Varying Circumstances

Varying Circumstances

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, any characters and Pokemon there-in. You know, just to cover my ass in case. Better safe than sorry.

Author’s Note(s): Honestly, this story was partially inspired by another AbsolxHuman story I found here. As the summary says, this story contains bestiality, so if you’re not into that, it’s probably best that you go find another series to pursue, as the majority of the sexual encounters will involve Pokemon and the Protagonist, though there may be a few humans sprinkled here and there to change things up. I’ll change the code to reflect extra changes in later chapters.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in the story, let me know. Similarly, if you want me to write you up a fiction, let me know. If I like the idea, I’ll make your story. I’m not limited to just bestiality, of course, but there’re a few places I won’t tread.


Given the circumstances, actually passing the exams required to become a Pokemon trainer should have been easy for Nicholas, but actually taking the exams and seeing his score was a bit of a shock. It’s a real reality check when you’re confident you did well, and you barely score enough to pass. Despite the low score, Nicholas takes the bronze-level license anyway, making him a full-fledged Pokemon trainer. With small badge carrier in one hand, and six empty Pokeballs in another, Nicholas stepped away from the prestigious Pokemon Academy.

Actual Pokemon Academies are harder to find than the simple schools that can be found in nearly every town in the three regions. For every region, there’s only one Pokemon Academy, and getting into them requires one of two things: be very, very rich or very, very famous. Sometimes you have to be both. Still, actually getting into the Academy was child’s play for Nicholas, whose father was the one and only Bruno of Elite Four fame, making him eligible to get in on both accounts.

The Pokemon Academies were the best places in the world to study Pokemon, but had much higher requirements to be met than the simple Pokemon schools, which was the best way to go if you wanted to become a Pokemon trainer without all the study and burden that came with going to the academies, but in many situations, most people had no real choice.

Besides, it was either that or become a Pokemon Ranger, not a job that Nicholas wanted to take, despite liking the outdoors.

Nicholas wasn’t particularly looking forward to going home, the entire return trip by Pidgeot to the Indigo Plateau passing all too quickly as he considers exactly how his father would react to..

“I don’t want a Fighting-type Pokemon as my first Pokemon, dad. You know that.” Nicholas sits across the arena from his father, stuffing his backpack full of the things he’d need to start his journey off. They were seated in the very battle-worn arena that Bruno battled Champion hopefuls.

“I’ll have none of that.” Bruno shakes his head, slowly moving to a sit. “You already know that you have your pick of Pokemon that I have to begin with.”

“So why should I get special treatment, dad?” Nicholas inquires, glancing up through the short strands of brown hair that insists on inhibiting his eyesight in situations like these.

“Because you’re..”

“My son. Yes, I know, dad. I’ve heard it all before.”

Bruno mulls his son’s words over briefly, before nodding his head. “Fair enough. I had expected that you wouldn’t change your mind.” He slowly makes his way to a stand. “You’re a stubborn boy, much like your father.”

“Mom always said that I got my stubborn streak from you, dad.” Nicholas smiles a little as he moves to a stand, dusting his pants off.

Bruno glances over at Nicholas, and steps across the arena to a small lock box, kneeling down and working the lock off. “We were both kind of stubborn, so it makes sense that our kid would be equally as stubborn, if not more-so. You were a real pain when you were growing up, but, low scores and not wanting to follow in your old man’s footsteps aside, I’m proud of you.”

Nicholas just watches his father quietly, tilting his head curiously as he produces a small Ultra Ball from the lockbox, before tossing it to Nicholas, who catches it with little trouble. “Though I still can’t understand why you’d not want a Steelix. So I got you a Pokemon for your starter, freshly bred. I taught it a few tricks before deciding to pass it on to you.”

Taking a peek at the tiny Ultra Ball, Nicholas enlarges it. “Let’s see what you got me, then.” With a press of the button, he tosses the ball out into the arena, and in a burst of red light appears an Absol. Nicholas sort of stares at the Absol, who only seems to stare back at him in confusion. “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised you’d get this for me. You know I like rare Pokemon, and this Pokemon’s type is weak to your favorite type.”

Bruno smirks and closes his eyes. “Only another obstacle for you to overcome, Nicholas. A small one at that. This Absol was raised by fine Pokemon breeders, and she’ll serve you well over the coming years you’ll spend training. I expect her to defeat at LEAST Hitmontop.”

“She’ll be strong enough to take out your whole team single-handedly, dad.” Nicholas slowly moves over to the Absol and kneels down to check her fur, to which the Absol responds positively, purring. She’s accepted her new master. “What’s she called?”

“Well, I called her Aisha, but you’re welcome to change her name if you want.” Bruno shrugs his shoulders helplessly.

Nicholas shakes his head. “No, no. Aisha is just fine.”


With one quick stop off at Viridian City to acquire his new Pokedex, Nicholas began his journey there, instead of Pallet Town. There wasn’t much difference. Rather, Nicholas would be heading through Viridian Forest, first. It was time to acquire his first Pokemon, and if it was possible for Aisha to look any more forward to the sights and sounds of the steadily darkening forest, she might have very well exploded.

Every abnormal sight, every interesting sound, had the Absol on edge. Though she didn’t speak much, it was clear that the Pokemon was very interested in its surroundings, with almost child-like curiosity. The smell in the air was that of rain, signifying that it was going to at some point. Likely, some point soon. Looking up through the rare hole in the trees, dark clouds loomed not far away.

“Guess we’ll have to just save catching our first Pokemon for tomorrow, Aisha. Sorry.” Nicholas smiles, to which the Absol turns and, with a hint of disappointment in its voice..


“Yes, I know. I’m sorry, but I should pitch our tent before it gets too late.” Nicholas doesn’t argue with the Absol any longer, despite its continued protests and, shortly before he finishes, wanders off into the brush surrounding their little clearing.

“Absol?” Nicholas calls, tugging his shirt off and working out his sleeping bag. A rustling of bushes on the other side of the small clearing produces the Absol, who seems content for the moment. “I was afraid you’d run off. See anything interesting?”

“Absol, ab.”

“Wish I could understand you.” Nicholas slowly makes his way into the tent, and, inviting the Absol in with a pat of a second small pillow, Aisha happily joins her master in the tent, curling up and conveniently placing her head… on Nick’s pillow. “Hey. This is my pillow. You’ve got your own over there.” He points out, but by that point, Absol was out cold. He sighs and shakes his head. “Wasted all your energy on the sights and sounds, eh?”

Sleep found Nicholas easily, as it always did when it rained, the patter of rain hitting the tent. The door was left half-zipped, to allow Aisha a quick escape should the need to get out of that stuffy, small tent arise. Which it does, shortly into the night. Though Nicholas only briefly registers the lack of Absol head on his pillow, sleep only catches up with him quicker than he can awaken, thanks to the rain, and he’s back into dreamland.

Once again, not for long. The sounds of what Nick could only describe as a cross between a howl and a meow echo the little clearing. He rubs his eyes and slowly unzips the tent, though the loud noise doesn’t stop Aisha from continuing her meowl. “What’s your problem? Eh, don’t answer that. Can’t understand you, anyway.”

When the meowling fails to stop, Nick reaches back into his tent for his Pokedex, turning it on Aisha and pressing the button.

~*“Absol, the Disaster Pokemon. Best known for their appearances before major disasters. Spends much of its time in the mountains. The scythe-like growth on the left side of their head hardens and becomes very sharp when angered, though Absol haven’t been known to use the scythe in battle.”*~

“Lovely. But that doesn’t tell me an-“

*DING* ~*“Absol call recorded. Analyzing… … … Finished. The Absol is releasing a mating call, meant to draw in any males in the surrounding area. The reproduction cycles in females typically start at a much younger age than in males, but females only begin their heat cycle once every two months, and the start of a new cycle can be identified by this particular call. This call may also differentiate from its normal cry, which sounds like a warning siren.”*~

Nicholas rubs the back of his neck. “So I have to listen to my Absol call like this all night every night? Great, dad. You really know how to pick ’em..”

Intent on getting at least SOME sleep, Nicholas climbs back into his tent and keeps it unzipped, allowing the wet Absol to give up its fruitless mating call and return to bed. Of course, now this simply warranted a peculiar smell. It wasn’t bad, but it was unique – and it was coming from Aisha, who was staring at him intently.

“… You’re kidding me. I’m not an-“

Far too late. Having neglected to zip up his sleeping bag, Aisha makes quick work of pushing it aside. Far stronger than she looks, Nick is surprised when she snags his pants and drags him out the rest of the way. Curious, Nick props his head up with his pillow, looking down in time to see the Absol gently work her tongue slowly up against his cock, shivering a little. The idea of his very first Pokemon being so intimate with him, let alone so early in his training career, is both moving and erotic.

Still, he doesn’t have much time to consider the implications of having a sexual relationship with his Absol, as Aisha actually takes the shaft into her mouth and licks. Having the warm, wet mouth around his shaft causes Nicholas to cry in pleasure, reaching his hands down to slowly run it over the snowy-white fur along her head and chest. It’s soft to the touch, but he doesn’t get to enjoy the feel long, as she stops and steps away. Now rock hard, aroused and highly sensitive, Nick grunts gently, slowly moving to his knees.

Aisha lifts her backside high into the air, presenting the source of that unique smell he caught whiff of earlier, though far stronger. It smelled a bit like honey, but there was something else that subdued that quality, though he couldn’t put his finger on it. Again, it wasn’t bad, but it was… unique. A smell Nicholas would not likely forget anytime soon.

Instead of simply indulging himself and Aisha, Nick slowly crawls his way out of the tent. “It’s way too small. Aisha, come out here.” He beckons, and the still wet Absol crawls out, slowly taking a position right in front of Nicholas once again, lifting her rear into the air. “So you really want me to do this, huh?” He sighs. “And in the rain-soaked grass, too. Going to need to dry my pants tomorrow..”

All of those concerns went out the window as he moved forward and rest the tip of his cock against the source of that unique smell. Eager to take him, what little resistance there might have been was slick, and as he pushed forward, tight and hot, lighting a fire of passion in Nicholas that he’d felt so few times in his life, let alone one invoking this kind of emotion. Aisha cries softly in what he can only assume is pleasure, releasing a cry to the heavens as he pushes his way slowly inside her.

When Nick sheaths himself, he shivers and tries not to thrust, allowing the Absol to get used to his size. Aisha finally glances back at him after a while, and he takes it as the signal to begin, slowly pulling out, and pushing right back in again. Aisha releases softer cries, prompting Nicholas to set up a deep, though hard thrust. This produces quite a bit of a reaction and, to his surprise, he has to reach down and hold her up, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

If an Absol could look like she was in the most pleasure she’s ever been in her short existence in the world, Aisha was exhibiting all the signs. Short, quick panting, eyes half-shut, eagerly pushing back into her master’s cock with each stroke inside of her. Nicholas wanted to continue until she came, but there was little indication she had, besides her nearly collapsing. After a bit, Nicholas reluctantly pulls out of her. He wasn’t doing it to mate his Absol, but simply to fulfill her needs.

It’s easier to think of it as an attempt to further the Pokemon/Trainer bond, and there are fewer acts that could further this quickly than consensual sex, right?

Aisha would have none of Nick’s retreat. As Nicholas crawled into the tent again and laid down on his back, his Absol returned quickly, pouncing atop of him. With a grunt, the heavier Pokemon landing on him so suddenly, he feels a slight thrust. The hot wetness is barely missing his cock, and Aisha lets out a whimper of disappoint for her failure to impale herself. “What, you’re not satisfied?” He inquires, reaching down around the Absol and holding his cock up for her. It only takes two thrusts for Aisha to impale herself on that still-hard shaft, causing master to cry out in pleasure, and Pokemon to release a cry akin to a moan.

With reckless abandon, Aisha humps at the stiff cock she was impaled upon, intent only on making her mate cum, despite shaky legs after her own previous climax. Nicholas can only describe her thrusts down and up as desperate, almost as if trying to get him to cum. Each time she thrusts up off of him, her pussy milks him, and it makes every thrust bring him closer to climax.

So naturally, it’s not long before Nicholas tries to stop her, panting softly himself as he reaches down to try and stop the Pokemon, but once again, Aisha has none of it. She growls softly when he tries to stop her thrusting, and Nick stops, crying in pleasure as he cums. The thick, hot seed fills Aisha’s womb, and she shudders in ecstasy. Nicholas pants softly, burying his head in the still slightly wet, though still very soft chest fur of his Absol, closing his eyes and letting Aisha have everything he has to give.

Finally, Aisha slowly climbs off of him, and makes her way to his side, curling up. Nicholas glances at her briefly to check her, and smiles a little. “Yeah, glad I could make you happy.” He sighs in content, running his hand up and down along her body, simply to comfort her as he tries to sleep. Unlike during the rain, sleep does not come easily – there was a lot to think about. Not just his second day as an official trainer, but also of the intimate moment he shared with his Pokemon.


It may come as a surprise, but Nicholas is an early riser. When the sun rises, Nicholas does soon after, climbing out of the tent and working on his clean, spare change of clothes. Actually drying his pants off would be difficult, but he decides dangling them from his backpack is a suitable alternative to waiting a quarter of the day for them to dry. He wants to get to Pewter City, but first…


“Alright, Aisha. Faint Attack! Pin it down and make it easy to catch!” Nicholas commands, the Weedle having a hard time keeping the Absol at bay, let alone avoid the attack. Knocked to the side, the yellow Bug-type Pokemon rolls to a stop and hops up, only to be pinned and hit by the device used to capture Pokemon. There’s a tense moment where the Pokeball rocks from left to right, but there’s no question that the Pokemon would be caught. Nick’s confidence is only boosted as the Pokeball lets out a soft *DING* and click to indicate that the Pokemon was captured.

“Excellent job, Aisha!” Nicholas grins at the Absol, who responds positively by closing her eyes contently and moving closer to Nicholas, running that soft white fur against his legs as she passes. “I know this Pokemon isn’t particularly rare, but he’ll do for now, I suppose. Let’s have a look around and see what else we can capture..”


Author's Note: Thanks for reading the first chapter. If you enjoyed it, review. Hated it, review. Let me know what you'd like to see in later chapters.

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