ERIKA THE SEX SLAVE (chapter 1-3)

ERIKA THE SEX SLAVE (chapter 1-3)

M/f, teen female, sex slave, rough, blowjob, BJ, anal, humiliation, humil

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Erika was a bombshell. She was the type of girl that when walking down
the street turned heads. And, she knew it. She had an amazing body, full
pouty lips, great set of tits for her age, nice slender hips and a
belly-dancer stomach (which had a nice dangling belly-button ring). She and
her mother rented my one-bedroom basement apartment for $1500 a month.
Erika and her mom moved in a few years back. At that time she was starting
to develop into the total knock-out she is today. During the summer she'd
move about in tiny daisy-duke shorts and a tee-shirt one size too small
that always exposed her naval. I tried not to stare, or leer but she made
it irresistible not to do so. Last summer she pranced around the basement
in a tiny blue bikini. One time I went down there to fix a leaky pipe and
all I did was spend three hours watching her in the bikini. She kept
walking past me and stopping by and asking if I needed some help knowing
full well there was nothing for her to do. I always felt she did all this to
get a rise out of me. Every time she'd look at me she'd give me a sly look
followed by a smile, as if daring me to charge towards her, rip her clothes
off and have my way with her. Erika's mom was a business woman who
frequently traveled. Her travels usually ranged from one day to one week,
once in a while, a long while, she would be gone for a month. When her mom
traveled Erika would be home alone. Erika always said she wasn't that
young that she needed a baby-sitter. Erika's mom told me that she would be
traveling for a month overseas and that she'd make sure Erika would give me
the rent, on the 1st of every month.

A week had gone by since her mom left, and I still hadn't received
the rent. I waited for Erika to come home from school so I can ask her
about it. At about 4, I heard the side door open. I decided instead of
pouncing her and demanding the money, I'd give her some time. An hour
later, I yelled her name from the top of the stairs and asked her to come
upstairs for a minute. When she came up, she was still dressed in her
school uniform: a skirt that was two inches above her knees, and a white
top with the top two buttons undone. We go into the living room. I sit on
the couch and she sits adjacent to me. She reaches for a piece of hard
candy on the coffee table, and as she leans forward I can see down her
blouse. I see the crack of her soft tits as the tits themselves disappear
into her white bra.

"Hey, what's up?", she asks putting the candy in her mouth.

"Hey, how're you? How's your mom?" I replied.

"She's good. She in England now, then going to Germany and ending in
Japan before coming home", she says.

"Good. Listen, your mom told me that she'd leave the rent with you.
And, well, it's been a week so I was wondering if I can have it," I said.

She shifts on the couch and meekly says, "Ohh that. Well, you see,
I-I-Uhh, well, I don'"

I give her an odd look, "You don't have it? Did your mom forget to give
it to you?"

"No, she did, but umm, see, I kinda, well, spent it," she says.

"You spent it? All of it? Part of it?", I ask stunned.

"All of it," she answers looking right at me.

"You spent $1500? On what?" I asked, "Wait, never mind. I don't wanna
know. Not my place."

She comes a little bit closer to me sitting an arm's length. I can
smell her perfume, Sexy 4 Her. She looks at me and with her pouty lips
says,"Please don't tell my mom. Please? She's going to kill me."

"Erika, well, I have to. $1500 is a lot of money. I can't just ignore
that much money", I said.

She gets off the couch and sits on the coffee table in front of me. As
she sits her skirt goes up a little bit more. She leans forward and again
I get to see down her shirt. She looks at me and says, "Please? Can't we
work something out?"

I just stare at her in disbelief as she puts her hand on my knees and
slowly moves them up lap. Was she offering me sex for the rent money?
Couldn't be. Not wanting to loose my cool I said, "Work something out?
Like how?"

"Well, I see the way you look at me, and I can practically read your
thoughts--," she beings.

"Wait, are you offering sex for the rent money?" I ask cutting her
off in mid sentence.

She smiles, and moves to the edge of the coffee table. She slides her
hands up my knees and rests them there.

"Look Erika, Won't say I'm not interested...but one-time fuck for $1500,
well, that's just steep," I say as I sit back on the couch.

That catches her by surprise, and she looks a bit afraid as if her
well-laid plan was going to fail. She sits back a bit, pulls her hands off
my knees, and says,"Oh ummm, how about two times? three? four? How

Looking at her closely I can see she is afraid of what her mom would do
if she found out. This was the opportunity I had been looking for since
last summer. I set her up just right and replied, "You really don't wan your
mom to find out, do you?"

"No," she says.

"What do you think she'd do?"

"I don't wanna know."

"When does she come back?"

"In three weeks"

"You spent the rent money that was due to me. A whole month's rent. On
top of that you kept quiet about this until I called you up here. Not
saying I'm not interested in fucking you. God, I want to fuck you badly.
But I don't think a fuck here or there is going to be enough."

"So what will it take to make it enough?"

I just smile. I put my arms on the back of the couch and say,"Your mom
won't be back for three weeks, so it's only fair that I get to fuck you
until your mom gets back. However many times as that is."

"OK. Deal!"

"Whoa there, hold on a sec. I wasn't finished. What I'm proposing is
that you become my," I pause for some dramatic effect, "slave. Sex slave."

She looks at me as if I'm joking. But she sees my serious-face, and she
says,"Sex slave? OK. Deal."

"Think about this carefully. Once we make this deal it doesn't end
until your mom comes back in three weeks. What this means is that you
belong to me. I get to do what I want, when I want, how I want. You obey."

"I know. I'm saying it's a deal."

Not wanting to talk her out of it, I simply say,"OK then, let the games
begin. Go stand over there." I point to the middle of the living room.
When she gets there I command her to strip down to her bra and panties. As
she unbuttons her blouse my heart races. With the last button undone she
removes her top slowly and tosses it to the floor. She then unzips the
skirt from the back which drops to the floor. She steps out of it and
pushes the skirt aside with her feet.

Standing in the middle of my living room was the sexiest teenage
girl I had ever seen. Her C-cup tits are constrained in her white lace
bra. The white matching thong she has on is small and thin. I can see her
nice clean shaved camel-toe through it.

"Now, let's go over some rules. I'm only going to say this ONCE. Break
any rules, and you will be punished. Is that clear?"


"Rule number one, you will call me master at all times. Any time you
answer me, ask me something or even speak to me, it will end in Master."

"Yes Master," she replies.

"Rule number two, unless told otherwise, you will wear nothing but a bra
and panties when inside this house. The moment you come home, you will
stand in that corner..." I point to the corner in the kitchen,"...and strip
down. However, when you're in the bedroom, you will be fully naked. NO
CLOTHES allowed in the bedroom, period."

"Yes Master."

"Rule number three, I'm going to be fucking you day in and day out.
Needless to say, I am not going to wear any condoms. So, you have two
choices here, either get on some birth control pills, or take the chance of
me knocking you up. And I promise I will cum inside you."

"Yes Master."

"Do you have any birth control pills?"

"Yes master"

"So you're already starting to fuck now? With who? How many times have
you fucked him?"

"My ex. We've fucked for 3 months, master"

"Your ex? Why'd he break up? Not a good fucker?"

She shoots me an hurt look as if I've insulted her honor or something.
"No master. I ended it with him. HE was the lousy fucker. I'm good"

"Really? Well I'll be the judge if your good or not. Get me some water
from the fridge."

As I watch her walk out of the living room in her underwear, my cock is
hard as a rock. I try hard to control myself from pouncing her.
Self-control I tell myself. She comes back from the kitchen and hands me
the water, and walks back to her place. I drink the water keeping an eye
on my new slave. She stands here with her hands behind her back and legs
spread just a little. For a second, I got the feeling that she was
enjoying this.

"Rule number four," I start putting the empty glass on the coffee
table,"you will swallow. Plain and simple. Unless I decide to shoot my
load any place else, it is your duty to swallow each drop of cum. If it
falls to the floor, you will lick it up. If it rolls down my cock and onto
my balls you will lick it up."

"Yes master."

I look at her with a questionable look. She said that yes master with
vigor and excitement in her voice. Was this her plan all along? Was her
teasing me and then offering a few fucks her way of getting me to do this?
You know what? Who the fuck cares? I'm going to be fucking this tight
slut and that's all that matters!

"OK. That's enough rules for now. I'll tell you the rest as I see fit.
But keep one thing clear: you belong me to me now. I own your body. You
are my property, and nothing more. You are my fuck-toy, my cock holder, my
cum-dumpster. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want. You agree
with a smile, or be punished."

"Yes master."

I can't help but have a big smile on my face as I get up and walk
towards her. It's time to inspect my product. When I get close to her, I
brush my hands over her soft face, and run my fingers over the pouty lips.
I lean in and kiss her. She parts her lips ever to slightly, enough room
for me to stick my tongue in. As I tongue wrestle, I run my hands down her
neck and right to her tits. I squeeze her left tit.

"Take off your bra," I command.

She unclasps the bra from the back and releases her tits from captivity.
The bra falls to the floor and her tits bounce.

"Perfect," I mutter. Aloud I say, "Hands behind your back and don't
make a sound."

She clasps her hands behind her back as I take her right tit in my hands
and squeeze them. I start lightly pinching her nipples with my index
finger and thumb. Then I start pulling them a little harder. The nipples
are hard now. She controls herself from moaning. I put the other tit in
my mouth and start sucking on it. I lap my tongue on her hard nipple and
then bite it with my teeth. I suck on it hard, while I still pinch her
other nipple. She starts squirming and fights hard not to make a sound.
After a minute or so, I stand up straight and then run my hands down her
flat stomach. I put my hands down her thong and start fingering her pussy.
I put one finger in, and then two. She bites her lower lip and makes a
small whimper of a sound. I start finger fucking her with two fingers and
she squirms and tries hard not to moan. A few minutes later. I get down
and start sliding her thong down her legs. "Spread your legs," I command.
She complies. I place one leg over my shoulder and I start licking her
warm wet pussy lips. I lick her cunt more and kiss it. She whimpers a
little more, this time a little louder. Annoyed that she disrespected my
order I stand up, grab her by the hair and slap her across her face. "I
said no sounds bitch."

"Sorry master," she says, quite stunned by the slap. Her cheek starts
getting a little red. Just for fun, I slap her across the other cheek too.
Now the redness matches. I pick her thong off the floor and stuff it in
her mouth. This should keep her quiet.

"Keep that in you mouth until I say so."

"ypth mstr," she attempts to say.

I get back down and start licking her wet cunt. I palm her ass cheek
and start squeezing it hard. With each lick, she spasms a little and I
grab her ass even tighter. A few minutes of this, I stop. I stop right
before she gets a mini-orgasm. I stand up, slap her her again and grab her
by the hair and walk her over to the couch. I sit down and tell her to
take the thong out of her mouth. I spread my legs and she takes the hint,
and gets on her knees. She undoes my pants and takes them and my underwear
off. My cock springs to life. It bounces up hard and straight. She
looks at it and widens her eyes. With that look, I know she's never seen a
cock this big. She wraps her hands around my cock and starts licking the
base of the cock. She slides her tongue up and down from the base to the
head. When she gets to the head, she puts her lips on it and kisses it.
After licking it a few times, she opens her moth and puts the cock into it.
Starting from the top, she starts sliding down on it. She gets a little to
the half-way point before I can feel the back of her throat. As she starts
blowing me, her hands start massaging my balls. Each time she goes down
she tries hard to take down as much as she can. I sit back and start to
groan. Man, this slut knows how to suck a cock! After a few minutes of up
and down motion, I feel myself getting ready to explode. I stand up. Time
for some throat gagging I think to myself. I tell her to put her hands
behind her back, and I put my hands on the back of her head and force her
head down even more. I tell her to open wider and eyes open. I start
ramming my cock into her mouth each time going a little faster and harder.
She makes some gagging sounds as my cock goes in and out of her mouth. I
jam it as far down as I can without making her puke, and close her nostrils
with one hand. She starts fidgeting a little as both holes are closed. A
couple of seconds later I pull my cock out and a stream of saliva and
pre-cum comes out of her mouth. I smile as I see my little slut on her
knees, hands behind her back and cum and spit over her mouth. Her mascara
starts to run and completes the whore-look. I grab her by the hair and
pull her up and tell her to get on her knees on the couch. I stand behind
her and start slapping her bubble ass. I spread her ass cheeks and
take my cock and start inserting into her tiny ass. She grabs onto
the couch and screams out loud. I grab her hair for a better hold, and
start ramming her. She's very tight back there. My cock is very
lubricated with her spit and my cum. I thrust into her harder and harder
and her screams and moans get louder and louder. I reach around her and
grab her tits in one hand while still pulling on her hair. A few more
thrusts and I'm ready to blow my first load on her. I pull out quickly,
spin her around and tell her open wide. She manages to open just in time
as I blow a thick wad of hot cum inside her mouth. Like a pro, she takes
it all in and swallows every drop of it. I push her back and slump on he
couch and say, "that was OK. Just an OK fuck." She gives me a hurtful look
and I tell her to go clean up and be back down in 30 min. She gets up and
walks towards the stairs. I watch her walk away and admire the view.
Never in a million years did I think I was going to have a hot teen slut at
my command.

This will be fun I think aloud. I start getting lots of ideas on what
to do with my new toy.

M+/f, teen female, sex slave, rough, blowjob, BJ, anal, humiliation, humil

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I gave Erika 30 minutes to clean herself up and come back downstairs.
She had 5 minutes left. I sat on the couch and flipped through the
channels. Not really paying attention to anything on TV, I was more
interested in what had just happened. Erika spent the rent money her mom
left her, and she was desperate and offered me sex to keep quiet. I
countered her offer with mine, and she accepted (as if she had a choice).
Until her mom comes back in three weeks, Erika agreed to be my sex slave. I
had dreamt of this moment for almost two years. She strutted herself
around here always teasing me and daring me, and now, well, now I had her.
She was my property and I could do what I wanted with her. Two minutes
left. I leaned back on the couch and eyed her bra and thong on the floor
and my cock started getting hard again. My first fuck with her had been a
rough throat fuck and anal. I wanted to fuck her cunt real bad but I had
to be patient. She needed to be on the pills before I would fuck her cunt.
Truth be told, if she didn't go on the pills, I'da used condoms. No way in
hell, I'm risking getting that whore pregnant. Ten seconds left. As her
30 minutes time started to run out, I saw her coming down the stairs. Her
hair was still very wet and she was wrapped in a towel. Already I got
upset. She just broke rule number two --unless told otherwise, you will
wear nothing but a bra and panties when your inside this house. As she comes
up to me, I stand up and calmly ask her what the fuck was she doing? She
looked at me confused, and reminded her of rule number two, and her eyes
widened and said, "Oh shit". she quickly removed the towel and stood in
the middle of the living room naked. She soft ample tits were bouncing in
the air and she nice yet-to-be-fucked-cunt was nicely shaved. I told her
that she broke too many rules already, and it's only been an hour! I
calmly order her to go put on some underwear, and wait for me. I pace
around the living room thinking of a fun way to punish her and then it hit
me. I smiled, and walked down to the basement. She was standing the
downstairs living room in a red bra and matching lace panties. I smile,
the bitch had nice taste in undies. I go into her bedroom and go through
her closet. In the back I found a nice pair of black skirt and a red top
and threw them at her and told her to put those on. We were going to the
mall for some fun.

As we drive to the mall, I remind her again that she was my slave. She
obeyed me no matter what. We parked and walked into the mall. We headed for
Victoria's Secret and right to the back. The store was empty, not much
shoppers in the middle of the week, especially at this time. There was
only one sales girl and she was at the cashier's counter on the phone. She
barely looked up and Erika and I walked past her. We looked around and I
picked out a nice white see-through lingerie and told her this is perfect.
We went to the back and told her to try this on. She went behind the
dressing room, took off her clothes and put the lingerie. When she
finished she called my name out, and I told her to come out. She came out
nervously and looked around too see if there was anyone else around. She
came out of the dressing room and stood in front of me. The white lingerie
did justice for curves, hugging her nice tight body. I looked to my left
and saw three middle-aged men sitting in the waiting area. I guess they
were waiting for their wives. I call them over and asked if they could
help me pick something out for someone. At first they ignore me, until one
of the guys saw Erika and quickly jumped out of his seat and walked over.
The other two also glanced over and they too became very interested in
helping me all of a sudden.

"Hi guys, can you help me out? I don't know if this right for her?" I
said as I point to Erika. She was turning bright red, even redder then her
cheeks when I slapped her for disobeying me almost two hours ago.

"Erika, model for the guys. Turn around and let them see how it looks
on you." She turned around and gave the guys a nice long view of her from
all sides.

The one named Tom said, "Man she's hot."

"Hell fucking yeah," said Jason. The other one, his name was Billy,
just smacked his lips.

"So what do you think?" I asked. Erika was facing us now. She placed
her hands in front of her trying to cover up.

"Looks great on her. Although, the red bra and panties kinda makes it
clash,"said Tom.

"Hmmm, you're right", I said, "Erika take off the bra and panties."

Erika tried to walk back into the dressing room when I told her no need
for that. She can just take them off right here. She looked at me as if I
was joking, but my look told her I was serious. She nervously slid the
strap off and the lingerie slid off her and fell to the ground. She
unclasped the bra and removed it, then she wiggled out of the panties. She
quickly pulled the lingerie back up and tried to cover up. A lot good that
did, the lingerie material was so thin you can see everything
through it. All three guys nod approvingly, and silently thank Tom for
suggesting she remove the bra and panties.

"Much better. She looks just perfect", Said Jason. "can we see her
twirl around?" asked Tom

I gave Erika a look and immediately turned around and let the guys check
out her bubble butt.

"That looks great on her," one of the guys said.

"Nice ass," another guy said.

I told Erika that she can take it off and get dressed.

She bent down to the pick up her underwear from the floor when I told
her she can just change right there. She straightened up and once again
slid out of the lingerie. She knelt down to pick up her panties when I
told her to first put the lingerie on a hanger so it doesn't get dirty.
She looks around and says, "But I don't see a hanger Master."

When she said the word Master I could feel all three pairs of eyes
looking at me in admiration. The silent one, Billy, gave me an approvingly

"I see one over there," I said pointing a few feet away from us. She
looked over and got red-faced. The empty hanger was towards the left, in
plain sight for anyone who wandered over to that section. I knew what she
was thinking, and a I added, "Better get it fast before someone comes by."

She hurriedly walked over and pulled the hanger off and walked back.
She quickly hung the lingerie and once again tried to pick up her panties.
Once again, I stopped her and told her it was rude not to thank the guys
here for being so helpful. I told her to give them each a nice hug and a
kiss for being a good Samaritan. She stops cold and gives me a stare. By
now her face was beet red. But she managed to utter, "yes Master."

She first walks over to Tom, the one responsible for her being
completely naked. She reaches behind him and gives him a tight hug. He
put his hands around her and held her tightly. He wanted the hug to
last. When he finally let go, Erika kissed him on the cheeks. She did the
same to Jason. Who also held her tight and didn't let go for a few
seconds. Lastly, she gave Billy a hug. Billy immediately put his hands on
her ass and spread her ass cheeks. Billy tightly squeezed her ass, leaving
his hands prints on her butt when he let her go. She quickly turned around
and started to walk away, when Billy slapped her ass hard. This caught Erika
by surprise who stopped and turned around. She gave him a glare but quickly
walked away from him, totally embarrassed and furious about what just happened.
She quickly bent over, picked up her underwear and put them on fast and
disappeared behind the dressing room door.

When she disappeared, Billy spoke for the time, "Oh man. I'm coming
here more often."

All three guys thanked me for the show and walked away.

A few minutes later, Erika and I walked out of the store and into the
food court. We got some food and sat down. Across from us were three
teenagers who started checking out Erika. I told Erika to lean over the
table and give me a deep kiss, knowing full well that when she does this
her skirt would rise up. As she leans over and kisses me, her skirt rises
and the guys get a nice clean look up her skirt. One of the guys takes out
his camera and takes a few pics. I push Erika off me and tell her to
finish eating.

Half hour later, we drive to a video store I rarely go to. I wanted to
get some movies, but mainly I wanted to flaunt Erika more at the store.
I was disappointed to see there was no one in the store but one store clerk.
I pick out the videos and games I wanted to rent and walk over to the counter,
where Craig is waiting. He checks out Erika from the corner of his eyes, but
manages to smile at me when I walk up to the counter.

"Card number, please?" asks Craig.

"H12TY9," I reply. He types the number in the computer.

"Umm, sir, there's a $50 dollar fine on this account."


"$50 dollar. Its from never returned game, Halo for XBox."

"I returned that. Check again," I said. No way was I paying for game I
returned. Especially an XBox game!

"Sorry sir, the computer says the game is missing. I can't let you take
those out without clearing the fine."

"Fuck this," I said and spin around. I see Erika and then I smile. I
turn around and say, "Craig is it?"


"How about we work something out? You clear this fine for me, and I do
something for you."

Craig looks at me oddly and says,"If you pay the fine I can clear it."

"That's not what I mean. You see that girl there?" I said pointing to
Erika who was the wall checking out some new releases.

"Yeah. So?"

"If you make this fine go away, I can get her to suck your cock clean.
Right here, right now."

Craig just snorts and says,"Whatever dude. Pay the fine or leave."

Not sure he can speak to a customer like that, I ignore his attitude and
tell him to pay attention. I turn around and call out to Erika who looks
over at me. I tell her to remove her panties and bring them over to me.
She looks at Craig, whose eyes are glued on her, as nervously she lifts her
skirt, slides her panties off and brings them over. She hands them to me.
I put the panties on the counter and tell Craig if we have a deal. His eyes
popped out of his socket and quickly removes the fine from my account.

"Erika, go behind the counter and thank Craig for being so helpful", I
say to Erika. Who takes the hint and walks through the mini-door partition
the counter and the store.

"Hey, can she remove the skirt?"


Erika removes the skirt and gets on her knees. Craig already pulled his
pants down. Erika takes the thin cock in her hands and licks the shaft.
She run her tongue up from the base of the cock up to the head and laps the
head. Craig moans as her tongue touch the head of the cock. She wraps her
lips over the head and starts sucking on it. She makes her way down
the cock and it slides down her mouth easily. Craig wasn't as big or thick
as I am, so fitting his cock on her mouth was easy. Craig could feel the
back of her throat and feel her sucking suction. Erika wraps her other
hand around his balls and massages them. Erika's head start bopping up and
down, up and down. Craig garbs her hair and starts gyrating his his in and
out of her mouth. As Erika does what she was born to do, Craig leans over
her and feels her ass. He spreads her ass a little and slides his fingers
into her tight ass hole. He then slides his fingers into her wet cunt.

"gggpppttthhhhhhh," Erika manages to say.

"Ahhh fuck yeah. Man this bitch is good," Craig moans, "Suck harder."

Erika goes up and down his cock faster and faster until all the pressure
is ready to burst. Craig stands up, pulls his cock out of her mouth and
says, "open wide."

As Erika does, a wad of hot semen oozes out and hits Erika on the
tongue. She quickly laps it up and uses the back of her hand to wipe her
mouth. Craig pats Erika on the head and says," good girl. goood girl."

I approach the counter and Erika finishes up and Craig looks at me and
says, "Dude, anytime you run up a fine come see me."

"Don't worry, I will. Come on let's go," I said.

Erika looks at me and says, "My skirt?"

"Oh, ummm, I think I left it back there," I said pointing to the back of
the store near the fantasy section, "Better get it fast."

Erika walks past the mini-door and walks over to the section and both
Craig and I watch her walk away, bottom half naked.

"That's such a tight ass," says Craig,

"How much fine you wanna run before I can fuck that ass?"

"I dunno. Let's see what I run up when I come in next week."

As Erika is looking for the skirt, the front door opens up and the same
three teens from the food court walk in. "Oh fuck," says the one in
the curly hair when he sees Erika standing there naked from the bottom
down. His buddies quickly look at her and their jaws drop.

I watch this from the counter and yell out, "Yo guys. What happened?"

The curly haired guy looks at me and says, "Dude, your girl is naked over

"Damn yeah," exclaims Craig, "she just gave me a mean blowjob. The bitch
knows how to suck."

The guys walk over to me, still keeping an eye on Erika who just stood
there frozen. She put her head down and tried to cover up with her hands.
She darted her eyes to look for the skirt, but couldn't find it.

"Yoman, what we gotta do get her to suck us off?" asks the one in a red
jacket. I eye the curly haired guy's apple bag and see an iTouch.

"Is that an iTouch?" I ask nonchalantly.

"yeah, just got i--", the curly haired guy says then stop mid-sentence.

"No fucking way man. This shit is worth $300!"

"OK then. I better get going," I said and start to leave.

"Wait. Dude, you fucking serious? We're all getting sucked off here.
This shit is never gonna happen. Give him the iTouch," the guy in the red
jacket says. The other guy, in glasses, chimes in also coercing his pal to
hand it over. Curly haired guy, looks over at Erika and licks his lips. he
looks at his buddies and says, "I go first, and she takes off the shirt too."

"Deal," his friends and I say. The curly haired guy hands me the iTouch
and I call Erika over. Just like a trained slut, she walks over and stands
in front the guys, with her hands covering her pussy. I order her to take
off the shirt. She looks at me and says, "yes Master."

As Erika stands there naked in the store all five us staring at her, the
curly-haired moves in forward when Craig say, "Wait guys. Take her to the
back room, don't want someone else coming in here."

We all nod and Craig shows the back room where Erika goes in first and
the trail of guys follow her.

By the time I get to the back room, Erika is already on her knees
sucking on the curly haired guy's cock. His friend, also with their pants
off and cocks in their hands, crowd around Erika and start feeling her up.
One of the guys is squeezing her tits, rather roughly and slapping them.
The one in glasses in behind her and starts fingering her cunt. The
curly-haired guy put his hands on Erika's head and starts throat fucking
her hard. He moves in and out so fast that she starts to gag as a stream
of spit and cum starts coming out of the corner of her mouth and start
dripping onto the tits and lap. The other two guys by now are standing on
each side of her and they make Erika give them a handjob. The curly-haired
guy screams that he's about to cum and pulls his cock out just as a thick
stream of cum hits Erika on her face. The first stream hits her in the
right eye and cheeks. The second stream lands on her hair. The guy in the
red jacket, pushes his friend and shoves his already hard cock in Erika's
mouth and starts throat fucking her. A few minutes later he cums in her
mouth and she swallows it all. The one in glasses gets in front of her
now. Erika takes his cock, just like his buddies and Craig's and goes to
work. He starts ramming her throat even harder then his pals did. He
grabs a chunk of her hair and forces her head in all the way. He holds
this position for a few seconds before letting go. He cums all over her
face, covering her left side of the face and more of her hair. By the time
three guys are done, Erika's face and hair is covered in cum and spit.

"Man, what a great whore,"says the guy in the red jacket.

"Totally worth the iTouch,"says the curly haired guy.

As they walk out, they each give me a approving nod and and leave. I
tell Erika to get up, get out, and thank the guys for letting you suck them
off. Then grab her clothes so we can go. Erika, gets up and walks out the
door. The three guys and Craig are chatting when Erika comes up.

"Thank you all for letting me suck you off. I appreciate the kindness,"
she says as a string of cum starts oozing down her chin and onto the tits.
All guys wave her off. Erika grabs her clothes and puts them on on top of
the cum.

We leave store and go to the car. As we get in the car, I tell
Erika, "Next time do not disobey me."

"Yes Master."

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The next morning, Erika was in the kitchen making me breakfast. She was
in a green bra and matching thong, with her hair in a pony tail. She made
me toast and coffee. I was in the dining room table when she walked
and placed the plate and cup in front of me. She stood next to me with her
hands clasped behind her back and waited for me to finish. When I was
done, she cleared the table and started washing the dishes.

I walked in the kitchen and asked her what time her classes start. "At
8AM Master," she replied as she washed the cup.

"When do you leave for school?"

"Around 7:30 Master,"she replied.

I looked at the watch and it read 7AM. I told her she better get ready
school. She dropped the sponge and left the kitchen. I went to the
computer room and went to work. Only 8 hours left before my whore came
back home.

*** *** ***

At about 4PM, Erika came home. She went into the kitchen, stripped off
her skirt and blouse and came looking for me. I had told her rule number
five last night after we got home. Rule number 5 said that as soon as she
got home and stripped, she was to come find and suck me off. She needed
her daily vitamins and cum offered tons to proteins and vitamins. I was in
the computer room when she walked in. I looked up at her, and gave her my
index finger indicating to wait. Then I pointed the finger on the ground,
indicating that she get on her knees on the floor. She did as she was
told. About a few minutes later, I got off the phone and walked over to
Erika. I grabbed her by the ponytail and pulled her up. Still holding
onto the ponytail, I walked her into the living room. I got on the couch,
and spread my legs and she got on her knees and undid my pants. She slid
my underwear off and started licking my cock from the base to the head.
She put her whole mouth over the cock and started going down on it. She
massaged my balls and she kept sucking. I sat up straight and told her
hands behind back and put my hands behind her head and started ramming my
cock in and out of her mouth. She made all sorts of gagging sounds:
"gaacccck", "uuuttthhhhhhppptthhh", "gpthhtpthh". All sounds just made me
pound her mouth harder and harder. I stuffed my cock in her mouth a bit
deeper then last night. I promised her that by the time this was all over,
she was going to deepthroat me. This time she went a few centimeters
deeper then last time. I yanked her mouth off me cock and a stream of cum
and her saliva came out of her mouth.

"Lick it up Bitch," I said.

She licked up all the cum and saliva off the floor and my legs and
swallowed it.

I sat on the couch and said,"You have the pills?"

"No Master," she said meekly.

"Why the fuck not?"

"The store didn't have it Master."

"How many stores you went to?"

"One Master." I stand up and grab her hair and stood her up as well.

I slap her hard and said,"Why the fuck didn't you go to another store??"

"Sorry Master." I let go of her hair, and tell her to go clean up. A
few minutes later she came back in the living room and I told her to remove
the bra and panties and threw a green dress at her feet. She did as she
was told. We got in the car drove to the pharmacy store. We went to the
rear of the store and there was this one lonely guy at the counter, with
wire-rimmed glasses and in need of a shave.

"Go up to him and ask him for the pills. If he doesn't have it find a
store that does, and do not come back without that info," I tell Erika.

"Yes Master."

Erika walks up to the counter and the guys looks at her and smiles
(Erika has that effect on all men, young or old.)

"What can I do for you miss?" He asked her.

"Hi, I'm looking for some birth-control pills," Erika says. She gives
Kirk the name of her brand. Kirk goes to the back and a few minutes later
comes back empty handed.

"Sorry Miss, I think we're out of this."

I come up to the counter and sit down on a chair in front of the
counter. Listening to everything, and to let Erika know I mean business.
Erika sees me coming and sitting down. She shifts her weight from one leg
to another and says,"Oh man. I really need it. Is there another store
that has this? Can you please look?"

"Miss we're getting a shipment in two days, if you can wait that long
--", Kirk starts talking.

"I can't wait. I'm very horny, and I want to get fucked. Please, I'm
begging you can you please look for me?"

Kirk widens his eyes, flabbergasted at what Erika just said. From the
look on his face, it looks like he's never heard of a young girl so horny
for the pills. Kirk pushes his glasses up his nose, and says, "Well, umm,
I'll see what I can do. Can't promise anything."

"Thank you soooo much. You have no idea how horny I am. I want a dick
inside me soooo fucking badly." Erika eyes from the corner of her eyes to
see if I heard her talk like this. It looks like she figures if she
humiliates herself like this then I'll go soft on her. Fat chance that was
going to happen. I want that cunt, and I aim to get it. Kirk looks in the
computer, taking quick glances at her and trying to see if this was a joke
someone was playing on him.

A few minutes looks up and says, "Sorry Miss, can't find anything in the

"Shit. Is there anything you can do to help me? I really need the

"You can always get condoms in the mean time."

"I don't want condoms. He won't put them on, I mean, I don't like it
when he wears condoms. I like the natural feel of his cock inside
me." Again eying me to see I'm watching this.

"Well, don't know what I can tell you. I mean, well, I looked in the
system and can't find anything."

"Look, if you track this down for me, I will give you a nice tip," Erika
says and she brushes her hands across Kirk's face. Kirk almost drops the
pen he's holding, and barely says, "Lemme look again."

He disappears in the back.

"He better come back with something," I tell Erika.

Erika turns around and says, "I'm very sorry Master. I'm sooo sorry."

At that point Kirk comes back up front with a bottle of pills. "Miss, I
found them. They were placed in the wrong section."

Erika's eyes light up and she says, "Thank you sooo much."

He hands her the pills and she pays for them. She then looks around her
to make sure no one is there (beside me). Erika turns back to Kirk and
slides the straps of her dress off and lets if fall slightly exposing her
firm young tits. Kirk's eyes lit up and he reaches over to grab them. He
places both his hands on her tits and squeezes and pinches her nipples,
hard. She almost yells but contains herself. Erika then moves back a step
and pulls the dress back up. And walks away fast.

Kirk looks at me says,"No one is going to believe this. Who ever fucks
her is one lucky SOB!"

I just smile and walk away. When we're in the car, Erika pops a pill in
her mouth and washes it down with a day-old water bottle in the car. She
then smiles at me. I say nothing and drive. Ten minutes later we park in
front of a sex shop and I get out. Erika also gets out of the car. We
walk inside the store and see a middle aged guy behind the register and two
other middle-aged guys next to him having a conversation. When they see me
and Erika enter they stop talking. Their looking right past me and see
Erika. One of the guys opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out. I walk
up the guys and say,"Hey, can you help me?"

"Sure. What ya need?" The cashier asks me but clearly looking at Erika.

"I need a dog collar and a leash and maybe some nipple clamps and

"dog collar and leash, isle 3. Nipple clamps, isle 5"

I walk towards isle 3, and Erika follows me with her head to the floor.
This was the first time she had been in a sex shop and was embarrassed.
She can feel the three men ogling her.

In isle 3, I look at some collars, and pick one up. It's black
leather-strap with an engraving that says SLUT on it. I put that around
her neck and step back to admire it. I like it. It was very fitting on
her. I then reach over and pick out a thin metal leash. It's not too
strong that it would hurt or leave marks and its not too thin or weak that
a good chug would break it. I attach the leash to the collar and pull on
it and Erika jerks forward. Nice. I take her by the leash and walk over
to isle 5, making sure to walk in front of the store so the three guys can
see me pulling Erika by the leash. In isle 5, I look at several nipple
clamps and pick up three. I drag Erika to the front and put the clamps on
the counter.

"Hey, can you help me pick out which clamp is good?"

The cashier picks up one nipple clamp, a thin metal clamp and says,"Well
this just pinches the nipple slightly. No real pain or sensation is

"Can I see that?"

"Here." I look at Erika and tell her to remove the dress. She slides
the straps down her shoulders and the dress falls to the floor. Erika is
now standing completely naked in front us with a dog collar on. I put the
clamps on the nipple and she bites her lower lip. I pull it, and she moans
slightly. Clearly not the effect I wanted.

I remove them and say, "Have something that will make this fun?"

The cashier has a huge smile on his face, and picks up a set of clamps
from behind the counter. He opens the package and hands me a pair of metal
clamps with a chain. I put them on her nipples and she screams slightly,
not too loud. I pull on the clamps and she grimaces. This is something I
can work with.

"OK, I'll take these and the collar and the leash. How much?"

"56.98" I pay the guy in cash. I look at the Erika and say,"thanks the
guy for helping."

"Thank you for helping my Master,"she says.

"Master? Nice, I like how these youngsters are open to role-playing
games nowadays,"Says one of the old guys. His hair is slicked back but one
can clearly see the white around the sides and top. He pushes his glasses
up his pudgy white face and continues speaking, "She is quite the lovely

"Thanks," I reply.

The pudgy guy extends his arm and introduces himself as Allen. I
introduce myself and Erika. Erika looks at Allen and nods a hello.

"So, if you don't me she, ya know, good?"

"Good? Oh, you mean is she a good fuck? She's alright, needs to be
trained a bit more on how to pleasure a guy," I say leaning on the counter.
By now all three guys are staring Erika up and down. She stands there with
her head down and hands behind her back. The nipple clamp is pinching the
nipple hard and erecting them. Her face is red with embarrassment.

"Well, no doubt you're teaching her to be a good servant. If you need
help, hahaha, let me know!"

"Hehe, if Allen's offering to help, so am I," says the cashier.

The third guy simply nods and winks at Erika.

"I'll keep that in mind," I said.

"No problemo. Need anything else? Butt plugs? Lotions? Paddle?
Handcuffs? Anything?" the cashier asks.

"Hmmm, a butt plug....Erika, what do you think? Want to try some butt
plugs?" Erika looks up at me knowing full I wasn't actually asking for her
opinion. She knows by now that I was trying to get her to say she wants to
try them.

"I would love to try some butt plugs Master," she says.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Say it louder."

"I would love to try some butt plugs Master," she says louder.

"GREAT!," Allen says, "let me help pick one out." He moves towards Erika
and places his right-hand on her lower back and ushers her toward isle 2. I
follow him and watching as his fingers slowly make their way on her ass.
By the time we get to isle 2, Allen's palm is now firmly pressed against
Erika's left bubble-butt cheek. When he removes his hands, there is a hand
print vividly displayed. He reaches up on the shelf and picks out two.
One is black with a pointy head, and the other is silver with a round soft
head. he hands them to me. I take them and inspect them. I give them to
Allen and say,"Since you picked them out, do you want the honor in placing
it in her ass?"

Allen grabs the plugs really fast. He tells Erika to turn around and
bend over. She does as she's told. Allen spreads her legs apart, using
both his hands he spreads her ass cheeks and inserts the black one. As
he's inserting it she lets out a uncomfortable sound. He slides it in as
deep as he can and steps back.

Erika stands up and faces us. "How does it feel?" I ask.

"It feels wonderful Master," she manages to reply with her head down.

"Look at me when I'm talking", I snap.

She lifts her head and says, "It feels wonderful Master." Her face is flushed.

"Good. Let's go back up front and ask the other guys," I say and grab
the leash and walk her to the front.

Up front the silent guy is smelling Erika's dress and when he sees us he
drops the dress and starts grabbing his crotch. "Go ahead, ask them," I
tell Erika.

"How does this look?" She says and turns around and bends over so they
can see it.

"Like it was made for you sweetheart," the cashier says.

"My cock would be better," says the guy that was smelling her dress.

"Allen, try the other one," I said. Before I can finish the thought,
Allen is already on her. He pulls the plug out and inserts the other one
in. Erika lets out a louder scream as the thick round head pierces its way
in to her ass hole. The pitch of her voice now is lower then last night
when I rammed my cock up her ass.

"And how does that feel?"

"Master this one is better."

"Hmmmmm, how much is the one she's has on?" I asked the cashier.

"The silver one? 49.95 -- but for you, I'll make it 39.99", the cashier

"40 bucks? I dunno about this," I say.

"Master please, please get this butt plug for me," Erika says. She comes
up to me and gets on her knees and grabs my ankles, "I promise to wear every
day. Even when I go to school!"

"Hmmm, well, if you really it. OK. I'll take the one stuck up her
ass," I tell the cashier and throw the money on the table.

"Thank you Master", Erika says.

"Well she has the butt-plug why not also get something for that pussy?"
Allen says, "maybe a dildo or a vibrator?"

"Hmmm, good point. Show her some vibrators Allen," I said. Allen takes
Erika by the leash and walks her to another isle. They return soon with
Erika holding some vibrators in her hands. She stands in front of me and
places the vibrators on the counter. All the men crowd around the counter
and give their two-cents in which one she should try on first.

"This one here," the cashier says picking up a thick long 12 incher off
the table, "is called a monster cock vibrator."

"Erika would you like try that?" I ask her.

"Yes Master," she says.

"OK fine. Hey guys can you help her onto the counter so she can get
comfortable?" I ask.

All three clear the counter throwing items from it on the floor. They
each grab a part of Erika and lift her onto the counter. She lays down and
I hand her the monster cock vibrator. The cashier already put in the
batteries and turned it on for her. She takes the massive vibrator and
slowly inserts it into her tight pussy. The pussy I did not get the chance
to fuck because she couldn't get the pills! She inserts it in as fast as
she can take it and starts moaning and screaming. She moves the vibrator
in and out and goes faster and faster. All the time screaming out loud.
As one hand maneuvers the vibrator in and out of the wet tight cunt, she
takes the other hand and starts rubbing her tits. I lean forward and start
pulling on the nipple clamp, and that causes her to scream a little louder.
She starts getting wild and the vibrator is thrusts in and out of her. She
starts lifting one leg into the air and starts shoving the vibrator in even
further. The silent guy starts unzipping his pants and starts rubbing his
cock, and Allen and the cashier soon do the same. As Erika starts
masturbating in front of three complete strangers she gets hornier and
hornier. She rams the vibrator in and out faster and faster and screams
loud. She reaches the height of the orgasm as she squirts her pussy juice
out and all over the counter. She takes the vibrator out and massages her
wet cunt. She then starts to calm down and starts to relax. The vibrator
is in her hands and her legs are down. The silent guy was rubbing his cock
hard and he, too, gets ready to blow his load. Without thinking he aims
right at Erika's chest and covers her in his cum. Erika is caught
off-guard and screams. He empties his load all over the tits, and no
sooner did he finish then Allen and the cashier blow their loads
simultaneously on Erika. Allen blows his load on Erika's face and hair,
while the cashier releases his cum on her stomach. When all three finish,
Erika sits up on the counter and looks at me.

I smile and say,"I think the vibrator is a good choice. I'll take that

Erika gets off the counter and starts wiping the cum off her face, tits
and stomach. I remind her that rule number four applies to all cum not
just mine. She takes her cum covered fingers and licks them clean, then
continues to scoop up more cum off her face and tits and licks it down.

"Master, may I suck the last drop of cum off of these helpful men?"


She walks over to Allen first and gets on her knees and licks his dick,
and sucks the head of the cock dry. She then walks over to the silent one
and does the same. Finally gets on her kneed to the cashier and sucks his
cock dry of cum. Erika then walks back to the center and stands there,
with hands behind her back. The leash is dangles in front of her and the
chain on the nipple clamps sways as well.

"That's a nice fucking whore you have there," Allen says.

"Amen," says the cashier.

"Glad I came here today," said the third one.

"OK, that's enough. Put the dress back on unless you want to go home
like that", I tell Erika. She picks up the dress puts it on over head.
The dress falls on her with ease even with the nipple clamps.

"Thank everyone so we can leave," I tell Erika.

"Thank you all," She says. I grab her leash and walk her out the store
leaving the three guys applauding me.

*** *** ***

About an hour later we're back home. Erika goes in the kitchen and
removes the dress and comes into the living room. She gets on her knees in
front of me an starts unzipping my pants.

"Master, I know I caused you a lot of grief with not getting the pills
on time. I am sorry. Please, Master, will you fuck me now?" she starts.

"You're giving me an order?!?" I ask.

"NO Master, I would never! I am no one to give an order. I am, I am, I
am begging you to fuck me Master. I want your cock inside my pussy Master.
Please fuck me."

I grab the leash and tug on it hard and her face comes forward, I grab
her pony tail and pinch her cheeks.

"You did cause me a lot of grief today," I start to say. I release her
cheeks and run my hands down her neck onto the nipple clamps and pull on
the chain. She grimaces. I let go and tell her to stand. Once she's
standing, I remove the nipple clamps and her red swollen nipples are free.
I put one of the tits in my mouth and start sucking on them while I start
slapping the other tit hard. I slap her tit in a downwards motion and then
in a side-to-side motion. I bite her nipple and suck on them hard. I sit
on the couch and tell her to get on top me. My cock is hard and straight.
She get on top, and slides my hard cock in her tight wet cunt and lets it
slide in all the way. I grab her waist and start thrusting her. As she
goes up and down on me, I start sucking on her tits again. Man, I just
can't get enough of her amazing perky tits. I thrust in and out of her for
a good three minutes before I push her off me, and start taking her from
behind. Time for some good 'ol doggie-style fucking. I grab her pony tail
and start ramming her from behind.

"Bark Bitch," I command as I slap her ass.

"Woof, woof,"she says.

"Louder! Bark like the dog you are," I slap her ass even harder
leaving a big red mark on her bubble butt.


"That's a good Lassie. Good Lassie," I say as I continue to ram her
from the rear. I feel the tension starting to rise in my balls and know
I'm about to cum. I pull out and spin her around. But not fast enough and
I get her in the side of her face and ear, and a good amount falls on the
floor. I grab her hair and shove her face to the floor.

"LICK THE CUM CUNT. You missed."

She sticks her tongue out and starts lapping it up. I dig her face
closer to the floor and make her suck the cum off the wooden floors. When
she finishes, I let go of her and crash on the couch.

"You fucking made me cum on the floor!"

"I'm so sorry Master, I am worthless. Please teach me to be more
obedient. Please Master, I am very sorry. Please punish me so that I

"Damn right whore. You need better skills. When a guy is ready to cum,
you make sure you're in a good receiving end. I don't wanna cum on the
floor or in your ear. Stupid white trash! Go clean up and make me dinner!"

Erika gets up and walks to the stairs and goes upstairs. As soon as
she's outta sight, I say to myself, "Man the bitch has a tight cunt."

When she comes back downstairs, she comes up to me and asks me what I
would like to eat. I tell her I'm in the mood for pasta. She goes into
the kitchen and starts making dinner. I get up and walk in the kitchen, as
I pass her, I slap her ass hard. She is at the counter cutting some
vegetables and I pick up a cucumber. I tell her to spread her legs, and
she obeys. I take the cold cucumber and shove it up her tight teen cunt.
She makes a groaning sound, and I slap her ass and tell her to shut-up.
Once I have the cucumber tightly in place, I pick up another one. I remove
the butt plug from her ass, and replace it with the cucumber. I get up,
grab her by the neck and kiss her hard. I slide my tongue in her mouth.
My other hand reaches around her and squeezes the tits. I start slapping
them again. When I stop, I shove her head and tell her to make my dinner.

About an hour later I'm sitting at the table eating my pasta. Erika is
standing next to me. I tell her to gimme another plate. Once she puts the
plat in front me, I reach below and pull out the cucumber from her cunt and
ass. I put them on the plate and put the plate on the floor. I tell her
to sit and eat her dinner. She gets on the floor like a dog and starts
eating the cucumbers. I throw some pasta on it also. Once dinner is
complete and the table is cleared, we go in the living room. I sit on the
couch and watch TV as she get on all fours in front of me, facing the TV. I
place my feet on her back. When I realize there's nothing on TV and no
movies to play, I tell Erika to get up and put the dress on, we're going
out. It was only 9PM, and I'm sure there was something else we can find to
do. I take her by the leash and walk to the car. We drive to a comic book
store about 20 miles away.

Even at this time, there were a few cars parked outside. I take Erika
by the leash and walk inside. As soon as we walk in, I see about 5 guys.
The store is small so from the main door, you can see everyone, and
likewise everyone can see the door. The moment I walk in with Erika, all
the guys stop and watch us. Some of the guys look at Erika in amazement.
Clearly none of these geeks had ever seen such a lovely sight in their
lives. I walk Erika right to the center and start looking through some
books. The closest guy is a few feet away from us, and he eyes Erika and
the leash. I look at him and he looks away fast. I pull Erika closer to
me and whisper something in her ear, and she nods. I push her away from
me. On cue, she counts to 20, and then out loud says, "Master, I'm horny."

At this point all the guys look up from their reading materials and look
at the each other and then at Erika.

"Master," Erika says again,"I'm horny."

"So?" I say, not looking up from my book.

"Master, will you please fuck me? I am very very horny," Erika says
again. This time she starts rubbing her tits.

"I'm busy now." I say.

She gets on her knees and grabs my leg, "Master please, I can't take it.
My cunt needs your cock. My ass needs your cock. My mouth needs your

"Bitch I said not now. You're so fucking horny ask that I guy over
there to fuck you," I said pointing the geek a few feet away. He looks at
me and then Erika and nervously goes back to his reading.

"But Master..."

"I said ask him!" Erika gets up and walks over to the guy. She gets on
her knees and says," Excuse me. I'm am very horny."

"Ummm, uhhh," was all the guy could say. He looks at me and shifts

I look at him and walk over to him. "what's she asking you?"

"Ummm, I didn't do anything. I was just reading when she uhhhh, came up
to me and..." he trails off.

"I said what's she asking you?" I repeat.

"She telling me she's horny," he meekly says.

"Do you want to fuck her?" I ask.


"I said do you want to fuck her?"

"I-I-I, uhhh, I don't, ummm" is all he could stammer. I place my hand
on his shoulder and tell him to calm down. I honestly ask him if he thinks
Erika is sexy and if he wants to fuck her. He simply nods yes. I then ask
him if he ever had his cock sucks by a sexy girl, well, by any girl. He
nods no. I laugh and ask him if he's ever seen a naked girl in person
before. Again, he nods no. I tell Erika to stand and take off the dress.
By this time the other guys started to crowd around us and pretend to be
interested in their comic books, but they were clearly eying Erika as she
stood up and started removing the dress. The dress falls to the floor, and
she steps out of it. I look at the guy and ask him his name. He says

"Do you think she's sexy Dave?"


"You ever touched a pair of tits? Or a pussy?"


"Go ahead and touch them. Its OK, she's horny remember? She wants a
guy to feel her up."

He looks at me and then at Erika. "I'm very horny," Erika says on cue.

She starts rubbing her pussy, inserting one finger in and then tasting
it. Dave walks over and reaches forward and grabs one of her tits and
squeezes it. He likes it. He takes the other hand and cups the other tit.
A big smile forms on his face.

"Master, I need to suck a cock. Can I please suck his cock?"

"Dave, she wants to suck your cock. Do you want her to?"

"Fuck yes", Dave exclaims still holding onto her tits.

"You're gonna have to let go of her tits so she can get on her knees," I
tell Dave. He lets go and Erika gets on her knees and starts unzipping
Dave's pants. She takes his already hard cock in her hands and lick it.
Dave almost collapses at Erika's tongue is on his cock. He grabs the
magazine rack for support. Erika licks his cock from the base to the head,
and as she reaches the head she wraps her lips around it and sucks. She
goes down on him and easily fits his cock in her mouth. This was clearly
Dave's first blowjob as she cum inside Erika's mouth. Erika takes the cum
and swallows it and continues to lick he cock clean. She licks his balls
and his head one more time to catch the last drop of cum.

Dave exhales out loud and says,"Oh fucking shit. That was great!!!"

"Are you still hungry for more cock and cum?" I ask Erika.

Still on her knees she says,"Yes Master. I am."

I look up and see the other four guys standing with their mouths open
and bewildered. "OK, everyone, she still wants more cum. Anyone else want
their cocks sucked?"

All four guys rush over at once, almost knocking down the magazine rack.
They all introduce themselves: Milton, Edgar, Ron and Jerry. They get in a
circle around Erika and Erika starts undoing their pants and exposing their
hard dicks. Like Dave these guys had never seen a naked girl, never felt a
naked girl, and never had a girl suck their dicks. Naturally, as soon as
Erika put their dicks in her mouth they couldn't contain themselves and
cummed in her mouth. Going in a clockwise motion, she started sucking off
all the guys and swallowing all their load. When she finished that, she
licked their balls and heads out of their last drop of cum. All five guys
are standing with their pants around their ankles and shocked about whats
just happened.

"Master, I am still horny. I need some cock inside me." Erika says.

"Guys, look, she wants to be fucked. Any of you interested?"

All five guys raise their hands. I smile. I pick Erika up and tell her
to face the counter with her legs spread. I tell the guys to form a line
and one by one go behind her, choose a hole and go crazy.

Dave is the first in line.

He holds onto Erika's waist and inserts is his dick in her pussy. He
slides it in pretty easy. He starts thrusting in and out of her. He
starts going a little faster with each thrust. Dave gets a little gutsy
and grabs a chunk of Erika's hair and starts pulling on it. His other
hands starts squeezing her ass chee

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