Short demon roleplay (female x [you])_(0)

Short demon roleplay (female x [you])_(0)

Rave was a stern-looking girl. Her long soft purple locks fell into her face due to the cold wind outside, which made her pale skin stand out even more. She wore a large white sweater with sexy black stockings underneath, topping it off with black dr martins and a backpack with decorative devil's wings. Her perky nipples were showing through the knitted fabric, and you could even see the soft pink colour of them. She wasn't wearing a bra like always, as she never succeeded in finding a comfertable G cup one. She had her hands tugged away in her coat, but they were still terribly cold. But it was only natural, demons aren't very well protected when it comes to cold, but they usually live in hot environments anyway. She entered a small coffee shop, pulling her black hat over her horns and long, pink-edged and pierced ears. She looked like a doll, although she didn't need paint blushings added to her fair shape. With a small waist, big tits and decent-looking ass she was often stared at. Which she hated, as she could never know who was a hunter or who wasn't until it was too late already. Most girls had at least a little trouble opening the heavy christmasornament-decorated door, but she swung it open easily and walked in. It smelled like coffee and a forest, and everywhere she looked were cute decorations (most of which covered with the same fake snow she used in her house). A loud thud made her focus on the spot next to the counter. A rude looking male threw down a huge snowfigure, which was see through with little snowflakes dropping around inside of it, as well as having an entire village in it's stomach. Her face lit up, and she smiled happily as she waited in line, blissfully unaware of her long tail that had popped out of her underwear, and was now wagging around and lifting up her sweater now and then, showing her kiddie panties, with a big stuffie rilakuma face on her butt. It was finally her turn. She didn't even feel your hot breath behind her, and couldn't have heard you stepping closer. "One kilimanjaro please, a bit of milk and if possible one of those cookies" she pointed at the ones on the big shiny plate placed on the counter. Being no longer than 5'1, she wasn't able to reach for one. When she had her cup in hand and her tiny bag with the cookie, she turned around and left the store. It had gotten dark already, and she was tempted to rip off her backpack, allowing her real wings to be used. But she was still in the human realm. Rave was only 18, which wasn't a great age to be in a world unknown unless you're with a relative. She had been living in a home on a farm, living off the blood of the animals and feeding off some
of the bacteria found near them, knowing the side-effects that could show up, but hoping she'd be in luck. Being the only half demon in her bloodline however, made her weak and caused her to get some diseases more easily, and because of that she couldn't hunt for any demon master, and was forced to make money in other ways. She was a filthy camgirl, feeding off attention and horny people's money. She loved the job, being able to masturbate for money, show off her cute outfits and toys, and even getting gifts from recular fans. But she didn't love that most monsters knew who she was this way. People who knew her off the site would only think of her as someone that's always horny, someone that is some sex product for others to enjoy. She was more than that. But her pride usually didn't get in the way of this during shows. The town had reminded her of her camroom. She loved fake snow, and had a circle of it in her spirit pentagram, the spot she was in most of the time. Other demons and wealthy enough other monsters could pay a large amount of money to join. They could then stick any part of their body into the pentagram appearing in front of them and do as they wish with her, or having her dominate. However, nobody could go through it with their entire body, and as she was a demon other demons and even hunters barely had to pay for this. Lost in thought, she had wandered off to a place unfamiliar. It was grim to say the least, and it reeked of piss and possibly other bodily fluids. She heard begging from an alleyway but started picking up her pace, desperately wanting to go home. Her coffee was almost cold already, so she started taking big sips, which warmed her up again. She didn't know you had been following her and went into one of the abandoned small food stall on the corner of the street, taking off her backpack and putting her hat in it as well as the cookie-bag. She spread out her dark, purple-ish wings and started to message them, wanting to go home already. She sat down, her legs apart and her tail going over the floor like a caged snake.

(Looking for someone to roleplay this with me on kik! Send me a message and i'll give it to you! Requirements: willing to use at least one of the themes, preferably more. All genders can roleplay this with me haha, the written by woman is just to tell people im a female xd)

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