My Wife Is A Slut

My Wife Is A Slut

My wife is a slut

Teasing each other has always been a part of pillow talk for my wife and I. Sarah has always liked dirty talk and I don't mind to oblige her. Recently she discovered how much I like it when she talks about other men. I get jealous but I like to listen to her voice as we pleasure each other. Nothing quite as sexy as her eye contact while she strokes my cock and tells me about some guy she used to fuck until I can't take any more and throw her onto her back so I can ravage her. Or sometimes I'll listen to her telling me about a wet dream she had while I eat her sweet pussy until she cums on my face.

While Sarah had been with her share of men, I'd never really thought she was a slut, not really anyway. I just called her that because she seemed to enjoy it so much while we fucked and anything that got her hotter was okay with me. One day she told me about her first time with her first boyfriend. I was inside her at the time and I barely made it to the end without cumming. It still gets me hard whenever I think about it, probably because it's a true story and happened to my wife. She did everything that I'm writing here for you to read as best as I can remember it for you.

She was in Highschool at the time, fourteen or fifteen years old and she was going out with a guy who was around eighteen and had just graduated. Sarah was one of those girls who was hotter than she thought she was and went out with a guy who was clearly beneath her, even if she didn't know it at the time. She was 5'9", thin, pale skin, green eyes and long dark hair. She had a long slender nose and a small, cute smile. Her tits were a very small handful and she had a nice butt but hadn't developed the big hips yet that I now love.

Her boyfriend Gary, which was short for Garfield (I'm not kidding) was a skinny dorky and honestly ugly kid. We knew each other in Highschool but didn't hang out. Gary was obnoxious and cocky and fairly unlikeable to most people. And even though Sarah said it came from his low self-esteem (something she said they had in common at the time) it didn't really matter, he was a creep for the most part.

They had been only seeing each other for about two or three weeks while she was in grade nine and Sarah started going over to his house after school to hang out before his mom got home around seven. That gave them almost four hours to get into trouble together on any given day. She told me that nobody had really given her the time of day before Gary came around an she really liked the attention he gave her. So they would watch TV and kiss and fool around a little and their make out sessions would get longer and longer.

Gary was super horny all the time and was always trying to get her to go further and it was always Sarah who was stopping it. At first it was one kiss and the next minute they were making out hot and heavy. Within days, he had his hand up her shirt and was trying to get down her pants. Once, she'd let him pull off her shirt and kiss her chest and suck on her nipples, something she's told me she enjoyed immensely.

After two weeks of dry humping after school, Gary made plans with Sarah, inviting her to skip school for the day and hang out with him. They walked as fast as they could to his house, excited knowing that they had all day alone together and Sarah said she felt naughty and grown up and knew that this would be a day that she went further than she ever had before. She wasn't planning on going all the way with him, but she knew she was going to do something more.

Getting in the door, they throw her backpack on the floor and Gary is all over her. They kiss passionately and move to the couch they'd grown to know so well. His hands reached down the back of her pants, under her panties and grabbed a handful of her butt. Where on other days Sarah would pull back and play coy, today she fully committed and let him grope her wherever he wanted. His hands went up her shirt and over small chest and felt her nipples and she lay back on his couch and let him.

Her hand brushed the hard crotch area of his jeans and decided to reach inside. Unzipping his fly she grabbed his hard cock, (her first), and ran her fingers along the shaft playfully. It wasn't as big as she was expecting but it was hard and hot to the touch and she was enthralled with it. He unzipped her pants and slid his hand into her panties before she could think about it. His fingers found her wet and she said she practically cooed with enjoyment.

Her shirt pushed up so he could suck on her young hard nipples and his hand down the front of her pants, rubbing her to try and get her off, it was all Sarah said she could do to concentrate on a rhythm for stroking him, wondering if she would make him cum like this. It was hot and they were sweating and she thought she would have to stop him before they went too far, but then he changed strategies on her, caught her off guard in a moment of unorthodox genius if you ask me.

He asked her if she wanted to shower with him. She agreed. This really gets me too. The idea of some douche bag putting a move like this on my wife and getting away with it! That she said yes, and stripped naked in front of him, that he was the first man who ever saw my wife's naked body and that he stood in front her, staring at her, his erect penis pointing at her as they stepped into the shower together... it drives me mad! They continued to kiss in the hot water and make out, her hand stroking away on his unit and his hands anywhere he wanted to put them, until he gave her the universal asshole sign for a blowjob; the silent yet firm hands on the shoulders that forcefully insist that she go down onto her knees!

She confessed to me that even though she knew he was a loser, she still wanted to do it! Even though she didn't know what she was doing, my wife opened her mouth and started sucking and licking Gary's erect cock. I could tell that she was embarrassed to tell me that she liked doing it. Sarah said she knew she was giving him exactly what he wanted and she felt used by him and yet in that moment she realized for the first time that she liked that feeling of be treated a little dirty.

She didn't think she was all that good at what she was doing. Still, Gary said appreciative things to her. Eventually he just put his hand on the back of her head and guided her rhythms until he, without giving her any warning, came with a groan in her mouth. Sarah told me in labored breaths as I fucked her missionary style and as we kissed, that although she had nothing to compare it to at the time, she had thought it was a lot of cum. And now that she had more experience with other men, she knew it was much more than most men cum. She closed her eyes and described her first load of jizm as thick with a salty tang and that it filled her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, the roof of her mouth, burying her back teeth as she rolled it around on her tongue. It was impossible not to swallow some but even though when he asked her if she swallowed and she had said yes to make him happy, she told me she was afraid to swallow it all and had spit most of it out in the shower. It was easy to hide with all the water splashing down on her and he was blissfully unaware.

They got out an dried off but Gary was too excited by his progress with their sexual relationship to stop now. He laid her out on the couch in the living room again, this time completely nude and said he wanted to "return the favor", getting down between her legs and proceeded to eat her pussy for the first time in her life. It was exciting for her to be so naked in his mother's house, in their living room, on their couch, completely exposed and indecent.

He was messy and slobbered all over her trying to find her special spot with some success. Not knowing what to do with her hands she played with her nipples and made encouraging noises to show her appreciation. Even if he wasn't exceptional at oral, Sarah did tell me that he was persistent and ate her out for over twenty minutes enthusiastically. When he could tell he wasn't as skilled as he'd like to be, he started pushing his fingers into her and using them to spread her pussy lips open so he could eat her out easier.

I knew when she told me this part that it would turn her on. Sarah has always liked me staring at her bare pussy and being on display, a little self conscious exhibitionism I guess. Maybe this is where it started. Maybe every time she was spread open and showing her pretty pink to a man, she thought of the first time she let Gary use her down there. She told me that she got wet on his fingers, even getting closer to cumming on Gary's face when there was a knock at the door.

It turns out that Gary had invited his friend Stuart over to hang out with them. Sarah said she wanted to get dressed as soon as she heard the knock, but Gary told her to wait a second. Her clothes were in the bathroom anyway, but within a flash Stuart walked into the living room and Sarah had to grab a couch cushion to cover herself.

Stuart was Gary's "cool" friend. Truth was, he was just a fat jackass and he might have had a couple more friends than Gary but that didn't mean much. He was a year or two older than Gary and at least five years older than my wife at the time. Gary would do anything to show off for his friend and Sarah thought that was why he let him in before she could get dressed. It was almost flattering that she was being used to show off, even if it was embarrassing and humiliating. Stuart had a sleazy and unsurprised look on his face and sat next to her on the couch. He told her it wasn't a big deal, took his shirt off and threw his arm around her. Gary just grinned like an idiot. This was exactly the kind of shit she expected from him really. Stupid and aggravating games that made people not like him. Sarah never cared because she could usually beat him at them by out thinking him and manipulating his simple mind.

Sarah didn't want to be a spaz so she played along with them, joking and laughing. Being so much younger than the boys, she wanted to impress them somehow, but she wasn't sure what to do in this situation. She tried to be cool about it like she didn't mind being naked in front of two horny teen boys. Stuart said she shouldn't feel embarrassed because she was so hot and he could see why Gary would want to show her off. He started kissing her neck right in front of Gary and when Sarah protested Stuart simply told her that Gary invited him over for this. That he was looking through the living room window watching her naked while Gary ate her out. Gary grabbed the cushion out of her hands, leaving her completely naked and defenseless even though she still tried in vain a lame attempt to cover herself with her hands. Sarah confessed that Stuart wasted no time as his hands slid up her thighs and she didn't hate it. She feigned anger to play the part they wanted her to play; that of the innocent girl that was being taken advantage of, even if it was a lie.

Both men made her feel sexy and she didn't feel like she had to prove anything to them, in fact, Sarah told me that she would enjoy her new found exhibitionism and asked Gary if he didn't care that his friend was touching her. Gary grinned like a fool and said, "Not if you don't."

As if that were his signal to do as pleased now, Stuart starting kissing down my young wife's body and said he'd show her what his friend was trying to accomplish and then she could do a favor for him afterwards. Sarah leaned back on the couch submitting to their plans and feebly made them promise not to tell anyone what they did that afternoon. After insincere agreement on their part, my virgin wife decided to willingly spread her thighs again and welcomed whatever they were about to do. Clearly more experienced than Gary, Stuart went straight for her clit and licked and nibbled at her, showing Gary how it was done as he went.

Sarah went wild! It only took a few minutes for her first orgasm to rock her young body as both guys watched in awe of her powerful display of squirming. She tried to hold back and not fully give in or show them just how much it was effecting her but when she rolled over the edge of her plummeting orgasm, she said she just let go of all reason. I've seen this display many times since and I knew how much she thrashed around and how much she verbally gratified her pleaser. Sweat pooled around her nostrils and upper lip as it curled, tensing like every other muscle in her lithe frame. Afterwards she just sprawled out on the couch, her arms wide with her bum hanging off the seat cushion unceremoniously as the older boy wiped his face with the back of his hand and stood up. Stuart didn't give her time to rest. He said he wanted privacy now and told Gary that they were using his bedroom.

My wife said she stood up and sauntered down the hall nude and waited for Stuart in Gary's room, on his bed. Stuart was right behind her. Once the door was closed Stuart took off his pants and got on top of my wife and started trying to put himself inside her. Sarah asked if he had a condom but she was young and stupid and believed Stuart when he told her that you couldn't get pregnant the first few times.

And that was my wife's first time; screwing a chubby jerk in his friend's bedroom without a condom. She said it didn't hurt almost at all as she spent some time horseback riding and had broken her hymen early. Instead, she let Stuart have his fun inside her. He was instructive and she was an excellent student, trying learn as much as she could.

She was still wet from earlier and his six inch cock slid in smoothly and he only took a couple strokes until he was comfortably inside her. His weight pressing down on her made it so that she couldn't really move and Sarah told me how much she liked that even now. There was something comforting about it. Especially the first time when she was unsure what to do, she was pinned down under his bulk and she could only let him do what he wanted to her thin, young and inexperienced body.

He was fucking her she said, not making love because even though he was kissing her and she kissing him back open mouth with tongue, an image that disgusts me, she said there was no love and no real connection other than physical. That didn't help me feel any less repulsed by the idea that this fat asshole was probably fucking the hottest chick in his life and she was letting him get his rocks off however he wanted. She said she was actually trying to be the best lay of his life and wrapped her legs around this fat pig as he rutted away in her so he would have easier access to his target.

He put his hands on her small titties and played with her nipples and she enjoyed it. So much so that she came twice before he did. Sarah said that where she was laying, she could see Gary's shadow under the door and knew he was listening, so she purposely made noise when she came. My wife swears like a sailor when she cums now but she said she didn't know what else to do but let out little high pitched moans in rapid succession. The third time she came, Stuart couldn't hold back and pinned her wrists on either side of her head and gave a few extra long strong thrusts as he emptied himself into her with thick jets of his cum. Still believing his lie that she couldn't get pregnant the first few times, she just enjoyed the euphoria of her own subsiding orgasm and felt his rigid tool flex and pulse inside her as it spewed his seed deep inside her.

She asked him if she was any good and he told her that he could teach her if she wanted to learn. When she said yes, he told her to do everything he said. My wife said she was super attentive for the next hour and did everything she was told to do as best she could. Stuart started by instructing her in how to suck his dick. Sarah always loved dick and as she told me about this part she would get off me, and demonstrate on me how she tasted her own juices off his cock for the first time, how much she liked it and how good it felt to have a man hard in her mouth.

It was torturous to listen to Sarah swap between her lurid deion of her sex education afternoon complete with his specific instructions on technique and her demonstrations of them on me as I tried not to cum then and there. Her tongue running the length of my shaft and swirling around the head like a tornado while her hand pumped me was the same blowjob he got all those years ago. And it was hard to hate him for it while I was getting the full benefit of their hour together.

The fat bastard had trained my wife for me! He came in her mouth and told her to swallow everything. I asked if his load was bigger than Gary's. She said no, but she also reminded me that his first load was inside her and it would have been bigger anyway. Sarah also told me that Gary's cumshot was probably the biggest she's ever had. Bigger than mine she said.

Stuart showed her doggy style by telling her to turn over and put her face on the pillow, push her ass in the air and then spread her legs. Sarah let Stuart hit it from the back as he grabbed her hips to show her the rhythm he wanted and then told her to do all the work. She told me that she needed to bite down on a pillow because when she was on all fours for a man it always went so much deeper that it hurt a little. She said it was the first time she could feel a man knocking against her cervix. Stuart even tried to put his finger in her ass but she stopped him, still somewhat shy.

She listed off all the positions he showed her and demonstrated them for me, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, even sixty nine which she's never been especially good at. Even then, Sarah said she concentrated too hard on getting eaten out that she stopped sucking cock until she came. By the time Stuart was finished with her and in her again, Sarah said her pussy was really very sore and raw. Stuart had cum in her three times and she had swallowed his seed and she said he had a lecherous grin of self satisfaction as he got dressed, leering at her body before he left as she lay exhausted in Gary's bed. She now knew she was lucky to not have gotten pregnant but at the time she took pride in each load of jizz that he pumped into her.

She said it was all fun but as much as she had used him, she felt used by him as well. She didn't even really like him but she fucked him like a slut. And she liked it even though the shame of her actions twisted her stomach as she lay naked in the twist of sweaty sheets as she felt his cum run out of her.

A minute later Gary was at the door. He asked if she was mad at him. She said she wasn't. A real gentleman, Gary started taking off his pants and asked if he could take his turn now. Even though she was sore and tired and felt used and dirty, Sarah told me that she was even more excited to be used again. So she gave her boyfriend sloppy seconds and for his part Gary didn't mind at all. He was eager and entered her without protection like Stuart before him. Neither guy was concerned with the risk of getting Sarah pregnant and she was too naive to know any better, so she screwed their brains out trying her hardest to get that cum.

Feeling more confident now that she was the one with more experience, Sarah took control and she got up on top of him, straddling him and guiding him back into her pussy with her hand. Sarah told me that she felt fulfilled riding his cock and teaching Gary what she had learned from Stuart. She said Stuart was a better lay but it was more intimate with Gary since he was her boyfriend.

They made love all afternoon in his room. Sarah told me that didn't cum as much with Gary as she had with Stuart but that Gary never seemed to tire of her. His face would crumple up and then stretch into a yawn as he unloaded himself into my wife with several deep thrusts but before she could leave the bed he would show her that he was hard again and beckon her back to take care of it. He said she was obligated to help him since it was her fault he was hard. Gary was a fan of the blue balls myth and Sarah bought into it, flattered.

After about two hours they heard the front door unlock as Gary's mom came home. Sarah said it was embarrassing for her because their clothes were all out in the living room and she couldn't get hers without being seen. Gary had to go out to get them for her dressed in fresh clothes from his dresser and face his mom. She couldn't what he said but when he came back in with her stuff he told that she had to leave now. He watched her dress and said his mom was pissed off. As she left, Gary's mom gave Sarah a dirty look that told her she knew what they were doing and what kind of a girl my wife was.

Sarah only went out with Gary for a few more weeks after that and she had sex with him again and Stuart as well. She said she even fucked Stuart a few times after she broke up with Gary, at house parties and stuff when she got drunk or gave him head in his car when they hung out and smoked pot, but eventually that fizzled out and she started dating somebody else.

Although I never heard about it, Sarah said that she got a reputation in school around that time, but I never heard about it. Still, I love to hear her tell me about her slutty adventures when we fuck.

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