Rachel's bitch chapter 2- finishing what she started

Rachel's bitch chapter 2- finishing what she started


Emma- age 16
Height 5 foot 4
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blue
Breast size 34B

Rachel- age 16
Height 5 foot 4
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blue
Breast size 34B

Emma just stared at her sister. She turned to her wardrobe, opened one of the doors and looked in the mirror. She reached down to try and peel the tattoo off. She was lightly scratching but nothing was happening. "What is this?" Emma asked frustrated. "That is a tattoo."

"Why isn't it coming off?!"

Rachel held up the pen she had used to tattoo her sister. Emma looked up and saw what was in Rachel's hand. A tattoo pen. The tattoo was real and was most definitely not coming off. "It's ok Emma I plan to add some decoration to make your pussy look pretty."

"What do you want now?"

"Well last night I said you'd eat me out. But because you were totally out of it I let you off. Mw I've come back to finish what I started."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Emma asked years coming to her eyes.

"Because we shared a womb, we were meant to be together and because I'm the oldest that makes you my property."

Emma just stared at her sister dumbfounded. She was literally lost for words. Her brain didn't know what to do. "On the bed now, n your back" Emma didn't move, she couldn't move. Rachel saw her bitch wasn't moving so she moved up behind her and gave her a slap on the arse. Emma gave a little yelp and then moved for the bed.

She lay down flat on the bed taking quick glances at her tattoo hoping the next time she looked away it would disappear but it didn't. Rachel removed her dressing gown revealing she was still naked from the night before.

Rachel moved over to the bed and straddled Emma's belly, "relax little sis, this was meant to be." Slowly Rachel moved up Emma's body and straddled her sisters face.

For a second Emma couldn't breathe, all she could smell was her sisters essence that now covered her mouth and nose. "We'll go on then" Emma heard Rachel say. Slowly she stuck out her tongue and lightly touched Rachel's vagina. Rachel let out a slight moan above. Then Emma had a thought. What if she went quickly got her sister off and then she could be gone? Again she stuck out her tongue eliciting another moan from her sister. It tasted strange, a little salty, a little plain but something else shone through which she couldn't place. Never mind. She felt a little braver now she had a plan in her head, she pushed her tongue up again and slipped it into her sisters virginity. Her sister gasped at this and said "good girl" Emma continued thrusting her tongue in and out of her sister in the hope it would be over soon.

Rachel felt her sisters tongue flick at her opening and moaned at the delicious feeling. Then she was surprised when her sister slipped her tongue into her virgin entrance. "Mmm" Rachel moaned. "Oh god yes!" Emma was a natural. Then she felt Emma's tongue explore her clit "yes!" Rachel moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Rachel gasped one more time as she gushed over her sisters face. "Oh my god Emma not only are you a good whore you're a good pussy licker too."

Emma felt Rachel lift herself off of her face and Emma gasped for as much as she could. Rachel was talking but Emma wasn't listening. She saw Rachel come back over but this time she was facing away from Emma.

Rachel got up feeling like she'd been taken to heaven and back. Then she remembered what else she wanted to so from last night. She walked back over to her sister walking on just her toes as she could rub her thighs together doing this. She straddled Emma again this time facing away from her face. "Lck up" she said and then she lowered her arse hole onto Emma's face.

Emma was surprised when her sisters bottom came down to meet her face and then she remembered what her sister had said last night. She wanted Emma to lic her arsehole. Nervously Emma reached up with her tongue and started circling her sisters anus trying to avoid the inside. "Ooh yes!" Rachel moaned. She rocked back slightly forcing Emma's tongue inside her anus.

Rachel moaned again as Emma's tongue slid into her arse. "Oh my god!" It felt so good. Her sister struggled beneath her licking all of her walls in the process. It felt so alien to have an object enter her anus instead of leaving it but at the same time it felt so good. At that moment she climaxed again and her anus gripped Emma's tongue like a vice.

Emma felt her tongue slide into her sister. It tasted vile she struggled but that only made her lick everywhere inside her back door. It was a strange texture inside one she couldn't describe and wouldn't want to remember. She heard her sister give a longer louder moan and then felt the walls of her sisters anus clamp around her tongue. For a minute they stayed in that position as Rachel came down from her high.

"Good girl Emma. Now get dressed for school."

They both stood, Rachel spanked Emma once and left. Emma looked in the mirror again. She felt used and dirty. She reached into her wardrobe. She pulled out a shirt. She looked for a pair of trousers but couldn't find any so reached for a skirt. She then started searching for panties, a bra and some socks but to no avail. She looked in one of the draws and found a note. On it was written "whores don't need underwear, love Rachel" reluctantly Emma put on her shirt and skirt. She stood up and then realised there was something wrong with her skirt. It was ay too short. It only just came past her arse by about 1/2 an inch. She sighed and walked down the stairs feeling the cold air against her vagina made her shiver and feeling it against her nipples made them stand up. They were clearly visible through her shirt. She'd just have to hope she could get through this day. Then there was her tattoo. What was she going to do about that? All these thoughts followed her to the kitchen table.

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