Being owned - Part 10

Being owned - Part 10

Yawning I stretched and sat up in bed. As soon as I had woken up and heard the heavy rain outside, I had decided to have a lie in. Even though it was nearly eight, it was almost dark outside. One hour left to get a shower and enough coffee to wake me up.

“Better get going”, I muttered and got up.

Half an hour later I was shaved and showered and walked into my small kitchen to make coffee. Someone had been here, either while I had been still in bed or in the bathroom. A newspaper lay next to the kettle. Intrigued I took the paper. My heart seemed to skip a beat as I recognised the header. This was from my parent's hometown. The date was from a few days ago.

Fearing the worst, I opened the obituaries first. No-one I knew. With a sigh of relief, I turned the paper over again, rustled through the papers, scanning each page for whatever reason it was here.

There it was. A picture of my brother filled half the bottom page. Forgetting even making coffee, I walked over to the living room, sat down on the sofa.

He was home, had been tried. His DA had dug out some details concerning my disappearance, other incidents from his past. The whole sob story had been good enough to get him only probation and therapy.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I blinked them away. He was safe. My owner had kept his word. Unseeing I stared at the paper. What I saw were scenes from the past, the happy boy he had been. Even though he had been spoiled by our parents I had loved him, still did.

“So, you found it?” My owner had entered the room. Lost in thoughts I hadn't noticed, but now I jumped up and towards him. Flinging my arms around his neck I blurted out “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I hugged him tight and he smiled.

“I've trained my dogs not to jump on people. Maybe I should have done the same thing with my human.”

A bit embarrassed I let go and stepped back. “Sorry, Sir”, I murmured and hung my head.

The day at the pond seemed like a dream now. His behaviour towards me was as if it had never happened. Only sometimes, when he was in his other form, I caught a glimpse of it. The way he looked at me, the way he fucked me. Every so often he would then direct me to lie on my back, so that I had to look at him. And even though my mind still insisted, that it was wrong, my body reacted naturally, welcomed him.

He opened the trapdoor. “Cushions or bed, your choice.” “Bed.” I had made up my mind quickly. Even though I had paid, was still paying, for the rescue of my brother, I wanted to show him, how grateful I was.

As soon as he had opened the other door I spoke again. “I... I want you to watch me. I want to taste your cock.” Not as nicely phrased as I would have liked it, but at least I had managed to say it.

His eyebrows rose.

“Please, watch me, and when I have turned you on, really turned you on, let me suck your cock.” Now his smile became a smirk. He strolled over to a big armchair and sat down. Pointing towards the bed he said, “Show me then.”

I was nervous. Two options lay ahead of me. One – just give him a good show, try to remember what the girls in the porns I had watched did and copy that. Two – just masturbate before his eyes, get horny, get off.

Walking towards the bed I let my hands run over my body. This would be the first time, he would watch. So far, I had only let his dogs watch – and lick – me.

Cupping my firm breasts with my hands I sat down, looked at him. It dawned on me, that I really wanted his cock. Softly I rubbed my nipples with my thumbs, felt them harden. I lay back, played with them. Absent-mindedly I twisted them, pulled them long. What would he like to see? Spreading my legs, I stood my feet on the edge of the mattress. He would want to see the genuine thing, me getting horny, fucking myself. One hand played on with the nipple of my right breast, the other hand slid between my legs. I felt the soft skin under my fingers as I rubbed my crotch.

I moaned. If I could only forget that he was watching. Still conscious of his eyes on me I trailed my finger over my pussy-lips. Closing my eyes, I imagined it to be someone else's finger, touching me, exploring me, parting them and sliding between. With the one hand already down there I spread them wide, my other hand reached down as well.

Circling my clit with one finger, I moaned again. This felt so good. 'You like that, do you?' a voice in my head piped up and I sighed. Oh yes, I did. I felt the longing, felt my body react to my touch. Not wet, yet, but aroused. I felt the warmth between my legs, slightly moister than when I had first touched me. Spreading the folds of my skin wider I exposed my sensitive clit fully. It was hard under my finger.

I ran two fingers over it, all the way down to my cunt. It was tempting, but I just slid them around the entrance, teased myself before I returned the now wet fingers to my clit. “Oh”, I moaned as the glided over it, spread my juiced everywhere. No longer able to wait I slid two fingers inside my needy cunt, slow and deep. Gliding easily, they made a little squelching noise, giving evidence of how wet I was. Fucking myself slowly I moaned again. Two fingers were not enough, a third one joined the two. Still playing with my clit I shoved them deep inside me. This felt even better.

Sensing movement next to me I opened my eyes. My owner stood beside the bed, looked down on me. I glanced at the bulge in his pants. Involuntarily I licked my lips. He smiled, knelt down on the bed.

“Do you want my cock?” He kept his voice low it was hoarse. “Yes”, my answer was another moan, I heard the longing. He chuckled and opened his pants. As he pulled them down, I saw his cock, hard and erect. It sent a twang of longing through me. The thick, black hair on his balls reminded me of his fur in his other shape. But I had no time to think. He bent over me, his cock near to my face. Pre-cum glistened on its tip. I could smell it. Lifting my head, I stuck out my tongue, licked the droplets off. It tasted as good as it smelled, and I sighed.

How could I have forgotten that I used to love this particular smell and taste? Or had I just buried the memory deep down with the unpleasant ones? He lowered himself more and I opened my mouth. His cock was big, but I closed my lips around it, held him for a moment like that.

Slowly I explored it with my tongue, feeling its texture, tasting it, his cum. He moved, stretched himself and lay next to me. “I'll take over”, he murmured, as his hand touched mine, fingers still buried in my cunt. “So that you have your hands free.”

As soon as I pulled my fingers out, he shoved three of his inside me. They were bigger, filled me more and I gasped.

“Oh, please.” I wasn't even sure what I was pleading for. Let me cum? Fuck me? Use me? The last thought was disturbing, but all thoughts were replaced by feeling, by a kind of instinct and need.

Tentatively he pushed his cock in my mouth and I took the cue, closed my lips firmly around it and sucked. With one hand I reached for his balls, massaged and squeezed them gently.

I heard his sharp intake of breath, the loud moan. He forced his fingers deeper and now it was my turn to gasp, as his thumb found my clit.

Greedily I sucked his cock, rubbed my tongue against it. I tasted more pre-cum and swallowed it. I whimpered as his touch brought me closer and closer to an orgasm.

He moaned again and I felt his balls in my hand tighten. His fingers wriggled in my cunt the thumb rubbed harder.

My hips twitched as I came, and he pushed his dick further down my throat. And he came. I swallowed, felt his cum running down my throat. It tasted just as I remembered human cum.

With a heavy sigh he slumped down on the bed, his fingers sliding from my cunt and his dick out of my mouth. I followed his movement, bent over and licked his cock, to get even the last droplet. His hand touched my head, stroked my hair.

Our breathing slowed down. When I had finished cleaning his cock, I put my head on his hip, enjoyed the comforting moment.

In this 'cooling down' phase I let my thoughts wander, as I usually did. Memories mixed in with the present, found links, differences. One word lingered at the back of my mind, tried to push itself to the front. Contraception. Where had I heard it last? What did it mean? Suddenly I tensed up. The examination. If he wanted any for me. Did that mean, that I could get pregnant?

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