Tracy, My Sister In Law, Shows Me the Way

Tracy, My Sister In Law, Shows Me the Way

I’ve been in love with Tracy, my wife’s sister, ever since I first met her. It was 1989, one year before my wife and I were married. We were just friends, and she wanted me to accompany her to her home town in the Midwest to attend her brother’s High School Graduation.

Tracy and her other sister picked us up at the airport. I noticed Tracy, then in college – a blonde Midwestern beauty, and was immediately attracted to her. We were driven to their parent’s home, and had lunch. Through the weekend, I got to know all of my wife-to-be’s family, including Tracy. Tracy was dating, in College, and not very interested in me, so didn’t notice that I was giving her my undivided attention.

My wife and I married in the summer of 1990. Over the years, Tracy and I did get to know each other, and became brother and sister-in-law. I never hinted my attraction to her, nor did I get the sense she was attracted to me.

My wife developed kidney disease in 2006, and fought it without dialysis until early 2017. For 18 months, she endured dialysis, finally succumbing to the disease in the summer of 2019.

I remained close to her family. Christmas 2017 I was invited to Christmas at my mother in law’s home in the Midwest. My life would never be the same.

I arrived about a week before Christmas. Tracy picked me up at the airport. My wife’s death hit Tracy hard. We embraced at the airport, for what seemed like forever – the longest embrace we’d ever shared. She took me to her mother’s house, where I would stay during my visit.

Tracy is a real estate agent, and a good one, dealing with high roller clients. Expensive houses. One day, Tracy invited me to go along on a sales call.

I toured a huge, beautiful house with a potential client. Tracy was in here element, and the client was sold. The house’s owners were in Europe for the holidays.

After the call, Tracy asked if I’d like to go out for a drink. I said sure.

We went to a bar, and began to talk. About my wife, Lynn’s, passing. About Tracy, Lynn’s, and their siblings growing up. Then Tracy turned her attention on me.

“Doug, you seem to be doing OK, but I noticed you’re still a bit down”.

“Yes, it’s only been about six months, and we were married for so long”.

Then Tracy went in a direction I didn’t see coming.

“Lynn was sick for over ten years”

“Yes”, I replied “ten years, but she did pretty good”.

Tracy: “But she couldn’t have sex”.

“How did you know”, I responded.
“She discussed it with me. She told me how much she missed it, but that it seemed to change you. You became angry, frustrated, and she said you became very sad”.

“Yes, I did. For the longest, I didn’t understand why, but my sexual frustration built up”.

“So, did you ever seek out someone else”.

“No, I didn’t. I thought about it, but didn’t want to cheat on her”.

Tracy swirled her drink. “Lynn told me she never though you cheated. And she loved you for it”

I smiled. “I couldn’t do that to her”.

Tracy smiled, and gave me a hug. “I love you for that. For protecting Lynn. For not hurting her. That wasn’t easy. Have you been with anyone since she passed?”

“No, I haven’t. Her passing seemed to take my mind off it, and it just didn’t seem to be right, that soon after she passed”.

Tracy turned to face me, and put her hand on my knee. “A few years ago, Lynn asked me for advice on how to help you. She wanted me to tell you it was OK with her if you strayed. I told her no – that wouldn’t be fair to you. You wouldn’t do it, and it would confuse and frustrate you”.

I paused, looked down. “Wow, I wasn’t aware she cared that much”.

“She loved you very much. About a month before she died, she asked me to reach out to you, to make sure you found someone else, you continued to live”.

I smiled.

Tracy looked down, then looked into my eyes. “Doug, I know you’ve been out of circulation for some time now”.

I laughed. “Yea, I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy now”.

Tracy didn’t laugh. “No, Doug, you’re not. You are a warm, caring person, who is hurting, and who needs to be with someone. Someone who loves you. Someone who wants to make you feel better. Someone who wants you to enjoy sex again”.

I looked at Tracy. “Wow, she dropped a huge load on your shoulders. We don’t even live in the same town. How are you going to hook me up?”

Tracy held my hand. “Doug, I want to be that person”.

“Tracy, you’re married”

“Doug, Kyle and I have been growing apart for about a year now. I don’t love him any more”

I was stunned. “You’ve kept it a secret”.

“Mom knows.”

I looked at Tracy. “Are you sure you want to….you know”.

“Yes, very sure. The day I picked you up at the airport the first time you were in town twenty-whatever years ago, I picked up that you found me attractive”.

“I wasn’t aware”.

“Guys usually aren’t. I thought you were very cute. I also knew Lynn was crazy about you. I didn’t want to get between you two”.

“So, what’s next?”

“Let’s go back to the house I just showed. They are out of the country until February”.

So, we drove back to the house.

We went inside. Tracy said “let’s go upstairs”, took my hand, and let me upstairs.

She led me to the master bathroom, with a huge bathtub. She began to draw a bath, put in bubble bath.

“Get undressed” she said. So I did.

Tracy remained clothed. I got into the tub, and she took a luffa, and began to bathe me.
After about five minutes, Tracy left the room, came back in a bath robe. She dropped the robe. For the first time, I saw Tracy’s beautiful body. D-cup breasts, perfect body, shaved pussy. She got into the tub, laid her back over my body. I took the luffa and bathed Tracy.

After about half an hour, Tracy exited the tub, and led me to the bedroom.

We got into bed. We embraced, kissed, and caressed each other. Tracy then pushed back the covers, got on her knees, and began to massage by cock and balls. Slowly, so slowly. She got massage oil and worked it into me. So slow, so gentle, so sensual.

Tracy then wiped off the lotion, took my cock into her mouth, and went down on me. As she was going down on me, Tracy took a prostate massager, lubed it up, inserted into my anus, and began to massage my prostate while giving me a blow job.

I couldn’t take too much of this. The sensations were amazing. It was the first time anyone had done any anal play on me. I blew my load in her mouth, she swallowed. We cleaned up, and went to sleep.

In the morning, Tracy awakened me with a deep French kiss. We kissed and embraced for half an hour.

“Make love to me, Doug”. I’m on the pill, no need for a condom.

I went on top of her, and entered her. She gasped. We made passionate love. She was getting very excited.

“Go down on me”.

I went down on her pussy. She began to moan. She then pulled a set of Ben Wa Balls out from under her pillow. “There is lube under the bed. Put these up my ass”.

So I did. I went down on Tracy again. She began to come. I pulled the balls out of her ass. She screamed in ecstasy as she came.

We laid together for a while, then showered, went for breakfast.

At breakfast Tracy told me “The couple who lives there is into BDSM. Their basement is a dungeon. When we’re done with Breakfast, I’m going to punish you for being a very, very bad boy.

More to cum.

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