LISSA C. Chapter 2, Happy Birthday David

LISSA C. Chapter 2, Happy Birthday David

LISSA C. Chapter 2, Happy Birthday David

The day had shaped up better than I had ever expected. Riding back to the house, with Lissa behind the wheel, afforded me the opportunity to take a really good look at her while she was driving. There was not a thing about this girl that I did not like. Her beautiful blonde hair, swirling around and around as the wind came over the windshield, brought about a degree of freshness to the whole situation. She laughed and giggled at my stupid jokes while we chatted, making me feel more and more at ease around her. But then there were those delicious looking breasts of hers standing up firmly from her chest. I tried really hard not to stare, but those eraser hard little nipples of hers stood out against the white material of her shirt like an invitation. Once again captain stiffy grew.

Once we turned off the main roads and back into my neighborhood, Lissa’s driving style changed dramatically. With this little sideways grin and a wink of her eye she down shifted two gears and floored it, resulting with the tires letting out a loud squeal as we were instantly launched forward. Steadily the speedometer wound up past the top of the gauge until it started down the other side into areas I never dared. The neighborhood began to streak by at an ever increasing rate as we easily exceeded 120 miles an hour. With one quick move Lissa reached into the center console and pressed the button for the gate to open. At the rate we were covering ground, if the heavy iron gates did not open, the crash was going to be horrendous.

I looked over at Lissa who was focused solely on the road. The expression on her face did not give the slightest indication that she was worried in the least. As for me, my ass was snapped shut so tightly that I could have shit out a diamond if you had given me a lump of coal. “Don’t you think we’re going kinda fast?!” I queried as I returned my gaze out the front window at the rapidly approaching iron gates.

“We’re fine,” Lissa responded as she tightened her grip on the wheel and pressed the accelerator the rest of the way to the floor.

I almost closed my eyes when we passed through the gates at more than 140 miles an hour. I honestly don’t know how we made it through considering that the gates were not fully opened. It was just like when we had gone to the mall. There could not have been more than a millimeter of clearance on either side when we passed through the narrow opening. As soon as we were past the gate Lissa began down shifting and breaking heavily as we made the last few turns up to the house. With a little skid of the tires the car came to an abrupt stop directly in front of the front door.

“Mission accomplished,” Lissa said jokingly as she switched the motor off and pulled up the emergency break.

The car was making these little pings and pops as the hot engine and drive line began to cool down. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I sat virtually motionless, still not sure of what had just happened. “That was incredible,” I continued as I rolled my head to the left to look over at my beautiful blonde driver. It was right then that I saw Lissa roll her driver’s side mirror back out into place. Sometime during that whole episode she had rolled it in with her hand next to the car door so we could clear the gates. As she climbed out of the car I couldn’t tell if my heart was racing from the drive up to the house, or from the view of her tightly stretched jean covered ass. In either case, I was starting to really like Lissa.

For the bulk of the mid-day and the majority of the afternoon I did not see Lissa too much even though the house was a flurry of activity. Lissa had set about the task of throwing my birthday party together at the last moment. When I did see her she was walking from place to place in the house with her cell phone in hand. With the phone to her ear she was either ordering something or giving out directions and times like this had been planned all along. When she did see me that gorgeous smile of hers melted my insides like hot butter on top of a steaming hot stack of pancakes.

Around 4 o’clock we both rounded the same corner in the house from opposite directions and walked right into each other. The sudden stop caught both of us off guard resulting in her one free hand to wrap firmly around my waist while I instinctively enveloped her in my arms to prevent her from falling over. In that instant…..we froze in place. Neither one of us was in jeopardy of falling over, yet both were holding the other securely in their arms. Immediately Lissa continued with the last bit of her instructions, not attempting to pull away from me while she spoke. Her grip changed from one of defensive firmness to something more like a soft hug while she leaned her body in next to mine. The grip of her hand also changed from a sudden grasp at anything solid to gently cradling my waist.

“Ok,” she said in conclusion just before she hung up the phone. “That should just about do it. The caterers will be here at 6:30 along with everything else,” she said as she looked up into my eyes while tucking her cell phone into her back pocket.

“Thanks for doing this,” I said as I took a bold step and gave her a bit of a squeeze.

A broad smile came across her face when she felt the added pressure of my arms. With ever so small of steps she scooted in closer to me while her once telephone wielding hand joined the other arm around my waist. Immediately I could feel the warm heat from her groin against my thigh as her right foot took a position between my feet while her left foot caused her legs to close around my right leg.

“Well,” she said as she pulled herself in tight against me, “you only turn 18 once. Besides,” she said as this wicked little grin came across her face, “it’ll be fun.”

I had never felt so at ease with anyone in my life. Even in this situation with my arms around this young woman and her hugging me back, which I had not been even remotely close to, I felt at ease. As I looked down into her bright emerald green eyes I became lost in the moment. Without even thinking I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. It was nothing spectacular, just some nice steady pressure to show my appreciation, but a kiss none the less. As I rose up I watched her eyes slowly open, followed by an ever broadening smile. Immediately my heart began hammering in my chest. This was the first time I had ever kissed a real girl and I had not even thought about it! It just happened!

“Mmmm,” she hummed softly as she looked from eye to eye before she scoped out the rest of my ensemble. “I didn’t take you for such a ladies man.”

I was lost. Without even thinking I had ventured into territory I had not thought about or planned for, yet here I was with this gorgeous girl in my arms looking up at me like I was the king of the universe! “Well…uh…” I stammered as I released my grip on her and took a little step back. “I’m sorry,” I just barely managed to get out as a massive wave of fear blasted through me. “I...uh…didn’t mean to do that.”

“Oh yes you did,” she replied very softly as she took a step toward me to reclosed the gap between us. “Don’t be afraid, David,” she continued as she gently grasp my hand and pulled it toward her belly. She looked directly into my eyes before she spoke again. “It was very nice. Besides, do I look upset to you?”

No, she didn’t. In fact, if anything, it looked like her idle speed just went way up. I was still at a loss as I looked haphazardly from her face to her tits to the floor. I didn’t know where my eyes should be or what the rest of me should do either. Except for one place. Captain Wood. The stiffy I was now sporting was straining at my pants zipper like air was becoming a lost commodity. Of all the places to be reacting it had to be him. And with her next move, the situation in my pants became all that much worse. Lissa just looked quietly up at my face as she slowly brought my now trembling hand up between her breasts and placed it squarely on her chest.

“You see,” she said as she bit the corner of her lip, “there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just me.”

“I know,” I answered back as a really strange kind of calm began to wash over me. “I’ve just never kissed anyone before.” My admission of being a ‘first timer’ stopped Lissa dead in her tracks. I’m not sure what she was trying to figure out but I could tell she was thinking about the last few seconds in rather great detail. While she thought, this nice subtle smile slowly graced the flawless beauty of her face.

“Come here,” she said as she reached up with her left hand and rested it gently on the back of my neck, “I want to tell you something,” she said as she gently tugged at my neck, urging me to lean down to her level.

My inexperience really took the spotlight as I leaned down, expecting her to say something to me in quiet confidence. What happened next has re-written my history forever. With the subtlest of moves I was met with a very passionate open mouth kiss. Lissa’s grip on the back of my neck prevented me from raising my head away from her, not that I wanted to, but it was a reassurance that this was definitely something on purpose. The softness of her lips combined with her tongue trying to push its way into my mouth only urged me to reciprocate and kiss her back. All I can say is what it felt like on my end. Sparks blasted out from the heavens in all directions as I threw my arms around her and kissed her back with 18 years’ worth of passion and longing.

Only a slight whimper came from Lissa as I wrapped both of my arms around her torso and tightened my grip, holding her against me in a tight embrace. When her free hand joined the other one at the back of my neck I squeezed her against me and stood up, lifting her off the floor. She was heavy, or at least I thought so. But then again I am no sports jock either. But it did surprise me a little as to how heavy she was. But when I thought about it later, being objective, she did look to be solid as a rock. So it only stood to reason that a girl as physically active as her would be heavy, and tight. All I really knew at the moment was that I was in a serious lip lock with this gorgeous girl and she was not protesting in the slightest.

When I was fully upright Lissa raised her legs up and wrapped them around my waist, locking her ankles behind my back. This took quite a bit of strain off my arms which was a good thing. I was beginning to struggle just a little bit with her weight. She must have noticed because she broke away from our kiss and looked me straight in the eye. “David, I have a special gift for you,” she said as her eyes shifted back and forth from looking directly into one of my eyes before shifting to look directly into the other. My heart was slamming against my chest as I looked back into the tranquil emerald pools of her gaze. “But here in the hallway is not where I want you to have it.”

I might be new at this but I did not need an engraved invitation or smoke signals to tell me what to do next. Captain Wood already had my back. Bringing both of my hands down in the boldest move I have ever made in my life I took a good grip on her ass before I turned us around and headed for my bedroom. “You’re gonna love this,” she said quietly as she playfully chewed on my right earlobe. For once I was in complete agreement with her.

Upon entering my bedroom it was like everything was on automatic. I walked right over to my bed and stopped with my knees just barely resting against the mattress. Immediately Lissa brought both of her sock clad feet down from behind my back and stood up. With the addition of the bed she was now a whole head taller than me, placing my face directly in between her breasts. As soon as her hands came up to rest on the back of my head I dove in, kissing in between her breasts on the white fabric of her t-shirt. I never noticed her movements until the white shirt sudden disappeared as she pulled it up over head only to discard it off to the side. Instantly my eyes were filled with the view of those two perky breasts with hardened nipples that had been hiding just out of view all day.

Have you ever seen how two magnets react to each other on a slick surface? The movement might be a little slow at first, but as they get closer they dramatically speed up until they slam together. That is the only way I can describe how my hands reacted to the gorgeous tan lined globes directly in front of my face. Being firm and warm I immediately began squeezing them gently while my mouth went from one nipple to the other, sucking and licking like a hungry child. Only the smoothest of hums’ resonated from Lissa as my first lifelong dream was coming to reality. When she finally did speak it was pure music.

“Mmmm yes David,” she cooed as her fingers raked back and forth through my hair, “That feels so good.”

I felt so good and at ease while I was sucking on Lissa’s breasts. It’s difficult to describe but it felt like the natural thing to do, almost a necessity. The jitters and fear I had earlier when I first kissed her were not even a memory anymore. Only a drive to feel and experience her remained within me. And my suspicions about her were right. As I moved my hands down over her belly I could feel her firm abs and the tightness of her body. She definitely was physically fit.

Lissa just gently hummed while I kissed my way across her abdomen to briefly stop at her belly button. Her fingers continually raked my hair until my hands came to rest on the tight globes of her ass. It was only then that she released the gentle grip on the back of my head. Pushing herself back from me just a little afforded her the opportunity to reach between us and unsnap her jeans. This alone should have sent my heart rate through the roof, but her gentle hum remained a constant reminder that she wanted me where I was and that my actions were dead on track.

A gentle tug here, and two quick steps there and Lissa now stood before me in only a pink thong. She looked absolutely fabulous! With the small distance between us I took the opportunity to view her from head to toe. If there ever was the exact culmination of all of my wet dreams put together at one time she was standing right in front of me on MY bed! In that instant I froze in place.

“David,” her gentle voice beckoned for me to look up at her face. “Care to join me?” As soon as she said this she turned and walked up to the head of my bed. With her right foot she kicked the covers back so she could sit down right where I had slept for so many lonely nights. “Here,” she said as she lay down on her back and hooked the two straps of her thong with her thumbs. With a quick move she slid the tiny garment down and tossed it aside. “Let me open your gift for you.” No sooner had she said it when her legs opened wide to expose her tight pussy with the smallest of landing strips just above it.

Ever seen a magician say ‘Ala-ka-zam’ and a rabbit suddenly appear out of nowhere? My clothes could not have disappeared and quicker than if he had shoved his magic wand up my ass with the power setting on high! Lissa did not even have the chance to get fully comfortable before I was on top of her with all 8 inches of my cock buried inside her. “Ah yes,” she cooed as I started a steady rhythm, “there you go.” Steadily I thrust myself in to Lissa with almost no regard to her. She felt so fantastic. On the other hand, I had never been inside a girl before so I really didn’t have anything to compare her to. All I knew is that it felt great sliding my length into her body.

Lissa just lay there on her back, with her hands grasping the back of her knees while she looked up at me with this strange kind of grin on her face. It was amazing because no matter what I did, deep and hard thrusts, or shallow and gentle, she continuously gazed up at me with this content look of satisfaction that only urged me on and encouraged me to fuck her harder.

“You like it in there, don’t you?” she queried with this coy little grin.

While I tried my best to reach her tonsils through her pussy I looked down at her. “What gives you that idea,” I was barely able to pant while I hammered her like a fuck toy I had purchased on-line.

“Well,” she started as I felt her squeeze me with her pussy, “considering how deep you are inside me …….. I must feel good.”

“Are you kidding?” I panted while switching back to the longest deepest strokes I could manage without pulling out of her. “You’re fantastic!”

‘I’ll tell you what,” she said as she shifted her position so she could spread her legs as wide as she could by pulling on the backs of her knees with both hands, “I want you to be just as comfortable inside me as you are around me. So,…… how about you fuck me as deep and as long as you like? And when you’re ready, you shoot your load up inside me.” When she said this she smiled really big and wiggled her ass back and forth a little inviting me to do exactly what she had just said.

Can you say system overload?! I think I managed about five or six more strokes before I slammed my groin against her and blasted the last 6 years’ worth of hormones as far up into her as I could reach. As soon as she felt my cock swell up her hands instantly grabbed my ass and pulled me into her with a strength I did not think she possessed and also one that I never expected. I arched my back and dug my fingers deep into the mattress right next to her waist as my body tensed up during my release.

“Oh yes… There it is!” she hissed through clenched teeth while my cock repeatedly blasted my sperm into her depths, “Cum in me baby!”

My God she was fantastic! I jerked uncontrollably several times as my cock forced my deposit deep inside her. Lissa just hummed very quietly and held me in place until every last spasm was over. As her hands slowly released the pressure on my ass I felt her ankles come to rest gently on the backs of my legs. She was not holding me in place, but rather reminding me that I really did not need to go anywhere. I dropped my face into the pillow right next to her right ear and began breathing heavily. She had really taken a lot out of me.

As I closed my arms in at her sides I felt her hand come to rest on the back of my head. Her fingers began to gently run through my hair as her left hand came to rest on the middle of my back. “Happy birthday David,” she said quietly into my ear as she gave me a very nice hug against her bare breasts.

“Thank you,” I gasped out as I turned my face down a little so I could playfully bite her shoulder.

“I guess your little issue is fixed now, isn’t it?” she stated while her left hand moved down to grab a hand full of my right ass cheek.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I propped myself up on my elbows so I could look her straight in her face.

“With your friends.” she stated with a big smile. “Now you can introduce me as your girlfriend.”

HELL YEA! The dream of all dreams had just said the magic words. Without even thinking I began pumping myself in and out of her again. I don’t know if it was the joy of hearing those words or that it was my first time, all I knew is that my boner was still as hard as steel and my new girlfriend had no intention of getting up or pushing me off.

We screwed in every position I could think of for the next hour while never allowing my cock to withdraw from her. With each new position I would cum deep inside her, draining my nuts a little more and lengthening my endurance each time. By my fifth orgasm I was at my limit. I was getting tired because it took almost fifteen minutes of some really strenuous work for my last orgasm to come about. Lissa seemed to take everything in stride. I was actually surprised that her crotch was not just a sloppy mess by this time. On the contrary, she was just as firm and wet as when we started.

As soon as my cock quit twitching after number five I rolled off her and lay down at her side. “Oh my God!” I gasped out as my bed and pillow threatened to put me to sleep immediately.

“Did you have enough?” Lissa asked as she propped herself up on one elbow to look down at me.

I could only smile as I first looked up into her eyes before my gaze drifted up to the ceiling. “That was absolutely incredible.” I commented while she drew small circles around my right nipple with her finger. “I think I need a bit of a break.”

“I can understand that,” she replied as she flattened her hand out and laid it directly on the middle of my chest. “That was certainly the best I ever had.”

I could not help but feel completely at ease with her. Everything about her said that this was right and that it was meant to be. With one last steady look at her smiling face I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I could not have been happier.

An hour later I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock. Lissa was nowhere to be seen but she had left a note lying on my chest. The beautiful cursive writing said it simply enough: “The caterer’s will be here at 6:30 and your friends are supposed to start arriving at 7. Get cleaned up and get dressed. I laid something out for you on our dresser. I will be around.” It was signed with a smiley face inside a heart. I felt like a million bucks. I got a girlfriend and I got laid on my 18th birthday. How much better could it get?!

After a quick shower I walked over to my dresser to see what she had ‘laid out’ for me. To my surprise it was my favorite gaming shirt and blue jeans. How in the world did she know this was my all-time favorite thing to wear when I was saving the planet? It really didn’t matter that much to me because I was going to be very comfortable, I could just feel it. And tonight I was going to kick some ass!

As I strode out into the den to make sure I had everything I would need the first of the caterers arrived. I was really shocked when they began carrying in, and assembling, the new Samsung 170 inch flat screen TV along with and incredible surround sound system. I could not believe how massive this thing was as a whole team of technicians began running wires and cables while flat panels were getting plugged in. My crew is gonna shit when they see this!

About half way through the assembly another team of technicians came in and began hooking up a 18X-Core Liquid Cooled Media Workstation with all of the necessary attachments for my whole crew to play at once. This was going to be the gaming night of all nights! My whole crew was going to get to play at the same time instead of in teams. As I stood and watched the den get converted into the most awesome gaming venue ever, the house intercom pinged.

“David,” I heard Lissa’s voice come across as I walked up to panel to press the button. “Will you meet me at the front door please?” she continued before I could do anything.

“I’m on my way.” At least now I knew where she was. My house is twenty thousand square feet with several wings. Having the intercom is almost a necessity when trying to find someone amidst the 22 rooms. It works the best for a fridge run when my crew is over. Whoever loses the toss has to make the run. The rest of us will wait till they are in the kitchen before getting on the intercom to load them up with virtually everything in the snack closet. It’s mean to them but fun for the rest of us.

Throughout the house there were several groups of caterers with various jobs. The kitchen and the dining room seemed to be the areas with the highest concentration of people. And the smells of the food caused my stomach to growl. Not only was there going to be some serious gaming, the eats were going to be off the chart.

When I rounded the corner for the vestibule my eyes were treated to an absolute vision of beauty. Lissa was decked out in a short black dress that had spaghetti straps going up over her shoulders, and a hem line that was well above the middle of her thighs. She was also sporting the black hose I had seen in the bag at the mall along with shiny high heeled shoes. My jaw must have been hanging open when I saw her because she immediately giggled at the expression I was sporting. Taking a quick look down at herself she ironed her dress out on her tummy with her hands before returning her gaze to my face. The other thing I noticed was that instead of her hair being pulled back in one big pony tail at the back of her head she wore it loose, so it flowed freely over her shoulders and down her back. My god…………she was stunning.

“Wow” I said as I stepped up to her while drinking in her beauty. “You look awesome!”

“Thank you,” she quietly replied with a very pleasant smile on her face as she took a step to spread her feet apart. “It’s all for you. You like?”

What kind of question was that?! Here is what happened to Captain Wood in my pants as soon as I set my eyes on her. TOING! Instant stiffy. And not just a teaser, I am talking about a full on titanium steel hard on. Hungry lions circling a captured lamb would not have their mouths watering like mine was at the moment. I had absolutely no words at the moment and just stood there like an idiot staring at her.

“Hey,” she said as she quickly reached out to grasp my hand. “It’s just me…….. remember?” she said as she again brought my hand up and placed it on the flat of her chest directly between her breasts.

What had come over me?! I felt like I was going to explode while I felt so calm and secure around her. I wanted to fuck her so hard she would never be able to bring her legs together again yet I also wanted to cradle her next to me. All of these feelings hammered through me as I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. I was a complete goner. As my brain scrambled to come up with some kind of reply the doorbell rang. ‘Saved by the bell’ I thought to myself as Lissa quickly turned to open the main entry door to the house. Let the party get started!

When the door swung open my whole crew was standing there. They were all gabbing back and forth while some of them were looking at the various catering vehicles scattered out in various places in front of the house. As soon as the door swung open and Lissa stepped forward they all immediately shut up. “Good evening everyone,” Lissa said as she pushed the two heavy doors fully open. “Welcome.”

I could understand the reaction from the guys in my crew at first seeing Lissa. She is absolutely gorgeous. But what surprised me were the looks from Karen, Sarah, and Maria. Even they were taken aback by Lissa’s beauty. It was time for the man of the hour to take the forefront. “YO!” I said as I jumped into the scene directly beside Lissa. Immediately they all loosened up and smiles came across their faces.

“Happy birthday bro,” Rock said as he stepped up first from the group to give me a hand shake and a knuckle touch. “Dude what’s with the catering?”

“That was Lissa’s idea,” I said as I gave him a bit of a chest bump.

“Cool.” He then turned to face Lissa. “Hello Lissa,” He said as he stepped past me and extended his hand toward her.

“Hey Mark,” she replied while giving him a quick hand shake followed by a piece of the rock. “Head toward either the den or the kitchen, we’ll be along in just a few.”

“Dude,” said Axe as he stepped up next. “Happy birthday like all formal and shit.” he said as he shook my hand before turning toward Lissa.

“Just get in the house,” I said as I shucked him to the side.

“Yo Lissa,” Axe said as he stepped up in front of her and scoped her from head to toe. “Wow, tasty apparel.”

“Thanks Tony,” Lissa replied while going through about five different handshakes with him in quick succession. “Go and find Rock, we’ll be along in a minute.”

Karen (aka Grinder) stepped up next. She is one of the main reasons I got into gaming in the first place. Having been friends with her since the first grade I did not think of her as a girl. She was just a friend that was built a little differently, but one with the same kind of drive as me. He brown hair and semi-slender build was easily concealed in her loose fitting jeans and baggy heavy metal shirts. When she had her hair pulled back with a baseball cap on she could easily pass for a dude to the casual observer. Tonight, she was true to form donning a Metallica t-shirt, loose baggy jeans and a baseball cap on backwards. She was the same ol’ Grinder I have always known.

“Yo Grinder,” I said as I raised my open hand for a ¾ high five. “What up?”

“Dude,” she responded as she stepped up between me and Lissa and slapped her palm against mine. “I’m in the full out kill zone tonight bra. So what’s with the snowflake?” she said as she scoped Lissa from head to toe.

“Karen,” I said as I turned to formally introduce her to Lissa, “This is my girlfriend, Lissa C.” The words sounded strange coming out of my mouth as I presented her to Lissa.

“Girl friend?” she echoed as she scoped Lissa from head to toe. “Looks more like a man trap to Me.” she said as she stepped to my right to face Lissa head on.

“Not a man trap,” Lissa responded as she looked at Grinder from head to toe. “More like a cove of safety,” she responded as she reached out and gently grasped Karen’s hand.

“Cove of safety huh,” Karen retorted while doing her best to sound tough. “You gonna protect him from harm’s way?”

“If need be,” Lissa responded as she took another look at Karen from head to toe. “Actually more like a safe haven for him to rest in if he needs it.” responded Lissa as she stood up tall and strengthened her position by standing firm.

Karen was not ready for that kind of answer and just froze for a moment before she responded. “That’s cool,” she said as she reached out and shook Lissa’s hand. “He’s needed someone like you for a long time.”

Lissa just smiled as she returned the hand shake. “Head to the kitchen, we’ll be along in a minute.”

And so it went with the rest of my crew. Lissa met Wedge (Sara) next, followed by Flack (Eric), Storm (Maria), and Blaster (Kevin). All of them had their own take on Lissa. But to her credit Lissa remained ever so cool and collected as she had her first interaction with each of them. It was amazing because Grinder and Axe were probably the two that were the most difficult to get along with out of all of them. Lissa has greeted them and pushed them to the side like cattle heading off to the slaughter. It was uncanny the way she handled them. I was just grateful that she was with me and not against me.

As Blaster headed up the hallway toward the kitchen Lissa took the moment to whisper something in my ear that rattled me all the way to my core. “Just so you know,” she said just before she closed both of the entry doors and locked them. “I’m not wearing any panties.” And with that said she casually gave me a kiss on the lips before she turned and headed up the hallway after my friends like she did not have a care in the world. Can you say raging hard on?

Everyone grabbed something to eat out of the kitchen before heading for the den. Immediately the air was filled with ‘Oooh’s and Wow’s’ as everyone first laid their eyes on the massive gaming center on the far side of the room.

“Dude this is sick!” Flack sang out as he plopped down on the couch that faced the massive TV screen.

“Move over dip shit,” I said as I took my usual position right in the middle of the couch.

Immediately we were followed by the rest of the crew who were jabbering back and forth about everything. The drinks and plates immediately piled up on the coffee table as everyone grabbed a hand set and headset for the upcoming battle. As everyone began to get comfortable Lissa walked out in front of the big screen and cleared her throat. Almost immediately silence filled the room.

“Hey you guys,” she started out as she scoped my crew from left to right. “Thank you all for coming.” Everyone had their eyes glued to her as she spoke and I could understand why. The black stockings encasing her legs showed just the slightest bit of the lacy black garter from the edge of her high hemmed skirt. Her look was absolutely stunning. Better than any of the pictures in my adult magazine. “Happy birthday David.” she said out loud and she began to clap her hands. Immediately cheers and applause rang out from my crew. When the pats on the back and the jokes about being old subsided Lissa continued. “To help celebrate David’s birthday his dad has sent this new game for you guys to try out. It’s called Operation Moonlight. It’s a variant to the Halo series you guys are so familiar with, but it has a more realistic feel and better graphics.”

“Dude this is awesome!” a few of my crew stated along with a “Hell yea!” from Storm and “No fucking way” from Rock.

“And if you guys don’t mind a newbie,” Lissa stated as she pressed the button on the remote she had in her hand to start up the game, “I’d like to join you.”

All I can say is that the graphics were just as Lissa had described, crisp and sharp. After just a few minutes of picking out our players and arming up, the battling began. We broke out of an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) at the edge of a large shipping container staging area and headed right into the shit. Immediately gunfire from our front and left began hitting the containers, sending all of us scrambling for cover. What was really cool was as we separated, the screen would divide up, allowing each of us an individual screen for isolated combat while the remainder stayed with the large group. Combat chatter immediately broke out between us as weapons began firing and explosions resonated throughout the whole den.

For almost 20 minutes the 9 of us blasted our way across the large shipping container area before Grinder caught an RPG and virtually vaporized on the spot. “Damn it!” she hollered as she dropped her hands to her lap in disgust.

“Dude that was wicked!” Flack laughed out as he gave Karen a nudge in the ribs with his elbow. “You turned into spray!”

“Ha, ha, ha,” she retorted as she tossed her controller and head set on the table. “Aren’t you just fucking funny.” With that said she got up and headed out of the room toward the kitchen.

It was not more than a second later that Lissa stepped on a land mine, causing her player to completely disappear. “Oh man,” she said as she quickly set her controller and head set down. “So much for the newbie,” she stated as she quietly exited the room in the same direction as Grinder, leaving the rest of us to battle it out to the end.

In the kitchen, Lissa walked in just as Karen stood up from having her head in the refrigerator. As soon as Karen saw the unsuspecting co-occupant of the area she immediately moved her right hand behind herself in an attempt to conceal the contents of her hand. Noting this Lissa just casually strode into the area and took up a position that would keep not only the refrigerator, but Karen in full view as well.

“That kinda sucked about the game,” Lissa opened as she scoped Karen from head to toe.

“Oh yea,” Karen replied as she took a step away from the fridge in a pirouette that kept her right hand concealed. “And just what would you know about it?”

Lissa paused for a moment as she watched the young girl maneuver around the end of the island so she would be concealed from the waist down. “I know that it must be tough for you competing against those guys anytime you open up a gaming session together.”

The observation seemed to diffuse Karen a bit, making her more accepting to a civil conversation rather than one projected from a defensive stand. “You have no idea,” she scoffed as she scoped Lissa from head to toe very thoroughly. Even Karen was taken by the striking beauty of the blonde girl in the short black dress.

“Oh, I can imagine,” Lissa stated as she slowly began walking toward the now disarmed girl on the opposite side of the counter. “Battling it out with a bunch of guys amped up on testosterone is a daunting task for anyone, let alone a girl.” Lissa’s words penetrated through the outer charade of defense Karen had projected and struck at the very core of the young girl as she continued to slowly close the gap between them. “Having to be tough and ruthless yet denying the very creature necessities afforded by the close proximity of aroused males must be extremely frustrating.”

Karen was almost to the point of non-verbalization as she looked into the emerald green pools of the slowly approaching vixen in front of her. “It’s really not too bad once you get used to it,” she stated calmly as her heart began to thump hard in her chest. “There are things you can do to get past it.”

By this time Lissa had traversed her way across the kitchen and was now to the point of rounding the end of the island Karen was using as a shield. As more of the girl came into view Lissa was able to see what she was holding in her right hand. It was a small cucumber about four and a half inches long. Not wanting to put the girl on the defensive again Lissa calmly approached while maintaining eye contact with her. “Oh I can imagine there are many things someone could ‘do’ to cope with the feelings,” Lissa said as she stepped right up to the younger girl who was now virtually frozen in place with her mouth hanging open. “But is it ever as good as the real thing?”

As soon as she said this Lissa leaned forward and kissed Karen with a matching open mouth kiss, causing the girl to almost buckle at her knees and drop to the floor. Without breaking the contact of their mouths Lissa pressed her body against Karen’s’ while her arms slowly encircled her. Only the slightest whimper came from Karen as her eyes immediately closed and she gave in to the pleasurable approach from her host. Pressing herself into the warm embrace, she felt her own breasts flatten out against the soft pressure of Lissa’s breasts. Immediately her pussy went from zero to inferno. It was only when Karen felt Lissa’s hand softly encasing her right breast that she pulled her mouth away.

“What about David?” she queried as Lissa began to gently squeeze her breast. Her breath was beginning to quicken and her temperature was steadily rising as Lissa continued with her gentle approach. “Isn’t he your boyfriend?”

“Do you want him to join us?” Lissa retorted as her right hand came up between Karen’s legs to rest firmly against the small furnace hidden between them. “I could go and get him,” she continued coyly, “but then we couldn’t have our fun.”

Karen gasped at the additional stimulus as Lissa’s fingers began to dig at the material of her jeans. She had never before had an encounter like this with another girl, but the whole situation seemed so natural and necessary. She made no attempt to slow Lissa’s advances, even when she felt Lissa’s hand come up to the waist band of her jeans before diving back down inside both her jeans and panties to cup her now soaking wet sex. “Oh yes,” she was barely able to whisper out as the gentle touch from Lissa’s fingertips caressed the hardened nub of her clit.

Lissa pressed her own crotch against the thigh of Karen as she pressed two fingers up into Karen’s sex. Easily sinking in to the second knuckle Lissa commented as she began stroking steadily at her G-spot. “My goodness, aren’t we wet?!”

Karen gasped and pressed her mouth against Lissa’s as she clutched to the firm young blond that was so expertly manipulating her. “Oh my God!” she gasped out as she pulled her mouth away and rested her forehead against Lissa’s shoulder. “Don’t stop.”

“Spread your feet apart,” Lissa stated as she adjusted the angle of her arm so she could reach deep inside her new play toy.

As if on automatic Karen spread her feet apart and even squatted down a little, causing her pussy to open wide to the invasion of fingers from the pretty blonde. Instantly Lissa’s fingers turned into a musical instrument playing the G-spot key of Karen. Bending her wrist so she could reach deep into the young girl, Lissa massaged the pleasure center inside Karen with surgical precision. Almost immediately Karen began cumming on Lissa’s fingers, coating them with a thick layer of cream.

“Why do they call you Grinder,” Lissa asked as she playfully chewed on the right earlobe of her orgasming subject.

“Sometimes,” Karen attempted to answer as one long and continuous orgasm held her in a state of suspended arousal, “when we’re……… in heavy combat……..I grind……….on the arm of the couch.” Her orgasm was so intense she was almost gasping for air as she spoke.

“I see,” Lissa replied as she increased the pressure on Karen’s breast while inserting another finger up her pussy. “And the cucumber?”

“I usually have one……inside me………while we play.” Karen quickly replied. She was almost to the point of collapse as she confessed her deepest secret to the stranger who was so expertly pleasuring her.

“Give it to me.” Lissa stated as she increased the intensity of manipulation of the panting girls clit. Karen blankly raised her right hand to Lissa to display the dark green vegetable. “I mean in your pants please.”

Karen was almost frantic to get her hand into her own jeans. It only took a moment for the exchange before Lissa pushed the cucumber deep into her new found friend. “There you go,” Lissa said before she withdrew her hand from Karen’s jeans. Bringing her cum soaked fingers up to her mouth Lissa quickly licked all of them clean. “David has good taste in friends.” Lissa stated as she took a step back from the gasping girl.

For just a moment Karen gazed at Lissa, not sure if what had just happened between them had actually happened. But in a bold move that surprised herself Karen quickly hugged Lissa to her and kissed her on the lips very passionately. As they parted Karen opened her eyes to look at a smiling Lissa. “Thank you,” was all she said.

A few seconds later the kitchen was filled with the whole crew. Everyone was jabbering back and forth about the graphics and the ‘realism’ of the game as plates were filled with chips and eats of all kinds. Karen and Lissa exchanged one last glance before being swept into the excitement of the crew. As David walked over to Lissa he was met with that million dollar smile he had grown so fond of during the day.

“Hey beautiful,” he said as he put his arms around his new ‘girlfriend’ and gave her a squeeze. “Are you having a good time?”

Lissa looked at him and flashed her white teeth before responding. “Baby,” she said as she clamped both of her hands on to his ass and pulled his groin in hard against her crotch. “I am having a ball!”

The End Ch2

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