Teachers Pet_(2)

Teachers Pet_(2)

Teachers Pet

Brett finishes putting his red tie on, looking at himself in the mirror of the bedroom in the new townhouse that he and his wife Bella had just moved into. They were married last year after both graduating from school. She was originally from Manchester, England and Brett decided that living in England may be interesting.

Needless to say he loved it so far in the country, he planned to call it home for the rest of his life. He was scared that being American would present an issue when applying for jobs but was surprised to get a call back from the first school he applied at. It was a very snobby private school called Redblood academy. He take's another look at himself inthe mirror as he throws his black blazer on.

He was proud of himself, starting a new teaching job....beautiful wife and he defintely had his looks, he was 6"4 220 lbs, brown hair and blue eyes and was in great shape. Would never guess he was 30, looked about 21 at the oldest! Straightening his blazer out before smiling and giving himself a corny thumbs up in the mirror before exiting the room.

He starts walking down the wooden stair case to the living room/dining room area. making his way through the 2 rooms that we basically filled with boxes. He see's Bella at the counter drinking coffee in her pink robe. Smiling as he sneaks up behind her and wraps his arm's around her and playfull kisses her on her neck.

Bella laughs as his lips touch her skin, "someones happy this morning eh?" she says in her beautiful English accent. He let's her go and heads over to the cupboard to grab his thermos to fill up with some coffe, " hey why wouldn't i be? I gotta be the luckiest guy alive" he smiles at her and she returns the smile to him.

She was so beautiful.....long brown hair, hazel eyes, petite body with amazing legs and perky B cups. He hit the jackpot! He walks over to her after filling his thermos and embraces her, kissing her passionately. The kiss is returned as her arms wrap around his neck, she finally giggles and playfully pushes him off "you don't wanna be late on your first day!" she smiles and hands him his briefcase.

Rolling his eyes playfull " fine!" they both softly laugh and softly kiss one another once again before Brett leaves the box filled townhouse. A smile across his face as he make's his way up the stone path in the frontyard to the front gate. This was amazing! He think's to himself, nothing can drag him down anymore!

Turning the key in the lock and pushing the door open, the big door creaks a little as Brett opens it up to his new classroom. He whistles a little at the size of the room, it was pretty bare but he would decorate it accordingly he thinks to himself. He would be teaching history and he couldn't wait!

Sitting down at his desk and opening his briefcase, he has 5 classes in total, all classes would have students who would graduating this year. He reflects back on how happy he was graduating school his senior year. Leaning back in his chair and smiling a bit with his eyes open before hearing a voice " ummm excuse me..?" the voice startles him, "shit!" as the chair rolls back and the back of his head smacks on the floor.

He must have been out cold for a few seconds because he feel's a presence above him. Opening his eyes and his first thought is that he was in heaven....the girl was stunning! Blue eyes, Long bleach blonde hair, with black highlights, dark eyeliner, darker shade of purple lipstick and a nose stud in her right nostril.

She looks a bit concerned before speaking up " Hi...i'm Becky, i'm in your first period....are you okay sir?" He quickly stands up and shakes off the pain the best he can. Straightening his suit out a bit and clearing his throat "uhhhh nice to meet you Becky but first period doesn't start for quite some time i'm afraid..." She gives him a strange looks....there was something unusual about this girl...

She smiles " sorry the old teacher that had this room would let me come in and study a bit for quiet before class started....is it okay if I do that today?" He didn't think it possible to tell this girl no " oh uhhh yes that would be alright....my name is Bre...I mean Mr. Callahan." She extends her hand and shakes it. " you should probably spruce the place up a bit....look's a bit dull in here" she jokes. God....those english accents would be the death of him.

She turn's and heads to a desk in the back, school uniforms for girls were a blazer, a black skirt and black stockings with black flats....her hips swayed side to side as she walked to the desk....dammit stop it Brett! He thinks to himself. She had quite the body from what he could see, wide hips, a round ass and maybe C cup breasts.

The girl sits down at a desk and pulls a notebook out of her bag. Brett decides to start organizing his things, he swears that he catches the girl staring at him at random times but tries to ignore it the best he can. He needed to stop with these thoughts....She was legal but he was married! He needed to get the thoughts out of his head dammit!

The bell rings and first period begins, all of the students now sitting down at a desk in the room. Brett clear's his throat and stands up, hoping he doesn't mess this up. " Hello class my name is Mr. Callahan!" he looks back and can see her...Becky staring at him with a smile...why was he so nervous...?

A sigh of relief as the bell rings, that was brutal...he thinks to himself as all of the kids leave...except for one...of course " Mr. Callahan....i'm having trouble understanding the American literature we went over today....mind if I come by after school?" Clearing his throat as he tries to speak " oh uhh yeah....that would be fine!" damn....why did he say yes!? The blonde smiles "great see you later sir!" He stares at her ass as she leaves the room....he swears she was wiggling it on purpose...

The bell rings for the final period and Brett find's himself pulling a framed wedding picture of him and Bella on their wedding day from his briefcase. He proudly stand's it up on his desk and smiles. Smiling to himself, no thoughts of any other female will beat me as long as I have her. "Mr. Callahan?"

Looling over to see her again...."Oh uhh come on in Becky and take a seat" He is a bit shocked when the seat she takes is right by him at his desk, also more shocked to see her clevage showing...she must have unbuttoned her blouse a few buttons. Lord...he didn't get paid enough for this, clearing his throat as he glances at her soft pale skin while also trying not to show that he was uncomfortable....yeah right...he was probably sweating bullets "aww is that your wife? she's pretty" Becky smiles.

He looks at the photo " oh yes....thank you Becky" he smiles and stands up to head over to a shelf by the window to grab a textbook to look over with her when he hears a crash from behind him. He quickly jumps around to see that the photo had fallen off of the desk. Broken glass everywhere.

Becky covers her mouth "oh my god I'm so sorry!" He walks over to the glass mess" look...Becky maybe we can try this tomorrow...I kind of have a lot of unpacking to do at home still. As he kneels down and begins picking up the glass. She stands up " oh no worries... I totally understand, see you tomorrow sir!" she smiles before leaving. There's now way she could have accidentally knocked the frame over....right?

The front door opens to the townhouse and Brett is very happy to be home....also was having trouble fighting feelings that his student...oh god...his student had put into his mind. He walks upstairs to the bed room and sees Bella bent over in yoga shorts, sorting something out. Her tight little butt was pressing against the fabric of the shorts.

God....he needed to realease it all and now! He walks up and grabs her tight butt from outside her shorts " ooooohhh someone feeling frisky today?" She looks back giggling a little. He doesn't even respond, just stands her straight up and slides her shorts down and slips a finger inside of her tight pussy. " god I misses you today..." he says as he begin's to kiss her deeply.

She kisses back before being thrown onto the bed, Brett hops around as he frantically kicks his suit top, tie, pants and shoes off. Jumps straight inbetween her legs and kisses her passionately and holds her head as he does. She kisses back and reaches down with her free hand, positioning his 9 inch cock at her hole.

"UGH!' he pumps into her fast abnd wildly, reaching down and holding her hips roughly as he hits it missionary. His long cock sliding in and out of her, barely able to even fit! She grabs her hair tightly as she feels the monster going in and out of her " fuck baby....give it to me!" He pumps into her more and more, his skin smacking off of hers echoing the small bedroom. Leaning down and kissing and biting on her neck.

He pulls his head up and slides his cock out of her and motions for her to get on all fours at the edge of the bed as she stands up. Grabbing her hips as she does what shes told he slides back in and goes to work quickly. Pounding into her hard, her moans can probably be heard a block down the road! Holding her hips tightly, he closes his eyes and pictures Becky....her soft round ass slamming back into him...that look on her face that she had earlier that day as he imagines her looking back at him.

Smacking her big jiggly ass roughly multiple times, his 9 inches barely fitting into her tight 18 year old pussy as he slammed into her over and over again. He comes back to reality when he hears Bellas voice " fuck im cumming baby don't stop!". He picks up speed and slams into her harder, he likes it when they cum together.

A few more minutes and he feels his legs shake as he begins to fill his wifes pussy with his seed. They both breathe heavy as he leans down and kisses her sweat covered shoulder. He pulls out and backs up to a chair in the corner. " well that was unexpected" she laughs and walks over to the closet " get dressed sweety..I invited the neighbors over for dinner. He smiles " oh well that was nice of you" Walking over to herr and kissing her again " I love you Bella" And I love you too Brett" they both smile.

Finishing up putting a button down on when he hears Bella from downstairs, " there here Brett!" He smiles and heads downstairs, looking forward to meeting the neighbors, he can see one taller man and shorter woman, both with blonde hair and then he see..." Hi Mr. Callahan!" Shit,....he stares at Becky...." oh uhh hi Becky..." Bella cocks an eyebrow " are you a student of Bretts?" Becky smiles " yes mam, he's a very intelligent man, you're a lucky girl!"

Bella and Beckys parents all smile, Brett however does not as he looks at the smiling 18 year old student....keep it together Brett...just make it through dinner...oh god...

Hey guys Beckyj1992 here! ^_^ wanted to keep the first chapter simple, if story gets a positive feedback I would definitely love to continue and unravel the story more but it's up to you guys....To Be Continued???

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