Daddy's Girl Part 1

Daddy's Girl Part 1

I walked into the house after a boring day at school. Daddy wasn’t home yet because he works late so I relaxed on the couch. It was so hot that I had to change into a pair of shorts and a tank top. I also pulled my long black hair up into a ponytail. After an hour, Daddy pulled up to the house and came in. He looked exhausted. It was 5pm and he had been at work since 6am. He works at a law firm and is currently working on a very difficult case. That usually keeps him at the office all day. I go over to hug him and return to the couch. He joins me after putting away his coat and briefcase. He leans back against the couch with his eyes closed. I can’t help but scan over his body.
It’s embarrassing, and probably inappropriate, but I’ve been attracted to my daddy for over a year now. I’m 17 now. He’s only 36 having had me when he was just a kid himself. My mother, or Tina as I call her, figured having a kid wasn’t important enough to stick around. She’d rather get wasted and trip on anything she could get her hands on. I haven’t seen her since I was about 3. I don’t really remember her. Daddy still keeps pictures of her though. He was heartbroken for some reason. ‘You’ll never get over your first love’ is what he always says. I see the way he looks at me sometimes. He has this sad look in his eyes. Compared to the pictures I have seen, I do look a lot like her. We both have long, wavy black hair and hazel eyes. Our noses are the same as well as our creamy white skin tone.
Daddy is slightly taller than me. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He’s got a slight tan from being pure Italian. His chest is very well toned. And he has the sweetest and sexiest smile. I can’t help but daydream about having his strong arms wrap around me like a lover and not like a father. His voice snaps me out of my dream.
“How was your day Sweetheart?” He looks over at me and smiles. My heart melts at this. I love it when he calls me ‘sweetheart’ or ‘baby girl’. I smile back at him.
“It was okay. How was work Daddy?” He sighs and shakes his head, saying something about how the client he has keeps changing his story around. He’s afraid he might lose this case. “Don’t worry Daddy. You’re amazing. I know you can win.” He smiles at that and strokes my cheek.
“Thank you Sweetheart. You always know how to make me feel better. Now what would you like for dinner?” He gets up and heads to the kitchen. I follow his lead. We both look around in the cabinets and can’t find anything we are in the mood for. We end up ordering pizza.
“Daddy, can we start a movie before the pizza gets here?” I ask him hopefully. I love watching movies with him because we get to cuddle on the couch together, especially if it’s a scary movie. He tells me to go pick out a movie and meet him in the living room. I head upstairs to my room to grab a movie and change. I put on one of the old t-shirts Daddy let me have from when he was in college. It’s long enough that I can just wear a pair of underwear underneath. I grab ‘Saw’ and head downstairs. Daddy is already on the couch. I pop the movie in and sit down next to him. He wraps an arm around me and pulls me closer.
“I won’t be woken up in the middle of the night to you crawling in bed with me will I?” Daddy says laughing. ‘I wish I could crawl into bed with him every night’ I blush as I imagine that.
“No Daddy, I’m a big girl now.” I say giggling. He kisses my forehead and looks back to the screen as the movie starts. I snuggle closer to him as the movie continues but have to move when the doorbell rings. I answer the door and get the pizza from the delivery guy. I go into the kitchen to get plates for us. When I sit back down, Daddy starts the movie again. We eat in silence and go back to cuddling until the movie is over. By that time, I am half asleep with my head in Daddy’s lap. I feel Daddy nudge my arm to wake me. I want to stay like this for a little longer so I pretend to be asleep. He waits for a minute and then I feel his hand start to stroke my hair. I sigh happily and enjoy it. Then his other hand moves down over my shoulder.
“Amy, sweetie, are you awake?” He whispers. I say nothing and a few seconds later his hand moves down farther. Then it stops, like he’s thinking. Slowly his hand slides over the curve of my side and rests on my hip. I stop breathing momentarily. What is he doing and why? I’m so nervous but I don’t want him to stop. His hand rubs up and down my hip a few times before it starts to slide over my thigh. Unfortunately, he stops and clears his throat. “Sweetheart, you need to wake up. It’s getting late.” I pretend to wake up and get off his lap. For a second I thought I felt something against my cheek while he was rubbing my hip. But I ignored it. I lean over and kiss his cheek, saying goodnight. He says goodnight and I head upstairs to my room.
I lay on my bed smiling to myself. I can’t believe he was touching me like that. What could have brought that on? Maybe he feels the same way that I feel. The only problem is finding out if he does. I can’t just go up to him and ask. I laid there for a while thinking of ways to bring it up. Finally I decided on something. I would just pretend like I was scared after all and sneak into his room. I waited until I knew he would be at least half asleep before I got up. I figured I would take off my underwear and bra. Yes, I am an optimist. I head over to his room and open the door quietly.
“Daddy, are you up?” I whisper into the darkness. I hear him move slightly. So I ask again. This time he sits up and looks around confused.
“What’s wrong baby girl?” He mumbles sleepily. I walk over to his side of the bed.
“Daddy, you were right, I am scared. Can I please sleep in your bed tonight?” I ask innocently. He thinks it over for a second and nods. Then he rolls back over to sleep. I smile and crawl over him to the other side and slip under the covers. I move close to him and press my back against his chest. He loosely wraps his arm over my side and holds me. Usually this would be normal. But I feel something pressing against my lower back this time. I gasp realizing what it is. But I feel my heart race at the same time. I slowly and quietly roll over to face him. Making sure he is once again asleep, I slip my hand under the blanket and down his body. I stop when I feel something bulging from his boxers.
Biting my lip nervously, I wrap my hand around the outside of his throbbing cock. It feels huge and hard. It twitches in my grip and I look up at him. He is still asleep but I hear a quiet moan escape his lips when I slide my hand up and down a few times. I become bolder and pull his cock through the hole in his boxers. When I grip it this time he flinches slightly. I pause for a second and then go back to slowly stroking him. I am in shock that I am doing this right now. Scared that he might wake up, I put his boxers back into place and begin to roll over. Daddy’s arm wraps around me and he pulls me back. I look up at him and he’s awake. He whispers in my ear:
“Why did you stop baby girl? That felt so good.”

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