Scenario 1: Bound

Scenario 1: Bound

He woke up unable to move his arms; he could feel the restraints around his upper arms and wrists. Moving them forward, he was unable to get them above his waist. Gauging from the lack of feeling in them he‘d been bound and in that position for a while. The ground was cool beneath him, no doubt a tile floor as he could feel the grout indents in his arm. Struggling up to a sitting position, he couldn't open his eyes and realized he was blindfolded. The heart in his chest beat a little more rapidly at the predicament he was in, and raced further when he heard a door open and close from behind him. Turning his head in the direction of the sound, a feminine voice presented itself as a soft clicking of heels made their way towards him.

“Ah, I see my new toy has woken up.” Her voice was low with a sort of rasp to it causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end and his heart to stutter a moment.

Her hand came down gently on his head, causing him to start with the unexpected touch. She walked in a circle around him, nails trailing in his hair as she did so. “Beautiful. I love a boy kneeling and bound on the floor in front of me.” She stopped behind him on the second time around and gripped his hair hard with one hand before crouching behind him, pressing her naked body against his bare back. “But, how obedient are you?”

He didn't dare answer, unsure if he was supposed to or not. Her free hand went around his neck and squeezed, cutting off his air supply momentarily. “Unless otherwise told to, you will answer when spoken to. Now, how obedient are you going to be?”

He hesitated in answering and the pressure of her touch on his neck increased again. He fought through the pressure and managed to get out, “Very.”

Releasing her hold and without her prompting him again he replied fully, “As obedient as I need to be.”


She got up and he could hear her walk away a bit before returning. “A good boy has good obedience,” she said as she slipped something silky around his neck. It fell loosely around his neck, something metal rested against his back. “If you're not a good boy, well,” She pulled tight on what was around his neck and it tightened. “You'll know. Even if you are a good, obedient boy, you may still get gentle reminders.”

He could hear the promise of threat in her voice and nodded.

“Oh, and I see you've woken up a little bit to the idea as well.”

Through the entire ordeal he'd been fighting the reaction, but his body was reacting in a way he didn't think possible. A hiss of breath released from his mouth as she ran something hard against his balls and up the shaft of his cock. “Such a pretty cock you have here.” The hard something slapped gently over his balls and he jumped.

“On all fours,” she said suddenly, and when he didn't respond in a timely manner, the what he found out was a riding crop, came down harder on his balls. “Now!” she barked at him.

Not wanting to get hit again he bent over from his sitting position.

“Your body is simply amazing. Unmarred to boot even. And this ass...”

He stiffened a little as her hand came to rest on his ass cheek. “Uh, uh, now, relax,”she said as she pulled on the silk leash around his neck. The air left his body and he had no choice but to relax. “Much better. Gee, someone doesn't like their ass touched do they? That's going to pose a little bit of a problem for what I have planned. You see, I'm going to make you mine, there's not going to be one part of this body that can be penetrated, left untouched,” she whispered the last part into his ear.

To emphasize her point she trailed a hand down his back and over the curve of his ass between the crevice of his cheeks. Without hesitation, or any other preparation, she roughly inserted a finger into his asshole, crooking it as she removed it. The boy let out a soft gasp at the insertion and bit down on his lip as she removed it. “Like that do you?” the girl responded at his gasp. “Just wait until you feel my cock up your ass.”

The boy tensed as the mention of a cock and he still probing fingers. “Just wait, it’s not going to happen just quite yet, I still have things I need you to do first. Sit back on your heels.”

Trying to be obedient, he did as asked, however the gently pressure of the leash tightened ever so lightly, it didn’t last long though, just a reminder of what could happen if he didn’t obey.

He tried to sense her presence, which seemed to have left a little bit, but returned in a matter of moments, her cool hand wrapping around his cock and pulling on it roughly. “Now, this might hurt a little bit.” He let out a panicked gasp when he felt something at the tip of his cock. Something cool and hard. Then it was sliding down his shaft, stretching his urethra. He felt the foreign object slipping down inside his shaft and then moaned once it hit something deep inside of him. She teased him a little bit, pulling it out and twisting it inside of him a bit. It didn’t necessarily hurt, but it wasn’t overly pleasing regardless. “Now, once I get inside that ass of yours, with this cock and sounding tool, you should be begging for release, but you are not to come until I tell you to. If you do,” She pulled the leash, “the consequences are going to be favorable for me.”

The sounding tool rest against his prostate, so as he further relaxed into the sitting position cause him to squirm a little bit at the sensation. He could sense her in front of him, but could not tell what she as doing, but gauging from the rustling she was going something and his heart once again picked speed as thoughts raced through his head about what she could potentially be doing to him.

Without warning a hard slap came across his face. Her hand wove through his hair again and gripped it tight, canting his head back a little. Her lips came down on his in a nipping kiss full of teeth. Her tongue snaked its way into his mouth and when his hit hers she bit down, eliciting a loud moan of hurt from him.

“Open that pretty mouth of yours.”

He didn’t have time to react. She thrust his head back down and something was forced into his mouth. Working his mouth over the object he soon realized it was phallic in shape and full of ridges. Trying to be obedient he sucked hard on the rubber dildo penetrating his mouth; mewling his pleasure at the invasion.

She pulled on the leash again as he went down deep on the cock. “Stroke your cock, pump it fast let me hear the sound of your pleasure.”

He did as asked. The stroking seems a little weird because he could feel the metal sounding tool inside of him. On every downward stroke it pushed a little more in, indeed causing his to moan.

“With your other hand, let me see you finger your ass. Stretch it for me, for this cock in your mouth, be the little slut I know you are.”

He did as asked. He slipped one finger into his ass his other hand worked his cock and his mouth worked the fake cock in front of him. Her fingers were still in his hair and he wasn’t expecting her to thrust his head down onto her cock, chocking him, all the while pulling hard on the leash. While he couldn’t see, she pulled harder and longer than previous times, and little white stars twinkled before his blind folded eyes. Just as quickly as it happened the cock was gone and he gave a big gasping breath.

“All fours. Now!”

He complied, the clicking of heels walking in a semi circle around him until she came to rest behind him. Without any further preparation he felt the tip of the cock at his ass and she thrust in, completely without an concern. He cried out at the intrusion, never having something like this happen.

She didn’t waste anytime. She took him hard and fast. Her thighs slapping against his ass. Her hands and crop coming down on him. She didn’t care if she was hurting him. Didn’t care to the point that she started to used the leash as leverage. Every thrust in it would tighten to the point where he couldn’t breath; with every withdrawal it would loosen just enough to suck in a quick breath before it was tight and she was deep inside again.

And he couldn’t help it. The abuse to his ass was turning into something great. He was moaning and gyrating his hips, encouraging her silently to fuck his ass harder and faster. His noises became more desperate. His cock hard and heavy between his legs, bouncing with the force of her fucking. From the fucking, the sounding tool was pushed from his body and fell to the ground in a clatter below him.

And then it was gone.

His ass was empty. His balls tight and on the very of bursting. He unconsciously cried out his despair only to be choked again. “It’s not your time to cum!” she screamed at him.

Pulling him by his hair, she tugged him up on up and pushed him forward. Because of the way his hands were bound, and his feet he now realized, he fell and was unable to break his fall. Once again she handled him roughly until was on his back on a bed. “Eat it. Ass and pussy.”

She climbed on top of his face and sat. He worked her pussy and ass as demanded with his tongue, running it up and down her slit the best her could with his limited motion, penetrating her as far as he could while she ground herself on to him, rapidly moving her hips over his mouth and nose, nearly suffocating him with her pussy.

The command in her voice and the way she tasted was nearly enough to make him stroke himself off behind her back. He knew that would be a bad decision so he settled in on the task in hand. All too abruptly she moved and situated herself over him and slammed her wet pussy down on his cock. The force and feel of her pussy, so tight and wet encasing him, made him sit up. She only pushed his back down, his bound hands nestled between their stomachs wrapped around the cock she still wore as her hands braced themselves on his chest and she rode him while moving just her hips.

She unlatched his restraints at his waist and moved his hands up to her throat. “When I loosen the leash, let go…Squeeze.”

He did as asked. She came to a rest on his cock and swiveled her hips in a clockwise, then counter clockwise motion. He could feel the ball of her cervix with the tip of his cock as it moved around inside. Forwards and backwards she moved, he could feel her throat trying to gasp for air, as he too struggled, and the bond slackened. That first rush of air to the brain, combined with the feeling of her pussy around him cause a low moan to escape from him.

The woman dismounted him and situated herself between his legs once more. He heard her spit and then the cock was once again at his ass, pressing it’s way further into him. “Tell me how good my cock feels in your ass. Tell me how much you want to cum. How hard you want it.”

She snapped her hips forward and was fully sheathed inside his ass, no discomfort this time, and then she was moving. She bent over him and thrust hard and deep into him, swiveling her hips once fully inside of him. He couldn’t help by moan now at the feeling of the cock inside of him.

“Fuck my ass harder. Rougher. I can feel your tits swaying across my chest, make them slap together with the force of you fucking me.”

Taking orders now she did as asked. This was always the case. She moaned with the exertion with which she was fucking him. Pulling back a little bit she shallowly fucked him as she released his ankle restraints. Next the arm, followed by the wrists. Once full free he pulled her hard into him and rolled. Taking off the blind fold, rode her cock while stroking his own; he watched her as she watched him, her hands going to her breasts, tweaking her already hard nipples.

“Your turn,” he said, and with a look she couldn’t quite figure out removed her cock from him and slid his cock into her pussy once more. He gripped her legs and wrapped them around his waist while situating a hand around her back to grip her shoulder, the other making its way into her hair. He pulled and started slamming his cock into her pussy. She hadn’t been taking it all before and now he forced her to take it all, pushing harder, deepening her pussy with each thrust.

Pulling her hair he canted her neck to the side and bit, uncaringly leaving a mark on her neck, claiming her as his own. The ruthless attack on her body didn’t stop. He bit his way across her shoulders and collar bone to her tits where he bit and sucked hard on the nipples, the force of which already started to turn her pale skin red, which would then turn blue and purple.

She cried out beneath him. The pain was almost to the point where it bordered on the cusp of really hurting her, but she didn’t care. She wanted to feel the entire length of him within her, no matter the consequences. His hands left her body and she watched as he removed the leash from around his neck and placed it around hers.

Covering her body with his again, he wrapped the leash tightly around his hand and pulled, fucking her hard and deep all the while doing it. Her hands went to his back and she drug her nails down his back, causing him to moan out in pain as she was silent. Releasing the hold, her body came off the bed a little bit, arms wrapping and him as she bit and kissed her way across his chest in turn.

“Don’t cum yet,” he said, knowing all too well she was about to.

She settled back into the bed and he came down, forcing his tongue into her gasping mouth to kiss her before pulling once more on the leash. He withdrew from her, his cock bouncing in time with his heart beat. “Roll over.”

On all fours he entered her pussy. She gasped, and he knew this was hurting her, but he didn’t care. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back causing her back to arch as he fucked her from behind, using her hair as his leverage as she’d done with the leash. Every thrust in a moan turned into a scream as his length jabbed into its boundary forcefully.

Grabbing a pillow he placed it under her hips. He made quick work to release her from the strap on she wore. Taking the dildo out, he not too gently forced it into her ass. He knew she didn’t like this, but he liked it and she was going to take it.

“Lie down now,” he said, his cock and the fake cock buried deep inside of her.

She winced as she did it, discomforted because of the dildo.

Once lying down on her stomach he resumed pumping into her. His arms wrapped around her as he gripped her shoulders, thrusting as deep as he could. He kissed the back of her neck, hovering over the spot he would attack. He could feel her shudder beneath him, if he could see well, he knew the hairs on her neck would be standing on end and goosebumps would be seen as well.

As he brought his lips to her neck he felt the first real tremor of release from her pussy around his cock. This is how it always ended. He picked up his thrusts, a steady rhythm, not too hard and fast; his balls no longer slapping, but drawn close to his body for his impending orgasm. He moved her head to the side and he kissed her, just as deep and rhythmically as his cock driving into its home.

They both moaned into the kiss. She trembled first, breaking it just as the crest of her orgasm took hold. He fucked her convulsing pussy as it teased him to cum. She cried her release into the near darkness.

Unable to withstand it and not wanting to cause any real harm to her, he withdrew and flipped her over. Thrusting back into he fucked her harder than before, his moans now desperate with the need for release. He bent down and kissed her roughly. She bit down on his lip and he tried to pull away. Her arms and legs wrapped around him once again as she met him thrust for thrust.

And then it was there. She felt him swell further inside of her, become harder; his thrusts more erratic. Then the sound which she loved and craved to hear erupted from his mouth. She could feel his cock twitching with each spurt of cum that flooded her pussy and warmed her from the inside.

They both laid there for a while. Catching their breaths while entwined with one another. While he’d softened insider of her, he still filled her, and he could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm around his cock.

He finally slid his cock from her, pulling the dildo out as he did so. Taking two fingers, he thrust them in palm up and finger fucked her pussy. He loved that even after sex she was up for a good fingering. He crooked his fingers so they ran over her g-spot, her body instantaneously responding. He fucked her until she squirted all over the bed, his arms and hand. This was the best time for her to cum like this.

Once she was a ball a twitching, wet, nerves, he got up without any words. He went to the corner of the room he knew he would find his clothes, dressed and left.

There were no words spoken because they knew the plan. In a months time there would be another scenario to act out.

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