I am a single mom of only 31 years. I had my son when I was young making him an 18 year old man now. Being single, times were tough for us, I had to work two jobs mostly to support us in even the worst conditions. We lived paycheck to pay check until one fateful day I received a letter from my great aunts lawyer. My great aunt had unfortunately passed away in her sleep only a week before. I was being contacted in order to collect an inheritance that my aunt had put aside for me. I was thunderstruck at the amount that was now legally mine. It was enough to put Chris through school and for me to relax without having to worry about finances. Along with the money, Chris and I also were entitled to a nice sized house she had built from the ground up when she was a young woman. It was a few states away but Chris was excited to move, and not too upset over having to leave his friends and life behind.

We quickly packed, the whole time ecstatic and joking around with each other. We felt like our time had finally come. No more having to work two jobs or move from a cheap apartment to an even cheaper apartment. Finally, our lives can start. We took the train since we didn’t own a car, I was prepared to purchase one when we settled and had our new address. The trip was quick and long at the same time. As eager as I was to see our new home, I also was enjoying the mother son time we rarely had the chance to enjoy. Our stop finally came, 12 hours after leaving our old life behind. We called a cab and was whisked away into the lovely open countryside. My great aunt obviously enjoyed her seclusion. Her house was nestled in a quaint forested area with neighbors on both sides, just a quarter mile distance on both sides. That suited me fine, I enjoyed the quite anyway.

We both grabbed our bags, I tipped the cab driver and we burst into the lovely home that was once my great aunts. The house was gorgeous. A large, spacious living room that lead into a modern kitchen with amazing amounts of sunlight. My bedroom was on the first floor, an enormous master bedroom that was more than half the size of our last apartment. My son wanted two of the three rooms upstairs. One to sleep in, and one for his band equipment. After years of poverty, I was eager to be able to give him so much now. We eagerly started unpacking, even though we were exhausted. We wanted to finally start our new life, as soon as possible.

While I was setting the kitchen up and putting away our dishes, I heard a dog barking right outside the patio that faced the kitchen. I was started at first but I opened the backdoor and peeked out. There sat my great aunts Great Dane, sitting patiently ready to be let inside. “Oh no! You poor boy, has anyone been feeding you?” I asked him, petting his head. The Great Dane I’ve seen in pictures during my communications I had by mail with my great aunt. Checking my math, I’d say he had to be about 5 years now, and hopefully stopped growing. He was an enormous grey and black dog, about 180 pounds of lean strong muscle and roughly 6 feet standing on his hind legs. Great Auntie said she felt safe with him, being alone in her house. I didn’t blame her, he was great security. I fed the Dane (which I decided to call Lucius) and continued my housework.

Once we had finished, Matt and I retired to the living room and slumped down on the couch. Luckily, we were able to keep everything that the house possessed at the time of aunties death. This was good since we had all the furniture we could’ve needed. We watched some movies and had a few laughs then decided to retire to our beds for an excellent night’s sleep. I bid my son farewell and headed to my beautiful spacious bedroom. Being old, auntie didn’t have central cooling, just a fan. It suited me well but with all the extra work I did today I decided to slip off my gown and crawl into bed stark nude. The crisp cold sheets felt like heaven against my tired muscles.

I awoke suddenly to a strange sound. I tried clearing my foggy mind and figure out what roused me. I sat up and looked around but couldn’t see anything in the dark. Suddenly, I felt something touch my privates. I yelped and jumped out of bed, switching the light on, my heart racing in my chest. Luckily, it was only Lucius. I laughed at myself and patted Lucius on the head and switched the light back off and climbed back into bed. Lucius followed me. He jumped up and landed all 180lbs of his body on top of my small thin naked frame. I yelled out in surprise and pain. “What are you doing stupid dog get DOWN!” I tried wiggling around to scare him but he was unresponsive. I could see in the moon light his big black eyes staring straight at me. I stopped struggling and watched him. After a few moments of glassy eyed staring, he bend his head down to my exposed breasts and sniffed. My heart started pounding again, I wanted to know what was wrong with this odd dog. I figured it out soon enough. His tongue came out of his mouth with long wet strokes that slathered itself against my bare breasts. I shivered and yelped at the shock of being touched so intimately by an animal. I wiggled the lower half of my body, attempting to free myself from his weight but he was unflinching. He tongue caressed my hardened nipples, sending shockwaves throughout my body. His tongue traveled to both breasts, not missing an inch of my perky lemon sized teats.

I gritted my teeth and accepted my molestation. I tried blocking out the sound of his sloppy wet tongue slapping and lathering itself along my heaving bosom. Each flick of his tongue jiggled my breasts and sent little waves of electricity throughout my entire system. As soon as it started, it was finished. He licked his lips and raised his head again, looking at me with his calm black eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed my tense body. This attack was finally over, or so I though. The massive dog just turned around until its hindquarters faced me and sat down, planting its manhood right onto my neck. I tried to yell loudly but the weight of the beast kept me from screaming. I felt his head pushing my naked thighs apart. Even with the strong muscles of a woman’s thighs, I couldn’t keep his head from breaking through to my most private region. His head eventually found its mark and accepted its conquest like a treat. His tongue eagerly became acquainted with every angle of my vagina. It slipped itself in between every fold and lip I had covering my most beloved asset. I groaned angrily under the rapist beast, still attempting to overpower him. My efforts were greatly futile.

Lucius kept assaulting my delicate vagina with his rough tongue, invading every nook and every cranny I had in between my legs. I felt the thick meat of his tongue sliding down the arch between my buttocks and scraping itself along my rectum. I wanted to throw up from anger and frustration. I couldn’t believe I was being molested on the first night of my new life. His tongue and finally broken free of the protective folds of my labia and had found a way inside my vagina. I felt him enter me, swiveling his invasive tongue in and out, in and out, lapping up my womanly juices, coveting what was not his. His speed increased inside of me, filling me at an even faster tempo, in and out, in and out, while grinding his bumpy tongue against my tiny pink clitoris. My body grew hot and my legs went limp. I was being sexually assaulted by a dog, I thought angrily. I started trembling at the sheer force of the sexual attack on my vagina. Bile rose in my throat, I was shaking with sexual arousal, anger and fear. Lucius kept forcing the full length of his tongue deep inside my canal, pushing as far as it would go, and then pushing some more. My vagina felt full to capacity with his enormous meaty tongue, I felt the walls inside me stretching to it's fill, fighting with the force that it was being penetrated with. Tears started to silently fall from my face.

As if by decision, Lucius stood up suddenly, lifting his full weight off my small, nude body. I breathed a sigh of relief, finally being able to breathe. I quickly snapped my legs shut, feeling the saliva and my own juices sticking my thighs together. I grimaced at the though. But Lucius was far from done with me. He turned around, once more, until he was facing me yet again. I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster and covered my still sopping wet breasts with my arms. He seemed unfazed by my aggressive reaction and placed his back legs in between my knees. With his powerful back legs, he forced my knees apart. I yelped in surprise and shock at his strength. With one fell push, he had opened my knees wide apart, once again exposing my dripping wet vagina to the moonlit room. His front paws rested next to me, holding up his torso as he gently dipped his hind legs down closer to the bed. At this moment I was shaking and sobbing, tears rolling down my cheeks onto the bed. I kept my hands covering my teats, it was the only thing I could do at this moment to preserve my dignity.

He stared deeply into my eyes again, almost a cold cynicism swept over his face as he planted his erection at the source of my womanhood. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with this dog, everything he did seemed so meticulous and thought out. I awaited my inevitable rape with bated breath. His humongous muscular body was poised between my shaking knees, pressing down on them, spreading me wide open for his access. His throbbing red meat touched the entrance to my swollen canal, pushing past my lips it entered with no care for repercussion. I felt it slide in, stretching my walls, forcing its way inside as if entitled to be thrust inside of me. My eyes burned with anger again as I thought of how this dog was sexually dominating me in my own bed. Assaulting me and breeding me in my own home.

I laid back and accepted my fuck. I accepted it just to be able to survive it. I let my arms drop to my side, I allowed my breasts to flop back and forth from the sheer vigor and force the dog was perpetrating on my flesh. Its cock stretched my insides to its limit with each invasive thrust deep inside my body. I laid there, staring at the ceiling as the massive Great Dane raped me. It’s cock delved deep, separating my walls, pushing its way deeper for better access to my cervix. Each stroke of its hips, each poised propulsion of its breeding baton pushed me deeper into depression and shock.

I imagined how horrifying the scene would’ve looked to someone if they had walked in the door. They would see a white woman on her back with her leg’s apart with a dog in-between them. They would see the dogs cock pummeling into the woman’s wet womb, its testicles striking hard against her tight brown rectum with each eager thrust of its hips.

I started feeling pain deep inside my belly. The dog has now been raping me for about an hour, slamming his oversized meat stick into my birth canal, colliding with my cervix. I knew I couldn’t put up with this brutal rape for much longer. I started crying again, holding my eyes and sobbing as the dog emotionlessly kept violating the most sacred part of my body. Every now and again, he would dip his head back towards my breasts and gently take a whole one in his mouth. At first I was nervous but he was gentle. He held the teat in his sharp teeth and used his tongue to encircle my hard pointy nipple. It was definitely strange for a dog, but it was better than it bighting my body parts off.

Finally after an agonizing two hours of rape with a dog that’s penis was two times the size of my vagina, I felt a growing sensation deep within me. The dog was knotting and it was stretching me beyond my limit. Even childbirth didn’t feel this painful. Tears from shock and utter pain burst out of my eyes. The Great Dane just stood there, motionless until its seed was completely deposited into my womb. I shuttered and sobbed, burping from gulping too much air in. I couldn’t get the memory of being brutally raped for hours out of my head. I laid there, leg’s spread far apart, blood on the sheets, waiting for the dog to finally withdraw its unwanted appendage from my body. When it was ready, he pulled out his now soft cock with a sickening slurp and pop. Without any more interest in me, it quietly slipped out of my room, leaving me there crying into my pillow.

The sheer exhaustion from the rape caused me to black out and sleep all the way till noon the next day. I awoke suddenly, remembering the attack from the night before. I sat up suddenly and saw the mess still in my bed. I grimaced at how bad it looked. Dried blood and dried semen littered my bed in spots and puddles. I hurriedly threw my robe on and collected the sheets to be washed.

I stood over the washing machine, calculating ideas on how to get rid of the dog. I can’t just push it outside, can I? I should just call animal control. It was decided, I was going to call animal control and have the dog removed permanently. What it did to me last night was traumatizing and unforgivable. I slammed the top of the washing machine down, turned it on and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed my cell off the kitchen table and sit down in one of the stools. I start googling a number for animal control. Before I could even get to the first suggested website, I heard a low growl from in front of me. My eyes flicked upwards, meeting the cold black eyes of Lucius. He slowly stalked towards me, his eyes never leaving mine. Out of fear, I jumped up, accidently snagging my robe on a nearby drawer, ripping my robe right off my nude body. I stood there, terrified, nude and exposed once again to this demon of a dog. It started walking towards me again, slowly, staring me down with its stone cold eyes. I tried to take a step back but it growled a deep menacing growl from deep within its belly. I yelped from fear and stayed as still as rock. It came closer, it’s body in a menacing position of dominance, its eyes locked on mine, not backing down, not afraid of me whatsoever. This dog is going to kill me, I thought, frightened out of my mind. By the time he was only a few inches from me, he stopped and started sniffing my bikini region. Oh no…oh not this again please no…I cannot take another rape like that…it will break me…
His large nose inserted itself between my thighs and wiggled my legs apart. I stifled a cry and closed my eyes as I once again allowed this brutal animal access. I clenched my fists and shook my head furiously as the dog once again started lapping up my feminine juices with loud slurping sounds. I kept my eyes closed tightly as the dog invaded my vagina with its long hot tongue again.


My heart almost exploded when I heard my son call me. I jerked my head over and saw him standing in the living room, watching me, nude from head to toe, being eaten out by our huge Great Dane. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there as the only thing that filled the silence was the loud squelching sound of wet flesh on wet flesh.

“Matt…Matt you have to help me…this dog keeps raping me! It-it-it won’t let me go” I attempted to show him the dog’s level of barbarity by stepping backwards. Lucius did nothing. He stood there, panting with his mouth open and a big smile.

“Baby…you have to listen to me…this dog raped me last night for two hours!”

Matt just stared, trying to take in everything he just saw. He didn’t say anything for a few long moments, then just ran up to his room and slammed the door. I sighed and tried to follow him but Lucius had other plans for me. As soon as I walked by the dog tripped me, and I stumbled face first, landing on my face, breasts and stomach. I yelled out in pain and tried to stand back up but Lucius growled aggressively in my ear. I froze and turned my face towards the dog. His teeth were barred and he was on the offense, staring me down once again. I gulped and stayed on all fours. I didn’t know what to do. I was trapped by this dog. It was going to kill me if I didn’t submit to its demonic will. What am I going to do if matt doesn’t believe me??

I stayed there, in the kitchen, undecided on what I should do. When suddenly, the need to use the restroom struck my bowels. I crawled on all fours to the bathroom, with Lucius watching me. Before I could get to the restroom Lucius had cut me off, blocking my path to the toilet. He growled again, barring his enormous teeth. I immediately backed up and went back to the kitchen. Lucius followed and walked over to the sliding glass door and barked at it. Did he want to go out? I crawled over and opened the door. Lucius stayed put and just stared at me. Did he want…NO. I was NOT going to use the bathroom OUTSIDE! This has gone FAR enough! I attempted to stand but Lucius was right there, gripping my tiny wrist in his razor sharp canine teeth. What he was doing was a warning but I could tell he was serious. I quietly submitted and crawled outside, completely nude, with Lucius following me.

The weather was nice but I was unsure if I could relive my bowels outside. I hovered for a moment until Lucius started barking at me. It’s like he knew. This dog terrified me to my very core. I crawled around the fenced in backyard until I found some bushes that will block some of my shame. I stayed on all fours but squatted my behind down in the grass. The tall grass tickled my hanging lips and rectum. After a few moments of getting use to a slight breeze hitting my exposed and stretched holes, I was able to manage to defecate in the grass. Now how was I to clean myself? I thought. As if my queue Lucius was right there, sniffing my waste and then turning to sniff my anus. I tensed up, not eager to find out what was going to happen next. Once again, as if planned out, Lucius started cleaning up the remnants of my waste from my crack and rectum. His massive tongue covered every inch he could reach, picking up every bit of feces he could find around my puckered shit hole. His tongue lapped up every exposed part of my behind, and even slipped he engorged tongue flesh deep inside my bowels. I cried out in surprise when he shoved it all deep into my depths. I must’ve looked like a filthy slut, nude in my backyard being tongue fucked by my dog.

“Mom, what the FUCK are you doing?” Matt yelled from the patio.

I turned my head and saw Matt charging towards me as Lucius inserted his tongue aggressively into my stretched out shit hole. “Matt, Matt he’s MAKING me do this! Please believe me!” I begged and pleaded as my asshole was stretched and invaded by this dog’s eel sized tongue. Matt came over and grabbed my hand, forcing me up to my feet. Lucius didn’t stop tongue raping me. He followed us and my ass back towards the patio.

“Mom, I know you’re like crazy from all this moving and life changing, but this is CRAZY!”

I covered my tits with my arms and just shook my head. Lucius continued his quest of cleaning out my orifices from behind me as I stood there. Slobber dripped down to the patio from between my legs with loud slapping sounds. The phone started ringing from inside and Matt held his hand up before I could speak. “I’ll be right back mom, can’t you get dressed or something?” He slammed the sliding door closed and went to get his phone.

A low guttural growl emanated from behind me. I turned slowly to see my rapist barring down at me, obviously upset I was standing. I slowly knelt down to prevent him from attacking me. But he did, anyway. He lurched up and gripped my hair with his teeth and started dragging me, face down, across the yard. I screamed out in pain and horror, thinking this dog was going to kill me. I flailed my naked legs around, attempting to stabilize myself. He dropped me face down only 50 feet from the patio. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me over so I was lying, face up, towards the sun. Without hesitation Lucius forced access back inside my birth canal. I tried crying out, I clawed and smacked at his face while his colossal dog cock pistoned into my engorged pussy. My legs wobbled wildly from the sheer force of power the dog was raping me at. I almost couldn’t speak from the speed my body was bouncing at the tip of this dog’s furious red cock.

“MOM WHAT THE HELL?” I looked over at my son watching my pussy being used by this beast of a dog. His eyes lingered on the rabid cock slamming into my sopping wet fuck hole. I tried reaching my arms out to him for help. “Please…please son help me…this dog won’t stop raping me I think it’s going to kill me!” I sobbed, trying to show my boy I was being violated, not enjoying this. Butt Matt didn’t believe me. He stormed off, leaving me there to have my brutal rape continued in broad daylight.

I felt so defeated, as this dog continued stuffing my feminine orifice to its limit. I laid there, silently staring up at the blue sky as my head and breasts bobbed to the rhythm of my dog’s forceful strokes into my warm depths. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of being completely dominated by a dog, physically and sexually. Knowing that this dog could breed me as violently as it wanted at any given moment terrified me. I had to find a way out of this mess, I cannot be a sex toy for a psychotic dog.

The sun had gone down around the time Lucius' throbbing erection erupted a massive amount of spunk inside of me. He pumped the slimy liquid into me for several minutes following a brutal session of rape. My pussy was sore and raw and I couldn’t move correctly since my abdomen felt like I had been punched several times. I sat up, dizzy and unfocused and found myself having to urinate. I knew I had to go now, or Lucius may not let me later…listen to me I’m allowing this dog to run my life! To avoid a violent confrontation or another bout of rape, I picked up one leg and focused on a decent stream. Clear, yellowish liquid squirted out from between my wet lips and sputtered onto the grass. Lucius watched intently. As the last few dribbles fell out of my hole, Lucius got to work licking and cleaning every inch of the hole he just barbarically dominated and raped for hours. I felt sick watching him use my body like he owned me. I have to play along if I’m going to survive this.

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