Traveling salesman and the motel maid.

Traveling salesman and the motel maid.

I am a traveling salesman and I had been on the road away from my wife and three teen aged kids for a week without much success. The economy has many of my clients backing off on purchases that I can normally count on. Usually I spent about a week on the road and the rest of the month in my office setting appointments and managing sales. That day I thought I had a $50,000 sale to a company that I had been working with for six years. At the last minute they told me that they were not going to place the order.

I was crushed and mad, mad at the company, mad at the government, mad at the world and mad at myself. Mostly, I was worried. I had bills, lots of bills and I was looking at not being able to pay them. I had a mortgage payment of almost two thousand dollars due in three weeks and I only had sixteen hundred dollars in the bank and that had to buy food and everything else you have to spend to care for a family.

It was only a little after two and I did not have any other appointments for the day. On my way back to my motel room I stopped at a bar that I came to. I had lunch consisting of three straight shots of cheap whisky and then stomped out of the bar. When I got back to my room, I sat in the chair just staring at the wall. I didn't bother to turn the TV on. The drapes were closed and I only had one lamp turned on. I was in a deep funk.

My name is Jerry. I am a fifty year old white male. I have been a salesman for the same company for twenty years and had always made a very good income. I am 5'10" and weigh 170 pounds. I have just a little bit of a middle aged belly and am starting to get a bald spot on the top of my head. I have been married to my loving wife, Fran for twenty eight years.

There was a knock at the door. It hardly registered and I paid no attention. The door opened and the maid walked in. She did not realize that I was there. When she saw me she was startled and she jumped. In broken English with a strong Spanish accent she apologized and explained that she did not know I was there and that she did not have enough towels when she had cleaned the room earlier so she was bringing them to me now.

I did not even acknowledge that I knew she was there. I could see her in the light from the open door. She was petite and slim with dark hair. She was clearly Mexican. I guessed that she was in her late teens or early twenties. She just barely had big enough tits to show in her uniform. They could not have been any bigger than B-cups but they were nice and high on her chest. As I sat there looking at her I could feel blood starting to rush into my cock.

The maid walked across the room and entered the bathroom with the towels. I noted that because she was only bringing towels, she did not have her service cart in front of the room. Without much thought, I got up and went to the door, shut and locked it. She came out of the bathroom and with a concerned look on her face she told me that they were not allowed to be in the rooms with the door closed.

She started walking to the door but I grabbed her by the arm. "Please let me go. I have to report back to the office." I pulled her in front of me and said, "I am going to call the manager and the police and tell them that I caught you stealing from me, UNLESS you drop to your knees and suck my cock right now." "Please Mister, I did not do that. I do not steal. Please let me go. I am a married woman and I have a little baby. My husband lost his job and I need this job to feed our family. Please let me go. I'll be fired." I looked her in the eye, "Then you better get to blowing me before you get caught or I call and report that you were stealing." I pushed down on her shoulder till she had to drop to her knees. I had never done anything like this but right then, I didn't give a fuck.

Sobbing loudly she pleaded with me not to make her do it. I unbuckled my belt. "Pull down my pants and get at it, Cunt." At that point it was almost like she gave up. She reached out and unhooked and unzipped my slacks and pulled them and my jockeys down. My seven inch erection leapt up and pointed straight at her face. "Please don't make me do this, Mister", she said, sobbing so hard that I could almost not understand her. I gave her a fairly hard slap on her cheek, "Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock."

Tears ran down her face but her mouth slowly opened. I grabbed her head and roughly pulled her to me till her nose was in my pubic hair, pressed against my pelvis and my cock was down her throat. She gagged and choked and tried to puke up her stomach contents. My cock stopped most of it from coming up but some pushed out around my manhood and dripped onto the floor. She tried to push me away but I was having none of that. I pulled out till just my cockhead was still in her mouth and then slammed forward again.

The first several times, she gagged but slowly her throat adjusted to having my cock reaming in and out of it. The feeling of my cockhead rubbing along her throat walls was amazing and kept me harder than I could remember being since I was in my teens. The thought that I was forcing this young girl to do this was blocked from my inebriated mind. She was just almost limp in front of me while I face fucked her. Finally I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell. I stopped with just my head in her mouth and blew a huge load. Several big and strong blasts of cum erupted from my balls and down my shaft. I held her in position. "Show it to me and then swallow it." Without a word she followed my instructions. I was amazed at how full of my cum her mouth was.

I turned her loose and without saying a word, she quickly got up and started for the door. Again I took her by the arm and stopped her, "I'm not done with you. When you get off work, you will come back or I will report that I caught you stealing. Do you understand?" She quietly sobbed, "My husband will be expecting me to come right home." "Call him and tell him that you have to work a little late." I opened the door and, looking at the ground, she quickly left.

About two hours later there was a soft nock on the door. When I opened it, she was standing there dressed in cutoff jeans shorts that ended just above the bottom of her ass cheeks and a bright yellow halter top that showed what little cleavage she had. "Come in and close the door." The door closed and there she stood, passively waiting for me to speak to her. When I didn't say anything, she did, "I am here. You want me to suck your cock again and then it will be all over with?" I walked over to her. In a much calmer voice I said. "That's not how it is going to happen. Take off your clothes and get on the bed." "Mister, I have never been with anyone but my husband. I will suck you again till you are completely empty. Please!", she said thru her sobs.

"I said take off your clothes and get on the bed. Do it now", I said in a forceful but not angry voice. I started undressing and so did she. "What's your name?" I asked. "Maria", she quietly said as she climbed, naked onto my bed. I was right about her firm young body. She looked like she could have been a ten year old. I'm sure she weighed under 100 pounds. Her brown skin was flawless. The mound between her legs was nicely puffy. She did not shave her pubes. She had a small waist and a flat tummy and the cutest little mounds on her chest. Her nipples were big and hard. That made me think that maybe her body was looking forward to what was about to happen to her, even if her mind was not.

I climbed onto the bed up next to her head. "Get me nice and hard so I can fuck you good." She knew what I wanted and reached for my cock, slipped her lips over it and started sliding up and down on me. I rolled onto my back and she rolled with me. It felt like each push was a little further onto my shaft until I felt myself enter her throat. Maria bobbed up and down the full length of my manhood but as much as I would have enjoyed ejaculating down her throat again, after a minute I stopped her and pulled out.

I put her on her knees and elbows and got behind her. I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Finding it dripping wet, I took my cock in my hand and found her fuck hole. "Condom! Please put on a condom. It's that time. I'm fertile." She was tight but good and wet so one long firm push and I was balls deep in her without a rubber. I wasn't expecting it but she moaned and pushed back as my thick seven inches stretched and filled her. "Isn't that better than any little Mexican dick?" She didn't answer me but each time I thrust into her, she grunted or moaned happily.

One thing I have always been proud of was the length of time I can go without shooting my load. I held her hips and pounded away at her pussy. Every so often I would give her ass cheek a good slap till there was a red hand print where I was spanking her. At one point I held still and Maria swayed back and forth, fucking herself on me. After several minutes Maria had her first orgasm on my cock. It was a good one. I heard her saying to herself, "No, No, this can't happen." Then she grabbed onto the sheets, rolled her head back and forth and pushed back against me to drive me as deep into her as possible. Her pussy muscles squeezed repeatedly trying to milk the seed out of me but I just kept pounding into her.

Maria finished spasming and collapsed flat onto the bed. I followed her down so my cock did not come out. I was far from finished. I reached under her small chest and gave her small tits a good squeeze. She regained her thoughts enough to start worrying about me getting her pregnant. "Please don't come in me, please. I'll suck you when you're ready but don't come in me." I told her that I wouldn't but I didn't tell what I had in mind. I pounded her thru two more orgasms and now she was no longer trying to act like she was unwilling.

I kept sliding deep in and out of her cunt, hitting against her cervix with each thrust. I let my thumb slide between her ass cheeks and I found her butt hole. I started rubbing and probing with my thumb. "No, not there. I've never let anyone do anything there." I thought about taking her anal virginity and it really excited me. I pushed my thumb into her ass. Maria wiggled and tried to get away but I had her firmly pinned.

I pulled out and set my prick at her anal opening. My cock was covered with her pussy cum and I also spit into her ass crack. She begged me not to enter her ass hole but I gave a hard push and my cockhead parted her anal ring. Maria screamed in pain but I pushed her face down into the mattress and her screams were muffled. I pushed again and buried myself up her tight ass. Maria screamed again and then passed out for a moment from the pain.

When she regained her senses I was fully in her ass and holding still till she adjusted to my presence in her ass. For the first time after I got her on the bed, Maria was crying again. I started slowly pumping her shit tube. The pain was mostly gone and pleasure was starting. Five minutes of ass fucking and Maria was shocked that she had an orgasm from having a cock fucking her ass.

I felt my balls tighten and the cum getting ready to explode down my shaft. I pulled out and moved up next to her face. "Now you can suck me and take my cum down your throat, Slut." She refused to open her mouth and I slapped her face. Her mouth opened and my prick, which had just been up her ass, was pushed into her throat. I skull fucked for another minute before I couldn't hold out any longer. The first couple throbs of my cock shot cum down her throat. Then I pulled out and shot three more cum ropes on her face. I took my softening manhood in my hand and rubbed my seed all over her face with it.

I got off the bed and sat in the chair. Maria just laid still on the bed for a couple minutes and then got up and went into the bathroom to wash her face and clean between her legs. She dressed and then with her hand on the door knob she looked at me with a defiant look. "I now have a sample of your DNA. I can go to the hospital and the police and you will be arrested for raping me." I smiled at her, "It is just your word against mine. I will tell them that you came to me and offered to have sex with me for money. I said no but then you still wanted me to fuck you and I did. The motel's security camera will show you coming to my room after your finished work, dressed in that sexy outfit. Nothing will happen to either one of us but the story will get out and everyone, including your husband and family will hear the story about you being a prostitute. Do you want that to happen?"

Maria looked dejected as she walked away somewhat bow legged with her head down and cum running down the inside of her thigh from her well fucked ass. I got up and went to take a shower before getting a good night's sleep and returning home to my loving family.


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