The Tutor and the Nymph

The Tutor and the Nymph

The Tutor and the Nymph

I was given a suggestion to try and write something I know a bit more about, so I have decided I will share a story that actually happened to me bar a few things and plus a few others. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

For three hours now I have tried to explain the concept to this ditsy blonde but even the simplest explanation confuses her, how she even managed to get into a science degree is beyond me. Well that’s not true I’m sure she must have fucked her way in, with such a bangable body and tanned skin there is no way a guy could refuse her she has probably even turned a few gay guys straight. With her perfect hourglass figure and light frame I can imagine myself throwing her books to the floor and fucking her on the table top right here in the middle of the library. Even if she put up a struggle I could easily pin her slender arms down and have my way.

‘…….. Semi permeable membrane?’

Shit what the hell did she just ask me about, I swear if she wasn’t so hot and wasn’t paying me so much to teach her nothing I would walk out right now.

‘Could you please repeat that question?’

‘Why? Its useless I don’t remember a thing you told me.’

Yeah I know, you stupid slut. Bloody hell how can I teach her this crap in a way she will understand. Whilst I sit there trying to think I get the shock of my life. Anny has scooted her chair closer to the table and her hand is running up my inner thigh.

‘Maybe we should just take a break from all this cramming’ she whispers in a seductive voice.

Now I have to admit that it had been about 3 months since the last time I had sex and that was with well lets just say a girl beneath my standards. I could feel my erection begin to grow as her hand started to rub my phallus. My constrictive jeans were starting to hurt and I grimace as the amount of room left to grow quickly runs out. Space is no longer my concern but time I let out a moan that I quickly try to stifle (Yeah don’t laugh I’m sure most you guys out there have had a problem at least once in your life).

Anny giggles and bites her lower lip. I bang my head against the table top in embarrassment and close my eyes. That was probably my one chance with this girl and I just blew it. She collects her books and leaves me there until the wet spot in my pants dries enough to attempt leaving.

I eventually have the courage to leave and make my way home. It was on the bus trip that I got my second surprise of the day a simple text from Anny, Hi Mike same time 2morra?
Thank the lord it’s a miracle, I think I managed to creep a few of the old ladies on the bus by the size of my grin.

I meet Anny for coffee just like the day before to discuss what she needs help with. Today she was wearing a very skimpy blue skirt and a very tight white singlet which barley kept her 32C cup breasts in place.

As we walked toward the university library sipping our coffees she acted as if nothing had happened yesterday even though she managed to give me a hand job that lasted less then a minute. Along the short walk I found it incredibly difficult to listen to what Anny was having problems with now, instead I was hypnotised by the rhythmic bouncing of her soft tits.

‘I just wanted to thank you again Mike for all the time you have put into helping me, you are a good friend’

These were the last normal words we spoke as we entered the library from here on we kept a voices to a whisper until we found some text books and reached the study rooms.

We spent the next 3 hours going through enzyme reactions in cells. Every time Anny leant forward to write something I was given a clear view of her cleavage the mundane sight was enough to keep me in a semi erect state the entire time. Finally Anny reached her breaking point and gave up in frustration. We returned the texts back to the shelves. As I was placing the final book onto the top shelf thanks to my 6ft 3inch height where Anny couldn’t reach she slipped in under me and undid my belt, button and fly within seconds. Before I had a chance to react she pulled my boxers down and slipped my penis out. To start with she just rubbed my uncircumcised dick up and down with a soft grip slowly working up a bit of speed. I bite my tongue as she begins to cup and massage my balls; the last thing I want is for someone to come investigate strange sounds.

Anny releases her grip and runs her soft wet tongue from the base to tip where it stops and plays with the small opening. Slowly opening her mouth and lowering her head she engulfs my cock. Her head slips further and further down until all 6 and a half inches are inside mouth. With a gentle increase in pressure the attractive blonde starts sucking and moving her head up and down. She really starts getting into it and I can see her enthusiasm is from pure enjoyment. She tilts her head up a little and her tongue slips and slides along my shaft, her eyes lock onto mine and as I stare into her blue eyes, warm semen jets into her mouth but instead of getting off me and letting the cleaners deal with the mess she starts swallowing. Every drop of cum that enters her mouth finds its way to her stomach.

As the flow stops she slowly lifts her head, puts my dick back into my boxers and leaves me to do my pants up as she walks away. Just before she turns the corner she gives me a wink and asks ‘same time tomorrow?’

I don’t reply it was obviously rhetorical.

The next day and we meet for coffee once again. Today Anny is wearing a longer skirt but still shorter then most girls dare wear and a blue singlet has replaced the white one. As we drink our coffee and walk to the library she explains how she is worried about the fact that she only has two days left for revision before her exam and that if it is okay maybe we could stay for lunch too. I wasn’t going to complain about spending more time with her. We were only sitting down for 10 minutes when she drops her pen under the table, busy reading I decide to pick it up for her when she doesn’t move to get it.

It landed next to her feet. As I reach over to pick up the pen her knees slowly part and her legs spread open. I look up to see she isn’t wearing any underwear. She clearly sunbathes nude with no sign of a tan line and her lips clearly visible without a single sign of pubic hair anywhere or the soft folds. Her left hand comes into view as she begins to ride the hem of the skirt up. I have a quick look around the room, only a few people in the corners and along the wall guess its too early for most students to be up. I know what she wants but eating pussy is something I have done much neither am I very confident at it.

Assuming it would be worse not to go down on her then doing a bad job I move closer. With my hands resting on her upper legs my face is in range. The first thing I notice is the musky smell and then a small droplet of liquid slowly running down from the centre. That’s as good as any place to start I guess. My tongue slowly collects the droplet and I run it up through the tender flesh. I hit a small nub as I continue my way up causing Anny to clench her legs together locking my head in place. Obviously doing something right I continue to lick the small nub remembering what a friend of mine was telling me about not spending too much time in one place, I play with the clit for a while and then try moving my head but her legs tighten, I return my efforts back to the dense group of nerves she would know more about her own body then me anyway. I try several techniques until finally her legs start trembling and then I hear a sigh from above the table.

I pull my head away but before I get too far her hand grabs my hair and pulls me back. She moves my head to the pool of moisture that has formed and leaves her hand on my head until I start to lick up her cum. Once her skin and chair are just a bit sticky I return to my seat. She smiles at me ‘how do mitochondria provide the cell with energy?’

We spend the next few hours going through last years exam questions when Anny gets too frustrated and we go to leave. Instead of going right for the exit she grabs me by the arm and directs us into one of the more secluded collections of books. Undoing my belt and pants she pulls them and my underwear down to my ankles and pushes me against a wall. From her handbag she takes out a condom, my penis already expecting something it does need much encouragement to harden, she slides the latex over it. Grabbing my shoulders she pulls herself up and wraps her legs around my waist. Carefully not to lose balance she uses her right hand to direct me onto her as she lowers her body down.

Doing most of the work she rides me like I’m just a toy designed for her pleasure. She lifts herself up and down my shaft. I begin kissing her neck and can taste the saltiness of her sweat. For ten minutes she uses me basically fucking herself, I try counting to a thousand and try to picture a baseball game until I can no longer hold on and cum harder then ever. Anny who had obviously been holding it in too climaxes but unlike me she doesn’t care who catches her and releases a high pitch scream. We pull my pants back up and go to lunch as quickly as possible.

We don’t say much as we eat and before we know it we are back in the study room of the library. Finally things are getting through to Anny and she understands more then half the syllabus. An hour in and she drops her pen again, looking me in the eye and then a nod of the head to gesture me down and pick it up. I get down on my hands and knees to get to work.

I now understand how to teach her, she needs a way to release her mental frustrations. There are more people in the room now and I definitely heard a few look over there and oh my god what are they doing? Who cares though so what if people saw me going down on a girl in a library she is attractive, horny and needs my help to pass.

The end of the day finally comes around and once again we find ourselves in the quite corner of the library, oh what a surprise the condom still on the floor where we left it.

‘Give me a rubber.’

‘What don’t you have anymore?e’

‘No and your not gonna fuck me without one, I wont be a 19 year old mom.’

‘Well we could go down on each other.’

‘Nah I need something in me, wait I have an idea.’

She fumbles around in her handbag and produces a bottle of hand moisturiser. Pulling my pants and underwear down for one last time today she starts to cover me in moisturiser. She then turns around bends at the waist, pulls her skirt up over her ass then putting her hands against the wall for support she says ‘okay give it to me.’

What the fuck I think to myself, I’m not going to be the bloke that gave up the chance to fuck a hot chick up the ass in public. I waddle over best as I can and slowly push against her rose. I can feel her muscles relax as I slowly push my way in, being as gentle as I can not wanting to hurt her…. ‘would you hurry up and fuck me?’

Giving wind to caution I grab her by the hips and push the 4inches that are left all the way into her bowels. I pull out and back in just as fast and try to keep up the speed and force for as long as possible the moisturiser acting as a decent lube. Leaning forward I trace my hands up along her hips, under her shirt and across her stomach to grab a hand full of each of those tits. Soft and warm the tender flesh moulds in my hand and her large nipples are hard and stiff I give one a little squeeze she yelps and pushes back against me. That movement was all I needed and I fill her insides with my come.

I pull out of her, my dick is still a little hard but now covered in cum, moisturiser and some pieces of crap. I look around for something to clean it on as I reach to grab a book to tare out some pages I feel Anny and her soft mouth begin to clean me. This girl is a piece of work her parents must be so proud. When she is finished she gives the tip a kiss and walks off.

The next day Anny did her revision by herself I assume she had to frig herself off every 20 minutes or she found someone else to help her. I never got paid the thirty bucks an hour we had agreed on but hey that was still better then any good hooker out there.

It was after results came out that I got a call from Anny wanting to thank me for all my help. After that we became close friends and we make booty calls every so often, all I can say is stay in school, go to college, someday having brains will payoff.

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