Encounters with Tom - Sneak Peek and First Encounter

Encounters with Tom - Sneak Peek and First Encounter

My neighbour is a peeper and his name is Tom. Yes I know very cliché but his name really is Tom.

Now I’ve been shy about my body, its curvaceous and yes I’m a bit overweight for my 5ft6 frame, my arse is rounded, my breasts are very large and my thighs are bigger than I would like. However, its all me and so that’s that.

Most sunny days I love to wander in the garden topless (at least) sometimes completely nude, smelling the flowers and settling down to soak up the rays.
So, anyway, there I was one Saturday afternoon in early August laying naked on my sunbed when a voice comes through the fence saying

“you love showing off those big tits of yours don’t you little girl”

I should mention here that 1. I am not little as we established earlier and 2. I’m not young either, I’m 32 but as you will find out Tom is a filthy deviant old man of 85 so to him I guess I’m a ‘little girl’.

I look up from the sun lounger and can’t see anyone looking at me, however, our fence is old and the timber has lots of knotty holes in it, behind the holes I can see a blue shirt on the other side of the panel.

“I’m not showing them off, I’m just trying to get an all over tan in the privacy of my own garden!” I retort indignantly.

“Likely story” comes the reply “come here and stick your tit in this hole so I can give you what you’re asking for” he says

Rising from the lounger and walking over to the fence I say “What do you mean Tom ?”

“Amy be a good girl and stick your tit in this hole!” he barks at me “don’t make me tell that boyfriend of yours that you are in the garden naked every time he goes out”

That jolts me.
Pete, my boyfriend, is the ultimate ‘no sex please we’re British’ prude you could ever meet and really would not take kindly to knowing I spent a lot of time naked in our garden!

I step sideways and put my nipple close to the hole in the fence panel. I push it nearer and get as much of my large breast as possible into the hole. Immediately fingers grab at my nipple, which responds by becoming rock hard and making it easier to pull.

Tom tugs it and stretches it, pulling me against the fence, my naked body pressing against the coarse timber and my breast being scraped and snagged by the rough edges of the hole.

“see that wasn’t so hard was it little girl” Tom says softly, almost creepily, through the fence and I shudder

“I’m not little” I protest

“well these aren’t that's for sure “ he laughs and twists my nipple hard stretches it more and more.

“so..” he says “ I think you and me can come to an agreement”

“oh ?” I say unable to pull away from the fence still

“Yes” he replies “ I think you need to be punished and I’m the best man for the task!”

“Oh and what makes you think I’ll do as you say?”

“Pete” he says simply “now come to my garage at 10 o’clock tonight and don’t be late” with that he releases my nipple and I hear him walk away.

I withdraw from the fence, my soft breast red raw from the wood and my nipples both harder than I’ve ever seen them before ! Horrified I rub them softly to ease the pain. Rubbing my stomach and legs I realise that my thighs are soaking wet! Wow I think to myself, that was pretty scary, what is wrong with my body !?!

I can’t settle for the rest of the day after that – who could!? – time ticks away slowly but at ten to ten I wander slowly round the back of our house to Tom’s garage...

First Encounter coming soon...


SO ...here we go .....

Encounters with Tom – First Encounter

The garage is dark but I can hear movement inside so I venture in.

“Early I see, there’s a good girl” comes a voice from the back.

I walk further in and see Tom resting against a workbench on the far wall. He is taller than I remember about 5ft10 I would guess but hunched over slightly with age, his hair is almost white what is left of it and his glasses are thick with large black rims, set on the edge of his nose.

Peering at me over his glasses he says “come here girly, let me look at you properly”

The light is dim but I can make out his face more now, lined and sallow, his cheeks hollow where his teeth no longer fit properly in his mouth.

I open my mouth to speak and he hushes me.

“No!” he says “You don’t get to talk little one, only scream” and he grins licking his lips.

He comes towards me and grabs at both my breasts, groping them roughly through my top. I gasp and jump slightly sideways shocked by his quick movement and manage to back myself against a wall. Damn! I curse to myself.

His hands keep groping at me and I can feel his boney fingers squashing my soft flesh.

“Oh what beauties!” he says and starts to lift my top.

I open my mouth to speak and he grabs my throat squeezing it and pushing me against the wall. I am totally taken aback by his strength, thinking crap I’ve under estimated him.

He looks me in the eyes while holding my throat tight in his hand and says “I said you only get to scream you little slut ! You may gasp, cry, scream and whimper but no talking !” pushing me harder into the wall he carries on “ you say a word about this and Pete will know everything about how you took advantage of an old man, I may even make something up about you stealing from me too, just for sport!!”

I slump back against the wall as he releases me, tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. Oh god I think this might have been the stupidest thing I have ever got myself into. What was I thinking ! Why didn’t I just brush it off yesterday in the garden. Oh god Amy you’ve done it now!

“Hands on your head!” he barks at me, so I do as I’m told.

Standing there pressed against the wall he raises my top exposing my lacey black bra (oh god I even dressed up ! stupid stupid stupid!)

He grabs at me and yanks my breasts out of my bra tearing the lace as he does so.

“Don’t wear a bra next time little girl, I need easy access, ok?”

I nod

“That’s better, good girl!” he says and strokes my left breast holding the other on in a tight grip.

He lets go and stands back to look at me “oh yes” he says “you are going to be much more fun than my last one”

My eyes widen, last one ? what the fuck! Who ? and where are they now ?? fuckfuckfuck! I think to myself, oh this just keeps getting worse. But seriously did I really think it was going to get better !?

He stands there just staring at my exposed breasts and torn bra for what seems like eternity but is probably only a few minutes.

Then SLAP! I scream as his hand comes into contact with my left breast. I immediately drop my arms to protect myself but he comes at me shouting “No !!!! put them back now !!!” grabbing my arms and forcing them up again. He rummages in a draw and comes out with a large cable tie, grabbing my wrists he loops the cable tie over them pulling it tight, lifting it up and over a large hook on the wall that is holding a bicycle. I scream and back myself against the wall again this time bashing myself against the bike.

“you will learn to be good and then I won’t restrain you” he says licking his lips again “now where was I ...oh yes”

SLAP ! on the other breast I jump but am totally exposed and at his mercy it’s all I can do to stop the tears spilling out.


Over and over he is relentless I look down and can see my tits are bright red


“mmmmmm” he says “ look at them burning red like that, just hanging there for the taking, oh what fantastic tortures they are going to endure !”

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!!! It feels like he is never going to stop!

My eyes widen as I look up at him

“oh don’t worry little one” he says stroking my breasts softly “ I’m not going to do it all today, we have weeks! Months! Of fun ahead for me to enjoy you”

“and” he says as he raises his hand in the air “ you are going to learn to love it !!” SLAP!!! His hand makes contact with my left breast and I scream.

Coming close to me he looks in my eyes and twists my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger his other hand lifting up over my head. He pulls my wrists down from the hook and grabs a tool to snip me free.

“Now go home” he says “be here tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, do NOT wear a bra ! but DO wear a skirt!” and with that he goes round the side of the garage and home.

I straighten my clothes and wander home, horrified but also I realise wet again! I can feel my knickers damp rubbing against me.

Oh god I keep thinking why is Pete working away at the moment. If he had been home I would never have been naked in the garden earlier.

“bollocks!” I mutter to myself as I walk through the door and pour myself a vodka – oh good there are two bottles. I think I’m going to need it.

At Toms house the phone rings..... “Hello, yes yes its me, oh yes she suffered today......no no I didn’t go too far......will take my time like we agreed......oh yes a very sweet body, to die for !........ terrified? Yes ...yes she screamed like a little girl just like I told you she would......ok then, yes I will let you know.....good night then.....oh an Pete? Don’t work too hard tomorrow”

Tom hangs up the phone and slowly climbs the stairs to bed.

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