Missing Mom

Missing Mom

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Jolene walked down the quiet road, thankful for some quiet time on her own. The day would be warm but the morning was cool with a bright blue sky.
She was thankful to have such a quiet road to walk from her house. She had already seen a hawk over head, squirrels scampering through the woods
and the leaves rustling from unknown critters.

She liked these brisk morning walks. It was a time to clear her mind, to reflect, to plan.
Jolene rounded a turn to see a white van pulled off to the side. As she got closer she could see a woman by the side of the car. “Kendra??” What happened?”
Jolene recognized Kendra from town activities.
She felt a little sorry for Kendra. She was living in a dumpy trailer home with Ricky, the perennial
town loser. Kendra had been pretty when she was young but now she looked so dumpy, overweight
and usually in poor fitting clothes.

“Oh, Jolene, my van broke down. Kendra looked so relieved to see Jolene
“Ricky is going to be so mad, he will blame me.”
“Can you wait with me for Ricky, Please?”
Jolene didn’t want to wait with her but she felt sorry for Kendra.
Kendra reeked of cigarette smoke and was missing a tooth in front of her mouth.
She had unsightly tatoo’s on her flabby arms and her clothes were tattered.
What a mess, thought Jolene.

Kendra opened the side door of the van. “Jolene, look what I got here.”
As Jolene went to look a hand grabbed her from behind and a terrible smelling cloth covered her mouth.
Jolene kicked and tried to bite but Kendra help hold her and slowly the struggle ended.

Jolene began to regain consciousness. She was lying on a couch, everything was blurry.
“Where am I? What am I doing here? “ Trying to focus, Jolene could make out two people?
“Kendra? Ricky? What is going on?
“Hey Jolene, you are our house guest.”
Jolene rolled off the couch on her knees.
“I have to get home, my kids will be home.” “I don’t know why I am here.”
Ricky let out a big laugh. “Kendra tell the Bitch why she is here.”
Kendra stood in front of Jolene, crawling on her hands and knees.

“Slut, you aren’t going anywhere.” “You are here to breed my man Ricky.”
“Kendra, what are you talking about?”
“I am too old for kids, so we are going to breed you so Ricky can have a child.”
“Kendra, are you crazy, I have to go now!?
“AGHHHHHHHHHHH” Jolene cried out as Kendra smacked her across the face.

Ricky grabbed her by the hair and Kendra wrapped a thick leather collar around her neck.
Jolene began to panic and began screaming but could not pull away.
Kendra pulled the collar tight and locked it with clasp. Jolene screamed even more as she saw Kendra take a cable with a loop at the end and attach it to the clasp on the collar.

Ricky wrenched Jolene by the neck pulling on the cable. Jolene tried to pull away but
Kendra pushed as Ricky pulled her into the bedroom at the end of the trailer. They tossed
Jolene on the bed and pulled her wrists up to two ropes that were already attached to the bed posts.
They looked down at Jolene helpless on the bed and smile at each other.
“Time to knock you up.” Laughed Kendra. My man Ricky is going to have a good time putting his seed inside you.”

“Kendra, don’t do this, Please.” Sobbed Jolene. “Please let me go, I won’t say anything.”
“Please let me go.”
“Jolene, you promise not to say anything, you sure?”
“Oh, yes, I don’t want any trouble, please let me go.”
“Ricky, what do you think, should we stop this.”
“Kendra, what do you think?”

“Hell NO, Fuck the shit out of her Ricky, Fuck the Bitch.”
Ricky looked over his fine catch. Trim bitch, but not skinny. Pretty brown hair,
deep tan, nicely curved legs and really nice titties. Gonna be one good time.
“NOOOOOO.” Jolene screamed as Ricky and Kendra grabbed her black shorts.
He legs kicked while they laughed pulling off her shorts revealing her pink panties.
Kendra threw her shorts to the side. “You won’t be needing these much anymore.”
Ricky wasted no time and simply ripped her panties off.

Ricky grabbed her legs pulling them wide apart while Jolene tried holding them together.
“Bastards! You won’t get away with this. “
“Hey, bitch we are getting away with it right now.”
“We don’t live anywhere near you, no reason for them to suspect us.”

Kendra held one leg while Ricky held the other with one hand running his
free hand up and down her thighs. “Nice tan bitch, your tan line reaches almost up to your cunt.” “You must have a pretty skimpy bikini.”
Jolene sobbed and cried out as Ricky ran his hand over her pussy lips.”
“Sweet Sweet. Gonna love this.” Ricky grabbed both her thighs, wedging himself between her
legs, up in the air over his shoulders

“Kendra, lets see what the tan looks like on those titties.”
Kendra wasted no time and retrieved a scissors.
Jolene was crying her bitch head off, twisting and turning.
“Better settle down baby or I’ll take these scissors to you instead of your t-shirt.”

Kendra started cutting off Jolene’s “Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt.”
“Yea we are going to have some real awareness.
Kendra laughed while she cut through the shirt.
“Sexy little Bra you got there for taking a walk.”
Kendra ripped off the bra revealing Jolene’s white titties with a really dark tan line.

That is really sweet set for a mom. Nice and firm laughed Kendra as she ran her hands over the Jolene’s breast meat. “AHHHH” blurted Jolene when Kendra squeezed a nipple.
She slapped the ample tittie’s back and forth as Jolene cried out.
“Bitch you better get used to this, we are going to be doing you lots and lots, right Ricky.?”

“Got that right, and time to start right now.”
“Oh God, don’t do this, please.” Cried Jolene.
Ricky pushed himself up against Jolene, cock slapping her pussy.
Kendra leaned over and kissed Jolene. Jolene closed her mouth and turned her head.
Kendra grabbed one of the bitch’s nipples, pulling and twisting.
Kiss me bitch or else I’ll twist a nipple right off.

As Kendra was kissing Jolene, Ricky started to push his cock inside Jolene.
“Why you crying Bitch.” Laughed Kendra as tears welled up in Jolene’s eyes.
“Not like you ain’t been fucked before. “ This is one you are going to remember.

Kendra spit in Jolene’s face. “Fuck that slut cunt Ricky, knock up the bitch. Breed her.”
Jolene cried out as Ricky jammed himself inside her.
“Don’t worry.” Laughed Kendra. “Its going to be a long hard fuck.”
Ricky thrust deep and hard then pulled back. He had Jolene’s thighs firmly in his grasp as her slow fucked her.

“Kendra, get me a beer.” Kendra jumped up and quickly returned with a bottle for Ricky.
She held it to Ricky’s lips as continued fucking Jolene.
“That’s what I like. Laughed Ricky, a little B & B. “Beer and a Bitch.”

To Be Continued

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