Herb had even fucked Trudy a couple of times.

Blondie loved watching her children fucked by other people. Thinking about all this fucking
was making her pussy wet. She felt the juices starting to flow down her trim thighs. What
Blondie didn't know was what Herb was going to show her. Herb's new surprise for her and
Blondie's life and ways of fucking, even her children ways of fucking would so change.

While Blondie waited for Herb to show, She went to the bathroom to clean up. Ever since she
had had the baby, Blondie like to keep her pussy shaved bald as did Trudy. Blondie got the
razor and shaving cream out and proceed to remove the two-day growth of hair.

When she finished, Blondie got out her mirror to look at her handy work. She loved the
feel and the look of her bald cunt. She loved the way her clit stood out. It seems to be
always swollen and rosy pink. Every time she looked at her cunt, Blondie would always
massage her clit after shaving it. She would sit on the toilet and finger herself to an
orgasm. One time her and Trudy shaved each other then 69'ed right on the bathroom floor.
Blondie loved doing things with Trudy.

After her orgasm, Blondie went to her room and got ready for Herb. Her juices were already
flowing down her thighs. She was ready for a good fucking.

Trudy popped in while Blondie was getting ready.

"Hi, mom, what's up?" She asked.

"Herb is coming over and he has a surprise for me." Blondie replied.

"Oh." Trudy said with raised eyebrows and a smile. "And I wonder what that could be."

"Can I join you? It has been a couple of days since I have had a good fuck." Trudy

"Of course, you can. You are always welcome to join." Blondie replied.

Blondie eyed her daughter. Trudy was wearing nothing but panties. Blondie felt that old
tingle in her stomach as she looked at her daughter's body. Blondie was getting horny for
Trudy's sweet tasting pussy.

But decided to wait until Herb arrived.

Herb arrived about a half-hour later. He had his dogs with him. He always had them with him
when he came to visit. It his excuse to his wife to leave the house.

Blondie answered the door in her bathrobe. Underneath she had nothing on but her birthday
suit. She hugged Herb as he entered and Blondie reached down to feel his cock. Herb's cock
was hard. Blondie couldn't wait to have it in her.

They sat on the couch and talked for a few minutes. Herb groped Blondie's pussy and tits
though the robe that had opened a little. Blondie had loosened Herb's pants and removed his
big hardon. While talking, Trudy came in, wearing only her see though teddy.

"Hi, Herb." Trudy smiled.
"I see you are ready for some fun." Trudy stated when she spied his hardon in her mother's

"Why, yes." Herb replied as he looked at the young girl's body. "How about you? Are you
going to join us today?"

"You know I will. I never past up a nice dick to suck or fuck." Trudy answered.

The three of them got up and retired to Blondie's bedroom.

When the reach the room, Blondie began to help Herb remove his clothes. Trudy pulled the
teddy over her head and off of her young nubile body. After Herb was naked, with his big
cock jutting out from his torso, Blondie let the robe drop to the floor. Then they all
climbed on the bed.

Blondie went down to Herb's dick and inhaled it into her waiting mouth. Herb's hand went
straight to Trudy's crotch. Since they had been together before, Herb knew what Trudy liked.
He fingered her clit and moist pussy hole. Meanwhile, Blondie had taken Herb's entire dick
deep into her throat. She loved to deep throat a cock. The bigger the cock, the better. Now
Herb wasn't as big as Alexander but he did know how to use it. And Blondie knew that deep
throating Herb was something Herb really enjoyed.

The women hadn't noticed that the dogs came into the room with them.

Blondie was on her knees sucking Herb's cock for all she was worth. Her naked ass was high
in the air, exposing her bald pussy and ass to the world. Her pussy was flowing nicely. The
juices were starting to run down her thighs. The room smelled like sex already and they
hadn't even fucked yet.

Blondie suddenly felt a tongue on her pussy. It was a rough tongue but it felt good to her
hot cunt. At first she thought it might be Herb, it wasn't. Then it had to be Alexander.
Nope. Blondie removed thee cock from her mouth to see whose tongue was licking her pussy and
giving her such good feelings.

"Oh, my God!" Blondie screamed. "The dog is licking my cunt."

Blondie pushed the dog away from her pussy and sat up. This had never happened to her
before. She was so embarrassed.

"Herb, Why did that dog do that?" That is so discussing." Blondie said.

"Relax. He smelled the odor of your sweet pussy and wanted to taste it. He won't hurt you."
Herb replied.

Herb went on to explain to Blondie and Trudy about the dogs and why they had them. Herb
also explained that his wife fucked the male on numerous occasions.

Blondie was getting excited as Herb told of the dogs and what they could do. Trudy was
fingering her own cunt while listening.

"I think I would like to try that" stated Trudy. "It is something new."

"Well, I don't know. Trudy. Do you think you should." Blondie replied.

"Mom, you have always told us not to be afraid to try new ideas."

"Yes, I know but I never thought about animals." Blondie said.

"Let her try it. If you see she doesn't like it, then she can stop and we will go no
further." Herb chimed in.

"But I am sure she will love it. And so will you. You said you like the feel of the tongue
on your cunt." Herb continued.

"That's true. It did feel good. But I don't know. We will see." Blondie replied.

Trudy sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Then
she had Herb call the male dog over.

"Ok, boy. Here it is. Lick it." Herb said as he pointed the dogs nose towards Trudy wet

The dog edged closer to the smell. Then he buried his nose into Trudy's wet lips. Out came
his tongue and zeroed in on her swollen clit. This drove Trudy instantly wild.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! That feels so good. I love the feel of his tongue." Trudy moaned.

The feels were so good Trudy lay back on the bed and just let the dog eat her. She had
never felt a tongue as good as this. The tongue was all over her pussy and asshole. She felt
an orgasm building. The dog lick up all the juices that were flowing from Trudy's excited
pussy. When there wasn't any more on the outside the dog stuck his tongue deep into Trudy's
hole trying to find more. That did it. Trudy came.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! I am cumming! " Trudy wailed as the orgasm hit her body.

"I can't believe this feels so good. I want him to keep tonguing me forever." She cried.

Blondie watched her daughter as she came. She needed to try this. If Trudy was enjoying it
so much it must be good. The dog continued to lick and Trudy continued to cum. She had
never had so many and so long of orgasms as this animal was giving her. No human, male or
female ever ate her this long or as good, her mother was the best pussy eater Trudy had ever
known or had, but this dog just took first place.

Herb noticed how excited Blondie was getting. He had Blondie lay back and spread her legs.
Herb called over the other dog. It was a female. The dogs nose went straight to Blondie's
dripping wet cunt and began to lick it.

Blondie almost exploded as the dogs tongue touched her swollen clit. Blondie was loving the
way the dogs tongue was doing to her clit. She had never felt anything so wonderful. Blondie
knew she would want to repeat this again and again.

On the bed, next to her Blondie was listening to her daughter's moans as the male was
licking her. Trudy was cumming and cumming.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhh! Agh! Oh, shit. This is so good. I don't want it to ever stop." She wailed.

Herb was stroking his cock as he watched the woman being eaten by his dogs. He couldn't
wait to see how they would react when the male dog mounted them and fucked their pussies.
His wife, who had been fucking the male for years, still went crazy each time the male
stuck his huge cock in her cunt. Herb had to find a way to get all the women together to
fuck the dogs at the same time.

Between her orgasms, Blondie watched Herb stroking his cock. She was ready to be fucked.
And right now any cock could do her.

Herb needed to fuck something. Since both women were being eaten so well, Herb needed some
relief. He moved behind the bitch while the bitch was licking Blondie. Herb aimed his cock
towards the bitches dog pussy. He had fucked the bitch numerous times while his wife was
fucking the stud. Herb enjoyed fucking the bitch.

Herb lifted the tail of the dog. The bitch knew what was going to happen. She planted her
rear haunches waiting for the insertion of the human cock. Herb rubbed his dick against the
dog's pussy, which was wet. Slowly Herb pushed his cock into the bitch till he was fully
inserted in her.

Blondie looked up to watch Herb. She never knew a man could fuck a dog. But here was Herb
fucking his bitch.

"God, that makes me so horny. Tell me how it feels." Blondie panted.

"Just like a woman. Just tighter." Herb replied as he continued to pound the dog's cunt.

"I wish I was a man so I could try it." Blondie signed.

"You could fuck the stud if you like." Herb stated.

"He would fuck me?" Blondie questioned.

"Of course. Trixie does just about every night." Herb stated as he got ready to cum into
the bitch.

"I would like you and Trixie to do him together someday." Herb groaned as he shot his load.

Blondie watched Herb finish his fucking. She turned to see Trudy still cumming from the
dog's tongue.

Finally Trudy pushed the dog away from her ravaged pussy. "I need a cock. I need to be
fucked in the worst way." Trudy moaned.

"First you need to get him hard. Get on the floor next to him and massage his cock." Herb

Trudy kneeled on the floor near the dog's rearend. She could see the tip of his red penis
sticking out from the sheath.

"Now wrap your hand around the sheath and jack him off like you would do to a man." Herb

Trudy reached out and grabbed the dog's hairy sheath. She stoked it back and forth. With
each stroke the cock became more exposed.

"It is getting harder and bigger. He is already cumming." Trudy gasped.

"No, that is called precum. But dog start cumming from the minute they are hard until they
finish fucking. The cream gets thicker and whiter the longer they fuck.

"Cool." Stated Trudy as she continued to jack off the dog.

Blondie was getting hornier and hornier watching her daughter jacking the dog. She had a
mini orgasm when she saw the size of the dog dick. It was bigger than Alexander and he
wasn't even totally hard yet. Blondie knew she had to feel that cock in her pussy.

The more Trudy stroked the harder the dog got. It continued to grow in her small hand.

"He is soooo big. I hope he will fit inside of me." Trudy moaned.

"Why, don't you suck him for a few?" Herb smiled.

"Gee. I don't know if I can do that." Trudy replied.

"It is the same as a man but the dog's dick is just pointed. And the sperm tastes just like
a mans only just a little tangeier.' Herb pointed out as he took his softening cock from the
bitches pussy.

After Herb was completely out of the bitch, she wandered over to a corner and started
licking herself clean.

Trudy finally had the dog's cock at full hardest and all of the way out of the sheath. But
she continued to stroke it.

Blondie eyes glazed over the more she stared at the big hunk of meat.

Trudy had sucked enough cocks to know how they tasted. She had also swallowed enough sperm
to know that she loved the taste of it. She was going to suck this dog and experience
something new.

Trudy lay on the floor with her head near the dog's rear feet. She looked up at the huge
dick before her eyes. It was all red and swollen. It was dripping its precum to the floor.
Trudy stuck out her tongue and caught a drop of the dog spunk on the tip. It tasted a little
saltier than a man did and it was hotter. But it did taste good.

Trudy leaned up and moved the cock closer to her mouth. She was so excited she could feel
her juices flowing heavily.

Trudy stuck out her tongue again and touched the tip of the dog cock. It felt sort of slimy
by almost the same as a mans. Getting hornier and wanting to suck the cock. Trudy opened her
mouth and let the cock enter her warm lips.

Trudy only had a quarter of it in her mouth and it tasted good to her. She then sucked in
more of it. She also felt the dog shooting more of its sperm into her mouth. She swallowed
it. It seemed to be getting thicker.

More and more, Trudy took of the cock until she felt it hit the back of her throat. She had
only about 3/4s of it in. Her mouth was stretched open as wide as it could go. She decided
to stop at this point till she had more time to practice on it and get use to it. She took
her mouth off of the cock.

"How did you like it?" Herb questioned.

"That was the neatest thing I have ever done. I would love to suck him to competition one
day." Trudy moaned. "But right now I want to feel him inside of me."

"Get on your hands and knees, Trudy. He will take care of you." Herb replied.


Trudy turned over and raised her young ass into the air. Immediately the dog started
licking Trudy's pussy and wet asshole. After a few minutes, the dog quit licking and raised
up on his hind feet. He put his front paws around Trudy's waist. He started humping, trying
to get his cock into the waiting pussy.

Trudy felt the cock trying to enter her ass. He kept missing her pussy.

"He keeps hitting my asshole and missing my pussy." Trudy wailed.

"Reach back and grab it. Help guide it into you." Herb replied. "Put the tip of his cock
up to your hole. Once he feels your wetness he will take it from there."

Trudy reached between her legs and grabbed the thrusting dick. On his next thrust, Trudy
had it aimed directly at her hole. In it went. All the way to the dog's sheath.

"Holy Shit! He is ripping me apart. He is so big. He is tearing my cunt." Trudy screamed.
But the dog didn't understand anything except this was a pussy. He didn't know if it was a
human or another dog. Just that it was a hot, wet pussy.

Once the dog had all of his cock in Trudy, he started to ram it to her deep and fast.

"It hurts but it is beginning to feel better now." He is so huge. I can feel the tip of his
cock hitting my womb. I can feel the hot juices shooting into me. I can feel an orgasm
building." Trudy groaned.

AS the dog continued it's on slaught of the young girls cunt. Trudy began to push her ass
back towards the ramming dick. With each stroke it felt better and better. She had never
been so full. This dick was at least twice the size of Alexander's.

Trudy could feel her pussy swelling as the dog started to pump more of his doggy juices
into her. He kept ramming her very deeply and very hard. Trudy felt an orgasm coming.

"I am going to cummmmmmm!" She cried. 'Oh, Shit! HE'S MAKING ME CUMMMMMMMM!"

The orgasm hit Trudy's young body harder than one had ever done before. Her eyes rolled
back. Her head shook. And Trudy kept on fucking back towards the dog.

"I want more cock. I need more cock. I can't get enough of this." She wailed.

"I can feel him swelling some more. He is getting even bigger. It is starting to hurt
again." Trudy screamed.

What Trudy didn't know, but Herb did and Blondie saw. Was that the dog's knot was out and
he was try to slam it into Trudy's waiting cunt. The dog was not aware of Trudy''s pain. He
only knew that he was going to get his knot and all of his sperm into the bitch he was


Herb moved over to her.

"Relax and it won't hurt as much. He is getting ready to shoot his big load and the knot
has entered your cunt. It is so that the sperm will not come out. " Herb said as he brushed
her hair.

It felt like a truck was stuffed in her pussy. It was so huge. It hurt really badly.

Trudy felt something else. The dog's pointed penis head had been pushed into her womb. She
felt the hot doggy sperm being shot deep into her womb.

"Oh, My god! He is in my womb. He is filling my womb with his sperm. I hope I don't get
pregnant with his puppies. Trudy moaned.

Trudy was getting use to the size of the knot now and her orgasms just continued to rack
her body. The dog continued to ram his cock into her. She wondered if he would ever quit
cumming. Her womb was so full it hurt. Her pussy was so stretched, it hurt. But the dog
didn't stop. He just kept fucking her.

Finally the dog stopped fucking. He just stood there. Trudy wondered why he hadn't pulled
out. When he tried it hurt like hell.

Herb got next to the dog's head and calmed him. "It ok, Boy. Just relax. It will be a few

Herb, while calming the dog, explained to Blondie and Trudy about the knot. He told them to
think of when they last saw a couple of dogs tied together. It would take a few minutes for
the knot to shrink before it could come out without hurting the dog or the girl.

Trudy understood and laid her head on the floor and began to relax herself. After a few
minutes the pain in her pussy began to subside. She felt the knot shrinking. Another few
minute and out popped the shrinking dog dick. Out whooshed a lot of the dog sperm also.
Right onto to the floor beneath her spread knees.

"Even though it hurt. That was the best fuck I have ever had. I am going to try it again.
Next I will know what is coming and be ready for it. " Trudy stated.
"You need to try that, mom. You will love it once you get used to it." Trudy continued.

Trudy got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She pushed on her stomach and
out came more of the dog spunk. She pushed harder so that she could empty her womb. She had
never had so much sperm pumped into her. It felt as good coming out as it did going in.

Trudy returned to the bedroom to find her mother being fisted by Herb. Her mom loved to
have her pussy fist fucked. Trudy sat down and watched the two adults. She reached between
her legs and felt her cunt. It was stretched open. The dog dick had stretched her pretty
wide. She wondered if Herb could fist her at the same time he that did her mother.

"Herb, use your other hand and fist fuck me also, Please" Trudy moaned.

"Sure, come over here and lay next to your mother." Herb replied.

Since Trudy was stretched so wide it was no problem for Herb to insert his big hand into
Trudy's cunt.

In it went, right up to his wrist.

Herb began his fisting of both women. In and out went his hands. The women were thrashing
all over as Herb fisted them. They even came at the same time. Herb's hands were covered
with the juices of both women. Herb's cock was the hardest it had ever been for a long time.
He knew he was going to need release soon.

What Herb wanted was to butt fuck Trudy's virgin ass. He had wanted to do that to her ever
since the first time they fucked. But Trudy wanted Alexander to be her first there. But
maybe today she would give in and let Herb have her bowels. This excited Herb so much; He
began to fist the women even deeper and harder. This drove them wild.

"Oh, Yessssssssss! That's it. Fist me deeper. Harder. Push your whole arm into me!

They wailed together. They were cumming together also. Herb felt his cock getting even
harder. He knew he was about to cum.

Herb got on his knees while continuing to fist the women. Without even touching his cock,
Herb came. He aimed his shooting dick at both women. His sperm splashed onto both their
bodies. Even some hit their faces he had cum so hard.

Herb removed his hands from the women when they were finished. Both the women went to the
bathroom to clean up while Herb laid back and relaxed.

Trudy showed her mother all the sperm she had expelled into the toilet. Blondie gasped.
"I never knew anyone or anything that could shoot that much spunk. I need to feel that dog
in my cunt. I want him to fill me with lots of sperm like that."

Big men had fuck Blondie. She had loads of spunk pumped into her. Even into her ass. But
the sight of that much sperm made her knees weak. She wanted to feel it in her. She wanted
to have a load like that in her ass and her womb. Maybe she would even like to swallow a
load like that.

They returned to the bedroom. The dogs were in the corner still licking themselves clean.
Herb was lying with his eyes closed. His dick was soft. He sat up when he heard them enter.

"Well, ladies, how do you feel? " He asked.

" Tried but well satisfied." Trudy replied.

"Me, too!" Stated Blondie. "But always ready for more. Before this day is over I am going
to have that beautiful dog fuck me."

"He would like that. I always do." Herb said.

"Trudy, could I fuck your virgin ass today?" Herb queried.

"I promised it to Alexander first. But if he doesn't do it soon. I will let you take me."
Trudy smiled.

Blondie asked Herb how long he and Trixie had been doing the dogs.

"For about 2 years now." He replied.

"So where is Trixie today?" Trudy asked.

"She is at the farm. She is now trying to have a horse fuck her pussy. She has been doing
that for about 6 months. Trixie keeps trying bigger and bigger cocks. The bigger the cock
the better." Herb continued.

"She should come over with you one day and fuck Alexander. She would enjoy him, I think. I
would love to eat her also, and so would Trudy." Blondie said.

"You bet. I have always wanted to eat Trixie but I didn't think she was into wild and
different sex." Trudy smiled.

"It started about five years ago. She suddenly found out she loved sex. Now she can't get
enough. Man, boy, animals. You name it. If it has a cock she will find a way to fuck it. And
she loves to have her cunt eaten." Herb stated.

"Three weeks ago she had the dog fuck her butt. She took every inch of the cock plus the
knot into her ass. She was sore for a couple of days but that doesn't stop her. Now she has
him fuck her pussy then finishes with him in her ass. She loves the way he fills her ass
with his huge loads of dog sperm." Herb continued.

Blondie blushed. "She takes that monster dick up her ass. WOW! I will have to try that. If
Trixie can do it then so can I."

"I saw the load he dumped into Trudy. I want to have a load like that in my pussy and ass."
Blondie continued.

"I love to have my ass fucked. I guess I am like Trixie. I want bigger cocks. I want to see
how big of a dick my ass can handle."

"Oh, mom. You are just a cock hound yourself. All you think of is cocks." Trudy smiled.

"I do love to eat pussy too. My dear." Blondie replied with a big smile.

Herb's dick was getting hard again. Listening to these two women talking.

Trudy noticed it first. "Mom, I think Herb is ready again. Look at his cock."

"I think he is, Trudy. I want him to bone my ass so I can get loosened up for the dog."
Blondie smiled.

"You are going to have the dog fuck you ass?" Trudy questioned. "His cock will rip you open
so wide."

"I know. But I want to feel it. I want his huge load of spunk deep in my bowels." She
continued. "I wish Alexander was here. He would get me well stretched to accept that big

"Well, I am." Said Alexander who was standing in the door.

"I have been standing here listening to you all." Alexander chirped in.

"As for fucking your ass, mom. You know I will always be ready for that." He said as he
stripped off his clothes.

After Alexander was naked. Trudy and his mom stared at his growing dick. They both were
licking their lips. They always did when they saw Alexander naked.

"Will you take my virgin ass today? Sweet brother of mine." Trudy asked.

"As soon as I get mom ready, you will feel me in your ass today. Sweet sister." Alexander

Alexander walked over to his mom. He grabbed her head and pulled it to his crotch. Blondie
opened her mouth and swallowed Alexander's growing penis.

"Trudy, go get the KY for mom." Alexander told her.

Trudy ran to the bathroom and got the KY. She was getting excited. Finally Alexander was
going to fuck her virgin ass. She couldn't wait to feel him deep in her bowels. She had
wanted this for years.

Blondie continued to deep throat Alexander while Trudy smeared her ass with KY. Trudy had
done this to her mom on numerous occasions. She knew just how to do it.

Trudy took a big gob and began to lube her mother's rectal opening. After she coated the
anal opening, Trudy inserted a couple of fingers deep into the waiting ass. She knew this
would drive her mother crazy.

It did.

Blondie began to push her ass down on the probing fingers. She loved to have her ass
finger fucked.

When Alexander was fully hard, Blondie removed the cock from her mouth. She got on her
hands and knees.

"Ok, Alex, fuck your mother's ass." Blondie moaned.

Alexander got behind his mother and aimed his dick at her winking anal opening. He loved
fucking his mother's ass. He always seems to be at his hardest when he fucked her.

"Ohhhhhh! Don't make me wait. Don't tease me." Blondie wailed. "Ram that monster cock into

Alexander and Blondie had done this so much that Blondie could take all of his cock up her
ass in one stroke. She loved for him to ram it into her. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes it

Following his mother's instructions, Alexander rams his dick into his mothers waiting ass.
He pushed until every inch was deep inside her.

"Ohhhhh! Yes! That's it. Fill me with your beautiful cock. Fuck me deep and hard!" Blondie
moaned as the cock raced into her waiting bowels.

Alexander stopped only when his pubic mound hit Blondie asscheeks. He had it all in her.
Just the way she liked it.

Herb watched as the boy fucked Blondie. He stroked his dick in rhythm with Alexander

Trudy had been rubbing her clit. But she needs more. She crawled under her mother and
pushed her cunt into Blondie's mouth. Trudy began licking her mother's cunt while her
brother fucked her mother's ass. From this position, Trudy got a wonderful view of her
brothers cock going in and out of their mother. She could also lick up any juices that
flowed from the woman's pussy. Trudy also could lick the long shaft of Alexander's cock each
time it came out of her mother. Trudy loved this position.

Herb's cock was so hard from watching neighbor's fuck fest. He needed some release. He
moved around to where Blondie was licking Trudy's pussy. He kneeled down and pushed his cock
into Trudy's sloppy wet cunt.

"Yes, Herb. Fuck her good!" Blondie wailed.

Blondie had always wanted to try this. Being fucked and eaten at the same time. Blondie
continued to lap the pussy underneath her. She would lick the clit then lick the cock as it
came out. Blondie loved the taste of her daughter's sweet juices. Just as she loved the
taste of her son's hot sperm.

They were all getting close to cumming. Trudy was the first to let go. When she did, Herb
fired his load.

Blondie was next. When she came, her asshole clamped down onto Alexander's dick. This made
Alexander cum. Blondie felt the hot sperm splash into her bowels.

When everyone had finished cummin. The guys pulled their shrinking cocks from their
respective women. Blondie dove straight into Trudy gapping hole. She began to suck out all
of the sperm Herb had left behind.

Trudy did the same to her mother. Trudy loved sucking sperm from her mother's ass and pussy.
Especially if it was Alexander's spunk.

When the women finished. They all lay back to catch their breaths. Blondie and Trudy had
sperm all over their faces and mouths.

"That was a good start. " Blondie stated. "Now I am ready for more and bigger cock."

Blondie and Herb call the male dog over. She began to play with his sheath. She wanted to
taste the dog dick. She wanted to see if what her daughter said was true.

As the cock came out of its sheath, Blondie bent over and took it into her mouth. It did
taste good. Blondie found she liked the taste of the precum. She knew she would want more of
the dog in the future. But right now she needed to feel him in her body. Especially her ass.

When the dog was fully hard. Blondie released it. She got into the doggy position.

The dog came up behind her and began licking her cunt and asshole. This drove Blondie nuts.

After few minutes of licking, the dog mounted her upturned ass. He began to thrust his dick
at her waiting body. Their height must have been just right. The dog entered Blondie's cunt
in one stroke.

"Oh, my God! It is huge. It feels soooooo good! He is ramming into my womb. I have got to
do this again.' Blondie wailed.

Blondie let the dog fuck her pussy for a few minutes. She was just about to cum when she
pulled off of the monster dog dick.

"I want him in my ass. Someone help guide him into me." Blondie moaned.

Herb knew what to do so he got behind Blondie and grabbed the thrusting dog cock in his

He aimed it straight at Blondie's stretched asshole. The dog rammed forward again. This
time it went into the hole that Blondie wanted.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Holy Shit! It feels so good. It is a monster. It is stretching my
bowels. God, I love it. Blondie screamed as the dog cock raced deep into her upturned
waiting ass.

The dog continued until his knot hit the screaming women anal opening.

"I am so full. I am packed tight. I have never felt anything so wonderful and so big in my
ass before. I can feel him cumming in me. It is so hot. So beautiful." The women continued
to rant as the dog continued to hammer his cock into her clenching ass.

Each time the dog rammed into Blondie, She would ram her ass back with as much force as she
could muster. She wanted it all. She wanted every inch. She even wanted the knot. Blondie
had turned into a dog-fucking whore. But she didn't care. All she knew was that whatever it
was. The dog had hit parts of her that no man had ever gotten to before. Even her well-hung
son hadn't gotten this deep. Or stretched her this much. All Blondie knew was that she was
being fucked by the best cock she had ever been fucked by. She knew she would want more of

The more the dog fucked. The more he came. He was filling Blondie bowels fuller than it had
ever been filled. Not only was the cock the biggest she had ever had but the amount of spunk
being pumped into her was the most she had ever received.

"I feel my bowels being stretched. He is filling me sooooo full. I have never had this much
spunk in me. He is stretching me so wide open. I am going to cummmmmmmm!" She wailed as her
orgasm took over.

Blondie ass clamped down on the dog cock. The dog began to fuck her harder and faster.
Spurred on by her pulsing asshole. The dog increases the speed of his thrusts. Harder and
harder he slammed into Blondie. Deeper and deeper he went.

into my ass. " Blondie screamed.

The dog's knot had pushed by the clamping asshole. They were now tried together. As soon as
the knot ripped into Blondie, the dog stopped fucking and continued to pump his doggy sperm
into the waiting ass.

Once the knot was in Blondie felt the pain in her ass start to subside. She had taken
everything the dog had. Even his huge knot. She was packed so full, fuller than she had ever
been. She loved the feeling. She loved how stretched she was. This made her cum again.

"I am cumming againnnnnnn." Blondie wailed.

Blondie felt her bowels expanding as more and more of the dog sperm splashed into her

"He is still pumping me full of his spunk. How much can he cum? Will he ever stop?" Blondie

Blondie didn't know how much a dog could cum. But she was sure he wouldn't stop till he had
emptied his balls. The pain in her bowel increase as more and more squirts shot into her.
She felt her belly swell as her bowels swelled from the over load of spunk continued.

Suddenly the pain in her ass increased. The dog had finished and was trying to pull out.

"No! Don't let him pull out. His knot is so big. He is tearing me> " Blondie screamed.

Herb rushed over and calmed the dog. She held the dog so that he could pull out until the
knot had shrunk.

The dog was still excited. This would mean that they would be tied for at least a half an
hour, maybe more.

Blondie was ready to collapse but couldn't. If she did the dog would rip the knot out of
her ass and tear it wide open. After about 45 minutes the knot shrank to a size where it
could come out of Blondie ass.

"PLOP! " was the sound it made as it fell from Blondie's abused asshole. Right behind
gushed the dog's spunk. Blondie fell onto her belly from exhaustion. She was so tried. The
fuck had taken everything out of her.

Trudy and Alexander, even Herb moved over to Blondie. They stared at her asshole that was
gapping open and dripping out the dog spunk. Alexander and Trudy gasped. They had never seen
their mother's ass so stretched. Herb had seen Trixie that way before. He knew the dog was
huge and its knot was even bigger.

While Blondie recovered from her ordeal with the dog. Trudy went to work sucking on
Alexander's dick.

"After I get this hard I want you to bury this in my virgin ass." Trudy grinned as she
stroked Alexander's cock. "I want you to take my cherry again. I want to feel what mom has
been feeling for years."

'Sounds good to me." He replied. "I was going to do it this weekend."

While Trudy sucked. Herb explained to Alexander the joys of fucking a bitch. Alexander
thought about it. He would fuck the bitch when he had finished the other bitch, his sister.
He had waited to fuck her ass because he thought she needed more experience with normal

Blondie was starting to regain her senses. She sat up. Looking at her children she knew
what Trudy was going to get. She reached back to her own asshole and felt how wide open it
still was. She wondered if it would ever get back to its normal size. And if it did what
item would she find to have stuck up it again.

This was the first time in her life that she was completely satisfied. She knew that she
would be fucking the dog again and again. She thought why not get our own then I won't have
to borrow Herbs. She also thought about Trixie. Trixie was on the farm fucking a horse.
Blondie wondered if she could go with Trixie someday and try fucking a horse. The thought
made her pussy wet again.

Trudy had done a good job of getting Alexander hard. She got on her hands and knees.
Alexander grabbed the tube of KY and coated his sister's tiny puckered hole. He stuck a
finger into her ass to loosen her up for his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh! That feels so wonderful. Stretch me open for your beautiful dick. Finger fuck
my ass. Use two fingers on me." Trudy moaned. "I can't wait to feel your cock inside of me."

Alexander continued for a few minutes then removed his fingers. He brought his cock up
level with Trudy's asshole. He pushed it up against her firm round butt opening. The head
made the hole disappear. He wondered if she would be able to handle him.

"Mmmmmmmm! That's feels good. Please, fuck me. I can't wait any longer. I need to feel your
big dick in my ass. " Trudy wailed as she pushed her ass back towards the soon be invader.

Alexander grabbed Trudy's hips. He started pushing his cock forward into the tiny girl's

"Oh. My! It feels so big. I hope it doesn't tear me. " Trudy moaned.

Finally Trudy was going to get what she had been wanting. She decided not to wait for
Alexander to finish. She rammed her ass back at the cock as hard as she could.

"HOLY SHIT! IT HURTS! But don't stop I want it all. Give it to me. Fuck me. Ram it in."
Trudy yelled as the head tore past her anal spinster muscle.

Alexander tried to make it easy on his sister but she was like a bitch in heat. He figured
since she was forcing her ass onto the cock, he should just ram it in and hold it till she
got use to it.

Trudy wailed as the Alexander's cock proceeded to continued it drive deep into her virgin
ass. She now knew what her mother felt. She found that she liked the feeling of a cock in
her ass as much as she did in her cunt.

"Oh, Yes. More. Give me more cock. Give me all of your monster cock. Fill my ass with
every inch of you. FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEP! Harder. Fuck me so deep your cock will come out my
throat. God, I love the feeling of your cock in my ass. " Trudy moaned as she helped
Alexander get his whole dick into her.

Finally Alexander's cock was all in the young girl. He had every inch deep in her ass. He
began top pull back till just the head was in her.

"Yes, that feels wonderful. It feels like you are pulling my insides out. There is so much
cock in me. It feels like a vacuum when you pull out." Trudy cried. "God, I have waited so
long for this."

Alexander held for a second when the head reached the anal ring. Then he rammed his cock
back into his sister as hard as he could.

"OH! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! Bury that big bone deep into me. Fill me with cock. Fill
me with your sperm. Oh, fuck meeeeeeeee!" Trudy continued to wail as Alexander did as she

In and out. In and out. Alexander pounded his sister's ass just as he had his mother the
first time. He wanted Trudy to feel every inch, every bump, and every ridge of his cock.

Blondie watched as her son gave his sister the fucking of her life. Blondie knew how much
Trudy had wanted this. Now She was and Blondie was so happy that she was finally losing her
virginity to Alexander again.

Blondie hope one day Trudy would be able to take a dog up her ass as she had just done. She
knew Trudy would love that by the sounds she was making on Alexander's dick.

Blondie moved over to her children. She placed her butt in front of Trudy face and offered
Trudy her cunt to eat while Trudy was having her ass reamed. Trudy buried her tongue deep
into her mother's pussy. Every tome Alexander slammed into Trudy's ass, It pushed Trudy's
face deeper into Blondie's cunt.

Alexander started to swell.

"He is swelling. He is going to cum in my ass. FUCK ME! CUM IN MY ASS! Fill me with your
sperm. Fill my bowels with your cock juice. " Trudy screamed into her mother pussy.

Trudy vocals made Alexander fuck faster. His balls rushed their load of life to the waiting
girl's bowels.

"I AM CUMMING!" Alexander screamed as he slammed his dick deep into Trudy and held it while
his balls unloaded themselves.

"He is cumming into my ass. It feels sooooooo good. I have waited so long for this day.
Fill my ass. Fill my bowels. Pump all of your sperm into my ass. " Trudy wailed as she felt
the hot sperm shoot into her. This triggers her orgasm as well. Her orgasm was so hard she
clamped down on the invading dick in her ass.

"I'M CUMMING TOOOOOOO!" She screamed.

When Trudy screamed into Blondie pussy this threw Blondie over the edge and she came also.
Everybody was screaming and cumming.

Alexander balls finally finished unload their load. As he cock shrank, Alexander pulled it
from Trudy's now abused ass.

Trudy collapsed to the floor. Alexander looked down at his handiwork. Trudy's asshole was
stretched open nice and wide.

Blondie rushed over to her daughter's side. She began to rub the young girl abused butt.
Blondie saw Alexander's sperm draining out of his sister's butt. She bent over and started
licking up the spunk as it was squeezed from Trudy' s bowels. Blondie loved the taste of her
son's spunk. And she loved tongue ream Trudy's ass before and after any play they did.

Trudy started squirming as her mothers tongue probed her tingling hole. She loved the feel
of her mother's mouth on her asshole.

"Oh, yes, mom. Eat out my ass. Tongue me deep. Give me all of your tongue. Lick me clean."
Trudy moaned.

Herb still had a hardon. He leaned over to Trudy and asked, "Trudy, can I fuck your butt

"Please, do! Make mom move and stick your dick deep into me." Trudy groaned.

Herb slowly removed Blondie from the girl's ass. He climbed above the prone girl, aimed his
cock at her enlarged hole and pushed it in.

"Yes, that's it. FUCK MY ASS. Bury that dick deep in me. Cum in me." Trudy wailed as the
smaller dick invaded her bowels. "Fill me with more cock spunk." Herb began to fuck the
young girl as hard as he could.

Blondie and Alexander watched as Herb fucked Trudy. They smiled at them. They knew Trudy
was enjoying her second ass fucking. They began to play with each other while watching.

Soon Herb finished and came inside Trudy ass. Trudy just lay there when Herb removed his
shrinking dick.

"This has been the best day of my life. First, the dog fucked me. Then Alexander finally
took my ass and Herb just finished filling me with more sperm. I have more spunk in me than
I have ever had. " Trudy smiled, then fell asleep right on the floor.

While Trudy lay on the floor asleep, Blondie and Herb told Alexander of his mother session
with the dog. Herb also told of his and Trixie's fuck sessions. Herb went to explain how he
fuck the bitch while women were fucking the stud. This excited Alexander.

As the three people talked, the male dog got up and went over to the sleeping Trudy. He
stuck his nose down to her naked ass and sniffed. The odor excited the dog. The smell of sex
in the room also excited the dog. It excited the bitch too.

Alexander, Blondie and Herb watched the dog sniffing Trudy ass. They also noticed his cock
getting hard and coming out of its sheath. The started licking up the left over sperm
covering Trudy's ass and asshole.

Trudy moaned but didn't wake up.

Blondie's juices started flowing as she watched the dog lick Trudy's tortured butthole. She
wanted to be fucked again by the dog. She felt the tingled in her pussy as she thought about
what the dog had done to her earlier. Her asshole was even tingling.

"I need to be fucked, you two. I have a new way I want to try." Blondie explained.

"Sounds good to us." Both the guys replied at the same time.

"I want you, Alexander, to lay down on your back. I will mount your beautiful cock. Herb, I
want you to fuck my ass. This way I will get two dicks at the same time." Blondie continued.

Alexander did as his mother instructed. She then climbed onto his huge cock and slipped it
deep into her waiting cunt. Herb got behind her and slid his hard cock deep into her ass.
Since Blondie's butt had be well fucked by the dog and Alexander there was no resistance.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! This feels so good. I have always wanted to try this. It feels so neat to have
two cocks in me at the same time. NOW, Fuck me." Blondie wailed.

The guys started pounding their cocks into the woman. They matched each other stroke for
stroke. They both could feel the other cock though the thin piece of membrane that separated
the two holes. They knew they wouldn't last long.

"OHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS! That's it. It feels wonderful. I feel so full. I want to feel you
both cum in me at the same time. I want my pussy and ass filled with your hot spunk." She
moaned as the guys continued to pound their hard meat into her waiting holes.

"I am going to cummmmmmm." Blondie yelled as thee orgasm overtook her.

"Me, too!" yelled Herb.

"Me, three" screamed Alexander.

The three people came at the same time. Herb could feel Alexander's cock swelling in the
pussy on the other side of the membrane.

Alexander felt Herb's cock start shooting his load into his mother's ass. This made
Alexander shoot.

Blondie felt both cock swell in her holes then start shooting their hot loads of sperm into
her well abused ass and pussy. This made her cum with them.

"I am cumminggggggggggg!" She wailed.

"Fill my body. Fill my ass. Pump your hot spunk deep into my cunt. " Blondie screamed as
the men continued to dump their loads into her. Her own orgasm made her holes clamp down
onto the invading cocks. She was now satisfied. But she would want more after she had her
nap also.

As Blondie drifted off. The men removed their dicks from her. The female dog came over and
started licking her ass and pussy clean. The last thing Blondie remembered was the feeling
of the dog's tongue digging in her ass to get all of the spunk that was deposited there.
(end of part 2)

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