Interrogation of Hermione Granger

Interrogation of Hermione Granger

Interrogation of Hermione, Ron and Harry
So I am a big fan of Harry Potter and a fan of sexual torture. So I thought I would try writing a story about both. All characters are 18 years of age or older Now this is my first time writing so please any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. So my thinking was that the world of Harry Potter would be the perfect place to to set my first story. I don’t own anything associated with Harry Potter, nor do I condone sexual assault or torture. This story does not reflect the actors or actress of Harry Potter. This story will be short because as I said this is my first story and the scene that I am taking it from is a shorter scene from the 7th book where the trio is captured and taken to the Malloy’s Manor to be turned over to the Dark Lord. But first Bellatrix Lastrange is in need of some information and decides to interrogate Hermione while the other two are taken down to the dungeon. Ok introduction done let’s get to the story. So since the spells used in my story do show up in the books here is a list of the spells that you will see in this story.
OrgasmMaxus- causes intense instant squirting orgasm.
Stimuliclitoral- creates the feeling of having the clit expertly stimulated, will cause a body shuddering orgasm if the jinx is held long enough.
Engorjoclitoris- causes the clot to swell in size by up to 10% also making it more sensitive.
Cockisrubicus- creates the feeling of having the cock expertly stimulated, will cause a body shuddering orgasm if the jinx is held long enough.
Cruicopleasurism- torture through sexual stimulation.
Avadastimulisexulo- causes death from the extreme and instant stimulation to the sexual organs.
Masturbatacus- causes the caste to start sucking themselves uncontrollably regardless of where they are and to a less then satisfying orgasm
Futaclitoral- causes the clot to grow into a cock, won’t reverse until said person reaches orgasm.
Imperiosexulo- the caste is bound to do the sexual desires of the caster.
Phantismfuck- give the feeling and pleasure of being be fucked without being fucked.
Erectuscockis- causes the caste to get a raging hard on.
Ejactulatesuspendo- time frame-when the caster casts this spell they indicate the amount of time they want to suspend the orgasm for.
Testicularcontrictus- causes a very painful squeezing of the testicles.
Stripifytotalus- strips the caste instantly of all their cloths.
Orgasmcontinum (time period)-causes the castee to continuously orgasm for that time period
Duplodickus- causes the castee to grow a second cock until orgasm
Pubisremoveus- cause the pubic hair to be painfully removed. The effects are regrettably only temporary hair grows back normally.
So Miss Granger while the former interrogation methods were effective we have come up a new form of interrogation but if you ate as smart as I hear you are lets see if you can figure it out. “First lets get you out of your cloths I like seeing my victims naked bodies, stripifytotalus.” Said Bellatrix and Hermione’s cloths flew off of her and into the fireplace. “now for the spell that should inform you if the type of interrogation methods that we have adopted, orgasmmaxus.” Bellatrix said and Hermione had the strongest orgasm she has ever had it was so strong that she squirted almost 10’ away from her. After she came down from her orgasm and her breathing returned to a somewhat normal pace. She looked at Bellatrix and said “You sadistic bitch while sexual torture is an excellent form of interrogation it still won’t get me to talk, I don’t care what you do to me my lips are sealed.” “Ok if that’s heat you think try this.” Bellatrix cast the engorjoclitrois and Hermione almost came just from that, then Bellatrix cast the stimuliclitoral and Hermione began to breath real heavily. Bellatrix ask “still won’t talk?” Hermione responded between moans “no I still wont talk.” “maybe you are not as smart as they you are lest add this to the mix.” Said Bellatrix and she cast phantismafuck and Hermione started moaning uncontrollably and when Bellatrix thought that Hermione was close to cumming she pull all the jinxs off and Hermione gave a sigh of relief. Bellatrix asked again “are you willing to talk yet?” and again Hermione responded with “no you bitch.” Bellatrix just shook her head and said “fine just know that you are bringing this on all on your own.” And Bellatrix cast futaclitotal and she watch Hermione’s little clit turn into an impressive 8 12 inch cock and Hermione actually had a little orgasm from it and as soon as she stopped cumming the cock started to shrink till she had her clot back but Bellatrix was not happy about that “did I tell you, you could cum, I guess we are going to have to teach you some self-control.” Bellatrix said, she cast the engorjoclitrois and Hermione breathing heavily again and was trying to say “please it wasn’t my fault.” But she was cut off by Bellatrix’s next spell stimuliclitoral and Hermione turned into a writhing moaning mess. Just as Hermione was about to cum Bellatrix cut off all stimulation and Hermione’s breathing slowed down to. Now Bellatrix began her questioning “what was the mission that Dumbledore sent you three to do.” “Fuck you, you cunt eating dike go Fuck yourself.” Spat Hermione Bellatrix responded “no I think I rather have you fuck me.” Hermione was going to respond but was cut off when Bellatrix cast the futaclitoral and Hermione felt a familiar tingling in her clit and Bellatrix warned “you had better not cum this time.” Hermione was trying her hardest and it was just enough because even though with her trying her hardest a little bit of cum still came out of her cock. “you know what I just realized my pussy is really dry and I don’t have any lube so I guess you are going to have get lubed up using your tongue. Before you try to argue that you have never done this, I don’t care your smart enough I’m sure you will learn quickly.” Bellatrix said and moving quickly so she didn’t have to listen to Hermione try and get out of doing it. “now weather you want it or not you are going to fuck me and you have two minuets to make me as wet as you can because I will be sinking down on that hard cock you have there and if it hurts me because you did get me wet enough then you will pay the price.” Hermione upon hearing that started having an internal debate with herself does she tell this both to get off of her and go fuck a hippogriff and take the punishment or does she do as this sick freak asked. Well Hermione’s defiant side wins out and she just lays there and does nothing. She resigns herself to the punishment that Bellatrix will serve her. So she tells Bellatrix “I’m not putting my tongue into your nasty pussy so do whatever it is you ate going to do to me because like I said I am not telling you a single thing.” “ok fine.” Bellatrix said. She then turned to two other death eaters “you two go get the Weasly boy. Now while we ate waiting for them to get back I am going to suck you off and you are going to shoot a load of cum down my throat weather you want to or not.” The fact that Hermione is unable to move doesn’t give her much of a choice. Bellatrix went to work on Hermione’s cock and she was doing a good job but Hermione was trying her hardest not to let Bellatrix bring her to an orgasm but she was fighting a losing battle because she was already trying to hump Bellatrix’s face to get more stimulation there were a couple of time that she caught herself and tried to make herself stop and was failing. Just as the other two death eaters were coming in Hermione was moaning “oh fuck, oh puck I’m cumming.” Had com she did she came so hard that Bellatrix actually choked on the cum a little. “good girl. You two bring Weasly over here and put his face in her pussy and make sure he can’t move anything but his tongue.” Bellatrix said. “now I am going to give you one more chance to answer my questions before I make him give you the hardest orgasm you have ever had so far. Now what mission did Dumbledore send you guys in.” Bellatrix asked Hermione responded “he sent to find all the death eaters and ass fuck them.” “being funny are you well lets see how funny you think this is. Engorjoclitoris and imperiosexual.” Two things happened in front of Ron the first one he saw Hermione’s clit growing quick and he felt himself moving towards the clit that was now like a little cock and he started sucking on it and he didn’t really want to but he could tell that he had now choice. The second Ron touched Hermione’s clit she exploded in orgasm even though she secured to the floor by magic she managed to still arch her back off of the floor, Ron didn’t stop there he kept going this time he got a coup’e sucks in before she exploded in orgasm again. With each orgasm it took a little more stimulation to make Hermione cum more and more and Ron didn’t stop sucking on Hermione's clit while she was cumming he just kept in sucking and licking on her clit cock so a couple of times she would still be in mid orgasm as she was brought back to the top and she would orgasm again before the last one was done. After about 10minutes of this Hermione was nothing more then a writhing mess on the floor. Bellatrix finally had Ron stop she walked over to Hermione knelt down by her head and asked “So anything to tell me yet?” Ron started to say something but was cut short when Bellatrix made him go over to one of the other death eaters and made him suck his cock. With that dealt with Bellatrix trend her attention back to Hermione. Bellatrix again asked “what was the mission Dumbledore sent you three on?” Only this time she reached down and started rubbing Hermione's still enlarged clit but she was so sore it was causing more pain then pleasure at this moment. Hermione found that he strength from somewhere to not give in just, and through the weak moans you could just make out the response of Hermione saying “go fuck a Dementor.” Bellatrix gives a little sigh and said this is going to end only one of two ways 1 you tell me what I want to know or you and you two little friends are going to end up at St. Mungo's because either I've made it so you can't cum or because you can't stop cumming or you are goings to tell me what I want to know.But don't answer me just yet wrestling to have a little more fun because of your last comment We are going to have some more fun right now to see if this can't loosen your lips up at all, both sets.” Bellatrix has Ron stop sucking the Death Eaters cock and told the two “go and get Potter and bring him up here. Ow as for you two no need to wait for Potter to get the fun started.” Bellatrix said with Ron sitting in front of Hermione Bellatrix cast the futaclitoral and watched Ron's expression as he watch Hermione's clit grow into a cock if Hermione wasn't already embarrassed beyond reason this would of been really embarrassing for her because she could feel herself getting ready to cum even as her clit grew into a dick and sure enough as soon as her cock finished growing she shot out a few good spurts strong enough to hit Ron and that only served to embarrass her more but after she had cum her cock started to shrink back which did not make Bellatrix very happy at all, before Hermione's dick was gone Bellatrix cast the futaclitoral spell again and followed it up with Ejactulatsuspendo 8hours. This time after Hermione's dick stopped growing Ron was just sitting there and Bellatrix said “ what are you waiting for get sucking her cock. Weasely you are going to this weather you want to or not so save us all the trouble and just do it.” Bellatrix realized that in her anger she prevented Hermione from doing what she wanted her to be doing and that was cumming so much that she would do or say anything to get the stimulation of her count and clit to stop, so she removed the spell and instead uses a muggle product called lidocaine which is still numbing agent and the fact that Hermione's parents are dentists she is quite aware of what this stuff does. So Bellatrix shows Hermione what she has and Hermione's eyes get real big and she tries to beg Bellatrix not to do what she knows is going to happen. So instead of listening to Hermione begging Bellatrix cast the orgasmmaxus, Hermione was kind of ready for it but the intensity of her orgasm still caught her off guard a little bit, well it really caught Ron off guard since Ron had the dick in his mouth at the time, he pull back and got a face full of cum as Hermione continued to cum. After that explosive orgasm Hermione starts begging “please no more I will tell you whatever you want to know, just please know more stimulation I can't take anymore.” “Well know we are making progress but I think I want to have a little more fun first.” Bellatrix said. Hermione sobbing at this point asked”why I've already said I will tell you whatever you want to know. Why make me suffer anymore?” Bellatrix responded “because as you called me I am a sadistic bitch and I like to make people suffer and I don't think you have suffered enough yet. Ok well may be you have but I still want to have some more fun with you.” Just after she finished saying that the two other Death Eaters return with Harry and Bellatrix says “ah good now here's how this is going to work one of you is going to get to fuck this pretty little cunt and the one fucking this little cunt is going to get fucked in the ass by the other person, now the way we are going to determine who is going to do what is with a little contest and that is going to see who can make me cum the hardest and the quickest using only their mouth.” Having heard this and not wanting to possibly be breed by either one but seeing as she doesn't really have a choice, Hermione rather have Harry then Ron even though they are best friends, and Hermione being well versed in non verbal and non wand spell casting. Waited till Bellatrix choose who was going first to cast her spell this is given by to be harder for Hermione then normal because even casting a spell non verbally would require a wand so Hermione is going to have to concentrate really hard. Bellatrix decided to have Harry go first. Harry didn't really want to get fucked in the ass but he would rather be fucking Hermione then fucking Ron in the ass, so he approached Bellatrix however reluctantly once he was between her legs he had to lift her dress up only to find that she had no panties on and had a rather nice and bald pussy upon finding that that he didn't waste any time getting to work on licking and sucking on her clit and fucking her cunt with his tongue. Even without the spell Hermione was about to attempt to cast Harry was making quick work of Bellatrix's pussy but Hermione didn't want to take any chances so she focused all her will power and cast the spell that she herself had been the victim of some many times on this night. She knew she was successful in casting it because Bellatrix went from soft moans to “oh fuck, I'm my fucking god, I'm cumming I'm cumming.” Harry did let stop when he heard her saying that in fact he double his efforts and when she did cum she exploded pussy juice all over Harry's face. Harry didn't even stop after she had cum her kept on tongue fucking her right through her orgasm Bellatrix had to stun Harry in order to get him to stop. After Bellatrix had had time to Cath her breath she sat there thinking, then slowly turns to Hermione and she tried to play it cool but there was just a hint of fear on her face and Bellatrix pick up on it and said “ why you cheating, little cunt sluggish.” Hermione responded “ what I didn't do anything. How could I I'm tied to the floor and don't have a wand how could I do anything?” “Well I know it wasn't either of these two idiots not with the state of hornynees they are in and even if they weren't I doubt they could not cast a spell silently and landless so that only leaves you and since you cheated Harry is disqualified which means Ron you get the pleasure of fucking Hermione in her tight little cunt and Harry you can thank Hermione because you get to fuck Ron in the ass, and just to make sure you don't try to cast anymore spells you are going to be eating pussy and because that stunt has really pissed me off you are going to get fucked in the ass as well. This time it is not going to be by a phantom dick, watch this duplodickus” said Bellatrix and they all watched as Ron grew a second dick from where the first meet his balls Ron freaked out a little until he realized that he will be able to fulfill two of his fantasies for the price of one. As Ron was approaching he noticed Hermione's cunt hair and asked “is there a way to remove the pussy hair?” Hermione looked at Ron with a look of hurt and humiliation. Ron looked at her in the face and said “sorry Hermione but I want to get this fantasy out of the way while I have the chance please don't be mad at me.” after they were finished Bellatrix cast pubisremoveus and Hermione cried out in extreme pain and Ron and Harry looked away but they could still hear her. She quieted after a couple of minutes at that point Bellatrix said what are you waiting for, she noticed that the three clocks were still limper then cooked pasta, so she cast erectuscockis and all three cocks got hard at the same time. “Now I don't know why I am saying this but Ron you might want to turn around and suck that cock that's about to fuck your ass.” Said Bellatrix. Ron did nothing so Bellatrix said “fine have it your way, let's get this started.” And with that said she cast Imperiosexulo and weather they wanted to or not Ron approached Hermione and Harry approached Ron's ass. Harry in a split second of clarity Harry managed to get some spit on Ron's asshole which gave him a little lube but for the effort did very little in easing the pain from entering the ass almost completely dry. Bellatrix did help Ron in getting his second cock into Hermione's ass for the sole reason of want to cause Hermione as much pain and humiliation as possible after they were all in there designated holes Bellatrix cast ejactulatesuspendo on all of them for 3 hours she wanted to make sure everyone had their fill (pun intended). But just 30 minutes into their fuck fest things went sideways for Bellatrix because out of nowhere Dolby shows up, but was caught by surprise by what he saw which gave Bellatrix just end ghost this me time to cast one more spell which was orgasmmaxus she wanted to be be sure that Hermione was breed by Ron and that Harry would have to live with the fact that he orgasmed into Ron's ass, and that she Bellatrix got one more orgasm from the pretty mouth that she was forcing to lick her pussy. Now Bellatrix being to very accomplished which she was managed to get off two more spells only one of which hit its target was avadastimulisexulo which hit someone she wasn't sure who and didn't really care because her second spell orgasmcontinum missed the four friends completely hit a mirror over the fire place and rebounded into Bellatrix and she instantly went into an unstoppable orgasm that wouldn't end because the time frame she set with the spell was forever so when the rest of the Death Eaters returned to the mansion what they found was Bellatrix writhing on the floor in unending ecstasy. As she was the dark lord second in command they waited to for him to decide what to do and in the end he put her out of her misery.

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