Cum medicine 4

Cum medicine 4

Chapter 4

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Kellie did her best to look distraught as Kristin rushed to the front door from her car.

Kellie opened the front door before Kristin had a chance to knock.

“Oh my god Kellie? What is happening?! Did you call 911??”, Kristin said hurriedly as she entered the house. Kellie noticed her hair was still wet from a shower. She also noticed she was wearing makeup, which wasn’t like her this time of night.

“Not yet! We may need to if we can’t solve the problem ourselves…” Kellie said doing her best to appear upset. In reality she DID need work fast to help Ethan. “Take a look at the bottle! Ethan took 13 pills and he was only supposed to take 1-3, he misread the label! I’ve already tried helping him… he’s passed out in the bedroom.”

She showed the bottle to Kristin and read along with her.

was printed on the side of the bottle. Kellie showed Kristin the flap with additional instructions and explained that Ethan hadn’t noticed it.

She paused in reading it to tell Kristin about Ethan’s current condition, grabbing her phone, she appeared reluctant to show her the pictures but added, “Kristin you’re practically a nurse, I need to show you some pictures to get your advice. Just think of Ethan as a patient for a second.”

She unlocked her phone and ***********ed the picture of Ethan’s huge swollen balls to show Kristin.

“Jesus Christ!!! Kellie that is private!” Kristin replied in shock, but couldn’t look away. “They aren’t supposed to be that… BIG… are they??” She added, not really having a frame of reference for how massively swollen they were. Kellie slowly swiped to the next picture of Ethan’s cock while watching Kristin’s face. Her eyes got even wider and her jaw literally dropped upon seeing the picture of his cock and she almost imperceptibly whispered, “ohhhhhh wow….”

“No!! They are 4 times larger than usual! I’m very worried about permanent damage if we don’t help him!”, she swiped again to the next picture of the huge glob of semen gathered at the tip of his large cock head. Kristin licked her lips unconsciously and gave a slight moan upon seeing Ethan’s cum. Her face was getting flushed and she was taking short breaths. Kellie paused swiping and showed Kristin the remaining pill bottle instructions.

Kristin spoke up, “so… he needs to… well… relieve himself… immediately… doesn’t he…?”

“He can’t! He’s passed out! I already helped him once, but it hasn’t helped nearly enough!” Kellie handed Kristin the phone and swiped to the next picture of herself completely covered in cum.

“Holy fucking shit Kellie!!!”, Kristin exclaimed. She had never said two swear words in a row, as far as Kellie recalled. She was squirming uncomfortably and looked physically distraught. “That isn’t… well… that isn’t… all… from HIM? How is that possible?!? When did that… happen???”, she stammered.

“Just a few minutes before you got here! I actually swallowed close to half what you see there. I had to take a shower to get it all off!”, Kellie noticed a look of disappointment on Kristin’s face. “Don’t worry, I collected a good amount for you, too, to help with your condition. I took the pictures of his… testicles… AFTER he did that to me. He’s still in a really bad way. What I did helped him, but not nearly enough. If just one pill is designed to produce excess semen, imagine the results of 13. This entire situation was to help YOU, if you recall.”, Kellie added some guilt at the end, knowing it would convince her sister.

Kristin was breathing quite heavily now. She kept licking her lips while staring at the image of her sister covered in cum on the phone still in her hands. She shakily handed the phone back to Kellie. “It sounds like he will need a lot of water to flush out the pills… I can… run to the store to get some… while you… umm… take care of him…?”

Kellie headed toward the kitchen and opening cabinets searching for something as Kristin followed, “No, our fridge has an ice maker that also filters water. I need to find something to hold all of the semen! Oh here it is!” Kellie produced a plastic pitcher that looked like it was designed for iced tea from a cabinet she also grabbed a large bottle of water from the fridge. “Kristin, I’ll be honest, this is a two person job. I tried before by myself and you saw the results in the picture. You don’t have to touch anything but you’ll need to hold the pitcher for me.”

“I can’t Kellie, this is way too uncomfortable. Ethan will wake up and notice me. I’d never be able to show my face here again if he did.” Kristin said uncertainly.

“Kristin, you’re going to be a nurse. You’ll have to deal with far worse I’m sure. I need help, and prefer to keep this in the family, but if I have to go to old Mrs. Ellison across the street I will. Please. Help me, now.”, Kellie handed her the pitcher, grabbed her other hand, and led her into the bedroom. Kristin followed her uncertainly but without much resistance.

The room was dark but the lamp on the nightstand was on providing a little bit of light. Ethan appeared to be in a restless sleep. He was moaning. Kellie approached him with Kristin in tow and opened the bottle of water. She knelt beside Ethan and rubbed his forehead. Kristin quickly stepped behind Kellie so she wouldn’t be noticed in the room. “Ethan… Sweetie? How are you feeling?”, she asked.

Ethan kept his eyes closed and moaned, “so thirsty… it really hurts. Feels like I’m going to explode.”

“Drink this.”, she said to him as she brought his head up to drink the water. He drank the entire bottle without stopping for a break. “I’ll help you now sweetie.” She said as she pulled back the sheets to reveal his giant cock and massive swollen balls. There was precum pooled on his stomach.

“Jesus…”, she said in shock, looking back at Kristin to see if she noticed. Kristin’s made a stifled gasping sound. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth was open in shock. Kellie reached behind her and grabbed Kristin’s hand to pull her down into a kneeling position next to her at the edge of the bed. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and grabbed a hair tie from the nightstand. She grabbed an extra one for Kristin and handed it to her. Kristin unconsciously put it on.

Kristin then brought up the pitcher with a questioning look at Kellie. Kellie shook her head and whispered to her quietly “Not yet, that’s just precum… ummm… normally it is just a small amount of lubricant that is secreted during intercourse.”. Kristin slowly nodded, eyes still wide, but locked on to the lewd scene before her.

Kellie began stroking Ethan’s cock with both hands, pointing it straight up in the air. A huge glob of precum appeared at the tip and kellie quickly slurped it up and making a mewling sound before turning her head again to continue whispering, “We’ll need to stimulate him for a while to get him to release his full load of cum. We may need to do this for a few hours. Maybe 10-12 times before he’s ok.”

Another glob of precum emerged as she stroked. Kellie slurped it up again and continued stroking and getting into a rhythm, slurping what emerged every 3-4 strokes and making a show of it for Kristin, mewling with delight every time she tasted it. Kristin watched and subconsciously leaned forward and around to the left to get a better view of her sister’s performance.

Kellie noticed the movement out of the corner of her eye. She continued stroking and angled the tip of Ethan’s cock slowly and gradually towards Kristin’s face. A glob of precum emerged slowly and started dripping down the shaft of Ethan’s cock. Kristin watched this, completely transfixed on it just inches from her face. She licked her lips. She came to her senses and looked at Kellie with a confused look on her face. Why wasn’t she slurping it up? Kellie paused briefly, making eye contact with Kristin, and slowly licked the cum up, showing her the fluid on her tongue before swallowing. Kristin made a moaning sound in response to this.

Kellie continued stroking. The next time precum emerged she paused again and moved it even closer to Kristin’s open mouth. “Try some… it is really good. You need it. This is all for you.” Kristin licked her lips but shook her head. Kellie scooped up the glob on two of her fingers instead, and while stroking with the other hand, placed the fingers in front of Kristin’s open mouth. Kristin gasped but didn’t pull away. Kellie slowly put the fingers into Kristin’s mouth as another glob of precum emerged. As Kellie placed her mouth on Ethan’s cock to collect the precum, Kristin suddenly closed her lips around Kellie’s fingers and began licking them greedily while moaning in relief at the chance for a taste.

Kellie slowly removed her fingers from Kristin’s mouth and grabbed her smaller hand, whispering to her, “I want to teach you how to stroke and suck Ethan’s beautiful cock, Kristin. I’ve fantasized about this for years. I want to share him with you.” Kristin didn’t resist as Kellie brought her hand up to his cock, placing her own on top of Kristin’s and began stroking.

“Give me your other hand.” Kellie said, and Kristin complied. She placed that hand on his cock too and began stroking Ethan’s cock using Kristin’s hands. Kristin moaned at the feeling of Ethan’s cock in her hands. Another glob appeared and Kellie angled it directly in front of Kristin’s mouth. When she shook her head again, Kellie licked it up and keeping the cum at the tip of her tongue, moved right in front of Kristen’s mouth offering it to her. Kristin hesitated, and then moaned and wrapped her lips around Kellie’s entire outstretched tongue and sucked it hard until she reached the tip, swallowing the cum she had gathered gratefully and moaning.

“Mmmmm… that was hot. Keep stroking, I’ll be right back, I need to use the bathroom.”, Kellie whispered suddenly.

“Wait!” Kristin hissed, but Kellie was already gone.

To be continued in chapter 5

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